what if Part I

What if... Part I

When I walked into the room I didn't see Anita but I heard music, soft and classical. The next music I heard was the cascading sound of water serenading in full stream from the shower.

Anita knew I was on my way over, but I was about twenty minutes early and I decided to come on in .anyway. She told me she would leave the front door unlocked and that I could come case she was drying her hair and didn't hear me...but from the sounds of things her hair was getting wetter, not drier.

I sat on the couch, waiting for the sound of the shower to stop so I could yell out to her and let her know I was waiting. I had never seen Anita naked except in my wildest imagination and suddenly it excited me that I could perhaps accidently' see her if she didn't know I was waiting.

Over the years I had undressed this little beauty hundreds of times, probably more, but only in my mind. When we sat next to one another as she played on her keyboard, I was certain she had spotted my stiff erection and I fantasied about what would happen when she reached over and unzipped my pants. I knew what my actions would be...close the door to my office, pull her close to me, unzip her pants and slide my hand down into her open jeans and beneath the elastic of her underwear, fingers searching, plunging, crawling across her tender flesh, then to her soft curls and finally spreading the lips of her pussy with two fingers.

I knew I would kiss her and methodically undress her before laying her out on my oversized oak desk.

I wanted to fuck Anita, to feel the head of my cock pushing against her moist softness...but first I wanted to devour her, to taste her sweet nectar and touch every part of her soft body. I would massage her scalp while kissing her tenderly, then my fingers would entangle themselves in her hair, stroking, massaging, pulling...sometimes aided by a brush as I stood behind her.

With Anita's strawberry blonde hair draped over the edge of the desk I knew I could brush to my heart's content and she would never tire of my repeated strokes, following the contour of her head and gliding effortlessly through
her hair. Gently pulling and twisting her hair only added to her delight as my hands gathered it together, pulling just shy of hurting a bit, mysteriously relaxing.

As I sat on her couch I knew there was no way for me to stand up to greet her while disguising the tremendously obvious bulge pushing hard at my pants. I looked down and my suspicion was confirmed...I had a wet spot about the size of a half dollar on the front of my trousers.

I stood to adjust my boner but it was useless, my pants were not tight but with my erection thrusting and pulsating against the fabric they were tight enough that I was not able to adjust myself.

I pulled down my zipper and loosened my belt so I could reach my hand into my underwear and pull my cock to one side. It was quite a relief to position my hard-on in such a way that I didn't feel like I was going to explode inside my shorts.

That's when I saw Anita standing in the bathroom door, watching everything I had done. She was wearing an Aurelian blue robe, short...just below the knees. Her hair was still soaking wet and she had obviously not dried off at all. Her legs still had beads of water and her face, although not wet was obviously flustered.

"I thought I heard you come in. You were a little bit early but that's okay. The shower felt so good I never wanted to come out."

"I know what you mean..." I added, trying to divert her attention from my ever stiffening cock.

"So what were you doing when I was standing there?" Her eyes danced with the satisfaction of knowing I was caught red-well, pink-handed.

"You don't want to know...I was just...."

"Well, I know what you were doing but now my question is ...why?"

"This is kind of embarrassing but I..."

"Don't be embarrassed..." Anita took two small steps towards me, an inviting grin on her lips. "I think it's cute...what brought it on though?"

"You did."


Anita took slow steps in my direction, opening her robe a little more with each new step. Her tiny hands did not fumble at all as she pushed back on her robe so she stood naked before me.

"I think I'll go back in the can join me, sit on the bed, lie in the bed; whatever you choose to do, just surprise me, I heard you out here so I came out a little early." Anita picked up her bathrobe as I stood stupefied, unable to move. I looked down and realized my cock was fully erect now and I didn't have to wonder whether Anita had noticed.

After quite some time Anita came out of the shower naked and beautiful. There's something about water that not only purifies but intensifies. I now sat on the bathroom counter and watched as she stepped out, one leg only and smiled as she gracefully slid her towel up the length of her leg, obscuring her neatly trimmed pussy as she dried off her leg.

Her curls were brown, darker than the hair on her head, and I knew that once I had sucked them into my mouth, run my fingers through them and teased them with the moistened head of my cock, I would be completely mesmerized to the point that I would have to show her every pleasure she had been missing.

"Stop. Please." I said before she got any further. "Do something for me. Go back into the shower again, get nice and wet and then come out...only this time; no towel."

She turned, looking back over her shoulder, smiling knowingly. When she turned the water on again I knew that she understood my request. I wanted her...badly, and I wanted her wet. Anita had beautiful breasts and areolas, rosy pink in color and a wonderful contrast to her light skin and I realized that her nipples were very erect, due partly to the water streaming down on them and partly to the excitement she felt in anticipation of my fingers, my mouth and my cock.

As she stepped from the shower again I sat on a plush maroon towel and as our eyes met I stroked my cock slowly, deliberately pointing the head at her. Each slow stroke was lubricated by the film of pre cum that I spread along the shaft as my hand slowly moved from the head all the way down to the base of my shaft.

Once at the top of the head I squeezed hard and Anita giggled lightly as the pre cum oozed from the head and onto my hand. Our eyes were fixed on one another as Anita moistened her lips with her tongue then inserted her finger part way into her mouth.

She then took her towel and, eyes never leaving mine, dabbed her breasts, accentuating her nipples, before bringing the towel to her head exposing her entire body. She took the full towel and teasingly wiped her arms and her belly before moving to her legs, sliding the towel upwards until she reached the moist curls of her pussy.

As I watched her I stroked my cock slowly, my eyes still fixed on hers as if they were dancing together across some fogged-in slippery floor with colored lights panning from one side to the next. Anita dropped the towel to the floor and posed, one foot to her left and tapping the wet floor, her hand on her naked, wet waist and her finger sliding into her mouth. She took her moist finger and touched her pussy, stroking very softly beside her growing pink clit while parting the lips of her pussy.

"Come here." I said, still slowly stroking my cock.

Anita walked slowly to me, extending her hand as she approached. I felt the soft fingers of her right hand as they encircled my throbbing hot cock while her left hand cupped my balls.

Anita's finger traced every line and contour of my cock as she then took both of her hands and worked their way up my shaft, past my ridge, slipping over my head and spreading my pre cum back down my hard cock and bulging balls. I moaned softly, feeling totally helpless in her hands as she took my cock into her mouth deeply moving over the head, the ridge and onto the shaft. I felt her lips swelling up around every part of my cock as her mouth raced up and down faster and faster, pushing harder and harder, never slowing down.

She sucked me hard, holding my cock tightly, stroking along my swollen shaft as my moans became louder and more out of control. Anita's tongue worked up and down the shaft of my cock as I moaned...

"Cum for me, Baby...let it go, I want to swallow every drop." As she talked she stopped sucking me for a moment and gently drew my balls into her mouth, "Cum for me, Honey..."

I was immobile as she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and sucked it hard all the way back up to the ridge, still holding the head in her warm mouth. I couldn't hold back any longer and my thick, creamy cum shot hot and hard into her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

After I shot my cum into her mouth Anita took me by the hand and led me to her bed. "Oh Baby...I want you to wiggle on your towel for me...Let me rub my cock on your clit while you wiggle...I want to stroke the head against..."

Anita put her finger to my lip..."Okay Honey. I will, but not now, Baby...I want you to fuck me hard and fast and with everything you've got...I want your cock Honey...I want you to fuck me and then fuck me some more...but I promise I will sit on my towel for you...and for ME too!"

We were both naked, wet and ready as Anita slipped onto the bed and I followed her.

She rolled onto her back as I slid on top of her. Kissing and feeling her lips on mine, panting and tasting as our breathing became more and more labored. Anita's hips rose up to me and I felt my cock penetrating, opening her up, feeling the moist warmth of her pussy as I moved hard into her.

"Robert, I want to feel your cock deep inside me! Fuck me hard and deep and cum inside me!"
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