what a vacation part 1
We always had a great sex life. We liked all kinds of sex. Toys, role playing, anal sex, the works.We even liked to fantasize of having sex with the same sex. My wife told me maybe this year on vacation we would be able to fulfill a fantasy or two. Boy I sure hoped so.
We left late and drove late into the night. It was about midnight when we stopped at a rest area. No one was there when we stopped. We got out and used the restrooms. When we got back to the car Sue, my wife, reached over and grabbed my crotch. She unzipped my pants and pulling my cock out started sucking it. I looked around and didn't see anyone so I leaned back and enjoyed. Suddenly some headlights hit me in the face and I told her to stop but she just kept right on sucking me. The car pulled in next to us and a couple got out and started walking to the bathrooms. The man glanced over and saw what we were doing. I could see him say something to the woman, they both glanced back and smiled. Sue got done about then and I took off. I told her what had happened and she said, well one of our fantasies came true, having sex in public. I said well baby I guess your right.
We arrived at the resort late and went right to our suite and went to bed.
The next morning we were having breakfast when the couple from last night sat at the table next to us. He smiled and said I see y'all made it safely. We looked at him confused when she said we were the ones at the rest area last night. Sue said yea we were resting a little bit. The woman said it looked like he was resting but you were working. My wife smiled and said, well he deserves a rest as he has been working real hard.
They introduced theirselves as Jill and Mike. We told them our names and told them we would probably be seeing them soon and hoped they had a nice vacation.
We left to go sight seeing and Sue said, baby these might just be the ones to fulfill our fantasies. I agreed and told her it would be fine by me as Jill was sure pretty and Mike looked like he just might have a big cock, but I bet you had already thought of that. She had a big smile on her face and said, baby you know me too well.
We got done sight seeing and went back to the room where we were getting dressed to go to the pool. Sue had all her clothes off and looked over at me and said let's have some fun before we go to the pool. She laid back on the bed and spread her lovely legs and I knew just what she wanted. I feel to my knees and began to lick her inner thighs. I then slowly began licking upwards a little at a time until I got to her pussy. I knew just how she liked it. I licked around her hole, taking my time. Then I suddenly plunged my tongue in her cunt as far as I could. I licked her quickly a few times then started sucking on her pussy lips. She loved this and said, ohh baby it feels so good. I continued sucking and now and then I would flick my tongue up to her clit just barely touching it. When I did this she would gasp and push her pussy hard into my face. I went back to her pussy and began fucking her with my tongue. Sue grabbed my head and pushed me hard into her. She began to writhe and buck and I knew she would soon cum. I loved the taste of her pussy as well as her cum and I couldn't wait. I heard her moan loud and felt her juice fill my mouth. I kept licking her until she was done and then I cleaned her up with my tongue.
I got up and laid next to her and she rolled over and kissed me. She liked tasting her cum in my mouth. She licked my mouth real good for awhile and then said, umm that tasted so good. Maybe later I'll be able to taste some different pussy. I smiled and replied I sure hope so.
We got our bathing suits on and went down to the pool. We saw Jill and Mike and went over to where they were sitting and asked if they mind if we joined them. Jill said no, we would like it if y'all could join us. We were just sitting here soaking up the sun and now and then jumping in the pool.
I asked if the water was cold and Mike said, no it's just about right. I looked at Sue and saw her staring at Mike's crotch. I looked over at Mike and I saw what she was looking at. Mike had
a very big bulge in his pants. Jill saw us looking and said, it sure is big isn't it. We both got red, being caught staring. Jill said, don't worry it happens quite alot. He sure does have a real big cock.
We all laughed and changing the subject Sue asked what they had planned for their vacation. Jill replied, well we thought about just laying around and having a lot of sex. We both work a lot of hours and don't have enough time for each other, so we decided while we were on vacation we would catch up with our love making. Sue said, well I sure hope y'all have a lot of fun.
Me and Sue jumped in the pool and swam for a while, then got out and went back to the table. They were about to go back to their room and asked it we would like to grill out later. We agreed and said, sure we will see y'all at your suite later this evening. They left and Sue said, wow did he have a big cock or what. I sure hope we get to see it better. I smiled and knew she was fantasizing about that big cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I smiled at her and said, baby we will just have to wait and see. We soon left the pool and went back to our suite.
We both took a bath and decided to go ahead and go over to their suite a little early. We knocked at their door, when no one answered we turned to leave when the door opened just a little bit and Jill was peeping out the door. We said are we too early, we can always come back. Jill said, no just give me a minute then come on in. She shut the door and I told Sue, I bet we interrupted something. She smiled and said, well maybe we can join in.
We opened the door just in time to see Jill's lovely ass disappearing into the other room. My cock jumped at the sight, as it was a fine ass.
They soon came out and Mike said, come on out and we will start the grill going. When we walked out to the balcony he said, damn I was just about to get some pussy when we heard the knock on the door. I said, we can always come back later or if you like we can all get naked and have a real good time. He looked at me and said are you serious? I told him about our hopes for our vacation. He thought a minute and said, well wait here and I'll be right back. He wasn't gone three seconds when he called me and told me to come in here. I stepped in the room and sitting on the chairs were our wives completely naked. Sue said well don't just stand there get your clothes off and join us.
Mike and I couldn't get them off quick enough. When we did we stood there not knowing what to do next. Sue was looking at Mike's cock and boy was it huge. It was a least 8" long and real fat. She got down on her knees in front of him and began to fondle his big cock. She turned to look at Jill, when Jill said, go ahead while you're doing that we will be having some fun too. Sue turned back to Mike and pulling his big cock to her,she began to lick him.
I looked at Jill and she laid back spreading her legs and said, come and lick my cunt. It is already good and wet. I quickly went to her and dropping to my knees began licking her wet pussy . She tasted great and I plunged my tongue deep into her. I heard Mike moaning and looking over saw my wife with his cock half way down her throat. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock. Her other hand was between her legs rubbing herself.
I continued licking Jill's tasty pussy when she started moaning and pushing her cunt hard into my face. Suddenly my face was wet and getting wetter as Jill was cumming hard and fast. She got done and just seemed to pass out. I got up and sat next to her and watched my wife sucking Mike's big cock. She sure seemed to be enjoying it as she was giving it all she could. She took his whole cock in his mouth and then would slowly let it all out and then she would engulf his whole cock again.
He was moaning and taking her head in his hands, began to fuck her mouth. He held her head and started pumping her mouth like he was fucking a wet pussy. She held her head still, but I could see she was sucking him hard. He said, I'm going to cum soon, where should I cum. She never moved her head away, so he sped up fucking her face a little faster and soon said, here I cum. He shoved his cock the whole way down her throat and held it there. I could see her cheeks were filling up with his cum. He pumped his cock a couple more times in her mouth. When he did this a little bit of his cum dripped down her chin. She was still greedily sucking his cock. She didn't want to miss one drop of his cum. His cock began to get soft and Sue looked over at me and smiled. I could see her mouth was still full of cum. He sat down on the chair and said, wow what a cock sucker you are. Sue smiled and came over to me and bent down and grabbing my head kissed me hard. Her mouth was still full of his cum and she pushed some of it into my mouth. I had always wanted to taste some cum besides my own and she knew it. It tasted a little bit bitter, but not too bad.
Sue whispered in my ear and said next time you can suck it out of my cunt. My cock jumped at the idea of watching Mike fuck my wife and me getting to lick his cum out of her cunt. I had always wanted to try sucking a cock, so maybe after he fucked her I could suck all the cum of his cock.
We all got up and were resting for a minute. I leaned over to my wife and said, I bet now you want that big cock in your cunt. Oh I can't wait she said, I want it right now. Mike smiled and said, well that sounds good to me. While Sue and Mike were getting ready to do their thing, Jill and I sat together on the couch and she started sucking my cock. She was doing a real good job. She would take my cock and with her tongue she licked my head and then she would take my whole cock in her mouth in one move, burying it in her mouth. When it was the whole way in she would take her tongue and lick my cock. This felt great.
I looked over at my wife and she had her legs in the air and was telling Mike to stick that big cock in my cunt. He moved up to her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy. He slowly started to push it into her. She tensed up a little as it was so big, but he took his time and worked it in her pussy slowly.
Jill was working on my cock, making it feel so good I knew I couldn't hold off much longer. I told her it felt so good I would be cumming soon and if she didn't want it in her mouth she had better slow down. She sped up and started sucking my cock even harder. I knew she was going to let me cum in her mouth so I tried to hold off a little bit but it was no use. She suddenly shoved a finger in my ass and I shot my load of cum into her mouth. I saw her head jerk back a little bit as I came harder than I ever had before. She kept sucking my cock until it started to get soft.
She got up on the couch next to me and smiling big said, well how did you like that? I told her it was probably very high on my list of being one of the best blow jobs I had ever got, I especially liked it when you stuck your finger in my ass. Oh you liked that didn't you, well maybe in a little while we can stick something else up your ass. My cock started stirring again just thinking of having a big cock or a strap-on stuck up my ass.
We heard some moaning and looked over at Sue and Mike. He had her legs on his shoulders and was fucking her hard. He would shove his cock the whole way in her cunt and then pull it almost the whole way out and then shove it the whole way in her again. Jill said he can fuck like a piston can't he. I smiled, knowing Sue was loving having his big cock rammed in her cunt. She looked over at me and said, baby his big cock feels sooo good.
Jill disappeared and I sat watching him fuck my wife. This was part of our fantasy and it was sure coming true right in front of my eyes. He said I going to cum and fill your cunt with my cum, she said oh yes, fill my cunt up. I want to feel it as it shoots in me. He rammed his hard cock into her and held it there. I knew he was filling her hot hole up with his hot cum. She began to shake and I could see she was cumming too. He pumped his cock into her a couple more times and rolled off her and laid on the floor.
He laid there gasping for breath and I could see his and her cum on his cock. Sue saw me looking at his cock and said, go ahead baby suck that big cock with our cum all over it. I got down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I could taste his cum as well as Sue's cum. I was in heaven. I had always wanted to suck a big cock and now I was sucking one with cum all over it. I was doing the best I could with it when I heard Sue say now baby be still a minute but don't stop sucking that big cock.
I felt some lube being put on my asshole. She knew I liked to get fucked with our dildo at home and I wandered what was going to happen next. I saw Jill standing next to me with a huge strap-on around her waist. Sue told her to come on around here and she would help her stick it in my ass. I was still sucking Mike's cock and it was getting hard again when I felt that big cock rubbing on my ass. Jill began to push into me and Sue was saying take it a little at a time. I know just how he likes it. The head popped in my ass and Jill stopped for a minute letting me get use to it.
Mike was hard as a rock by now and I kept sucking his cock trying to take the whole thing into my mouth. Jill began to push her big cock into me, she worked it in and out, going a little bit deeper every time. Sue came over to Mike and said let me get down there. I want to suck his cock while Jill fucks his ass and I want you to stick your big cock into me. Sue laid on her back underneath me and began to suck my cock. Her cunt was right in front of me and I bent down and licked it a few times when Mike said, all right I'm ready to fuck her again.
He brought his cock right to my mouth and I sucked it a couple times, then he pulled it out and pushed it into Sue's still dripping cunt. He shoved it the whole way in and began ramming her hard. I felt Jill get her cock in my ass up to the hilt. She began fucking my ass in and out and it felt soo good. She would ram it the whole way in me and the pull it out. When she rammed it in me I would push back against her, helping her bury it the whole way in my ass. Sue was sucking my cock, Jill was fucking my asshole with her big cock and I got to watch Mike fuck my wife with his big cock.
Jill's cock felt so good I knew I would soon be shooting my cum down Sue's throat. I could see Mike was speeding up, so he was going to fill Sue's juicy cunt up with with his hot cum. Jill had a double dildo on and I could hear he panting hard, she too was about to cum. It seems like all of us shot ours loads at the same time. Mike's cock was shooting it's cum into my wife's cunt right in front of my eyes. He pulled out and knowing I wanted to suck his cum off his cock he shoved it right into my waiting mouth. I felt Jill pull out, Sue wiggled out from under me while I cleaned Mike's cock clean.
We all laid side by side on the floor feeling great. Sue said well baby our vacation and our fantasy has begun. I couldn't wait for the next day.

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