~Nightclub Naughty to a Bathroom Party~
This was an early early FIRST piece so it's a touch rough and old. My sentence structure was not so good, but I hope it's delicious and stimulating all the same. Enjoy! ~S~


Rina's focus returned, once again the boring loom of hours casted her attention to daydreams, and misdirections to help to some level, but it was bitter-sweet given her boss came in:

Boss: "Rina, you got those papers faxed?"

Rina: "No I am about to send them out in 2 minutes."

Boss: "Ok, making sure."

But rina, was simply slugging her way through computer games, internet, and text messaging. She was never one to fully get into her work, she showed up on time and did enough work to keep people satisfied. In the wake of all that, she simply wanted the day to be over and for herself to be out of there. Today though was with good reason:

Her friends had been wanting to go out to this new bar, good place they hear and wanted her to come along. She agreed and was planning a good night ahead, hopefully she'd go home with a new man to take to her fancy, who knew. She gathered the papers she would need to fax and left the clerk desk.

* * *

... 5 Hours Later ...

Rina: "Oh I swear, never again... *cough*

Jessica: Oh c'mon the drinks weren't that bad..."

Rina: "If the liquor was any rougher on my throat, I think I'd be mute... no, we're going to the Club. Atleast when they give ya a drink, it's the exact drink, not some watered down hardcore throat burning bullshit."

They pulled into the lot, the parking was filled, but they managed to find a nice spot and parked. Rina and Jessica were good friends, never once did they not go somewhere without having fun. They could go to a cookout and they'd have fun. They stepped inside and saw that the club was booming, lights and loud music shook the walls and turned the club's interior into a 4th of July at the Playboy Mansion. They paid the fee and stepped in. The club was a adrenaline junkie, the floor was swarmed by people in the mood of the music, dancing and grinding. The lights flashed and strobed all around the interior, blue, green, purple, pink, blinker, and many other light fixtures. The room was filled with the mix of chatter, cheers, and music. This was the spot to be... Rina and Jessica felt the mood of the music and atmosphere sink in, and it all went with the flow.

They found a spot at the bar and bought drinks, rina and jessica were never hard drinkers. But this night called for good ones. The ordered shots of Tequila and talked up a little. Jessica talked about how she had been doing good with the new man, and rina ran her life by jessica. It had been such a long time since they kept either one in the loop so it was by no surprise that either had been really in touch to keep one another informed of what has been up and down in one anothers lives. Suddenly, rina turned with jess and caught the sight of a cute tall guy. His dark hair was mid-length and he was lean. Earings and apparel of what looked like a bad boy got the mind popping off lustful ideas. Jessica made a remark about his clothes, and rina remembered him as one of the bouncers for the club. His name was Stew, he had been there for a good couple of months:

Jessica: "Hey how come you never made a pass at stew? He's a hottie."

Rina: "I dunno, maybe."

Jessica: "Ask him to dance."

Rina: "After a few drinks, wanna get my buzz first."

They downed a few shots, tequila in their system; they began to feel the charge of it surge them.

It was a good night, a good time, rina was glad she came. Jessica tapped her on the shoulder, music too loud to call out to her:

Jessica: "HEY! I'm gonna go get us a table, ok?! This bar counter thing isn't me!"
Rina: "Ok, I'll probably go dance!"

They split up, jessic headed off to the far opposite direction of rina, and rina herself headed for the swarm of people down the way to the floor. The floor was flooded with people, probably more people than it really was allowed to have. But none seem to care nor struggle with the idea of being crammed. Rina shouldered and wiggled past the groups, between females and males. All dancing, jumping, grinding. The Light Flashing and Strobing was even better as it washed across the crowd like a storm or searchlight, add the smoke, the booming music. It was perfect. Suddenly, a hand touched her shoulder. She turned and her jaw nearly dropped, it was her co-worker at the home office, Tyler! She threw a hug on him and laughed out:

Rina: "This is a surprise, what you doing here?!"

Tyler: "I could ask you the same, this my first night to a nightclub!"

Rina: "Oh yeah, thats cool... liking it so far?!"

Tyler: "Yeah it's ok, pretty crowded though..."

Rina: "Yeah, Jessica's here... she went to find a table..."

Tyler: "Ahh... well if all else fails I can probably get us VIP?"

Rina: "Now?! No way, they'd be booked..."

She always thought he was cute, even though she saw him rarely at the home office where she worked. It was dumb, but maybe it was the drinks, but she suddenly found him VERY much attracting. She began to swivel next to him:

Tyler: "What you doin'?!"

Rina: "It's a Dance Floor Baby, so Dance with Me!"

Tyler smirked and began to move with her. She turned around and leaned into his body, her butt grinded against his hips, his hands held her by the waist... her hips and his hips grinded and swiveled to the music... her hair smelled good and tyler knew that instantly from her head resting on his shoulder. Her hands running from the air above back down and behind her sides; along his legs and hips. She grinded till she suddenly felt a wet sucking on her ear... and a slithery tongue cascading around her lobe. The feeling was electrifying to her senses with the booze working it's magic, it boosted it to that of NERVE frying. She smiled and turned around, and got tightly close to him.

Her face just inches from his, the crowds dancing around them, the dark flashing with light and smoke. All the confusion was a perfect cover... she reached down and undid his fly... reaching in and grasping his dick... it was semi-hard. And quite thick, she smiled and he just closed his eyes and began to move his hips... to make it appear they were dancing. She held onto his neck with one hand, and moved in close to his ear... her body tight to his, and her clothing hiding her hand:

Rina: "Tyler... I've always had a hot spot for you... now I get you right here, on the dance floor!" *Starts to pump his member while he moved his hips*

Rina jerked it faster and harder... her thumb brushed along the head and her hand squeezed the shaft, suddenly tyler's hand found it's way under rina's top and grasped her breast, she bit her lip as she felt his hand squeeze and massage each breast. Than his fingers pinch and roll each nipple head in between his fingers. Her head rolled and than came back to suck on his ear more... and she worked his thick cock harder, it was becoming extremely stiff now... the length made her pussy react with wetness... it was going to be a very good night:

Tyler: "Mmm... not here, follow me...," he pulled free of her and grasped her arm and pulled her with him. They pushed and shoved past the crowd and into the tables area, past the people sitting, and through the strained isle... and through a bathroom door. Rina shoved him against the marble tiled hall wall... and they engaged in a passionate animal lustful kiss... tongue throating hunger drove them blindly to the bathroom stall. Tyler's back hit the door and it swung open and in the stumbled... they both were breathless and excitement fueled them. She pushed him back on the toilet and pulled his cock out, and started to suck on it... her aggresive tongue and sucking made tyler groan out loud... she already had him horny from the excitement of a handjob out on the dance floor with so many people, but her mouth couldn't compare... it was hot... wet... sweet. She slurped and hummed, her vibrations making him shake and chill to every sensation that washed over him... he ran his hands through her hair... and he watched her lips as they slurped around the shaft and head, and then the tongue which came out and swirled around the head intently. She smiled and stopped to jerk it.... she spat on the head and jerked it furiously, her look so deep, intense, and lust filled. Her eyes gazed at him, the eye shadow and eyeliner making them so eroticly intense.

Tyler's groans were low but very deep... his eyes watched her eyes, her hand, her tongue, her lips. Often he gritted his teeth, mouthed dirty words, or just plain rolled his eyes in pleasure. Rina swalled him, and deepthroated his cock, his upper body shook and he groaned outloud. Rina let out a big woosh of air and breathed heavily as she ran her tongue around the head, and sucked on the tip a little. She slurped on the head and stroked the shaft off in her mouth... her tongue tip wiggling over the head and making tyler sit up and stop her. He pulled her head up and kissed her hard, his hands reached down and pulled her top free... he yanked the cloth down and exposed her large firm breasts. The nipples hard, he grasped them and brought them to his lips. His tongue stuck out and he flicked it over her nipple head, the feeling making rina squirm. Her head tilted back, and she ran her hands through his dark brown hair. Her breasts were squeezed and massaged, they're tingled to everytouch. She sighed as he pulled on the nipple head with his teeth. His hand ran over the breast area and down to legs... she squatted and had a skirt on, he bent over slightly, slipped the skirt up, and his hand between her legs. He slid his fingers over her wet pussy lips:

Rina: "I don't wear panties..." *She said breathing heavily*

He lightly tickled her clit, and began to rub her pussy lips. She lightly rubbed his cock, her hand stroked it harder and thumbed the head. His fingers stimulated her clit and rolled her lips... her cunt juice soaking his fingers, his other hand rubbing her breast. She breathed and sighed.

Rina swirled her tongue around the head as her mouth worked the forskin up and down with each motion. Tyler's own finger rolled her clit and ran around her lips in clockwise circles. Her creamy wetness coating his fingers as he felt it leak more and more from her cunny. Tyler's hand's both worked at her, his fingers teased her pussy, while the other shifted between breasts' for sweet rubbing and squeezing. His groans and sighs were low, his hands cupped her and teased her to a delight of utter lust.

She moaned and groaned with her mouth still filled by his cock, his fingers bringing the magic to her in waves of teasing chills. Her mouth released it's hold on his shaft, and her tongue danced around the head and tip. He winced as it was a sharp tingle... that made his neck and face tense. He groaned and stopped her, standing up from the toilet and grabbing the top of the stall. He felt rina jerk his cock more and more... harder and faster. Rina jerked him as hard as she could... and tongue the head lightly a bit more. Then stood... he kissed her... deeply... her back hitting the stall door with a THUD that echoed... the breathless sighs and kissing made it's audible notice. He squeezed her tits again, and then turned her around and sat her down on the toilet.

Rina leaned back and entended her legs high and wide apart... resting her left leg on the toilet tissue dispencer, and the right leg on the hand rail for aid. Her skirt was was pullled up and her pussy was fully exposed to the cool air of the bathroom. Her head rested against the tiled wall and her body trembled with excitement. Her hands reached up and ran over the wall, then through her hair... down her face.... over her neck... across her breasts. She squeezed them... licked her nipples as she brought them up to her lips. The whole time though, she watched tyler.... as he slowly kissed her legs and inner thighs... teasing her skin with his tonge and touch. He ran his tongue along her inner thigh, and back up along her leg's back knee. He kept COMPLETE eye contact during his movement... of course rina's focus was broken, due to the overwhelming stimulation he gave to her senses and her body in turn. She grasped her breasts and felt down to her waist, then back up. Finally... he was inching closer and closer to her sweet smelling wet pussy... her tension made it all the more exciting.

Tyler: "Mmmmm you ready...?"

Rina: "Mmmm fuck... god yes.. yeah I'm ready... eat me... eat that fucking pussy... mmm please..."

He finally gave rina what she wanted, his mouth clapped onto her throbbing slit. He slurped and sucked the sweet fluids from it and his tongue danced, only to create more love juice to slurp. He held her firm and her cunt melted with delight as she felt his tongue dance and tickle her sensitive pussy. Her head shifted as the chilling sensations rocketed her from the head to toes... her cunt was on fire, and her senses were spinning. Tyler only kept licking and slurping, at time his mouth sucked in her lips and clit... allowing him to slurp on both at once, and rina was so fucking wet! Her cunt was SOAKED, her lips and inner thighs drenched like a waterfall... her body shook so much that rina grasped the toilet... her legs still resting on the sides, but kept apart by his hands. Tyler finally sucked on her clit gently, and while the sensation had rina on edge, his finger found their way into her pussy. She squealed loudly as they entered out of surprise, her body chilled once and shook the next.... a surprise climax overcame her body, and soon after.. another was slowly building. He smiled and using the tip of his tongue, tickled her clit while his hand and fingers jammered her walls. Her body shook again and her hands grabbed his head:


Tyler licked with everything he had in his jaw muscles... and his fingers went as fast as the arm could go, and rina shot up grabbing him... her cunt exploded as she gushed again and again.. her cunt fluids erupting like a volcano. She finally relaxed... breathless and red, her cunt soaked from wetness and tyler soaked as well. But tyler was not finished, and neither was rina. She stood with her legs feeling like rubber.. and tyler spun her around and put her back against the stall door again. Her face deep with redness, her hair soaked with sweat... he lifted her skirt up and ran his rod between her legs... her cunt lips twitched... she felt his hands grasp her ass and lift. She aided him by grasping the top's of the stall and pulling... she lifted with ease, and rested down on his cock. The feeling filled her, and she groaned with him. He held her up from the floor, and she held on the stall for support. He began to thrust his hips and she began to lightly bounce on his cock. The feel was deep... not fast, but oh so deep. Each time felt to the point of making her eyes flutter. Her body beamed with chills as each sharp nerve tingle pin pointed deep from her libido and out to the rest of her body. Her cunt lips tightly clenched his shaft, and his thickness made the feeling as good as he was long.... and the more he moved his hips with her's, the deeper it went.

He groaned soon, the stall creaked making so much noise, rina sighed:

Rina: *breathlessly whispers* "Sit down baby... sit down."

Tyler let her down and sat down, rina pulled her skirt free and let it to the floor. Her body on fire, she sat down slowly. Setting his cock pointing up she sat down and felt it enter her... the filling was great with return, and she soon began to ride him. Her big tits bouncing to each bounce her body made to ride his thick hard member, the feeling that washed through her limbs was NOTHING compared to this. It was even hotter they were doing it in such a public place. At any moment someone could come through the bathroom door and hear them fucking like wild animals, she didn't care though. All she cared about was riding tyler to a thunderious fucking orgasm and if a priest walked in to wash his hands, she wouldn't care. She needed to get fucked.

She leaned back and felt his hands cup her breasts... her moans high and breathless, she tried her best to be quiet but it was little use. She never would've thought fucking tyler would be THIS good. If she'd known she'd done him long before now. She ground her hips now, her cunt making the grind in a circular motion... slow and teasing... tyler let out loud groans as the feel made him almost tense to the point of unbearable:

Tyler: "Awwwww fuck... goddamn rina... mmm fucking good!"

Rina: "Yeeeeaah?! Like that... like this fucking cunt!!"

Tyler: "Awww yeah, love this tight little cunt!"

Rina: "Mmmmm I like this big cock... love being fucked by big ass fucking cock! Mmmmm fuck yeah!"

Rina leaned forward and looked between legs, moving slowly she watched the thickness of him ease in her slowly... teasingly.... her eyes watched the thick flesh pulse as it penetrated her walls and lips:

Rina: "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh loook at thaaaat.... mmmmm fuck... so fucking hot... mmm nice and slow, mmmhmmmm so nice!"

Tyler: "Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck.... mmmm so tight... *Smacks Ass*

Rina leaned over and her finger touched the floor.... her ass bounced... tyler's hands holding it and moving it with rhythm. It bounced and shook... her cunt riding and squeezing his thick cock with each move. Finally he had enough, he gritted his teeth:

Tyler: "Mmmmm get up baby... I want to fuck you hard in the ass..."

Rina: "Oh fuck yes, do it!"

She rised and turned... tyler got behind her and grasped her leg. He lifted her leg and placed the heel of her shoe on the toilet paper dispencer. Her ass was pink from his smack, but her ass was his eye candy. He gathered her cunt juice and lubed her ass, he spat for aid and lubed his cock and her ass some more. Once preped, he stepped behind her with her leg elevated for support and room and inserted. The feeling shot up her back to her neck; and almost like a reflex, her head shot up and she groaned. Her hands gripped the top of the stall and her body shook with delight as he filled her tight ass, her round firm cheeks shook and jiggled as he fucked her hard. His hips pumping into her cheeks, he stopped and reached down to pull his jeans lower... they rested around his thighs, and his cock now had more room.

His motion changed slow to fast, from teasing to deep, hard to light. It all wore on rina's senses as she felt her legs giving way to both exaustion and chills, the climaxes before had taken their toll, and now it all was too perfect that her ass was getting a good fucking like never before. Her light whimpers were often mistaken for cries, but tyler had no worries. He was only worried someone may come in. He kept his pace either way, his cock had broken in her hole and now it was a nice steady motion of work, her ass soon began to tingle and rina felt her most triumphant of climaxes coming on. She shuddered and felt her climax shake her to the bone, her hands scrammbled to grasp tyler's neck, her body shot back as it's pass came to her:

Rina: "Oh.. Ohhh *Gasp* fuck....*breathing stops for a moment* FUCK... T-Ty... CUMMING, BABY YOUR MAKING ME CUM!! FUCK... Ohhh fuck..."

Rina hand's slammed on the stall, and she grabbed tyler's neck from behind her. Tyler held her waist as his hips still fucked her as she was shaking from her explosive climax. Then he felt his coming:

Tyler: "Awww FUCK! Damn girl, baby cumming... cumming for you!"

Rina pulled free of his dick, and her body sank to the floor finally. Her legs gave way and she turned on her knees. His hand worked his cock, and he aimed it at her open mouth and extended tongue, and it a loud grunt... jets of his cum spurted and squirted to her tongue... hitting her inside, on the lips, and chin... her tongue brought the fluid in and she grasped his dick with her hand. She jerked it, licked it, sucked, tried to milk it's very last drop for her thirst... her eyes looked at tyler's bliss filled face. He smiled with glimmer as he watched her suck him down to the last drop, she smiled back as she ran her tongue along the head. Tyler fell against the stall wall and leaned against it.

Suddenly, the bathroom door loudly squeaked as someone entered, they froze. They made no sound to arouse suspicion. Then Rina heard it:

Jessica: "I don't know, I saw her talking to tyler... but then afterwards I saw her come in here with tyler."

Shawn: "Well maybe they left, if I know rina she's off giving him some nookie."

Jessica: "It's too bad, she would've loved to of seen you, Bossman."

Shawn: "Oh she will, but let her have her fun... if she's around, we'll see her."

Jessica mouthed the words to shawn: "You think she's in here?"

Shawn felt the stillness, but felt a presence as well.... he looked at the stall where Rina and Tyler were....

Shawn: *Winks at Jessica and Points at the stall*

Rina listened, and suddenly the door opened... and then squeaked closed. Tyler let out a chuckle, and rina a breath. But the sudden shake of the stall door made that all for nothing...

Shawn: "Helloooooo?" *Laughter of Jessica*

~The End~
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