where a kiss might lead
"well" she thought,getting off the train. "im here now, no turning back"
the previous weeks of chatting online with a certain guy had turned into this rather spur of the moment meeting for coffee, or rather tea. john doesnt drink coffee.

john was an online friend. an online flirt partner. lets face it he was an online fuckbuddy. but that was as far as it was going. this was meeting him for a chat.
it had suprised her when john had said he was coming to near her town, but then he was a fresh sperm donor and he went where the 'recipient' was. she was even more suprised when she saw his unhappy emoteicon and the simple message 'the recipient backed out'
she knew this happened from time to time, and that it really annoyed her internet plaything, as he had to take days off work and having to abstain from sexual activity for days before a donation day. almost without thinking she had written 'meet me for a drink then' and hit return before she realised what she had done. this was meeting him, in the real world, not just the simpler world of the chatroom. then came the reply. 'sure'....

so walking away from the train and towards the cafe she had chosen anxiety grew, but when she saw him sat relaxed and with a steaming pot of tea in his hand it started to dissapear.
over the next hour it dissolved completly. the conversation passed very much as it did online. jokes, discussing the news and some rather dirty flirting.

"shall we go for a walk?" john said after a few moments silence, "its a really nice day"
"ok" she said getting up, "the canal is lovely this time of year"
"lovely and deserted?" john winked. she playfully punched his arm and told him not to be so smutty.
the canal was pretty deserted, and they wandered arm in arm in the suprising quiet of the urban canalside, the topic of kissing came up, and whether it always had to be sexual or could just be platonic, where a kiss might lead.

again words came out before she had thought about them. "Would you kiss me?"
a second later as she realised it could be taken as a request, she felt his lips on hers, his tongue parting her lips. so suprised she just reacted and started to kiss back.
his obvious lust rang through her like electricity, a minute passed before she pulled away slightly, but not from his arms. "i didnt mean it like that!" she said, blushing.
"i certainly meant it" john replied, and leant back in,
'another minute passed and she realised she was kissing him again, her fingers running through his hair. 'gods hes a good kisser'

johns hands were firmly on her behind, she knew he was an ass man as it were and had decided to tease him with a short figure hugging skirt, a descision she was starting to regret as it was riding up as he held and massaged her bum enthusiastically.

her thoughts became jumbled up in the heat of the kissing, heat that was making her panties moisten.
she could feel the cool spring air upon her panties now, her skirt had ridden up so high, as she stood entwined with her internet friend. he shifted his weight bringing his leg between hers, rubing against her for a second, it felt good so she rubbed herself against his leg again as their tongues danced, and then again and again.
john had noticed and stopped kissing and looked down. "having fun?" he smiled, she blushed and stopped. "you dont have to stop hun" he winked and slid his hand down to her exposed panties and slid inside.
an explosion went off in her head and her groin as he found her clit, and stroked and teased it just as she had said she liked in numberous dirty conversations on their computers. 'ok' she thought. 'its not just chatting anymore, but this is as far as it goes'and surrendered to his well informed pleasuring.

after a few minutes his talented fingers took her to the edge and over. an orgasm took over her whole body. a low groan escaped her lips as her legs turned to jelly and she slipped to her knees, holding onto johns legs for support, eyes shut and breathing hard,
what was she breathing hard against she wondered as the orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes to see it was a bulge in johns trousers. without thinking she stroked it, her orgasm befuddled mind desciding she wanted to see johns manhood.

he didnt resist as she undid his trousers and reached inside.
what she pulled out was no monster, john had always said he was average. but she loved seeing the six inches in her hand, smelling the masuline scent of his arousal and feeling it harden significantly at just her touch, she didnt look up, not wanting to know what johns expression was as she knelt there, now slowly stroking his shaft, she hadnt had one to play with in months and the urge to taste it, to feel its solid warmth in her mouth was overwhelming so soon after having cum herself.
she closed her eyes again and sheathed johns hardness between her lips, stroking its based firmly. remembering their conversations she reached in and began cupping and massaging his balls.

the reaction was enjoyable in itself she thought. hearing this mans groans, his inchoherant sounds of lust.
a nagging thought buzzed at the edge of her conciousness as she held this man captive with her mouth. he hadnt donated, or orgasmed for a week, and she knew from their friendship he was capable of sex 4 times a day.
just as she thought this, he moaned harder, and she felt jet after jet after jet of his juices flood over her tongue as he came, desperatly trying to keep it in her mouth, suprised at how much there was, easily more than any man she had ever been with, or thought possible, she held her mouth tight around johns member until the twitching subsided. swallowed his prodigious load and tucked his spent cock back into his trousers, he helped her up and they looked at each other like embarrased teenagers. "well i could do with a cup of tea, i dont know about you.." john croaked, his voice sounding dry. she giggled and took his arm after pulling her skirt fully down "gotta replace those fluids huh?" she joshed and they walked back to the cafe.

well now she knew where a kiss might lead.
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