vacation with my boss part two
The next morning we get up bright and early.
We get in the shower and afterwards I put on my makeup and fix my hair. I slip into the red dress that Eric bought for me and he put on his tuxedo.
We leave the hotel room and head to the hotels banquet room. once we are there we see some of his business partners. Eric looks at me and says " excuse
me I really need to go an talk to them". I will be back shortly.

I walk around the room and mingle with some of the other guest's. As soon as Eric comes back to me, I whisper in his ear that I need to use the ladies room. On my way to the ladies room, I notice this cute little red head standing across the room. When I get into the ladies room I go to the mirror and check my makeup and my hair. I wash my hands and when I look back in the mirror. I see the cute little red head standing behind me.

I stand there for a moment and then I turn around. As she is walking towards me, she tells me her name is Elizabeth. Before I have a chance to speak she places her lips on mine and pushes my body backward against the counter. Elizabeth steps back for a moment and I position myself by sitting on the countertop.

Elizabeth places her hand under my dress, flat on my thigh. She slowly makes her way up my thigh, until she reaches my red thong underwear. She pushes it to the side and puts a finger just inside my pussy lips, to feel the warmth and how wet she made me, just by her lips kissing mine.

She removes her finger and proceeds to wash her hands and walks out of the restroom. She was such a tease but boy I really enjoyed her presence and the way her lips felt against mine. I push myself off the counter and I redo my lipstick in the mirror, check my hair and leave the restroom. Throughout the party I could not get her out of my head. I wanted her, needed her, desired her more than I desired anyone in such a long time.

I pictured running my fingers through her hair, while kissing her lips or grabbing her ass and smacking it hard enough to leave a handprint. The dress she was wearing made her ass look plump and juicy. I could not wait to get my hands on it. once the party was over Eric and I went to the beach. We just enjoyed the sound of the waves and drank some wine to relax. We watched the sunset on the beach, then we went back to the hotel room and ordered room service.

A few moments later there was a knock at the door and a voice politely said " room service ". I went to the door and opened it. To my surprise it was Elizabeth. I did not think that I would ever see her again but I am glad that she showed up to my room. I invited her in and she removed the cover from the trays that were beautifully placed on the cart. There were chocolate covered strawberries , grapes and a bottle of wine on the cart.

I picked up one of the strawberries and bit into it. The juices dripped out the side of my mouth. Elizabeth comes over and kisses me. She quickly steps back. I look at her and I notice her petite frame and observe her as she studies my body. She runs her tongue over her lips. oh how I want to kiss those lips again and feel her tongue mingle with mine. Elizabeth stands in front of me and I slip Elizabeth's shirt over her head, exposing her breasts and I notice her nipples are hard and I suck on them.

I reach behind Elizabeth, unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I notice that Elizabeth is only wearing a garter belt and not any underwear. I slip two fingers into Elizabeth's pussy and feel how wet she is. I point to the chair and Elizabeth sits. She leans back against the chair, then she places an arm on each arm of the chair. Her legs are spread and I have full view of Elizabeth's pussy.

She looks at me, daring me to come play with her. I come up behind Elizabeth and gently pull her head back. placing a kiss on her soft moist lips. I walk around and put her nipples in my mouth and suck on them again. I spread light kisses over Elizabeth's stomach and when I get to her pussy, I give it one slow long lick and make Elizabeth moan.

Eric is standing there watching me tease and pleasure Elizabeth. He is stroking his cock while I spread Elizabeth's pussy wide and continue licking her with long. slow strokes.
Elizabeth's breathing slows down and she holds her breath for a brief moment to intensify the feel of my tongue against her sensitive clit. I stand up and reach out my hand to Elizabeth.

She takes my hand and I lead her to the bed. I lay her down with her legs against the footboard off the bed and her feet on the floor. I straddle Elizabeth's stomach and lift her legs up, spread them and hold them in place. Eric walks over to Elizabeth slowly with his cock still in hand. I look at his thick cock and smile.

Eric gets on his knees and starts to lick Elizabeth's pussy at the same pace I was, long and slow and the more that he continued, the more Elizabeth's breathing became labored and started getting faster. Eric increased the speed of his tongue against her sensitive clit . Elizabeth knew she was helpless to stop him with me being on top of her and keeping her legs open. Eric slid his finger into her opening and felt that Elizabeth was soaking wet.

In the beginning he would tease her by massaging the inside of her aching vagina. He gradually increased the speed and was licking and sucking on her clit at the same time. As soon as he felt her orgasm coming on strong, he placed his cock inside and thrusts as hard and as deep as he could go and make her squirt all over him. I loved watching Eric slide his lubricated cock into her ravaged sensitive opening.

Eric slides his saturated greedy cock deep inside her. Eric slips his cock out of Elizabeth's pussy and Jamie leans over in between her legs and gives her another quick lick and then puts Eric's cock in her mouth until he is about to cum and lets it go all over Elizabeth's pussy. Jamie licks Eric's cum from Elizabeth's clit and she moans. Jamie climbed off of Elizabeth and she sat straight up on the bed. She notices that Jamie's legs are spread. Her pussy looks so inviting.

Her clit slightly peaking out between her lips. Elizabeth sees that Jamie's pussy is moist. She rubs her finger against Jamie's opening and licks her finger to taste her. Elizabeth spreads Jamie's pussy even wider and licks all the way from her clit, all the way to her tight little asshole, and moves her tongue in a circular motion. Jamie moans loudly, she turns around and places her pussy in front of Eric's cock and shakes her ass for him.

Looking at him and wanting him to enter her desperately and make her cum long and hard.
At first Eric teases Jamie's pussy by barely inserting the tip of his cock inside her. The next time he enters her, he fills her up with his entire length, positions himself and starts thrusting with hard, fast strokes and make her squirt over his cock as well. As Eric is behind Jamie fucking her Elizabeth is under Jamie, licking up and down her wet pussy and taking every opportunity she can to suck on Eric's balls and lick Jamie's juices off his cock.

Elizabeth has her legs spread and her pussy is dripping just from tending to Jamie and Eric and hearing them moan at the pleasure they are receiving. Elizabeth and Jamie switch places before Eric plays with Elizabeth. He stands back and admires her luscious body. Eric notices that her body is glowing and that she is aching for him to expose her to the thickness of his length. She is captivated by him, by his charming looks, his sensational and intoxicating body. I love the Greedy look he has in his eye.

The obsession that he has with my body. He comes closer to me and whispers in my ear that he desires to control my every move. He touches me and I start to tremble. The anticipation of what he wants to do to me is pressing. He looks at me with temptation in his eyes. He says " no worries kitten I will take your breath away". Now kitten I want you to worship my body do you understand. I reply " yes sir I understand".

I start by running my finger through his hair and massaging his scalp. I place light kisses on his face until I get to his lips and I push my lips against his, taking in every touch, forcing my tongue in between and letting mine mingle with his. I kiss down his neck and trace his clavicle with my tongue. I continue to kiss all over his chest and when I get to his nipples. I run my tongue in circles around them and get them rock hard. I suck on them and I hear Eric moan. I am at his stomach now kissing all over as well.

Once I make it to his bellybutton I blow gently inside and he laughs a little because it tickles.
I have made my way to his pelvic area and I start by rubbing my hand against his shaft and it twitches at the slightest touch. I put his boxers in between my teeth and pull them down exposing his shaft, While my eyes are locked with his.

I place my hands on either side of him and pull his boxers all the way off. leaving him completely naked and vulnerable to every touch. I put my hand around the base of it and twist my hand in a cylindrical motion multiple times, all the way to the top. To tease him I take the tip of my finger and slowly run it up the side. His shaft twitches again.

Eric says " if you keep teasing me you will surely regret it". I look at him with a wicked grin and continue. I insert my tongue inside the slit at the tip of his penis. I can tell Eric loves the way it feels because his moans get a little louder. I exit the opening and place the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly consume it all the way to the base. I suck it slowly at first and go faster every time I reach the bottom.

I hold it there and I feel his cock shudder. He tries his best not to cum but he is just so close that I quickly release him and his semen shoots out the tip of his shaft. like lava out of a volcano. I lick the tip of his shaft once again and lick up all the cum that covered all of him. Once I lick it all up.

I lick his balls and insert them in my mouth and suck on them until it starts to feel so good that he moans my name. I finish up by pushing his legs back and giving his ass hole a few licks with my tongue. I trace a line down each inner thigh all the way to his feet.

I run his bath water and I lead him to the bath and help him in. Once he sat down he said to me " that he had never had that done before but it felt so good that I didn't want to stop you". He sits up and I sit behind him with his body placed in between my legs . He wets his hair by going under the water. When he comes up water gets splashed all over us and on the floor.

Eric turns around and kisses my lips as hard as he could with both hands on either side of the tub. I lay back against the tub and I feel Jamie's lips against mine and she puts each of my nipples in between two fingers and pinches them. She spreads her legs and places the opening over my mouth and I stick my tongue inside.

I move my tongue in and out licking her vaginal walls. Her walls contract the faster I move my tongue and I start to use the tip of my finger to tease her clit. Eric's tongue joins my finger on Jamie's clit and makes her cum in an instant. Her juices run down my mouth and all over my chest. Eric licks all over my chest and gathers up all her juices. Jamie hops in The tub and straddles Eric's cock while he lays back against the tub and my pussy is on his face.

While he licks my pussy , he spreads my cheeks wide.
He rubs my little hole and then uses the juices from my pussy as lubricant and shoves it up my ass.
As he licks me, his fingers move in and out and we all cum harder than ever at the same time. We get out of the tub and we dry each other off. Jamie and I both turn around and he smacks us on the ass. Eric says to us that he wants us to play again sometime.
That the events of the evening were amazing.
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