what a vacation part2
The next day Sue and I went hiking in the mountains. We saw a couple deer, some turkeys and even a fox. We saw a waterfall that fell from about 100 feet. It landed in a pool of water that was crystal clear. Sue said, let's go for a swim. We took our clothes off and jumped in the water. It was cold, but we soon got accustomed to it, and it was just fine.
We floated around for awhile enjoying nature. Sue was floating on her back and I could see her almost hairless pussy glistening in the sun. My cock started getting hard. I swam over to her and pulled her legs apart and planted my mouth on her pussy. She swam away from me and looking over her shoulder said, there is a little island over there, last one there has to do the licking.
Being a strong swimmer I easily swam past her, and was waiting for her on the beach. She walked out of the water toward me, she looked lovely. Her skin was shiny from the water, her nipples were hard from the cold water and she had a big smile on her face. Well I'm a good loser, so I'll go first, she said. I laid back with my hard cock in the air. She laid down next to me and reaching out grabbed my cock and slowly began to rub it. She rolled over and kissed me. I reached down and cupped her pussy with my hand. We were rubbing each other and getting hotter by the minute. She rolled over on her back and said, I'm ready for you to love me.
She pulled her legs up, that pussy looked so good. I rolled over and lined my cock up with her cunt and started letting it slide in her hot hole. Smiling at me she said, isn't sex in the outdoors so much better? I said it sure is. I pushed my cock further into her slowly. She wrapped her legs around me and said, give it to me hard. I rammed my cock the rest of the way in her. I began ramming her cunt with my cock, over and over again. Her cunt was gripping my cock so hard it felt like the first time I ever had any pussy. I felt my cum beginning to move and knew I would soon be shooting her full of my cum, but I didn't want to cum too soon as she wasn't close to cumming yet.
I slowed down fucking her but still rammed it in her hard. I knew that's how she liked it and it would get her cumming soon. She began to moan a little bit and I knew it wouldn't be long now. I picked up the pace and was soon shooting my cum in her cunt. She came at the same time. We got done and I laid next to her. We laid there a little while, looking up at the trees and listening to the birds. We heard someone coming down the trail and got dressed in a hurry.We were sitting on the rocks when a couple came walking by, they stopped and said, they didn't know there was a lake here. Sue said isn't it beautiful? They agreed and sat down next to us on the rocks. We introduced ourselves and said we were just swimming in the lake and it was sure nice. The woman said our names are Thea and Joe, and we are just up here for the weekend and thought we would take a little hike this afternoon. We told them we were here for the week and were really enjoying ourselves. Thea said I'm tempted to take a swim. Sue spoke up quickly and said I think I'll go with you.
The two girls quickly undressed and jumped in the water. I could see Thea had some big tits with small nipples which were already sticking straight out. They swam around a while and began splashing water at us guys. Then Sue pushed Thea's head under the water, and they began pushing each other down. Joe said, ladies, ladies don't get too rough. Thea smiled and said, oh don't worry about us, we're enjoying ourselves. Sue was behind her and reaching around Thea grabbed her tits and said wow are these real? Thea replied they sure are, how about yours. Reaching out she grabbed Sue's tits. They both had the others tits in their hands and seemed to be enjoying the other's touch. I could see Sue let go of one of Thea's tits, and her hand disappeared under the water. I knew she was reaching for Thea's pussy.
She had hoped to have some fun with another woman while we were on vacation and it looked like she was getting her chance.
Thea gasped and leaning back,and began floating on her back. We could see Sue's hand on her pussy. She parted her legs and Sue leaned over and kissed her cunt. A smile came onto Thea's face and she said, ohh, that feels good. They had floated to the edge and Thea was leaning on the beach with her legs apart while Sue buried her face into her. I could see she was licking her pussy and seemed to be enjoying it very much. Her ass was in the air and me and Joe could see her pussy. Joe moved to adjust his cock in his pants and said, wow what a pretty pussy. I agreed and asked if he wouldn't like to fuck it. He looked at me and said, do you really mean it. Sure I said, I'm sure she would really like a hard cock in her cunt as she is licking your wife's pussy.
He got out of his pants and running into the water behind Sue grabbed her by the waist and began to plunge his cock into her. She lifted her head up and said, oh yea, does that feel good.
She put her head back on Thea's cunt and continued licking her pussy.
By now I was ready for some fun too, so I shucked my pants and with Thea's mouth being open with all the moaning she was doing I put my cock into her mouth. She clamped down on it and began sucking me. She was so excited, having her pussy licked, she sucked my cock like I had never had it sucked before.
I looked at Joe and he was ramming Sue's cunt as hard and fast as he could. He was going so fast I knew it wouldn't be long until he was shooting my wife's cunt full of his cum. I knew with the sucking I was getting it wouldn't be long for me either.
Thea reached down and pushed Sue's face hard into her cunt, she too was getting ready to cum. I felt my cum shooting out into her mouth and heard Joe holler I'm cumming, I'm cumming. I filled Thea's mouth up with my cum and sat down next to her. Joe came up next to me and said wow what a good fuck that was. The girls came over and joined us.
We all looked at each other with big smiles on our faces. Sue said, isn't sex outdoors the best? We all agreed and began getting dressed. They said they needed to be going and they sure enjoyed theirselves and for us to have a good day.
We sat there for a little while resting. I asked Sue, did that pussy taste good? She said , oh, yea it was great. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I now know I love it. She leaned over and kissed me and said , and Joe's cock felt real good too. I laughed and smiling I grabbed her hand and pulling her up walked down the trail back to our resort.
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