when the night comes
I am anxious for sleep.The day has been long, and reminds me you are thousands of miles away. I cannot wait for the nights soft glow to overtake the long days sun. This is when I know you will soon be near. Reality hurts, knowing I cannot see you,feel you, that you are so far away. I yearn for the time when the stars start to whisper my fantasies.
As my eyes grow heavy, the memory of your voice fills my head.It is like a melody singing to me, begging me to let sleep takes over so our souls can become one.A fog lifts from my mind as I start to feel your breathe on my skin as you pull me near. I am complete. A smile spreads across my face as I run my hands across your chest.The warmth of your skin and beating of your heart beating rapidly, matching my own. I lean in to taste your lips. they are so strong yet so tender...your taste is sweet.
you take my breath away, I have to pull away for only a moment. Long enough to look into your eyes. What I see there is amazing. There is a love that I never thought I would find in this life, that I thought was only in stories. I see a passion that instant makes me wet. I can't control myself, my need for you is over whelming. I start to speak but you place your finger over my lips. You start to undress me, I am anxious, I help you, then undress you as well. My breath catches in my chest as I see that I am not the only one that can feel this craving. I reach down and grasp you in my hand, feeling you pulsing in my hand. I stroke you gently trying to keep control, feeling you grow harder and hard each passing second. You groan softly...I am done, I need you now. I lay down and pull you down onto me. I kiss you again roughly, not being able to get enough of your soft lips. your hands wander over my breasts, touching my nipples that respond immediately.....they become rock hard and ache. I can't wait .My juices are flowing, my body screaming to feel you,every inch of you. I wrap my legs around you hips and guide you inside me. I gasp as I feel you enter me. Rock hard and pulsing, you already have me on the edge. you move slowly, in deeply and pulling back, rocking me, as I beg for more. There is no more waiting, not this time at least, I am wild with my craving. I push my hips up towards you and wrap my legs tighter. Deeper and deeper I try to pull you inside. I cry out on the edge, you understand. you start to move quicker, out of control. I can feel that you are also close. I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply one last time. I am suddenly lost in euphoria as I feel you empty yourself inside me. I never want it to stop, I shutter as you bury your head into my neck,delving into me one last time. we lay there, as one, holding, loving and just being with each other.
I jump, my eyes open. I am covered in sweat, my pulse racing, then the tears start to come. the morning sun is coming through the window stealing you away once again. My heart breaks as I realize it was only a dream. The tears wash away the rest of the sleep, but my heart suddenly beats again with hope as I remember, that soon,there will be no more dreams to be stolen away, but the real thing. You, flesh and blood, there in my arms
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