your dog pt 3
Sitting there it gets harder and harder for me to eat and I think you know that. The way you keep stroking just the right places at the right time, it makes me want to explode right then and there.

I feel two of your finger softly slide into me, my muscles grab hold of them, and that is all it takes. My body goes weak with desire, and starts aching for you even more. I drop the fork and move my head back, pressing it against the side of your neck.

You give out a laugh and, with a smartass tone, say "Well, I guess since you can't finish your breakfast, we'll skip to your surprise."

You slide your fingers out of me and my pussy tightens, feeling empty. Your fingers are dripping with my own lubricant. You hold your fingers up to my mouth and I immediately lick them clean, Making sure to get every last drop. My tongue slides across your fingers from the tip to the palm.

There's just something about the taste and sweet smell of my own cum and makes me hornier and much wetter.

I feel you smile against my neck as your other hand slides up under my bra and cups one of my breasts firmly, catching my hard nipple between your knuckles.

You murmur in my ear, "My pet likes her own cum, doesn't she?"

I let out a bark and a yelp and with a smile and lick your cheek, signifying yes.

You kiss the back of my neck again softly and continue in a whisper, "I have a surprise for you today baby." I turn my head and lean to the side a bit so I can look at you.

When you see my curious look you smile and put me back the way I was sitting and say, "I want you to get down and in position for your leash, okay?"

I nod my head and get down on the floor sitting with my hands holding me up, making sure my legs are spread, letting you see my soaking wet pussy glisten in the light, and my breasts pushed out making sure to show off every little detail to you.

My hair has fallen down on one side, covering half of my face. You grab my collar from the counter and kneel down in front of me placing your hand against my cheek, your index softly caressing my cheek bone, under my hair. It�s as warm and comforting as always. You say, "I'm very proud to have you as my pet, and even more proud to have you as my lover."

You move your hand from the side of my face and slide the collar around my neck being careful not to get my hair tangled up in it.

You attach the leash and stay there for a few seconds admiring my body which makes me blush and look away, but before I turn my head too far you place your hand on the side of my face again and keep it facing you.

My eyes lock with yours and I get so nervous, just like it was the first time I had done anything with you.

You smile and kiss me softly, your lips pressed only slightly against mine but I can tell you want more so badly.

I try to deepen the kiss but you pull back and say, "Now now, I know you want it, but if we start here I won't be able to give you your present today."

Upon hearing this I straighten back up holding my head up in a dignified stance exposing my neck for you.

You attach the leash and take another second to look over my body and you stand up and give me the command to walk.

We walk out of the kitchen and down the hall to the back door. When we get to the door you take something out of your pocket and kneel down in front of me.

I sit back obediently as you slide my hair to the side and remove my glasses. You hold up a blindfold in front of me and smile.

You wrap it around my head and tie it in the back making sure not to get it tangled in my hair as well as making it to where I can't see.

I feel you kiss my forehead and pat me on my head. Then I hear you open the door, letting in a warm breeze.

You pull on my collar and I begin to walk forward keeping close to your leg so I don't walk into anything.

I feel the ground I'm walking on turn to grass as we step off the porch. Warmed by the suns rays it feels especially good against my freshly shaven legs.

We go a few steps into the backyard and stop. You undo my leash and put it somewhere. I feel like I'm being watched by more than just your eyes.

Your hand goes across my back to my bra strap and you untie it. You slide it across my breasts teasing my already sensitive nipples.

One of your fingers goes down my spine as you get behind me.

I hear your pants un-zip, which is the sound I have been waiting for since I woke up this morning.

Your pants slide off and hit the ground somewhere to my right. Your soft masculine hands slide between my legs and caress my wet pussy.

You laugh and say, "You're really ready for this aren'tcha baby?"

I nod my head and bark, smiling, the whole time I can feel my face getting hotter.

I feel your cock head rub against my pussy lips and my entire body feels like it was set ablaze. My pussy is so incredibly sensitive from your playing with it and my earlier masturbation.

You tease me with your cock at just barely touching my soaking wet pussy lips. You know I want it but you won't give it to me.

Suddenly I feel something pressing against my lips. It's soft yet firm, and very, very warm. I open my mouth a bit and it presses even deeper. I find that it is a cock, but it's not yours, which throws me off a bit. I soon realize this is your surprise.

This cock is much bigger than yours. It seems so familiar but I can't quite place it. I lick the head while holding my lips tight around it.

You slide your cock between my pussy lips without penetrating. "Oh God," I moan. Teasing me like that is driving me crazy. I want it; need it, in me so badly.

Then I think to myself, maybe if I suck on this cock good then I'll get what I want.

So I do. I take in more of this big cock and lick the bottom of the head right where it comes to an angle that leads up to that little hole, which I run my tongue over as well. I hear the owner of this dick start panting like a dog so I must be doing a good job.

You rub your dick a little harder against my pussy, stroking my clit, making me moan against this cock.

I take it in deeper, inching it in, wanting to see just how big it is. It's incredibly thick, making me start to wonder if I can handle all of it.

The more I do this the more you start to give me what I want. I feel your big head bury itself inside my sheath, and oh god does it feel wonderful. My pussy grabs hold, forming almost perfectly to it.

You still don't go all the way in so I try even harder. I suck in more of this dick that I'm starting to love.

I finally get all the way to the base and am deep-throating it. I feel it hitting the back of my throat filling my mouth completely.

Finally you slide in deeper and start to stroke my insides, slowly moving in and out. I finally just start bobbing my head up and down on this cock faster and sucking it in deep, my lips tight around this shaft.

I feel my cum slide out around your cock and down my legs. You get harder with each stroke into me making me moan more against the cock in my mouth.

Someone's hands grab my breasts and squeeze just tight enough to feel really good.

Then I feel it, that feeling like I'm going to explode. It's growing, threatening to over power my will to hold it back. I try my best to hold back, because I want both of you to cum first.

I suck harder and faster and tighten my pussy around your cock. I hear both of you moaning, which makes me push harder.

Finally I can't hold it back any longer. My pussy contracts one final time and my cum gushes out, all over your cock.

I hear you moan as you start fucking me deeper and much harder. You shove your cock as far into me as you possibly can again and again.

His cock in my mouth and yours in my pussy, both buried deep inside me, makes me acutely aware that for the first time in my life, in a long time, I'm completely filled. I have another major orgasm as the both of you explode inside me filling me over the brim with ecstasy.

My mouth and my pussy are full of cum, even overflowing. Some cum is seeping out of the corners of my mouth and some of yours is flowing down my thighs.

Exhausted, my body wants to go limp right then and there, but I force myself to stay on all fours. I feel hands move on the back of my head and start undoing my blindfold.

Slowly it slips off and my hair is patted softly in acknowledgement of my good behavior.
I look up and see my old playmate. He's gotten even more beautiful than I remember.

Excitement renews my energy for a short burst allowing me pounce on him, knocking him to the ground. My body is pressed against his as I straddle his hips with his large cock pressing against my pussy, without penetration of course.

I can feel how much he has grown and matured. His muscles flex with every movement, and his strong hands lay against my sides. He is gentle, even now when I can feel how much power he has in him. I kiss him deeply letting him know how much I have missed him.

We stay there like that for a short while before we end the kiss and he says, "I have missed you so much Abby. I see that you have grown plenty since the last time we were together."

I blush and smile before I say, "Yes, I have Sam, and you have not done so bad yourself."

Sam says, "Well, I have my mistress Lynn to thank for that."

He smiles and looks over to his left at the porch. I look to find Lynn standing there smiling in her red velvet dress with her gold chain around her neck, and her long, gorgeous blond hair flowing all the way down past her ass. There's something else about her too. Her stomach has grown and she looks pregnant maybe about five months. I smile knowing that's what I will look like in about five months. Even her breasts have grown some.

Sam rises up, lifting me with him and my master moves behind me and catches me by surprise by sitting beside me and grabbing me. We all lay back on the ground, with me snuggled between them. The warm grass against my skin coupled with the hot bodies of my master and my friend lying here with me makes me ready for another go.

To be continued . . .
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