vacation with my boss part three
A few days had passed and Eric was in meetings all day long. I am horny as hell but my urges have went unsatisfied. That afternoon Eric comes into the hotel room and says that we need to get dressed. We are going to a clients house. He is throwing a party and I think that you will enjoy an evening away from the boredom of the hotel.

I jumped out of the chair and planted a huge kiss on his lips. Them I ran to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. When I was finished, I dried off my body and my hair. I dropped the towel to the floor and walked out of the bathroom. I looked in a mirror hanging on the wall, thinking about how I was going to do my hair and my makeup.

I decide to straighten my hair and let it flow freely. For my makeup I decide that I really want to surprise him with a new look. I apply the foundation and the beige powder to my face. Then I put on some bright red eyeshadow and I put on some eyeliner.
I went to my lips and put on some red lipstick and outline my lips in black. I darken my eyebrows as well.

Eric came up behind me and smiled. I looked at him and asked what the smile was about. He said " I like this look on you but be assured that it will be messed up by the end of the day. The way you look turns me on and makes me want to bend you over right here, right now".

I asked him what's stopping him and he says that he has a huge surprise for me tonight and that taking me right now would lessen the experience. He has me curious but I go and finish getting dressed. I slip into the black dress that reaches the floor. The dress accentuates my curves and the corset nearly makes my bosom come completely out. I had bought a new choker from a local shop and it matched perfectly with my dress.

I placed it around my neck and I admired it. It was black and had an o-ring attached. Under my dress I was wearing a black lace bra that clasped together in the front. Oh how I imagine Eric taking it off and releasing my ample bosom from such constriction. I also have a garter belt and a lace thong up under this elegant dress. Eric leaves the room and gets his tuxedo from the closet and lays it across the bed.

He is standing at the foot of the bed in nothing but his boxers. I stand there just imagining his boxers at his ankles and me on my knees sucking his shaft from tip to base. Eric puts on his tuxed0 and he looks sexy as hell. We get ready to leave the room and take the elevator down to the first floor. Once we get to the lobby we walk towards the door to go outside. At the entrance there is a limo waiting.

Eric opens the door and I step inside. As I am bent over Eric squeezes my ass with his hand. I get myself situated and sit still the whole ride. Just looking out the window at the lovely view. The sun is setting and the evening sky is full of color, with the bright orange and pink above the ocean.

The water is calm, peaceful and serene and I can't wait to spend more time walking along the beach hand in hand with Eric. Just enjoying our time together. I stare in Eric's direction and I move in closer to him. I straddle him and kiss him hard and strong. My eyes are closed and he places his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me closer to him.

He pushes me off him and my body is completely flat on the limo seat. Eric grabs my wrists and holds them together with one hand and the other side lifts up my dress. He looks at me with those devious eyes, grabs my pussy and says" if you keep teasing me Jamie, you will surely get what you desire but it will be my way and within my time frame. You will not get your pleasure until I have gotten mine my naughty princess.

He sits back upright in his seat and I am laying there still. I loved having him on top of me and grabbing my pussy like he just wanted to rip off my dress and fuck me hard. I sit up in the seat beside him and fix my dress. I check to make sure that I am presentable. We pull up at the clients house and it looks like a mansion from the outside. The limo stops at he front door. Eric opens up the door and steps out.

He reaches his hand out to me. I place my hand in his and he leads me to the front door. He rings the doorbell a few times and the door opens. The client says " well my my Eric who is this gorgeous woman that you have failed to introduce me to"? Eric replies" This is a coworker of mine who was in desperate need of a vacation and I wanted to show her a good time. We walk into the living room and there are a group of people that have already arrived for the party.

The client mentions that he had forgotten to introduce himself and tells me that his name is Patrick Carter. He is ruggedly handsome in his T-shirt and his jeans. His hair was long and straight. The length proceeded straight to the middle of his back. It looked so soft and I just wanted to run my fingers through it. Eric and Patrick walk away from me for a brief moment and they looked directly at me like they were taking about me.

They start walking back my way, once they return, I ask Patrick politely where the restroom is. Patrick says" two doors down on the left. I make my way down the hallway and I quickly close the door. I pull my dress up and I relieve myself, my body relaxes. I hear someone knock at the door and I say " one second and I will be right out".

I finish up and I pull my dress down, wash my hands and gather my belongings. I open the door and I jump.
There stands Patrick at my bathroom door. I look at him and you could tell I was nervous. It was written all over my face. I step out of the bathroom and Eric is nowhere in sight. I ask Patrick where he might be and he says" come I will show you".

I walk further down the hallway and Patrick opens the last door at he end. I step in and Patrick steps in behind me and locks the door. I look nervously at Eric and ask him what's going on. All he does is look at me and smile. Eric says" don't worry I think you will like this better than our past encounters".

Patrick comes closer and I turn my whole body towards him. I position my body to get ready to run and just as I thought Patrick starts to chase me.
I cross the bed to get to the other side as Patrick comes after me I run to the window but they are locked as well. I make the last attempt to run to the bedroom closet. I almost make it but Patrick grabs me by the waist and has me cornered.

There are only a few inches before Patrick and I. He is just waiting for me to bolt again. I look everywhere and there is nowhere else for me to run. Patrick makes a quick move and before I know it he has me pushed against the window with his hand over my mouth. I start to panic a little and I try to get away from him. He puts his hand against my throat and pins me to the wall unable to move.

He pulls a knife from his belt and puts it right against my throat and I surrender to his will. My heart beats faster. I feel my blood pumping and the
adrenaline starts to rise. Sweat just drips down my body and makes it glisten in the light of the room.

I look at Patrick and I feel him make the knife continue down my throat. My eyes are wide and I feel the tears start to run down my face making my eyeliner run. Eric looks my way and I catch him in the corner of my eye and he's smiling. For that reason alone my heartbeat slows down.

Even though I am not as nervous he can still sense that I am. The rough edge of the knife made it to the corset of my dress and Patrick shamelessly tightened his grip on the knife and stripped the barrier between him and my delicate breasts. He grazed my breasts with the tip of the knife and made a small cut one each one.

Making a small amount of blood make a trail to each nipple and catching the drops of blood with his tongue, while he looked up at me and to my surprise my pussy was getting real wet. Eric walks over to me and takes the knife from Patrick. Eric ran the tip of the knife from my chest all the way down to my waist and with no resistance ripped the dress from my body.

Leaving me in only my underwear and my heels. Patrick stood there and admired my silhouette.
I felt as though I was helpless when Eric felt my body trembling and cut the only thing that covered my plump ass and my swollen pussy.

I looked forward and I studied Patrick, noticing that the look he had in his eyes made me think that he just wanted to completely ravage my body with all his sadistic desires. The anticipation to do so was stirring in his mind. Barely controlling the deep ache to torment me with spell binding position. Eric walks away to set up some other tools that they agreed to tease and use with me . Patrick grabs me by the hair and pushes me down to the floor.

He walks to the corner of the room and stands by Eric. They both look at me and Patrick orders me to come to him. I start to stand but Patrick gives me a look of disapproval and says in a stern voice crawl to me with your head down you filthy cunt, you are not worthy to place your eyes upon me. I crawl over to him and I don't dare look at him.

Patrick orders me to stand with my back against the wall and says to continue looking down. He lifted my arms to the ceiling and anchored me to the hook that was hanging down. I saw Patrick reach into his back pocket a pull out a simple permanent marker. He lifts up my chin and says that I will use this to degrade your body, do you understand.

I reply with a yes sir. He reaches into his other pocket and produces a blindfold and pulls it down over my eyes. At first they play with me a little by pulling and pinching my nipples. Stretching my pussy as far as it can go. one of them pick me up from behind and holds me there with my legs spread. I feel my opening get wider as I feel something inserted inside me.

They place my feet back on the ground. all of a sudden the inserted object starts to vibrate. I feel a hand come from behind me and settle over my smooth cunt. He rubs it slowly at first and then puts all his effort into one blow right after another to my slit and making it bright red. I whimper in my pain but my pussy is saturated.

soaked from being treated like I am their own personal fucktoy. Eric wraps his hand around my throat again. Then all of a sudden I feel something right above my drenched twat. After a moment I realized what was going on. Patrick was writing all over my body. I wasn't sure what he was writing on me but not knowing made my anticipation rise. When Patrick was finished with my front side, He turned me around to my backside and started writing. I loved how it felt when Patrick brushed over my breasts, teasing my nipples.

I trembled when I felt his hand barely graze mu clit. my favorite was when I felt his hand on my ass. As Patrick was continuing, Eric continued to torture me with his touch. He kneeled down but I didn't feel his knees touch the floor. He came closer to my inner thigh and bit down as hard as he could, Leaving an indention of his teeth on my skin, and did the same to the other thigh.

Patrick sank his teeth into each cheek and left an indention as well. The pain was delicious. I felt my juices run down my thighs and they both licked it all up. Patrick stood up and started writing on my back with the marker. I heard him lay the marker down on the table beside me and I felt the blade of the knife against my skin again. I stayed completely still.

Not wanting to make the slightest move and bring blood. I feel Patrick lead the knife from my shoulder to my lower back on both sides. Making sure that he leaves marks on my skin that look like someone has scratched me. Patrick puts the tip of the blade on one cheek and makes a trail until he gets to the back of my knee and does the same to the other side.

This time it seems to push a little deeper. I feel something run down my leg. It feels warm and I feel Patrick follow the path of the warm liquid and I hear him suck on his finger and say mmm that tastes so good. He place the same finger on my thigh and tastes it again. I can't believe he drew blood and that knowing he liked it would turn me on. Eric stand beside Patrick and gets a taste for himself but he licks it up with his tongue instead.

Afterwards Eric cleans up the cut and places a bandage over it. Eric makes a similar cut starting at my other cheek, Feeling the blood run down feels amazing. He follows the trail of blood again but this time the blood has traveled all the way to my ankle and he licks it up from the ankle to the butt cheek and smacks my ass this time getting some of the blood on his hand.

He brings it to my mouth and says open, I taste my own blood and the way I lick the blood off his finger teases him. Eric also cleaned up the cut and placed another bandage on it. I feel the soft touch of Eric's hands around my wrists and unanchor's me from the ceiling . I feel a pair of hands. one on my arms and one on my lower back. slowly leading me forward and bringing me to a sudden stop. My blindfold is lifted over my eyes and my eyes squint to adjust to the lighting in the room/

once my eyesight has adjusted, I notice that I am standing in front of a mirror. I look closely and I realize that my body is covered in writing. On my chest was the word filthy whore. on my forehead was slut. on either side of my mouth was cock sucker. I look at my stomach and I notice the word cum dumpster written all the way across.

I turn around to see my backside, I look over my shoulder and my look completely changes when I see the word fucktoy written on my back. My ass says spank me. That one turned me on. I have never had anyone strip me down to such a vulnerable state. Patrick open the door to the room and walked me to the living room.

Exposing my body for the crowd to see. My body was shaking because I was so nervous. Eric walked away and I collapsed to the floor. I begged him to come back to me. HE picked me up off the floor and I rested my head on his shoulders. I was desperate to touch him. To kiss him, to feel his arms around me and never let me go. I wanted to make sweet love to him and Patrick.

All three of us lay down on the bed and I look at both of them with such desire. Patrick kisses my quivering lips a Eric devours my pussy. Patrick places one knee on each side of my shoulder and puts his cock all the way down my throat. He pulls out and turns around where I jerk him off with one hand. Caress his balls with the other and as he spreads his cheeks I lick him with my tongue. Patrick lets go of his ass and Eric pushes my legs up where Patrick holds them in place.

Eric puts lube on a huge dildo and pushes it all the way inside my ass. When the dildo was firmly in place, Eric's cock entered my tight opening and his cock was so thick that I could feel both the dildo and Eric's cock push against each other and made my walls contract so much quicker. I climb on top of Eric once Patrick releases my legs and I make a trail of kisses from his lips to one side of his jawline to the other. I kiss softly down his chest and his stomach and once I get to his shaft I take every inch.

I suck on his balls as my hand moves up and down his thick cock. making cum slowly make its way to the tip. I lick the inside of his inner thighs and I climb back on top of him again. This time my wet cunt slips on his shaft with ease. I lean forward and Eric puts both arms around me and connects his hands together.

Patrick removes the dildo from my ass and puts his in its place. Eric makes a deep, fast and hard thrust into my pussy and Patrick fucks me slowly in the ass.
They both cum a the same time.

First Patrick removes his cock from my ass and I reach my hand back there and get some on my hand and lick it off. Afterwards Patrick lays beside Eric on the bed and I suck the cum off both of there cocks until there is none left. We are all a hot mess but I will never forget how Patrick and Eric used me.
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