~A Barn Measure, for Pleasure~
The night sky twinkled with the starlight speckled across the atmosphere. The mild air proved to be tolerable and the only sound that could be heard was the sound a few crickets making their music with the night. The soft glow from the stars cast their light across the farm, the barn taking a shadowy outline beneath their glow along with the pasture and it's surrounding fencing. The large house stood silent with a few lights dimly illuminating the rooms within, the tree line across from the pasture was also visible as it looked eerie from afar. Suddenly a new sound is heard, the door of the house opens and shuts. A couple sneaks quietly outside, a lush beautiful redhead beauty and a large young man. They quietly trot across the open ground, heading towards the barn. Whispering and breaking soft muffles of laughter. Millar and Susan are from the city; however every so often, they take a trip to the country side where Millar's grandfather owned an old farm he worked at as a teenager. The farm had since given up it's old life, but it had plenty of memories, and was perfect for them as a family. It was only this night, it was just for the two of them.

Millar: "You sure the kids are asleep?"

Susan: "I checked myself, they're asleep."

Susan pulled him into the barn and embraced him in an intense deep kiss, dropping the thick blanket she was carrying. Strong, Deep, Ravenous, as if they hadn't felt one another for ages. For the longest time they'd wanted to be alone, but it almost was next to impossible, and whatever time they had they used willingly and without hesitation. They still had a lot to long for and were anxious as before to enjoy as much together. Millar kissed back with equal intense feeling, grasping Susan up in a large hug that nearly lifted her off the hay littered ground. The two were breathless as they kissed, probed with their tongues, and attempted to nibble one another's lips in the frenzy. Millar's slender hands ran up and groped his Wife's hips snaking upward under the thick sweater she was wearing. He could feel the smooth bare flesh of her sides, and then cupped her breasts, feeling the tiny hard nipples poking against his palms. By this point Millar had broken the kiss with Susan and peeled her sweater up, revealing her voluptuous breasts. With a firm squeeze he moved in and sucked one greedily into his mouth, Susan letting out a sigh as she ran her hands up the sides of his head and through his hair. Susan watched as Millar's tongue slowly swirled around each nipple, making her skin popcorn with Goosebumps that chilled out across her flesh.

Susan: "Oh baby... yes!"

Millar looked up with his deep look in his eyes, his hands released their hold and he looked behind her. Seeing a few bales of hay laying loosely. He grabbed the blanket she'd dropped, and laid it down with a good flap aloft. The heavy blanket glided with it's thickness & weight down on top of the hay. Susan laid down, discovering the hay provided outstanding comfort with the combination of the blanket. It seemed almost as good as a bed or sofa. Millar climbed down, engaging once again in a strong kiss with his Wife. The two let out raspy breaths, as they fumbled their hands in the dark trying to find one another. Millar's hand ran up and down Susan's thighs with lustful precision as they raked along her buttocks and back down to the outer thigh. Susan herself gripped Millar's hair in handfuls, her breath growing rapid the more she felt his strong grip grasp her ass as he ran his hands up more and more under her gown. She felt him pull back suddenly, his right hand coming around and over the front of her left thigh. She bit her lip and looked down to see the outlying shapes in the darkness of his hand and her legs. Her gown made it easy to distinguish in the dark, and she could see his hand massaging and running up and down her thighs. Massaging them lightly, and giving each a soft but firm squeeze. First the left, his hand went as far as below the knee and then back up, raking his finger nails across the flesh as he came to her pelvic bone. Then his hand would run back down again to her knee with a gentle rubbing, and follow up with sliding inside her leg and running up the inner thigh teasingly. She'd bite her lip a little harder now, feeling the warm like chill run up her leg as she felt Millar's hand running further up. Then Millar would go to her other thigh, skipping the knee and upper thigh, and rub her inner thigh instead. Giving it several good squeezes and rub outs. Feeling along the flesh as far as to the groin muscle; which by then Susan's hips would arch in eagerness to feel his touch in her panties... now wet as her pussy throbbed in anticipation. Millar looked at Susan to see she was flush, her glistening eyes looking into his as she breathed through her mouth. The two moved in for a kiss, whispering to one another lust filled words:

Millar: "Mmm baby, I want you..."

Susan: "I WANT YOU MORE..."

As they kissed deeply, and slowly Millar enjoyed this moment, and with a slow tease of his middle finger he ran it up her very tensed groin muscle. Susan breathed in through her nose and arched her hips slightly, refusing to break the kiss she kept her eyes closed and blindly enjoyed the feeling. Millar again ran his middle finger, only this time it was on the outer folds of her lips... the chill intensified as it shot up her belly like lightening and Susan gave a slight shudder. She opened her legs wider, and broke the kiss to suck in a breath as she let out a sigh of relief. Susan's head fell back, and Millar continued to plant soft kisses and licks along her neck. His hand used it's middle finger and index finger as it ran this time up the middle of her panties, giving a little more pressure as it went from the bottom up:

Susan: "Ohhh my god baby... Mill..."

Mill kissed her jaw line and ran his hand back down now, giving her panties a soft and slow massage. Teasing his wife in a steady measure as he ran his fingers up and down her panties, Susan had lied back in his arm. Her hips arching upward with her legs spread, Millar's hand driving her excitement as he teased her. Just then he slowed and stopped giving a few more circular rubs on her panties, and moved them aside. Her juices were flowing from how wet she was. The sweet aroma came quickly as he ran his hand again in a slow vertical motion, and then switched to a lighter, faster circular motion. Her pussy juices quietly stirring between her breaths and gasps. Susan herself was now reaching beginning to give slight tiny shudders now and then, her legs shivering to close from her Husband's fingers dancing on her clit. She felt her left hand gripping the blanket underneath them with a strong grip, her eyes closed as she looked to the dark above them, and the only thing she could feel was the pulse like throb emanating from her womanhood; that seemed to ripple out over to her every nerve. She shot her head forward and breathed:
Susan: "OH... my god, Mill you got me so fucking wet... ah, eat me... I need you to suck it... ea.. Eat my pussy."

Millar released her, Susan crawling back a bit before removing her arm's from the gowns sleeves. She relaxed back on her elbows, looking down as Mill pulled off her panties and placed them beside her. Opening her legs he looked at the glimmer of her lips. The soft shadow of her shaved pussy made her look even more delicious, Millar wasted no time as he pushed her legs back. Susan curled her legs and watch Millar lick and tongue her box. Her fingers playing with her hard nipples as she could feel his tongue flick her bean. Millar looked up at her, his tongue probing deep at times and then he'd slurp on her lips to drink down her wetness. Susan shuddered again as she felt his tongue fucking her, his slurps often taking both her lips and clit in his mouth at the same time, so strong it left her to let out a loud moan:

Susan: Breathing "Y..Ye...Yes..yes.Yes, OH... OHHH FUCK!! Yeah... oh yeah!"

Her head fell back and rested her neck for a moment. But she still wanted to watch, and would anxiously bring it back up to look on, feeling bolt after bolt rock her. Millar's fingers ran up and spread her lips, Mill gave her engorged clit several rapid flicks with the tip of his tongue. Susan reached down and took up her legs, her hands grasping them just behind the knee as she pulled them back to her. Now that Millar had free hands, he buried his face in her pussy and slurped up as much as he could get from Susan. Her moans were getting higher now, her head tilted back with breathless gasps and moans of approval. Millar's tongue probed and flicked rapidly inside. Feeling his tongue growing tired, he ran his 2 fingers up and down her slit. Susan let one leg go to reach down and rub her clit. While she worked her clit, Millar eased in his two fingers... gently finger fucking her:

Susan: "Mmm baby... Oh, use another, put another in there... yes. Yes.. YES! OHHH GOD, Ohhh fuck yeah!!"

Susan breathed, groaned, and whispered her needs outwardly. Millar slipped inside another finger that sent her pelvis almost up off the blanket again, but settled back down as he began to pick up speed with his hand. Susan frantically rubbed her clit to meet with his speed, the squish of her juices was audible even through the moans and breaths of Susan, as well as the soft breeze outside the Barn. Millar slowed his wrist action, letting Susan motion her hips in a grinding motion. Her hips arching slightly up off the blanket and grinding forward, trying to feel his 3 fingers as much as possible. She breathed and sighed, her stomach quivering as she felt the tingles ripple again and again through her. Millar then sped his fingers, his palm slapping against her mound as he vigorously worked her to a surprise climax. Susan yelped with a sharp gasp of air, her back shooting upward again off the blanket. Her hand grabbing his arm, while the other clawed the blanket that covered the haystacks. Millar could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing his fingers, her entire body suddenly going rigid with the intense explosion that ripped through her in that instant. She sighed and gasped for air, a few moans and whimpers escaping her curled lips as she did her best to silence herself.

The slight glow of starlight now casting across the front door of the barn created a dark silhouette of Millar. He looked up to see his wife coming down from her climax, sitting forward and taking her lovers face by one hand to bring him in for an intense kiss that made Millar even more anxious. Susan took up his fingers and took a slight lick of them as she broke the kiss to catch her few short deep breaths while Millar continued to kiss down her neck in the darkness. Running her tongue up his ring finger first, than back down to taste her cream dribbling just over his index finger. Millar took them into his mouth as Susan finished her tasting of her juices. She could feel her nipples still erect against the cool air of that dark barn, she could feel the warm wet throb of her pussy as she now adjusted her seating to on her knees. But more than that, Susan ran her hand over the front of his Jeans where she felt the erect outline of his cock, a fine lengthy solid shape clothed with rough denim fabric. She rubbed her hand over it, sharing a few kisses; some deep and light. Her hands fumbling, blindly searching to undo his belt and zipper to get him out of his clothes. She finally felt a way through, successfully undoing the belt and finding the zipper. She peeled them slightly down with his boxers to find his cock was almost hard as a rock, the length of him was a good 7 inches and the girth must've been 1 ½. The fact he kept it trimmed was even best, she took his massive dick up in her hand as she looked up at his shadow shaped figure standing before her.

Susan: "Ahhh yeah baby... mmm yes..."

Susan stroked it aggressively... hard and vigorously as Millar had fingered her earlier. She spat on his cock for lubrication, and with her thumb lubed the head with the few droplets of pre-cum that oozed freely. Millar grit his teeth as the lubrication began to equally effect him in combination with Susan's tongue and hand working his cock. She looked up and took him between her lips, she slurped and sucked. Wanting to return the devious favor he dealt her before... she would make him squirm. She kept her hand wrapped around his large 7 inch cock, her digits caressing the veins on the sides and top, while she repetitively took his length into her mouth. The head poked the back of her throat, and her tongue applied stimulation with ever time she swirled it around the shaft or head. Slurping the accumulating saliva and pre-cum mixture was making Susan hotter, it was so nasty but so exciting. All she could hear was the soft grunts and groans of approval, the feeling of his strong hand running through her red hair and holding it aloft as he moved his hips to her throat. Millar's growls of satisfaction turned to raspy breathing when Susan's hand began a twisting motion every time she would take him to the point of the back of her throat, and come up. She'd twist his shaft gently with a caressing hand job, then re-flourish it with her tongue and throat with a slurp so intense it made her hotter with every second. Guttural slurping became more and more audible, as Susan released her hold on Millar's shaft and allowed her husband to throat fuck her gently. His hands guiding her through the dark shadows and light of the barn, the wind outside whistled and provided some form of a cover for them to be a little less discreet:

Millar: "Ah! AH!! FUCK... Fuck Susan... Ah suck... Suck it! Suck it! Suck... Holy Shit... fuck me..."

Susan kept her balance by keeping her hands on both his hips, her eyes slightly watering as she could feel him going a bit down her throat, she wanted more! She struggled to take his length down further, but was fearful of gagging... her mound was throbbing like a pulse emanated through out her whole body as ever nerve pulsed equally. She finally attempted blindly to deepen her throat efforts as she tried to take him deeper, her shock reaction was intense and forced her up for air. She coughed and gasped, but before Millar could ask if she was ok, his wife resumed to slurp on his head and jerk his shaft with her free hand. He almost doubled over from the feeling that shot up through him, but Susan slurped and sucked, swirling her tongue, stroking his shaft, it was maddening! Millar almost thought he was going to cum, but then she stopped and squeezed him harder than ever before, it hurt but it was a good kind of hurt as he felt his climax quickly encroached and subsiding in a intense warm feeling. Susan licked the wet fluids from her lip and chin, her cheeks were even slightly coated with wet sticky fluids... she looked up at his face as it was tense with his eyes shut and his teeth clenched as if in pain, but his groan was anything but pain:

Millar: "Ahhhhhh Shiiit.... Ahhh babe your killing me... holy fuck... ahh man..."

Susan: "Want that fucking cock in me... understand, I want you to fuck me hard, right now, here in this barn. We've both wanted one another for so long baby... I've wanted you... needed you.... And I know you've wanted me... to touch me, tease me, taste me, please me. Take me... take me now Mill... Fuck me."

Millar lost himself in the words, he felt Susan take his cock back down her throat again. Coming up for a choked up breath, and again. This time more used to the length of his meet occupying her narrow airway, she breathed and gasped for air as he stepped back with shaking legs. He pushed her back gently, and felt the mood change in an split second. He pulled her towards him by her ankles, her sweet mound still glistening from his tongue and finger's work. He gripped her left leg by her ankle and extended it, offering him a good view and position. He aimed his thick member slightly in front of her slit, giving it the taunting tease of running it slightly just between the lips and giving a soft spank on her clit with the head:

Susan: "Mmm! God do it... go, don't make me wait anymore... not again... give to me, now!! Now Mill!!"

Mill eased in, and a whoosh of air shot forth from the two of them as they felt it again, felt each other... warmth, wet, tingling, strong, more... they wanted more! Mill slowly moved his hips, his hand still holding a firm hold on Susan's ankle while his other arm held her opposite leg down by her thigh... Susan's head relaxed back on the blanket, the hay cushioning her upright slightly as Mill rocked his hips forward in a piston-like motion. In and out... in and out. Susan felt the feeling return to her of being filled and empty, the tingles rippling through her every hair follicle and across her skin endlessly. It was honestly so good it was hard for both of them to distinguish where it stopped and started, the tingles were so close together it seemed to be constant. They both sighed and breathed heavily, Millar released his hold on Susan's ankle and took her by her hips with both hands. His hips sped up, slightly going faster with it's pace. He pulled Susan's body up to meet him as he moved downward to meet her, the feeling in Susan's pubic bone was effected and intensified the stimulation. She now shot forth with whimpering cries, soft moans as her body was rocked with rippling chills that were growing into bone shaking jolts that shot through her with every hard slamming of that thick cock slamming her box. She reached up and gripped her red hair, her head shifting back and forth as she heard the smacking of her body meeting Millar's, and Millar himself grunting to his efforts. She felt her breasts jolt up and down, it was so good... oh my god so good!"

Susan sighed as Millar slowed down, relaxing her back down on the blanket. Susan however, still continued to circulate her hips, grinding them around on his cock. Mill leaned back and watched her writhe, grinning with a sly lip curling smile. Susan opened her eyes and smiled in return, chewing her bottom lip to hold back a soft chuckle. Mill then rocked forward, his hands on both her legs. As Susan grinded her hips forward and in circles, Millar grinded forward into her. The reaction on Millar's face was exactly what Susan wanted:

Millar: "Ah, shit... sighs with clenched teeth

He suddenly slows her motions, she grinned with a mischievous smile knowing she was driving now. But he quickly did one over, pulling out his cock he grasped her legs and brought them together and pushed them toward her. She took them with her arms and held them, one of his massive hands still clasping the ankles together as he re-penetrated her slowly. She let out a coo as she shuddered. Millar stood on one leg, while his one knee leant forward as he began moving his hips, thrusting into Susan's pussy. She looked up at him, her lustful dark eyes watching his facial features intently as they tensed and chalked quick glances to hers to make eye contact. She felt his pace quickening as it soon matched the last, her eyes fluttered as she let out a much louder moan. Breathing heavily, her hands still cupping her legs and hugging them to her chest as she could feel with intense chills her vaginal walls were giving way to:

Susan: "Ohhhh fuck.... FUCK! Haaa Ahhh! Oh god... breathing and softly moaning

Susan's head fell back, unable to stay up any longer from her body being overcome with tingles... her one hand let loose and she grasped her breast to roll the erect nipple between her fingers. Suddenly, a sharp spike of a chill SHOT out her stomach like a bolt of lightening that was so intense Susan nearly screamed out and sat upright, but her Husband's strong hand kept a firm hold of her ankles and prevented her from moving allowing him to maintain his speed. He slammed her even harder now, no change in speed, but his angle shifted slightly and was now going more upward. He kept at it, and with each harder thrust into her the ripple intensified the shot of stimulation from before. Susan herself had now let go of her legs and now was gripping the blanket and hay stack on her sides as her head looked down to watch his cock piston in and out of her. Her pussy was so wet, it had been so long since they had sex like this and she did not want it to end any time soon as she watched. It got to be too much and she shut her eyes from an approaching climax, her vaginal walls contracted, her clit throbbed, she was going to cum hard! As the first wave hit her she squealed in delight, her throat tensed as she felt the first wave wash out over her chest and down her legs like an explosion, once it passed she let out a gasp for air into her lungs as she sighed and gasped, Millar still fucking her with authority. Millar was straining to maintain control as he had felt her pussy squeeze down on him, and the feel made his control almost rather shaky to say the least as he kept his own pace good and steady rhythm, even with her Cumming. Susan caught her breath and looked up, running her hand across his stomach:
Susan pushed him off slightly and leaned forward over the blanket, taking his cock with one hand and taking it into her mouth again. Millar grunted as he was not fully expecting that and was rather surprised as it gave him a surprise chill. He took up her red hair in one hand, trying his best to hold back. Susan herself slurped frequently, rolling her tongue around the shaft and flicking the crown as she looked up at him before taking it a bit down her throat again to make him groan out loud. Her hand doing a slight twisting motion, or stroking him with a quick fast action. She slowed and looked up again, stroking slower and giving the head quick flicks of her tongue:

Susan: "Want me to ride this baby... ride this hard cock?"

Millar only grinned, and helped her up. He laid down on the blanket, taking the previous place where Susan was. Susan swung a leg over him and eased down on his cock, Millar shut his eyes and sucked in a breath. Susan's eyes fluttered as she cracked a small smile from his length now all the way in. She sat for a brief moment to adjust, and then slowly rotated her hips. The feeling was enough to make Mill grunt outwardly:

Millar: "Damn Hun, your having fun with this aren't you?" grits teeth

Susan: "Not to fun to be teased is it?" she hissed through clenched teeth

Susan than slowly began to rock her hips, back and forth, up and down, faster and faster. In no time she was softly bouncing up and down, her Husband's hands on her back and the fingers curling around her hips. Even in the dark of the barn, Millar could see the silhouette of her sweet swollen pussy riding up and down on his cock as they glistened from how wet the two were. The once stale odor that was in the barn had been drowned out by the sweet aroma of their love making. The heat radiated from one another, and the sweat perpetrated from their brows and their bodies. Susan leaned back further, bringing her legs up and placing her feet on the blanket's edge of the hay stack. She arched her body up further and sped her bouncing up even faster, with her feet down below and leaning back on her arms she now was even more stable and able to increase her pace. Millar was gritting his teeth even harder and closing his eyes tightly as the tight feeling of her pussy was squeezing his cock immeasurably. Susan slowed and kept his cock half-way in her, and rotated her hips... at times taking him back inside really slow... and pulling out almost completely. She grinned and started her bouncing again, going really slow and speeding up. But Millar had felt the urge of climax pass, he grasped her hips... and held her firm as he sped his motion upward, fucking her fast and hard. Susan suddenly grew still as his cock went all out. She shivered as she felt his cock slam her so fast:

Susan: "Ho oh oh oh oh oh! FUCK!! OH FUCK... ooooh god yeah baby... oh god... oh oh yeah! Oh yeah, don't stop... oh go... oh g.. do.. Don't STOP!!! AHHH FUCK!!! HAH AAH! AH! AH god... ahhhh... ahh... oh.. Ooooh... ooooo."

She felt her legs beginning to quiver and weaken, she felt them giving way as he slowed... giving a few last good HARD thrusts that made her jump with surprise. He suddenly rolled and turned her over, at first he was thinking to side saddle, but she was on her hands and knees instead, looking over with her red hair clinging to her sweaty forehead. Her grin curled her lips with a deviousness, and he knew. He sped his pace from what it was last, she moaned again as her hands gripped the blanket intently, feeling her body jolt forward from ever thrust that smacked against her ass. Millar's hands pulled her back by the hips and every time her ass impacted with his hips from every thrust, her body shuddered from the impact. She buried her face in her arms that were outstretched and clawing the blanket:

Susan: "MM! MM! MM! FUCK... oh god Mill baby fuck it... fuck me... make me cum!! I wanted... waited for so long... we have... come.. Baby.. Give it to me.. sighs, moans, breathless gasps

Millar went all out as he went as hard and fast as he could, Susan threw her head back and pushed back to meet him, her hands still gripping the blanket as she felt every muscle in her body tensing. Her eyes clenched tightly as she could feel his cock slamming her pussy so hard and fast it was surreal to feel so much pleasure overtaking her, too much. She felt her head growing limp and her senses dizzy, but still the chills were endless, Millar himself was tense as Susan, his neck bulging as he kept his pace, his hands gripping his wife so strong his hand impressions were visible. Susan shot back and grasped his arm, her red hair falling over her shoulder as she tried to look back at him. Her eyes slightly open to see Millar's red face, sweaty and tense with the approaching climax. He reached down and took her arm, pulling her closer. She reached with her other arm, and Millar grabbed that one too, now having her by both arms he drove his cock with all he had left. The loud slap of his hips against her ass was all you heard in a 2 second's of silence, then that slapping was silenced with a sharp cry of Susan as she felt her body erupt like a storm. Her body shook violently and convulsed as a enormous orgasm tore her body from her control and shocked every muscle with rippling jolts of pleasure. Her hand broke free from Millar's grasp and latched around her husband's neck, gripping, holding on as if she was going to lose herself in some way. Millar groaned loudly, almost a growl as he felt his own orgasm EXPLODE nearly blowing out his legs as they shook. His hand grasped Susan around the waist, and the other hand shot around and grasped one of her breasts. The two entangled and held each other as their bodies shook and seized, their strength and stability was teetering. They breathed, gasped, sighed, and moaned intensely with no idea of if they had taken the experience too far. But in the haze, the two fell forward on the blanket, they're grip not loosening in the haze of things. They both were exhausted and they barely able to stand. Millar was quietly breathing heavily, his eyes closed as he could see the stars forming around his vision. And Susan was almost incapable of speaking, her body was shot and almost numb from the intensity. She took longer to open her eyes, and even longer to catch her breath.

1 Hour later

Susan felt herself stir, and wake... Millar was beside her lying quiet. Susan turned with her little strength, her body slightly cold... the air out and around them had grown very chilly. Susan ran her hand over her husband's chest, he turned his head and grinned:

Millar: "You okay? I didn't hurt you did I?"

Susan: "Mm-mm, I am MORE than okay, and far from being hurt." smiles and bites her lip

The two moved in and gently kissed, a slow kiss with feeling. Millar brushed her hair aside and ran his hand through her hair as she nestled close to him, covering up with a flap of the blanket. It would be dawn soon, they would need to go inside before it got any cooler, but she wanted to enjoy the moment there together. It would be a long time before they probably got this opportunity again. But it was certainly one she wouldn't forget, next time; maybe they could take it a step further:

Susan: "Mill?"

Millar: "Hmm?"

Susan: "How would you feel about doing it out in the field next time?"

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