~CABIN Heat~ Part.2
The loud crackle and cackle of the Fireplace filled the cabin with a warmth that resonated from it's furthermost wall. The inside dark, but illuminated with a glow of orange that cast a flickering dim glow through out the cabin's interior. The wall assorted with framed photos, taxidermy, and camping items. A wood carved table and chairs sat at the far back of the room, with lit candles set a top of it. The loud piff and paff of the rain impacting the windows were loud to be just barely audible with the fire. A large sofa and chair set sat across from fire, the coffee table a carved fixture from a tree trunk's base. The room whole had a nicely stained floorboard layout, well polished. The room featured a random assortments of everything from a small work bench for fishhooks and fishing gear, to a makeshift desk and table in the corner by the window with a standalone curtain drawn over the window. The room had the faint aroma of pine, and the warmth of the cabin's fire made felt as good as it sounded with the patter of heavy rain outside.

Ali sipped her coffee cup, the door opened and in came Tim naked with towels from the backroom, "I got these, here." He handed her one and she took it after putting her cup down on the table. Drying her hair she smiled at how gorgeous he looked, standing soaking wet, in the glow of the fire, making out just the silhouette and the mild features with the shine of his moist skin and body. His erection still protruding out in a slight erect manner.. Almost as if presenting itself to her in a comical display, a parallel fashion directly across from her seat. She sheepishly gave a grin with the corner of her mouth, turning her head as she dried the ends of her hair off and let the towel fall, looking up he still had towel in his hands drying his head... she reached out and took it in hand, pulling him forward to her. He followed with a muffled, "Ooooo." Throwing her hair to side she took another long slow swallow of his member, slowing engulfing it in her warm mouth and closing her lips round the girth. He finally took towel off his head and groaned.
"Oh, you bitch... *laughter*," he groaned as his head fell back.
"Mmmm *long hard sucking sound* Damn straight," she grinned looking up before swallowing him again in a FAST motion that nearly made him moan aloud. She rotated her head as she went down, moving forward to take it down throat, rotating head back and pulling head back as it glided out past her lips, stroking rapidly in a circle-jerk with each bob of her head. Tim watched below, gritting his teeth, the towel draped across the back of his neck as he pulled on it at both ends. She looked up, his dark shadow outlined by the flicker of fire light on the arches of the cabin's ceiling.

"Mmmmm," she hummed as she slowly let his shaft glide over her tongue, lathering it moist with her saliva. He groaned and his head gazed to the ceiling above him as he let out a sigh through his open mouth. She closed her eyes with satisfaction as she took his length back down the depth of her throat, extending her tongue to her best ability and swallowed him. "Ugh! Fuck! Uhhh..." he groaned."Mmmmm," she replied as she let him go, slowly letting her tongue trail off the tip with a long drip of saliva."Oh no you don't," he yanked towel off his neck and threw around back of her head and pulled her back in to take it down throat again, she looked up with eyes in a frenzy and start to rapidly to suck and slurp. He kept hands on the towel, pulling her back to him each time she pulled away, a nice steady rhythm developed. Her hands found their way to his legs and then his buttocks. Letting her take it all way once more, she tensed, feeling the gag on it as she dug her nails into his skin. He groaned loudly as he felt the tense feeling of her throat squeezing slightly around it, holding still. Then letting it exit her throat, she coughed, taking a huge gulp of air with a pink shaded face, grabbing his shaft and stroking it hard at base. He let go of the towel and let it fall behind her back on the couch, bending over to grab her face with both hands kissing her deeply on the lips. His hands let go of her face after a moment and grabbed her by shoulders, standing her up. "Bedroom," she said breathlessly.
"No, you had your fun on roof, now it's my turn," he smiled mischievously as they went to the wooded dinner table. He blew the candles out in 3 quick breaths, extinguishing their tiny flames. Then shoved them away, off the table where they made a loud clatter on the floor, she was amazed at his eagerness for things having never seen him act so aggressive or in such a frenzy. He reached for the towel on the sofa and threw it down in a long drape barely covering the middle of the table. Tim then turned, grabbing her and kissing her his hands on her hips pulling her close, but during the kiss quickly explored to her ass and back. Traveling up and through her wet hair grabbing it and pulling it back to kiss her neck before grabbing her and lifting her up sitting her on the table. The loud creak as it took her light weight body with ease. He stood in front of her kissing her, her hands finding his face in the dark dimness of the room. The fire's light could not reach this side of room due to it being centered at the middle of room, so all she could make out was a shadow.

He stood at the table, her legs parted allowing him in, the rough table's edge against the underside of her legs. Feeling his cock running along the thigh in a semi-erect feeling. Instead she felt his fingers, teasing down over her pubic bone to her clit; still slightly omitting a light throb from the nice sucking on the roof amidst the night sky. She sighed, breathing harshly into his mouth as he broke the kiss. His fingers rapidly diddled and teased the hard love button with a rather quickness of his wrist, back n forth.
"Oh yeah baby," he murmured.
*Panting* "Oh god," she whimpered into his lips.
He kissed her again, pushing his fingers into the folds of her pussy, they parted most invitingly with warmth and sleek juices careening into his palm. He pulled them out and let her suck the middle finger clean, her lips wrapped around them and sucking it with a greedy need of the sweet nectar. She looked at the blackness and grinned, feeling his smiling face beaming with delight. Suddenly feeling him turn her to lay her down, "lay down." She did as asked, feeling her had almost fall off the table, he pulled her suddenly from above at head level. Her head now draped over end of the table, her back and ass on the surface of the bath towel he had applied to the table top. She was a bit topsy tervy from the dark, uncertain of what he intended.

Then she felt the tip of his cock on her lips and opened to welcome it, it entered all the way. With little effort she could feel ALL 10 inches of his man meat invade her throat canal and not a hint of a gag. OH how she loved this! At home on bed, fucking her throat on the bed with her head hanging off the side. And suddenly felt his fingers playing with her cunt, the rapid stir of her juices loudly in a sticky mess. He moved his hips in a pace with fucking, the sleek glide of it going well down her throat and exiting with fluid ease. She felt her legs tense as her hips motioned to his fingers. They frequently rolled and rubbed, massaged and teased her clit. At times in a rapid motion, and other times very teasing mixed with pinches and tugging on it like one of her nipples. His hand cupped her mound in his palm and rubbed it up and down, almost lifting her off table. She could feel her orgasm building, she grabbed the table with one hand and her other grabbed up around his body to pull him all way down into her mouth, muffling her whimpering cries of ecstasy as she felt her vaginal muscles contract and her body come apart at the seems with spasms with her climax.

As she came down, she felt his hands run up and massage her breasts, rolling the nipples around with the thumbs. One hand very wet having soaked it with her cunt juices, she felt it lather her breast nicely and make her nipples hard with delight. His cock fully erect she took it from her messy salivating oxygen deprived mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, it was very swollen from what she could feel; practically ready to burst. He felt her being lifted off the table, and carried to the sofa, the heat radiating from the fire not far from their seat on the sofa. The throws, quilts, and mild pelt furs he laid on the sofa gave exquisite comfort and sweet feeling to Ali's naked skin. Tim wasted no time however; pulling her legs apart and taking one leg in his arms, direct to his shoulder. He teased the tip on her cunt, enjoying the shivering legs as he eased it in.
"OH GOD!! AGH!! UGH!! Oh Fuck," she screamed out in surprise and delight." Her whole body arched to the full feeling that took over the skin chilling tingles from her table tease orgasm. The rapid assault of Tim's hips slamming home with rapid hard thrusts was the next. Each thrust hard and deep impacting with force, sending a fresh shudder up her body through her loins. One after the other after the other was unparallel to desensitizing. She felt her hands grip at the quilts and ends of the couch cushion, her leg firm in his grip. His right arm held her leg to his shoulder, while the left one crossed over her hip, his hand gripping the other arm in a joint lock. Allowing him to keep firm good grip on her body, and keep a comfortable stature for his position to resume his pace without yield.

*slap slap slap slap slap slap* The loud impact of his thrusting hips, each one gifting Alicia with a new shuddering tidal wave of chilling sensations. Her face tensed, pulling at the couch, her nipple, anything to give a brief interlude to the feelings driving her wild. Feeling her orgasm coming on once more.
*panting and whimpering* "Oh My God Tim, Don't STOP, OH DON'T stop... Please!"
"Yeah come for me Ali, OH I Love you baby, come for me. CUM Hard!"
Her eyes rolled, and her body shuddered, feeling herself climax as hard as she could remember as ever limb felt like a barbell, and her oxygen left her lungs with a muscle clenching eruption of immeasurable depth overcome her flesh inside and out. She finally cried out once she found her voice in that 5 seconds of holding her breath, her brain almost forgetting to tell her to breath most likely as she let out a wail that nearly made her voice give out, followed by a harsh fit of breathing.
"Oh YEAH Oh baby YEAH, gonna cum! Awww Fuck," he groaned pulling out of her, letting go of her leg as it fell off to side of couch like lifeless gym bag and he squeezed and stroked. His load shot, 2,3 jets out onto her leg and ass. She laid twitching and panting, "oh yeah gimme that cream." She weakly reached to massage the load in to her flesh, gathering some on end of her fingers and bringing it to her lips, tasting it on her tongue. A loud rumble of thunder echoed... as if it was a resounding applaud.


The Fire danced, happily and seemingly grateful to the new lumber that Tim had fed it. The two laid on the floor, coffee table and sofa pushed far from it. They laid on the floor with sleeping bags, but using the quilts and other blankets on the sofa as a form of mattress. Tim propped up on his elbow, stroking Ali's head softly, exhausted as they were... the weekend was not done, not yet. She turned over, and the two snuggled their naked bodies together with the warmth of the fire dancing to their satisfaction.

"Love you," she said.
"Love you more," he replied.

Exhausted, they soon drifted off to sleep...

~To Be Continued~
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