~Put Out My Fire~
The dark and silent walls of the departments garage were broken by the sound of a creaking door. Chance peeked into the dark garage, the fire truck sat with a stillness, but could the same be said for the rest of the guys. He held still and listened, his eyes watching and scanning carefully for any motion anything to suggest someone was awake or present. All was quiet, all was still, he pushed the door open further and the door's creaking echoed off the stone floor and the large space of the garage. He stepped in, pulling his date for 11 months in by the hand; Mia. They were at the Movies, his department was on leave for the arrival of 2 new staff for their department. This left him an opportunity to see Mia, when they were at the movies however she was continuously rubbing off on him.
Mia was a awesome woman he met at a neighborhood 9 blocks from a fire in Salt Lake City. She apparently saw him go into a burning building, against the orders of his CO to save an elderly woman who was trapped on the 3rd floor of a burning apartment complex. She survived, but he nearly didn't as he was nearly killed from smoke inhalation. In the hospital she sent him flowers with many other neighborhood residence, commending his actions for that day. In her flowers however was a note detailing how she wanted to meet him when he got out and grab a coffee. They had since been dating for nearly a year since his recovery and return to active duty. She was 6 foot, not slender, but slim. Her breasts were just above D's, a very firm ass, and her hair was black with brown eyes. Chance himself was a looker with a medium build, a slight 5 o'clock shadow, his hair was dark, and short with Hazel eyes.

Mia whispered, "Chance... I want to do it... right here."

Chance was shocked, "What?! Are you crazy??"

Mia hissed, "No, I'm fucking horny... and I think you got the right hose to put out my fire."

Mia ran her hand down his pants and felt his crotch, Chance sucked in a breath through his clenched teeth. His hands grasping her by her hips. Mia locked lips, her tongue probing inside his mouth and swirling her tongue with his. By this time Chance figured he was already way past the point of no return and returned with his own tongue. Backing up blindly he felt his back run into the front of the fire engine. Mia's hands ran around his chest and shoulders, her kiss intensifying as she felt his hands running behind her, grasping her ass with a firm squeeze. She was wearing a medium length skirt and a tube top that night, her hair was tied back in a single ponytail. Her long dark hair went almost to the middle of her back. Chance and Mia breathed heavily, each refusing to break the kiss... Chance's grip on her ass was growing stronger, and Mia pressed her hips into his with her hands pressing on his shoulders back against the fire truck. Finally Chance broke off the kiss, Mia breathing loudly through her mouth.

Chance whispered, "Shhhhh! C'mon, the other side of the truck, we're too exposed here and I need to close the door."

Mia went to opposite side of the truck where they could not be seen from the doorways of the rest of the department, and Chance went back over to the door where they'd come in and closed it. As he turned he could see Mia already have her tube top down around her stomach, her D's were luscious, the areola's were as round as half dollar and the nipple's poked out as long as the head's of erasers. She stood there smiling across at him, her fingers tweaking them and rolling them between her thumbs. She parted her legs and pivoted her hip seductively, doing a slight swivel on her high heels as she kept playing with her nipples. Chance felt his cock grow erect gently from the sight, he walked over looking one more time at the doorways for any of the guys, no one, all was quiet except for them. He came to her and grabbed her by the arms, she let out a slight quiet laugh, as he now pinned HER to the side of the fire tuck, the cold metal made her jump.

"AHH! That's fucking cold...," Mia squeaks.

Chance grins and puts her hands over her head, her fingers feel the tough worn fire hose coiled up behind her and above her. She smiles and grips it as he runs his hands down her arms, over her elbows, along her sides and across cupping her breasts. Her eyes look down, watching his rough looking hands massage and squeeze her tits, feeling each one of his thumbs run over the nipples. Her fingers gripped the hose above her, her back now just used to the cold metal of against the side of the fire truck. The smell of machine oil was in the air, but Mia wasn't caring at this point. Chance took one of her breasts into her mouth, rolling his tongue around the hard nipple and sucking it. Mia's hands let go of the hose and she cradled his head, running her fingers through his hair. Chance looked up at her with his eyes as he tugged her nipple with his teeth gently, the look of pleasurable desire in her face was hot, her dark eye shadow made her eyes to die for. He gently massaged her other breast and switched to it, swirling the nipple and this time flicking the tip of his tongue wildly over it. Mia clenched her teeth and arched her hips forward, her chest too as she felt his tongue spark a slight tingle that rippled down her frame. Her right hand went back and slightly around the side of the fire truck where a side seat was, she now held on with an outstretched arm to the side seat on the fire truck as she brought up her left leg and coiled it around Chance's right running it up and down. Chance's right hand slid down from her breast and grasped her dress pulling it up a ways to her hip, then sliding his hand down her thigh and raking it back up with his fingernails lightly. Mia's mouth was open as she quietly tried to breathe, Chance finished with her breasts, and now planted soft kisses up her chest to her neck, his left hand running up the side of her arm then back in to her neck as his kisses were on the underside of her jaw. Mia had tilted her head back, and closed her eyes whilst biting her lip with a grin. Chance's right hand kept rubbing her leg that was still around his leg, his left hand went down now... running down her neck, her chest, over her breast again, her side, and peeled her other half of her dress up just under her hip. He could see she was wearing a thong... he gripped both her legs and hoisted her up off the stone floor, Mia threw her legs around him, let go of the side seat's wall with her right hand, and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him deeply again.

Chance engaged again with her kiss and carried her again to a slight section of the fire truck, just to his left where a large Velcro pouch contained fire blankets. He laid her atop the cushioned area, her head resting on a soft coil of more fire hose that was packed into the side panel. She grinned and ran her hand through her hair to make sure it was loose and not caught on anything. Chance knelt down, pulling her legs wide apart, he learned that Mia was very flexible and could see it in the far wide angle of her legs being out-stretched as far as they were. He ran his hands inward to her mound across both of her thighs, Mia's one hand relaxed behind her head, while the other was on her right leg. She watched his eyes just stare at her mound, the silky blue scrunched snuggle up between her lips. Chance's fingers brushed against both lips on either side, pulling them more out and apart, making Mia's eyes close and give out a soft, "Mmmm" of approval. She was wet, very wet from the scent that was beginning to come forth drowning out the scent of machine oil in the garage. Chance was getting hot, never had he attempted to do anything like this on his job, but it was sounding and feeling so good he couldn't NOT want to do it. He'd remembered a porn where he saw Jenna Jameson having sex with a Fireman, maybe that was it.

Mia, "You going to stare at it or you going to lick it already..."

Chance looked up distracted, "Oh sorry, thoughts..."

Mia grinned, "Oh yeah... about what?"

Chance moved in close to her thong covered pussy, "How good this pussy smells, and what I'm going to do to it." *takes a deep breath*

Mia closed her eyes, "Mmmm tell me baby..."

Chance, "First I'm going to tease you and get you so wired this thong is soaking wet... then, I'm going to take it off with my teeth really slow *tugs the thong off her mound slightly and snaps it back on her mound*

Mia grits her teeth and whispers, "Oh fuck!" *breathes quietly through mouth*

Chance, "Then... I'm going to lick up your pussy, long and slow... pull the lips with my teeth, swirl my tongue on your clit, slurp ever drop of your juices as you get more and more wet..."

Mia, "Oh god! Shut up and eat me... I can't wait anymore... *runs a hand in over her leg and up to her breasts, rubbing them both evenly*

Chance moved in and traced the tip of his rigid tongue UP the middle of her thong... her hips slightly wiggled, but his hands had a firm amount of hold applied down to her legs. He kept them apart, and extended as he teased her. He wanted to make her want it, he backed off to see the excellent muscle tone in her groin muscles where the thigh met the pelvis... he moved there planting a few light kisses, and a even a few more teases with his tongue leading to her hot spot. Mia was tense, she could feel her libido pulsing intense honey like warm ripples across her legs, her groin was a HOT spot for her as it sent a huge heat bloom to her pussy, and she got SOAKING wet every time. She loved it, she could feel her clit throbbing through her thong, and her vulva equally was getting tense. She looked down, curling her lips to silence a moan as she brought her other hand out behind her head and cupped both her breasts now. Her eyes transfixed on Chance looking up at her, running his tongue on her groin... tracing a tenacious pattern around her pussy, warming her up effortlessly before he really got started. She could feel her thong getting wet even then in the cool air from the garage's stone built environment.

Mia breathed, "Mmm chance, suck my cunt... do it!"

Chance shook his head, "This fire isn't hot enough yet... but it's getting there baby." *Runs a finger up over her thong feeling it's wet*

Mia, "HA! FUCK!! Baby I DON'T THINK I can stay quiet if you do this to me... god it's so good! *Shivers slightly and breathes in short gasps*

Chance slowed and ran his hands back out over her legs, back in... he thought about it. He moved in and sucked on her thong, his tongue swirling around on her pussy underneath the material. Mia's hips shot up as she heaved, her pussy sent out a shot across her legs and up into her stomach from the act. She let out a loud sharp gasp, but no cries, no moans. She curled her lips again to stay quiet, her hands reaching up and grasping the rack where the fire hose was coiled again. She looked down and could faintly see Chance's face as he buried it into her mound, his mouth cupping her whole slit with her thong still in his mouth she could still feel his tongue probe and swirl her cunt, she could feel every chill and bone warming ripple expel outward across her flesh like ripples on the surface of water. She quietly whispered and moaned, ushering him to not stop... but he did... pulling her thong with his teeth... tasting the creamy wet fluids in it.

Mia breathlessly spoke, "Oooh that's sexy..." admiring the site of her thong being pulled to it's limit from her heat radiating pussy.

Chance, "I think it's hot enough now baby... best put it out huh?"

Mia grinned lustfully, Chance let the thong snap back on her mound, and Mia let out another cry... almost too loud for her or his liking. They both tensed and quietly giggled. Chance grabbed hold of the thong, pulling it to one side with his right hand while his left grabbed Mia's right leg again to keep it fully spread and extended. Mia herself aided by taking up her left leg and holding it for him... Chance looked to see her pussy was indeed very wet, a silver little piercing was in her hood and clit too, he moved in and ran the flat side of his tongue up her pussy bottom to top. She shivered again, "OoOoOoOoh yeeaah..."

Chance coated his tongue in her wet fluids, giving a quick swallow and smack of his lips to savor the sweet taste. He then went back to it, flicking his tongue on her lips... moving in a quick slew of counter-clockwise action. He brought his right arm under and over Mia's left leg, allowing him to hold her to his shoulder, hold her thong to the side, and spread her lips with his index and middle fingers. He kept swirling his tongue, giving her lips a slight pull with his teeth before slurping them clean. Mia's chest was heaving with every breath, her breasts heaved with her chest, and her right hand was frequently massaging them, pulling the nipples, or grasping the rack above her. She watched and tensed her stomach or legs when ever a sharp spike of stimulation got her. She could feel her pussy just leaking uncontrollably, her juices flowed and flowed, and Chance slurped and slurped them up. He finally began to swirl his tongue on her pink folds inside, flicking and swirling this time clockwise, her clit poking out he went to that and sucked it between his lips. Mia almost shot upright as she let out a loud breathless soft cry, her whole body rigid and tense, her face tight with release as she felt her pussy contract in orgasm.

Mia spoke fast, quiet, and lustful in the dark, "OH MY GOD *Breathing and whimpering* OH MY GOD, CHAN... CHANCE... JESUS!! OH GOD BABY... OH YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH SUCK IT, SUCK IT, SUCK IT, SUCK IT, SUCK MY CLIT, OH GOD FUCK IT'S SO GOOD!!"

She shook violently, her pelvis was shifting, and her legs were trying to squeeze together. Her left was pressing against Chance's head and neck, but his firm hold on her right kept her firm and in place. He slurped wildly, sucking Mia's engorged clit like a juicy grape. He could feel it twitching in his mouth, and finally was forced to release it in order to slurp and swallow all the wet fluids that were leaking endlessly from her. Dripping and careening down her folds, she shot her hands down and grasped his head.

Chance muffled, "Gimme that cum, give it to me Mia baby... ALL OF IT, EVERY DROP!!"

Mia was almost guttural now, her groans coming from the throat as low as possible as she felt her body spasm uncontrollably as orgasms came on, one after the next. Her legs no longer were extended but curled up near Chance's shoulders, bent in to her. Her hands still trying to pull Chance in as far as he could come, and Chance's hands now pressed down on the under-side of her thighs where they were curled. He slurped, he tongued, he shook his head back and forth as he slurped on her lips. Mia's forehead had broken a sweat, but her face was still tense from the work of Chance's tongue as he tongued her pussy intently. He gripped her and held her down as she came again, her neck tense, her fingers tightly gripping his scalp, her toes even curled as she juiced his face for the 4th time possibly.

Mia breathed heavily, "Ohhh... OoOh god I can't take that anymore..."

Chance slowly gave one last lick with the flat side of his tongue, the contact sent a sharp chill up Mia... she shot down to his head to stop him, her clit was VERY sensitive even to the touch at this point. "OH Stop, stop... oh god... don't touch me for a sec... ohhhh. Oh man...," she tried to catch her breath, her mouth was dry.

Chance instead rubbed her thighs, even her belly at times to feel it too was a bit sweaty... the cool air seemed to do little to stem the tide of things. He grinned as she sat up with a shaky attempt and kissed him, she swirled her tongue and breathed loudly through her nose this time, tasting her wet pussy juices on his face... she broke the kiss and grabbed hold of his face, giving his jaw and lips a few licks, some slow... some just intensely needing. He grinned and ran his hands up her bare back.

Mia stopped and breathed, "Now... it's my turn, stand up... let's see that "hose of yours I so like..."

Chance stood up, Mia sat on the edge of the step on the fire truck and pulled him in close. Her hands fumbling, eager, anxious to get his cock out. She undid the belt, peeled away at the fly, undid the button and peeled down his jeans and boxers. Out flopped her "hose", 9 inches... almost a good 1 ¼ thick... shaved... clean... cut. Beautiful to her dark eyes as she ran her fingers up it, wrapping them around the shaft and squeezed it with a glance up at him. Her pussy was still pulsing with heat and soft tingles as she stroked his cock, spitting in her hand she lubed it up, the foreskin skimming over the head, and back down, a few slight veins protruding outward to her eyes. Her dark hair lengthy as it was beautiful from Chance's line of sight. Her dark eyes gleaming up at him, her mouth seemingly just watering to the sight of his erect dick that was just inches from her face, he could feel her breath on it. He ran his hand over her head, as she stroked him a little faster and harder, giving one more spit on his dick for additional lubrication.

Mia swallowed him whole, taking his length of meat into her mouth and began to suck. The warmth of her mouth engulfing around his member was hair raising to Chance as he stood there, his jeans and boxers left around his knees as he was receiving an excellent blowjob. Mia's hand let go of his shaft and instead began to massage his balls, her steady rhythm not breaking. She looked up at him, and he down at her, but the two could only see one another's silhouette's nothing more. Chance though searched the dark and found her hair, the long flowing ponytail of her hair was silky smooth and her scent of perfume still lingered from before. He suddenly tensed as he felt her deep throat him with surprise. Her hands both gripped his strong thighs, and she went as far with him as she could... feeling the length invade her throat immensely. But with a long pause she held it, and released for a breath. Chance always loved it when she surprised him, and what made it more fun is often it was always the blowjobs that got him the most turned on... she did them so well and so intensely he found it almost Impossible to not want to cum. He looked down and watched both her hands wrap around the thick 1 ¼ inch cock, her slender hands barely were able to cover the length it was so long. She chewed her lip and stroked him with both hands, her wrists giving a slight hint of a twisting motion as she brought them up to the edge of the head, but then back down. Her eyes gleamed up at him filled with a lustful intensity, a neediness.

Mia whispered, "Mmm baby, I'm going to make you groan for it... nice and loud."

Chance was tensed from the hand job, "Ahh fuck, no... baby I can't be loud, the guys will here us and I can lose my job... I don't think... AH FUCK!!"

Chance was able to finish his sentence as Mia brushed her thumbs RIGHT over the tip, now glistening with wet pre-cum and swollen immensely. She leaned in and spit on his cock again, going slightly lower and running her tongue from his ball sack to just under the head. Her left hand still holding him, she gave his shaft a strong squeeze. Chance's head shot back upward to the ceiling of the garage. His eyes tightly shut, and his neck tensing with every fiber to steam to strong sensation generating from his wood. Mia smiled widely as she continued to work her tongue around his shaft, always being sure to tease the crown a little bit. She'd use her flat side to run it up and down the sides, lathering it very well. Then she would swirl her tongue around it, taking the time to give the bulging big vein on top a few light flicks from side to side or just run her finger around it while she stroked him, all the while take a bit to swirl her tongue on his head. Flicking the tip just before she'd take him into her mouth and slurp strong and slow to make him nuts. Chance's eyes had adjusted and could faintly make out Mia's features, her lush breasts still were out, and she still sat on the step of the fire truck while her hands and mouth worked their magic.

Chance growling quietly, "Ooooh your going to get it... fuck!" *Chance reaches up and puts both hands behind head*

Mia only laughed as she ran her tongue along the side before sucking him again, her pace quickened and she started using both hands to stroke his shaft off while she slurped his head. With each motion of her head, Chance felt his balls beginning to boil and ready to erupt in climax... but in that instant he felt her suck him really deeply, long, wet slurping that nearly sent him RIGHT to Cumming instantly. He doubled over a bit and grabbed Mia's head, she slurped and slurped, she was using her own saliva and his pre-cum as a lubricant. Now, Mia was slurping WILDLY on his one half of his dick, while her one hand stroked his balls, and the other furiously stroked his shaft. Chance strained, growling and grunting loudly to stay in control of himself, but Mia was proving an intense challenge as he could feel every single intense tingle charging him with authority. He felt his limbs grow hot and slightly light.

Chance breathless, "OKAY! Okay stop baby... holy shit," *pulls her back off his cock*

Mia laughed, "Haha, I win again... *licking wet fluids from her face and chin*

Chance leaned down and kissed her, not caring at this point who heard, not caring at all. The two engaged in an intense deep kiss, chance's rough hands on either side of Mia's face. Her dark hair matted to her forehead from sweating, and her skin felt hot and sweetly wet. He grasped her jaw and tilted her head back, running his tongue up her throat to her mandible to taste the sweat off her skin. She curled her lips with her wide smile and bit her bottom lip, chance moved around to her ear and his hand rand down to her pussy again. He teased her clit to life, it was still swollen and juicing heavily with her wetness. He slipped 2 fingers inside, curling them upward and fringed her cunt gently, Mia's mouth opened and let out a sigh in his ear. Mia's hand searched again for his cock, grasping it and giving it several light strokes.

Chance, "This pussy needs a hose in it to put down that fire..."

Mia, "I like this hose... fuck me..."

Chance grabbed her ponytail and gently tilted her head to the right, perking her ear upward slightly.

Chance, "What'd you say?"

Mia breathed deeply, "Fuck Me..."

He let her go and she turned her head looking eye to eye with him, Chance grabbed her by her hips and hoisted her up. Moving forward he pinned her against the fire truck, her legs in his arms, she kicked her feet and her 3 inch stilettos clattered loudly on the stone floor of the fire house's garage. Chance set her down easy, her body laying on the set of sealed up fire blankets again. She leaned back, propping herself up on her elbows and looked down. Chance stood back and kicked off his boots, jeans, and boxers. Mia looked up at him and ran her fingers up the thigh, across her groin, and began to gently tease her pussy. He moved forward and took her right leg, pushing it toward her and holding it, her left leg hung loosely off the side of the fire truck. Chance moved in and slapped his cock on her pussy, she gave a soft sigh and tense groan as she felt her mound tingle with anticipation. Her head fell back for a brief moment with her eyes closed and a wide grin, but came back to look down and watch it as it slowly penetrated her pussy with a slow but steady force. 3...5... 7, almost a fully 8 all the way in as she felt her body begin to twitch and shake with his immense size. Every time when Chance fucked her silly, she didn't know what she found hotter... the fact he started so slow to make her want it so much, or the fact that when it really got intense he fucked her pussy like a bull... so hard... so fast, and so deep. He slowly moved his hips, holding her by the ankle with one hand while his other held his hip. Mia looked up at him, and down at his cock. Watching it piston in and out of her, each time coated with her wet juices. He went a little deeper, a little deeper, a little slower.

Mia softly sighs, "Ah yeah... ah, ah, yeah baby... get it all the way in... yeah, mmm nice and slow. Just like that, Oh yeah..."

Chance went slowly, and when Mia felt it she knew he had his full 9 in deep. He steadily went slow, keeping a soft pace and not wanting to go too hard till she was fully used to his length. He pulled out and put it back in to tease her. She glared up at him with an intense stare, but she liked it... she liked it when he teased her because it made her nuts. She shivered as she felt him begin to go a little faster, his hand left her ankle and now pressed down on her thigh, his hips moving a little faster and his cock fucking her a little harder. She felt the jolts from each thrust send a ripple out along her stomach, and just before she could feel one stop, another happened, never ending ripples that shot out like an electric current. She began to feel her hands clench the fire blanket as the contractions of her pussy began to get stronger, she breathed and let out tiny squeak like yelps. She propped on only one elbow, so she could bring her one free hand around to rub her breasts and pull her nipples.

Mia whispered with a lustful voice, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yes! Yes! Oh yes feels so good... don't stop! Right there! Oh fuck Chance... I'm Burning Up!! Fuck Yeah!"

Chance could feel it too, she was soaking wet, his cock went with such ease and he could feel her pussy squeezing him as she was getting close to Cumming. She tensed and her head fell back, as she let out a quiet squeal like sound, her lips curled as she tried to stay quiet, her body shook and was stiff, but chance only increased his pace. Fucking faster and going even harder, his pelvis smacked hard against her. Mia squirmed and clawed the Velcro vinyl cover for the fire blankets underneath her, she looked down, her face tense and twisted with a beautiful agony that only spelled out a woman in the throws of ecstasy. She still hadn't come out of her climax, but was actually still enduring it, ripples and ripples flowed across her nerves. She could feel his cock still slamming her, and his with every thrust his body sent a shock through her clit. She reached down and rubbed her clit furiously, feeling another intense climax coming abruptly. She tensed, and just as she felt it hit her, Chance's hard final thrust tweaked it as he gave a good firm thrust that tickled her pubic bone. The orgasm was massive as it exploded from within Mia with a violent thrashing, Chance cupped her mouth and she let out a sharp screech of utter release, her body arched up off the fire blankets and her arms shot around Chance's neck. She held him and shook violently as she came again and again, the first of many multiple orgasms that she could recall. She shook and felt her every limb go dead with shocks, her whole body felt weak, chance himself didn't move, his pace stopped dead on the last thrust that sent her into a whirlwind of tingles and chills. She caught her breath and chance removed his hand from her mouth:

Mia breathless, "Ohhh my god... ah that was good, but I am not done... fuck me. Fuck me harder..."

Chance smiled and picked her up, Mia's hands still wrapped around her lovers neck. He brought her next to a coat hanger that was built in the wall. Pushing her against the wall, he held her there far off the ground, Mia never let go of him and just held on for a favorable ride. He thrusted fast and hard again, within a minute she felt the ripples returning and the stomach knotting tingles beginning to start from her pubic bone. She gripped and hugged him, breathing and sighing into Chance's ear. Her nails even dug his back slightly as she could hear his breathing and the sound of their bodies slapping loudly through out the garage. She gasped as she felt her cunt violently contract, she gripped and held him. He fucked her hard and fast but then slowed down.

Chance, "I'm getting tired, let's try back over there."

Chance carried her over again to the fire blankets, the wall was hot for Mia because it was so hot to be pinned to the wall and fucked so violently. She smiled and stopped him:

Mia, "Wait... let me be in control for a bit, you had your turn, now it's mine..."

Chance sat down and Mia positioned herself to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position, she threw her leg over and faced away from chance as he leaned back against the fire trucks side panel. His head rested just on the coiled up fire hose and he groaned as he felt her cunt swallow up his cock again. Mia this time was in charge, she began a softy rocking of her hips. Moving steadily back and forth, even an occasional nice rotation. Moving her hips in a steady pace of circles and grinds, making him grit his teeth in the tension. But Mia grew needful again and sped her actions, softly bouncing off his cock, in and out, up and down. She could feel each bounce greet her with an intense shot upward, her ever limb was met with tingles, she smiled and breathed loudly. Her sounds could not be helped anymore and she gave up the silent standard:

Mia breathlessly, "Oooh shit Chance, fucking god... mmmm!!"

Chance, "Shh the guys... they..."

Mia growled, "Oh I don't care... fuck... fuck me! Give it to me baby. Make me want it bad!"

What the hell, chance worked her long enough, might as well throw caution to the wind for once. He grabbed her hips and brought Mia down on him even harder, her soft bounces became more intense, her thighs jiggled with each impact. She ran her fingers down her stomach and began to tease her clit, her pussy was juicing uncontrollably, her thighs and groin muscles were now completely saturated. The air felt sultry, the heat was intense between the two as they felt one another's body heat radiate off each other in the action. Mia's grip loosened on his thighs, and she leaned back a little more almost right into Chance. He wrapped one large massive arm around her body, and the other reached around to cup one of her breasts. He stopped her bouncing to give her breast one last tease with his tongue, swirling the nipple as it stood out a good half an inch before he sucked on it greedily. He grinned and ran his hand down to her pussy, lathering her juice with his 2 fingers and brought them back up to her waiting mouth. She sucked them clean, savoring the sweet taste on her lips. Chance was not done though, he reached down again, this time teasing her groin again... running a finger around. Mia still couldn't bounce yet, but she rotated her hips with Chance's cock still buried deep in her. He teased her clit, rubbing lightly back and forth at a rapid pace. Mia's eyes fluttered and she groaned out loud as she felt her juice begin to dribble and spatter about on him & her. She breathed and tensed feeling her groin muscles tense again:

Mia, "Don't tease me... don... AH! CHA...CHAN..AHH GOD!!"

Chance, "Don't tease you, what if I tease you with my cock..."

He pulled out and began to run the swollen red member around on her slit, pushing it right in between the folds and rubbing it through there while refusing to penetrate her. Even ran it on her clit and slapped it several times in rapid succession and making Mia tense to the point she arched her hips against his arm to get away.

Mia, "Ooooh I love it when you tease me with your cock... fucking fuck me... god fuck me now! I'm so close... please! Put out my fire..."

Chance eased it back in, and began to bounce her hard on him. Her breathing was loud and deep, any regard for being caught was careless. Chance stopped her after a minute or so, and held her still. He held her aloft and violently thrusted his hips up into her. His cock shot in and out, his body loudly slapping against her body. The two sweaty and tired, felt a climax... Mia tensed, but felt a surprise change up at the last minute. Chance shifted, turning her over, still buried deep inside. Mia shifted, now on all fours and gripping the fire blanket tightly. Chance brought up his leg for added stability, he sped his pace back to life as he fucked Mia fast and deep. His hands pulling her back to meet each of his thrusts by her hips. Mia grunted and moaned, feeling her climax coming on steadily. Rising back she turned slightly to look Chance in the eyes, she reached up and held onto his neck. He kept his speed, he kept his eye contact with her. Until her eyes began to flutter and he began to see her face tense, feeling her pussy squeeze him as she felt it hit her hard like a shot. She was going to cum.


Breathing sharply and moaning with delight, Mia came. Over and over she came again and again, she felt her grip on Chance's neck loosen but she felt his arm grab her waist and hold her still as he kept fucking her, she could hear his grunts as he was feeling her so good, she could smell his aftershave. Mia shook so much that her body felt loose, her orgasm came like a storm had come ashore. She felt every nerve in her body go limp with her strong orgasm as it washed over her and carried her off.
Chance felt himself close now too. He sped his thrusts, nearing the breaking point, gritting his teeth in tension of his standing on the edge, he pulled out; stroking hard and fast.


Mia found a little strength to roll over, chance moved over her. He stroked furiously and then 1 Jet, 2, 3, 4 long white jets of cream shot forth. Mia caught 2 on her tongue, one on her chin, and the other just off her cheek. Her exhausted face licked up every drop, she reached up and slurped on the Chance's cock... he groaned and let her milk him clean. She licked, sucked lightly, and grinned nicely before he moved down to give her a gentle kiss. The heat extinguished, the fire out, the two marshaled their strength to get dressed. Heading out, and back to Mia's place again for another night of playing "Fire Department."
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