~Cabin Heat~ Part. 3
Ali opened her eyes, the pine smell was greeted with the warmth of the cabin. A loud thud audible through the fog of her grogginess. She sat up and looked around, the sun's rays beamed through the cabin through it's moderate number of windows. She stood, still in nude and searched around; Tim no where to be found in cabin. She walked to leave the fire but the impending chill greeted her, stopping her from advancing. She searched the floor behind her to see one of the throws they used the night prior, she cloaked herself and left the warmth circumference of the fireplace. Heading past the table, and to the area that looked to be the kitchen counter. Another loud thud outside drew her attention, she walked to window and peered outside, and saw Tim. Fully dressed, jeans, flannel shirt, jean jacket, chopping wood with a hatchet. She smiled warmly, turning to sink, she drew water and began to make coffee.


The door creaked open and Tim walked in. Arm with a heavy sack slung over his shoulder and back filled with a subtle amount of fire wood freshly chopped. Ali smiled and sat at table, with her coffee cup.
"Good Morning," he huffed bringing the fire wood to the table and putting it down on the floor.
"Good Morning, want breakfast," she asked. "I would've done some sooner, but didn't know where to find everything."
Tim smiled, "Sure. That would be great. Then after want to take you around trails, rather nice scenery here and it's a nice day."
"Okay," she chirped. They roamed the kitchen, and got breakfast in order.


The sunshine beamed with a bright clear blue sky, the birds chirped and sang their songs. The loud crunching of boots on twigs and dry leaves and dirt was all that could be audible through nature's sounds. Ali walked in tandem with Tim, he carried a sleeping bag on his back with a sling. The two enjoyed the various lays of the land, the trees and locales of flowers blooming. Summer's humidity was not as high today as it was earlier in week because of the weather. But given it rained last night, the cool moist air felt like a outdoor air conditioning for them as they walked along the trail leading along.
"Did you always have this place," she asked.
"Yeah, just never really used it, me and my college friends came here. But we stopped when we graduated, and seeing as how I put up the work for building it was nice."
"I like it, it's quiet and peaceful," she smiled.
He stopped and turned, "I know I been lousy with showing the romance in our relationship honey, I know you've been wanting it. I don't have much experience with it but, I hope this is ideal of an effort on my part."
Tim's hands took Ali's, and leaned in to kiss her. She smiled wide and kissed warmly.
"You did wonderful, I certainly didn't expect the weekend to be like this. It has been a great experience so far," she assured.
"Let's make it even better then," he said grinning leading her towards him as he walked backwards, off the trail.
"What? Out here? What if someone see's or hears us?!"
"Honey, were alone, worst thing that can happen is we scare some birds or you get dirty knees," he joked pushing past some branches with his arm.
Ali followed, "Hmm I like Dirty Knees." Grinning at her tease.
She followed for a few more, Tim guiding to a stable and comfortable area with minimal of uneven land, stumps or rocks. He would need it for laying of the sleeping bag. They stopped, he turned dropping the sleeping bag. Ali looked around to find it was a nice clearing of a sort with trees surrounding them within 30 yards all around, a small clearing but ideal for privacy and space with shrubs and vegetation low to the ground. A Minimum number of Rocks and uneven ground was here, allowing for flat lay of the land that was comfortable for camping. She suddenly felt herself be turned around from her view of nature and embracing her man in a frenzy of a passionate kiss. The two explored one another's faces and hair with their hands, breathing through their noses and in-between kissing. Tim's hands ran and groped Ali's breasts through one of his shirts she wore, and her hands felt over the features of his jaw and temples. The two broke the kiss and Tim bent down to untie the sleeping bag and roll it out, throwing it open to reveal the thick cloth quilted inside. Suddenly feeling herself unable to wait, she grabbed Tim and spun him around, pushing him against a near by tree.

"Aren't we eager," he grinned moving forward to kiss her. She pulled away, just out of reach her nose met his, breathing heavy through her mouth with him.
"You have no I-dea," she grunted as she ripped his flannel open with both hands... exposing his bare chest. She kissed it, and ran her hands down as she sunk to the ground at his feet. Her nails raked over his stomach and fumbled with his belt buckle and fly, he watched on as she undid the button and peeled the zipper down. Extracting his semi-erect member with her hands as she pulled down his boxers slightly. She wasted no time taking it into her mouth with a soft growl as if imitating an animal in the wild for humor. She began to slurp and suck, her head rotating and bobbing in sequential measure. Rotating her hand each time, circle jerking his shaft, as she swallowed the length of him going down. Then circle jerking again as she came back up, finding the pattern well with her rotating head time to time. Tim's hands gripped her hair and held it in a loose bun at the back of her head as she swallowed all his cock deep down her throat and held it for a brief few moments. Releasing it in a gasping breath, but continuing to stroke it in great haste. Tim relaxed his head taking a breath through curled lips as he shivered to her tongue swirling the tip, running along the big vein and along the underside, grinning and sucking him whole one more time.
"Ugh! Fuck babe. What's gotten into you," he groaned.
She didn't respond, too occupied in her efforts, the loud slurps and steady hums of her hungry voice as she continued her cocksucking.
After a time, Tim couldn't handle it. He let her take his length far down her throat one last time, gritting his teeth not to lose it. And with a succulent pop' Ali's lips released his head from her mouth as it glided out off her tongue, he stood her up and kissed her deeply, tasting the sticky ichors of fluid on her lips and tongue. They then began to undress one another, blindly their hands exploring for all the right buttons and zippers, Tim's jeans and Construction Boots followed suit with Ali's Parker and worn denim jeans with sneakers. The socks and undergarments all strewn away as well with the other clothes off to side of the sleeping bag, and the warm sun enveloped their naked bodies. The tree's surrounding them offered no shade but the afternoon heat was not bad with the cool mist of the night's rain. They eased down onto the open sleeping bag, but Tim was rolled over, and quickly felt her legs on his arms; once more easing the sticky folds of her pussy to his mouth.
Giggles emanated from her mouth as she looked down at his face shaking his head. The roof clearly gave her some intuitive thinking for positions, but her giggles were quickly cooed by the chill of his tongue swirling on her clit and lips. Her smile faded as her lips curled, and tensed with the tingling delightful tension growing in her cunt from his marvelous oral skills. Her left hand on her ass to help sit further forward and up straight, and her right hand parting her lips below at the pubic area allowing him better access to the pink fleshy layers. She softly whimpered and sighed at the chilling ripple of tingles that permeated her flesh and the juices that leaked to his mouth. His hands now individually coiled around each of her legs, holding her to his chest firm as she began to grind and motion her hips forward.
"Mmm! *Gasp* Oh my god... Oh yes baby," she panted.
Her dark hair loosely hung to the side, her eyes glued to the visual below as his tongue swirled and danced over and over her pink button making her stir crazy slowly but surely. Her right hand left the pubic region and grasped his hair, his eyes opened and looked up as he greedily sucked her hard clit into his mouth making her cry out
"AH FUCK!! *sharp gasps* Yeah! Y-y-y-y-y-y-yes!! Suck it, like that! Oh please," she pleaded.
Her head to the sky as she moaned loud, whimpering and panting in heat as she felt her clit being drained, sucked utterly dry. Then Tim released it, probing her deep with his tongue and exploring her more. She shivered and began to spasm, feeling an imminent orgasm on the rise with each swirl and flick of her tongue traveling the walls of her pussy. She fell forward, hands above him on the sleeping bag, her cries sharp and repetitive as she felt her orgasm overtake her.
"Oh god! I'm Cumming! I'm gonna fucking cum! Oh I Love what you do to me, don't stop! OH PLEASE DON'T STOP!! *voice breaking/ragged breathing* Fuck! Fu---," she said exasperated.
Her body tensed and her breathing caught in her throat as she felt her muscles violently endure a shock of spasms and chills that shot through her flesh and organs like lightening. Her moans were oxygen robbing and left her panting and sighing heavily, as she felt her legs and body quiver to each new aftershock that followed. One-Two orgasms, and the rest after shocking chills that rippled her skin to the core of her clit, which throbbed worst of all in a delicious endless pulse. She sat up shivering, feeling herself come down and Tim rolled her over on the sleeping bag now.

They both breathed, she giggled and looked to him.
"Done so soon," she mocked.
"Oh really? Think so huh," he retorted.
With that, he sat up and grasped her ankles turning her fully on the sleeping bag. Legs open wide apart, he teased her pussy with the head, running it around and with mild pressure before finally inserting all way nearly making her raise up off the sleeping bag. She began to curse him and her voice trailed off as she was overcome by the fullness of him, still sensitive due to the orgasms prior. Her hands relaxed to her sides, her fingers gripping at the sleeping bag and pulling at it in strong grips. The pace was slow at first, then Tim's thrusts grew more aggressive and well paced. His hands holding her legs apart at ankles in air, each thrust getting the right spot. Ali's hands tugged at the sleeping bag, but it did little help down the tense chills from his fucking. Her hands let go and gripped her breasts, pulling the nipples hard in a hope some pain would desensitize the chill from her pussy. Tim himself curled his lips as he slowed his pace, the feel of her vaginal muscles contracting each time as he exited was harsh for him to resist, but oh how wonderful it felt.
"Mmm, oh I Love you baby, make me feel so good," he panted through a clenched jaw.
"Oh my god! Uh-huh, don't stop baby. Oh your fucking amazing... oh shit!"
The feeling made Ali's head fall back on the sleeping bag, her eyes closed, as she felt his speed pitch forward, his hands letting go of her ankles and gripping her hips now. And in a burst of stamina began a rapid piston of his hips of rapid thrusts. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap as his hips worked in a barrage of thrusts with speed. Each thrust in meeting him as he pulled her into him with both hands, creating stronger impact and a greater depth of penetration
"OH FUCK," she cried out.

Her breasts violently shaking about from his assault, his grip on her hips almost lifting her off the sleeping bag partly as he leaned back on his knees to lift and pull her to him with each thrust.
"OH your going to fucking kill me! GONNA CUM! Again! Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, y-y-y-y-yes, yes!! I can-f-feel," once more her brain almost forgetting to breathe as she came hard, one, two, three times she could feel, but lost all cognitive thought as she felt her body short circuit with waves after waves of bone shaking chills. Tim slowed feeling his own orgasm coming strong but slowed down, his one hand leaving her hip to rub her tummy and up to massage her breasts. Each nipple a hard erect bud, he grinned at her twitching breathing agony, was so beautiful, made her far more beautiful. She came to and forced herself forward to him, in his lap, still balls deep. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began to grind her hips on him, kissing him deeply with what strength she did have.
"Oh, so fu-fucking amazing," she breathed softly.
"Fucking love you," he panted back before kissing.
"Show me how much you Love Me. Fuck me till I pass out. *gritting her teeth and looking in eye between kisses* Fuck me senseless till I can't remember what day it is. I want it, All of it," she whispered.
Tim's hands cradled her ass, his hands running up her back, and down again cupping her ass cheeks. He began to bounce her on him. She shifted her legs, no longer bending at the knees she extended them beyond him to opposite end of the sleeping bag and leaned back on her hands. Rocking back n' forth, forward and backward slow and even at pace. She scoots forward a bit more however, her hands finding their place on his thighs, balancing herself well she begins to ride, bouncing up and down, his hands guiding at her hips and waistline. She begins to ride faster, her head tilting back, bouncing up and down at a regular pace. At times slowing down just to tease him, and rotate her hips in slow tight circles, or forward an backward. He grit his teeth, feeling his own orgasm teetering.
"I don't wanna cum like this," he growled and stopped her.
"C'mere...," he hissed.
Turning her over, he pulled her back to him, hands, knees, doggie style.
She grinned feeling his hands gripping her shoulders, bending her over, her hands pressing hard at the soft soil beneath the sleeping bag, unable to view behind her. She felt the tease and with a strong push, again deep inside her once more, he eyes wide and mouth agape as she took a huge breath and shuddered. His strong hands gripping her shoulders, force as if it was commanding her body to hold firm, and so it did. She quivered over though, her head resting atop the sleeping bag, feeling his fullness, then a mighty hard thrust home made her body light up.
"HO!! OH fu-u-uck."
"That the good stuff?"
"Ho-oh yyeeeaah. Oh yeah," she breathed smiling wide, her hair wild and her body language all telling yes.
Tim's grip strong on her shoulders, he pulled her to him and again slammed a hard thrust home, again, thrust, pulled again, and thrust to meet it. Each time, his hands gripping her shoulders like handle bars, tender grip, but strong with holding and pulling. Pulling to his thrusts, as his speed paced, fucking her with steady even rhythm. Ali could barely open her eyes or keep them open, but when she did she only saw the green flourish of trees and afternoon sun shining on her face with warmth. She panted and her mouth hung open as she could no long restrain her voice, he cries and moans echoed. She didn't care who or what heard. She was completely comfortable and free, and enjoying the most romantic and sexually satisfying experience she longed to have with Tim in a long long time.
The rapid slap of her ass meeting his hips was all the more hotter as she heard it between her moans and sighs, the grunting pants of Tim as he kept his effort to maintain but his stamina feigned with time. He was not going to hold out for much longer, the sweat beading off her brow. She felt her body twitching again.
"Oh... oh I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, oh baby your gonna make me fucking cum again. Don't stop, fuck me, fuck me, please! Tim," she panted and tensed, her face twisting in an expression of delicious sexual agony as she gripped the sleeping bag, feeling her orgasm come over her and cripple her arms, she collapsed forward with her body feeling like jello.

Tim kept his pace however, he let go of her shoulders and gripped the curvatures of her ass and gave all he could.
"OH GOD THIS IS UNREAL!! I'M FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN," she wailed into the sleeping bag.
"AW! Yes baby, oh Love you," he moaned breathlessly.
He grasped her around waist and lifted her up off the sleeping bag, hugging her, holding her tight to the front of him, her body limp almost in his arms as he gave all he had left and thrusted a last few times. So hard the last two they made Ali almost fall over out of his arms, they both moaned and wailed into the air. The echo loud across the woods, as they came, Ali's head limp as it laid on his shoulder behind her. His arms still holding her trembling frame close. His lips kissing her tenderly on the neck and shoulder, his hand caressing along her neck and jaw. They shivered, panted. Slowly, he shifted over, still holding Ali close. She panted.
"You okay," he asked.
"I didn't hurt ya did I?"
"Mm-mm... I'm.. whew, wiped out."

They laughed and laid there on the sleeping bag for another half hour. By then the sun had began to settle for dusk, and the mosquitoes began to assault them. It remains to be one of Ali's most memorable experiences for The Best Sex, she ever had.

~The End~
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