~CABIN Heat~ Part.1
The warm air of the night sky was resound with the audible sounds of crickets and insects buzzing. The state of Tennessee was feeling the humidity now for the fourth night this week due to a storm system bringing a pocket of hot air with it, seasonable weather; but didn't make it any less uncomfortable for people. Ali sat silently in the Cherokee with window down, she was upset still over how the night had turned. Timothy and her went out to see their friend, Max, and his Girlfriend; Lucy. But they ended up leaving in the short breath of half an hour from their house because Alcohol had made both of them moody, and Lucy and Max were getting into a bit of a frisky mood. Ali envied Lucy's fortune, why couldn't her nights with Tim end like that, why couldn't he be like that. Romance was good and what she wanted, but she also wanted that essence of primal nature, the way he grabbed her wasn't there, the way he felt her was not there. Everything felt lacking and void, she sat in the Cherokee for some time, smelling what she suspected was thick moisture in air. She closed her eyes, her hand supporting her head as she leaned on her hand waiting for Tim. Approaching sound of crunching shoes, as Tim was finally making his way back to the Jeep. The door opened and in he sat, shutting the door. "Ready? Sorry took long," he said with keys jangling loud in his hand. "It's fine," she murmured. He looked over, sensing her displeasure of things. Trying to give some sense of comfort, "Hey, I got a surprise for you." She shifted her head, "We should just go home."
"We will, but first I have to show you something."
"What is it," she sighed."
"We're going there right now," he said putting the jeep in gear and backing out of the stone gravel driveway. Pulling out onto the black top and driving down road.
The night outside was black as black, the headlights illuminating the way. The stars faint, barely visible by the skyline riddled with dark, faint blue clouds. "Warm week," Tim said to break silence. She turned to look, seeing his faint features illuminated by green light from the dash. "Yeah, hope it cools soon," she sighed. Silence took hold again. He looked over and smiled, "I think you'll like this. Been planning for a time." She looked over puzzled to his statement. Suddenly taking a turn onto a dirt road, into trees. Where were they going? She turned in her seat and looked behind them, then back, "Where we going?" He pointed, "there." She looked and saw it in distance, the winding dirt road leading to a cabin with a small path of lights illuminating small walk, and a lamp on the outside door. "A Cabin? Yours," she asked.
"Yep, had it in family, took weekend off from work, and we got it all to ourselves. Me and you, he exclaimed.
A smile on her face as she felt her hopes revitalized and eager feeling for the weekend. It was what she been hoping for, perhaps things would turn up finally. The jeep came to a stop outside the cabin's entrance. The key turned off and engine quieted. The soft sound of night singing it's song through the car's windows. The door's opened, and they exited the jeep. Ali walked to the front of Jeep, while Tim went to the back. The oak surface of the cabin was rough with age, but sturdy looking. The shingles along the top were new, suggesting they had been recently replaced or refitted, the surround ground thick and partly grown with mild over cut near large stones and rocks. The trunk shut, and the sound of his steps coming made Ali turn. "Come on," he said making his way past her.


They laid on the roof, side by side looking up at a misty star filled sky near by the smoke stack chimney to the far opposite end of the roof. "I'm so glad for this Tim. I wanted one weekend or week even just for us, no one else," she said smiling. "I know, that's why I came up here during the week on Monday into Tuesday, tidied the place up some," he responded. She turned over on her elbow and looked at him with a curious look."That's why you had to work late," she exclaimed."Yep, had to give the roof a little attention cus the rains wore some of the shingles, and had to clean some of the inside of the cabin, cob webs, dust, the flue of the chimney."She grinned and suddenly threw her leg over him and mounted him. "What you doing," he grinned.She spoke mischievously, "Well, if you fixed the roof, should see if you made it sturdy shouldn't we?" She leaned in and kissed him softly on lips, grinning between kisses."Oh?" he softly said as kissed back.She responded with a muffled, "mhmm." They resumed kissing, Ali feeling his hands running up the back of her bare legs, up to the length of her cut-off shorts. Her button up shirt was tied at the waist, and she broke the kiss, undoing the knot on her shirt as his hands ran around her lower back, to her hips. Undoing the knot, she undid the three buttons on her shirt and pulled it off exposing her nice C cups. "Oh I wish I got a blanket," he breathed. She giggled and shot back down fast kissing him, feeling his hands run up her back and down, fingertips gliding over her smooth skin of her spinal column. His hands running down and fingers slipping inside the band of her cut offs somewhat and groping her ass. She motioned her hips forward, feeling the humid air heavily thick with moisture with each breath she took. Her hands on his shoulders, pushing him down onto the roof, his hands running back up her back with fingers feeling the ends of her loose dark hair. Her hands moved down and scrambled to peel off his t-shirt, leaning forward, the shirt shed off his torso and over his head, she threw it behind her blindly as she shot down and began to kiss his chest. Suddenly feeling a drop of water hit her back, and another, followed by a third. Tim's head felt a drop hit his hair, and a second hit his neck. "It's gonna rain," he laughed. She didn't respond, she instead came up breathing heavy and kissed again, "so..."

The rain started as a soft drizzle, quietly pit-patting the surface of the shingles as well as their naked torsos. She sat back once more and began to undo her cut-offs, fumbling with the belt and button. Tim at same time began to undo his faded glory blue jeans, slipping them down, revealing his mass 8 inch semi-erection. She dismounted and kicked her cut offs free, swinging her leg over again. Tim stopped her though, pulling her up to his head, giggling, "What? What are you.." Suddenly she understood. Grinning, she moved herself up over his face, squatting down over his mouth on one knee. She pulled her yellow thong to the side, and leaned forward on a hand to balance herself. His mouth met her gash, and he began to lap and flick his tongue over her cunt lips. She grinned, watching down seeing faint outline of him, but everything else was dark. The soft drizzle of rain coming down on her head and back. Her hair wet and stringy as it hung down around her head looking down at what she could see of him, feeling his tongue rapidly work over her folds and clit. Panting and breathing heavy, her head lifted back to the sky, feeling the rainfall on her lips and eyes, filling her mouth at times when she opened it to moan out into the night when he slurped her lips and clit. Tim's hands found their way to her, one hand on her lower back to give her support to lean back some, and the second one wrapped around her one propped leg she wasn't kneeling on; arm and all. She began to grind her hips to his tongue, motioning back n forth, her hand shifting from leaning back to leaning forward to keep balance on her knee. Her tennis shoes giving good grip to the rough shingled roof, but reeking havoc on her knee, "Ugh, ohm.. Oh my god. Ow! Lemme move a bit baby." She shifted her leg and got off her knee, leaning forward on her shoes and squatting over his face, leaning on her hands forward. Tim's hands on her firm tiny ass to push her up to his mouth, his mouth slurping hard on her cunt while the tongue swirled and lapped at the inner folds in circular fashion. "AGH! UGH! UH FUCK," she cried out, feeling her vaginal muscles contract, each time his tongue flicked them, slurp, flick, slurp flick. She grit her teeth, and looked down again, seeing just his hair before her eyes were forced shut again by another body shuddering chill. She regained her equilibrium and turned slightly, reaching behind her to find his cock, taking it in her hand she began to jerk it behind her back, pulling on it again and again. His hands moved to just below her lower back and supported her more as she moved, still lapping away at her folds. Ali's chest heaved, her nipples erect buds and glistening in the rainfall. She moved her hips back n forth, up and down to his tongue, his right hand moved around her waist and held her by her pubic bone to his face, pulling her to him more as she kept grinding. Her breasts, chest, neck, tummy, and face continued to be peppered by the soft rainfall. "OH! Oh gonna make me cum," she whimpered letting go of him and sitting up forward. Her hands on the roof above his head, her knees painfully grating into the shingles, her body stiffened and convulsed as she came hard. Tim's hands on her hips holding her firm as her fluids flooded his tongue, licking up every drop as it did.

As her chills subsided, she felt herself come back to her sense. She got up off him and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips, her hand rubbing and feeling around his neck an throat. Her hand traveled south, feeling over his chest, his stomach, down and grabbing his cock again, the kiss growing more deep with their breathing. She began to stroke and jerk it with even pace, circulating her wrist in each motion as she pulled it."We should go inside," he breathed between kisses. "Fuck that I want it on the roof," she hissed."It's raining.""Hope you brought Nyquil," she teased and leaned down, taking his cock into her mouth against the inside cheek. He groaned, water drops on his lips and chin, feeling the cool moisture of rainfall did little to ease the warmth and moistness of her lips and tongue on his shaft. She moved her head up and down, sucking it slow with her head cocked, the rain hit the side of her face so she turned her head right-side up. She pivoted her head going down, and up again as it came back up. Each motion of the pivot was fast and aggressive as she stroked and sucked in equal stride, perfect rhythm. His hands found their way to her back and top of her wet head of hair. She continued, the sound of her slurping lips and breathing through her mouth when she let his head exit were barely audible to the continues fall of the rain now coming down slightly harder. "Oh my god," he growled.
"Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm *slurp slurp licking slurp* *soft stir of the throat as took it down throat and back out with a gasp of air*She coughed and stroked it off as she kept going, but then she stopped, fully erect and standing all 9 inches now she swung her left leg over to ride him reverse cowgirl. Her ass to his face, he watched below, seeing the vivid outline silhouette of his shaft as she guided it with her hand into her cunt, thong still peeled to the side, she pulled it harder as she felt him glide in nice and easy with her sitting down, "Uuuuuuugh uooh yeah." She curled her hips, and enjoyed the feeling of being filled, Tim gritted his teeth, letting his head hit the roof as it fell back hard. And takng a deep breath, leaning slightly forward once more on her hands, Ali began to ride in steady motion. Her hips rising and dropping to him, her lower back and ass being hit with rainfall. Tim's hands on her hips, his mouth a hard line as he looked down watching the sexy visual, feeling the hot squeezing of her vaginal muscles. She sighed and softly moaned under her breath leaning forward. Closing her eyes as she went faster, her ass bouncing off his lap, each time impacting her much better then the previous one. He slapped her ass, squeezing the opposite cheek and slapping it as well, guiding her hips as the continued to ride up and down."Oh yeah baby," he growled. The rain was now coming down moderately hard, leaving them both relatively soaked clothes and all. She rocked back n forth on him, changing her position somewhat slightly and leaning back on her hands. Her legs extended, tennis shoes helping her keep traction on the roof as it became wet from all the rain.

With her now leaning back on her hands still riding Tim, her position gave her increased momentum and speed, she rapidly bounced up and down. His hands on her hips to help balance her, but also to bring her down and push her up. She bounced faster and faster, her head falling back and stringy hair draping down onto his chest and slightly low from his neck line. The rain came down all over her, saturating her face, neck, chest, running in beads down an all around their bodies together. The creaking of the wood was audible each time through the rain as she rode him, a soft squelch of her waterlogged tennis shoes as with each time her feet kept their grip in her crab walk looking posture. Tim was groaning loudly, trying not to let her speed take control of his sense of self-control but her riding was growing too much to bear and he had to slow her, nice and easy, she panted and breathed, her lungs on fire with the moist air. She turned her head, "Yeaaah, uh huh?! Slow baby?"
"*incoherent groans* Oh yeah... slow, real slow."She giggled and grinned as rain trickled down over her lips and down her chin, rotating her hips as she rode up, and slowly rotated them as she came down. The motion made Tim grit his teeth and moan aloud in a flustered grit of his teeth as he felt the chill ripple up through his stomach and a warm ring of tension enveloped the girth of his rod at the base. "Honey I think we better go inside before it get's any further. *groans* I know I need to, cus... *grunts* I'm gonna cum hard if you don't take it easy." *she smiled and slowly went down once more... slow... deep... long to hear him groan her name, then with sinister smile, she released him. Her tennis shoes squelching loudly as she shifted her position and moved over to side. Collecting their clothes and descending off the roof via a small pile of wood they used to climb up. They scrambled inside the cabin partly naked as the rainfall increased.

~To Be Continued~
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