~Submissive Slut Rose~
Rose knelt calmly on her soft pillow as she listened to the sounds. He was in the bathroom. She heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink running for a while. He must have been waiting for the water to run warm. She was naked and the air was chilly causing her to shiver and her nipples to perk up with soft little bumps rising on the areolas surrounding her dark, pink buds. He was so very good to her, so loving yet firm. What pleasures would he seek from her tonight? Rose looked down at the floor, not seeing anything, just lost in her thoughts of pleasing him. The intense love she felt for him filled her with joy and she smiled. Oh yes, anything her Master desired, that is what she would give to him. They gave those gifts, the give and the take, the sharing of being completely in tune with one another.

Rose thought about dinner, how she had made a delicious meal and served his favorite wine. She had wanted to welcome him home with love, knowing he'd had a busy day. She had wanted to comfort and adore him and it pleased her to satisfy his emotional needs. She was a nurturer, loved to care for him in any way he needed. He so satisfied her own needs, it was the least she could do for him.

After a good meal and a romantic movie, it was time to retire to the bedroom. And now, she knelt in submission, waiting for him to love her; however he chose, in whatever way he chose, at any time he chose. She needed to give to him and needed to feel him giving back to her. She belonged to him, as it should be. Completely knowing of one another's needs, desires, and even their quirks, they were wondrously made for each other.

When he walked into the bedroom she held her breath for a moment waiting for his caress but he ignored her. He stood behind her near the dresser as he slowly removed his clothes. Her breath quickened as she listened to him. The chinking sound of the belt buckle being released, the raspy sound of the zipper trailing along its teeth, the smooth rustle of pants spilling down his legs to the floor then his shirt being pulled over his arms, shoulders, and over his head. Picturing it in her mind she watched him undress in secret bliss. The soft padding of his feet as he stepped in front of her caused her heart to leap, her stomach to jerk with anticipation of feeling his touch and fulfilling his desires.

He raised her chin with his finger until her eyes were in line with his groin. He gazed down at her smiling as he stroked his cock with his fingertips, watching her lick her lips. The anticipation on her face was beautiful. The way she worshiped his cock gave him such joy. He grazed her lips with the head of his cock and softly moaned as he felt his shaft becoming stiff. He was just as excited about her sucking him as she was but she would have to wait for it until he was ready. He delighted in teasing her until she begged for his hard staff in her mouth. He slowly caressed her face with his cock, from her forehead, over her eyes, down her nose, across each cheek. He loved the feeling of rubbing himself over the soft skin of her face. After a few minutes of the sensual teasing he left her and went to the dresser. Rose listened as he opened the bottom drawer and heard soft shuffling noises as he searched for and retrieved what he wanted.

She listened as he approached her and the first thing she saw was his feet then a single clothespin dropped at her knees. Then another and another, until she counted eight lying on the carpet before her. Then a soft clinking sound as nipple clamps fell and the chain caught up with them on the floor. Next she watched as coils of soft rope swirled to the ground in a serpentine movement. A soft whooshing sound made rose look to the side and she caught a glimpse of the black leather strips of the flogger swinging close to her head and then was deposited on the floor in front of her. He reached down and gently cupped one of her large round breasts and stroked her nipple with his thumb, slowly back and forth, until it was fully engorged. Excitement bubbled up in her as she watched him tease her nipples. She absolutely loved having her tits played with, it made her so hot!

Man: "Hand a clothespin to me"

Her small hand reached out and held one up to him. He liked the way the dark red polish on her nails glistened in the light, such a sexy contrast to her hands. He stretched her nipple out between his thumb and forefinger and clasped the clothespin on her areola, to the right of the nipple.

Man: "What do you say, my lovely slut?"

Rose: "Thank you, Master, may I have another?"

She sighed absorbing the tight pinch of the clothespin and offered up another clothespin to him. He applied it to the left of her nipple.

Rose: "Thank you, Master, may I have another?"

He complied by attaching the third just underneath her nipple. And so it continued, a ritual that both enjoyed. He was binding her in a fashion, emphasizing that she belonged to him. He would do with her as he pleased and she submitted to his will with pleasure. When there were no more clothespins on the floor she looked down at her breasts to see four clothespins surrounding each nipple and she had a brief thought of a compass indicating north to her mouth, south to her pussy, and east and west to her hands. It seemed symbolic, calling attention to certain parts of her body that she and he both used for their erotic enjoyment.
Her buds were dark pink and jutting out from the center of the clothespins. He lightly stroked them with his fingertip then pinched them between his finger and thumb. She groaned from the heightened sensitivity but tensed up to still herself. The rule was no movement unless allowed, or she would pay the consequence of disobedience. She was feeling quite hot and frantically wished he would suck her rock hard nipples!

Man: "The clamps, now, my sweet." A soft smile on his lips.

Rose closed her eyes and held the clamps up to him. Her stomach fluttered with slight anxiety. He knew how sensitive her nipples were by now and anticipated her reaction from the clamps. He leaned down and held up her right breast, enjoying the heaviness of her full tit, squeezing it tightly so that her nipple protruded even further out. Then he opened the clamp and slid it on, letting it grip tightly on her flesh. She gasped and unconsciously pulled back ever so slightly but he noticed the movement and made note of it. He ran his hand along the chain and tightly entrapped her left nipple with the other clamp. She moaned as the burning feeling engulfed her nipples and spread out, she could feel it all the way down to her moist pussy. But this time she managed to stay still. He was pleased yet somewhat disappointed at the same time. He would have been delighted to see her pull back again knowing it was painful yet turned her on. But she was trying so hard to obey the rules he set.

He left her there, her eyes downcast, hands at her sides, breasts trussed up with wood and gleaming metal. Her tits looked like odd flowers with stiff, wooden petals and shiny silver pistils. He could see the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing quickened and wondered what she was thinking at that moment. He stepped back and sat down in a chair and just admired her. She did not look up at him but could feel the heat of her blush knowing he was watching her. Her tits ached from the bondage of the clamps and clothespins. She belonged to him and he bound her that way as a sweet yet painful reminder. After several minutes the stinging of her breasts simmered to a sweet warmth and her pussy twitched as moistness seeped from her cunt between the little folds between her tender lips.

Man: "Hold your hands out in front of you."

At first everything from him was gentle. But he could be firm, even sensuously harsh in the heat of passion. She stretched out her arms as she glanced at her pinched breasts. Her stomach tightened at the thought of him using her for his pleasure and she wondered what he had planned. He stood and picked up the soft rope running it up and down her sides, across her back, and tickled her bare ass with it. It was extremely difficult for her to remain still and goose bumps popped up like Swiss polka-dots all over her body. Then he tied the ends of the rope to the chain between her clamps. Holding her wrists together he encircled her arm with his warm, strong hand pulling her up to stand before him. He stood to her side and tied her delicate wrists together then pulled the loose ends of the rope from her wrists between her thighs and up between her ass cheeks. He pulled tighter pulling up the slack:

Man: "Keep her hands level with her breasts!"

The lengths of rope squeezed her engorged pussy lips tightly together and slightly spread her ass cheeks. The sensation made her think of some mornings when she woke up to feel his cock nudged between her cheeks and she would wriggle against him. He tied a knot at the small of her back then led the rope around either side of her waist, pulling the remaining ends tightly to tie them off on her wrists.

Now she was in a quandary, if she lowered her hands to ease the tension on her pussy it would pull tightly on her clamp chain, yanking hard on her pinched nipples. But if she pulled up to ease the tightness on her tender buds, the rope would sensuously press against her anus and squeeze her pussy lips and even force the rope against her clit. She couldn't decide which was more of a torment, pulling on her sensitive nipples or her clit which was growing harder and beginning to throb. She whimpered and squirmed a little trying to find a reasonably comfortable position. He grinned as he noticed her slight movements and reached out and put his hand on the back of her head pulling her toward him to kiss her.

As his mouth covered hers she moaned and felt exhilarated by the electric sensations from her nipples zipping down to her pussy and back up again. Even her moans seemed restrained with his hot, passionate kiss as he ran his hands up and down her sides. Her skin was so smooth and warm and he reached behind her to pinch and squeeze her buttocks. Pulling her cheeks slightly apart then squeezing them together increased the salacious feeling of the rope pressed against her tight anus and she sighed with pleasure. He loved playing with her ass, the feel of her plump derriere in his strong hands. He pulled away from her and abruptly slapped her right breast hard causing her to gasp and pull her hands up, in a reflexive response. Then she groaned loudly as the rope bit into her wet, swollen cunt. He smiled at her reaction then slapped her other breast. Several more times he treated her tits to the stinging blows. The chain jingled with an ironic cheerfulness from the force. The clothespins wiggled back and forth but kept tight hold of her delicate skin. She whimpered and shut her eyes trying not to move. It was so difficult to stay still with all the delicious feelings of the clamps and rope.

She was tingling every where, from her scalp to her toes. Her breasts were a vivid pink from his hands and burned incessantly from her nipples to where they connected to her chest. She ached to writhe and move around, to touch herself, to feel his hands caress her entire body. She wanted to take off the clothespins and clamps as she couldn't decide if they were turning her on or distracting her with the pain. Where there had been an arousing warmth there was now a maddening sting at every sight her breasts where pinched. He placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly eased her back down to her knees. His engorged cock stuck out at her as if mocking her. Rose licked her lips and leaned forward believing that was what he wanted. But before she could wrap his thick, hard dick with her lips he grasped his cock and slapped her face with it. He slid it back and forth across her lips and slapped her again, continuing to alternate between nearly allowing her to take him in her mouth to taunting her with it:

Rose: "Please, please let me suck your cock, Master!"

Man: "Kiss it, show me how much you want it. You like sucking my cock, don't you. My slut loves to suck her Master's dick!"

Rose: "Oh yes, please!"

She whimpered between her passionate kisses. She was desperate to feel his thick knob filling her mouth, his hard rod slipping back and forth between her lips.

Man: "Lick it."

She was quick to obey and moaned at the taste of his precum seeping out. She loved the taste of him, the feel of his smooth skin stretched out across his swollen head. She swirled her tongue around him, flicked the underside of his head with the tip of her tongue, salivating at the thought of his big, thick cock filling her mouth.

Rose: "Oh, please, Master, let me suck you!"

Her heart was pounding. Her tits were on fire. Her cunt was throbbing as the rope eased and grew taut again pulling on her nipples and rubbing her clit as her hands swayed up and down. Even her ass twitched as she felt the rope pull against her tight hole. With so many sensations going on at the same time she was beginning to feel a little delirious. She inadvertently sucked the head of his cock into her mouth then quickly pushed it out with her tongue. She groaned realizing her transgression.

Man: "If you are so hungry for it then open up, my naughty bitch!"

He grabbed her hair in his fist and shoved his cock deep into her mouth. He fucked her fast and hard and she was frantically breathing through her nose. He drilled her with deep thrusts then eased back for quick strokes just inside her lips, then shoved back in deeper feeling her teeth drag along his shaft. Her mouth was so hot he had to alternate between deep and then shallow to keep from coming too soon. She quickly sensed his rhythm and began to keep up with him, taking advantage of the shallow thrusts to breathe, then sucking hard and swallowing when he went deep. The slurping sounds and vibrations of her moans brought him to the edge and he gave in to his urgent need of release.

Man: " are such a good cock sucker!"

He grunted as his cum burst from his cock into her throat. His slut was so good with her mouth his mind spiraled with ecstasy! He kept squirting into her, demanding she drink every drop until his orgasm subsided then he pulled away from her. She hung her head slightly and licked her lips, gasping hard.

Man: "Good girl."

He sighed happily then backed away from her to slump in the chair. Her pale skin glowed in the soft light from the bedside lamp. She looked like an angel, his angel slut.

Man: "What important rule did you find yourself unable to keep?"

Her mind raced, she hated trying to remember rules. She just went with the flow and tried to do her best for him. But unfortunately, she could not always remember every rule when he drove her crazy and all she wanted to do was please him. It was hard to contain her body's reactions to his attentions. Yes! That was it, she moved when she should not have, she writhed or jerked in response to something. Oh God, why was it so difficult to control herself and stay still? Because she loved his touch, whether soft or hard, and it fueled her passion, which was hard to contain. Part of her felt it really wasn't fair, expecting her to remain completely still when he played with her. He knew how much he turned her on with his loving caresses or his stern discipline. But the rule was to remain still. It was an exciting challenge, one she had not yet conquered. In the back of her mind she knew he relished that fact and it was almost like a cat and mouse game. One day she would remain as still as stone and wondered if it would actually disappoint him.

Rose: "I moved, Master. I broke the rule of staying still, no matter what."

She truly wanted to do his will, show him her obedience and make him proud that she belonged to him. It was not as if she moved on purpose, she honestly could not help her passion and need to feel more of him. It was a natural response, when one is touched with love one wants to reciprocate. Even if one is bound the only way one can show appreciation and enjoyment of that touch is to move in response, if only in minute ways, despite the rule. She knew she would be disciplined yet perhaps that was the point. She had to admit that she enjoyed his discipline. She shook her head trying to stop analyzing everything.

Man: "Yes and when did you move?"

Rose: "I..."

Rose tried to focus on what had happened. All she could think of was the tantalizing pain in her tits and pussy, and the sensitivity of her ass as the rope pulled back and forth as she tried to keep her hands level with her chest. Her arms and shoulders ached and rose thought to hell with it, maybe it would not be so bad to just let her hands fall and let the damn rope pull on her tits. She was tiring and could not hold her position much longer. Her muscles strained and every inch of her seemed in such erotic pain.

Man: "Tell me, when did you move?"

Rose: "Oh!"

She grunted in frustration. What the hell did it matter when, it happened and that's all there was to it!

Rose: "I'm sure I moved when you clamped my tits, you know that hurt! And when you slapped them after they were
clamped...oh, you know that hurt, too, so much!"

Her voice cracked with desire as well as anxiety.

Man: "I'll accept that. But you understand what the consequences are, don't you?"

He asked as he leaned forward in the chair staring at her face. He noted her frown and knew she was feeling so frustrated in her restraints. He thought she must be so wet by now, so needy.

Rose: "Yes, Sir, I do."

She glanced down at the flogger and realized he'd chosen it for a purpose. He knew, as often happened, that she would not be able to contain herself. He knew that she would require discipline. The flogger was not just for fun tonight. He was clever in arousing her into disobedience, yes, that cat and mouse game. He didn't need to push her too far until she squirmed or flinched with hot desire. She gave into her passion and moved at some point or another and he thought how sexy she was in her wanton response. She felt frustrated and a little sad that she could not conquer her will to move from his touch. Yet at the same time she was glad for it, that his touch made her so hot she couldn't help but strain for more of him.

Man: "Just stay put and think about what I am to do with you for breaking the rule. I'm going to get something to drink. I'll be back in a few minutes."

She inwardly groaned as she watched him leave the room. He was purposely prolonging the inevitable. She stared down at the black leather flogger at her knees. She thought about how soft the strands were when softly brushed against her skin, yet how they left her skin burning and stinging when they were struck against her body. Whenever he used it she always felt shocked by the pain but that same pain would melt into an erotic pleasure as he would continue to whip her until she was begging for orgasmic release. She was suddenly aware of the moistness between her thighs and realized her pussy was so wet that the rope was saturated and now her juices seeped from between turgid lips. She moaned at the thought of how deeply he aroused her. After several minutes she heard a slight sound and looked toward the door seeing her Master return with a glass of water.

Man: "Thought you might like a little sip." He held the glass to her lips and she sipped it. The water was smooth and cool as it settled on her tongue and trickled down her throat. She smiled at how thoughtful he was in this simple act. But as he moved away to set the glass down she steeled herself for what was going to happen next. Indeed, as she watched his hand reach down and pick up the flogger she trembled with apprehension. He walked behind her and stood silently looking down at her. She felt his fingertips on the crown of her head as he gently pushed her forward.

Man: "Lean down with your head on the floor!"

His voice was quiet but firm. She whimpered softly, his voice was too soft and this frightened her a little.
He loved how her plump, round ass rose up for him, poised for his discipline. She panted softly from a mixture of fear and excitement. The feeling of the rope stretched tightly between her pale ass cheeks, exposing her to him, burned within her yet she loved submitting to him. He smiled as he noticed how wet she was, how her thighs were damp. Oh yes, she needed this and it was his great pleasure to deliver her punishment as well as her pleasure to receive it. He stood there for several moments running the ribbons of leather through his hand as he allowed her to wonder when and how hard the first strike would be. Finally, he raised his arm and brought the flogger down with a resounding smack on her flesh. She yelped and jerked slightly. Her soft, white buttocks tightened in readiness for the next blow. Again he brought the flogger down and felt his cock twitch at the sound of the leather smacking her ass. The next hard swat was lower and the leather kissed her pussy lips peeking out at him.

She cried out feeling the sting of the leather on her cunt. She breathed hard and fast trying to absorb it, mentally trying to send the sting in other directions away from her sensitive lips. God, it hurt! She felt the paradox of loving it and hating it at the same time! She silently prayed he would flog her higher on her ass. Another strike, higher and to the side, wrapped her left cheek and hip causing her to gasp but she was grateful it was less painful. Ah! Now the whipping was lower, on the backs of her thighs causing the tears in her eyes to spill free and drip down onto her arms beneath her face. All the while she felt the rope stretching against her anus and pussy, pulling on her clit. Each time the flogger landed on its mark the rope rubbed as her body lurched in response to the hot touch of the leather. At times his blows came in quick succession, one, two, three! Sometimes there would be several moments between strikes and she would tense up and whimper waiting for the next one. During the pauses she would feel his fingertips softly stroking her pussy and gently flicking on her clit caught tightly between the taut lengths of rope. Just when she felt her orgasm swelling he would pull his fingers away before she went over the edge. Then he would flog her again turning her skin crimson. She had taken 15 lashings and was now crying softly trying to be strong for however many were left. He had not said what she was due and she wondered when he would be satisfied. He caressed the welts on her ass with his fingertips and felt the heat radiating from her reddened flesh. Her body quivered as his fingers brushed like a feather across her sore skin.

Suddenly he reached under her and pulled a clothespin from her breast then quickly slapped her ass with his hand. She squealed with the duel sensations and muttered for him to please stop! Again he reached beneath her and pulled another clothespin from her, and slapped her thighs. She cried out again begging him to stop although she knew it was useless. He repeated this until all the clothespins were pulled from her flesh.

She was sobbing and trying so hard to keep still. Her tits burned from the release of the clothespins and now he reached down under her and gently rubbed her soft, round breasts, massaging where the clothespins had pinched. It struck her as ironic that there would be such pain in freedom! The warmth from his fingertips soothed her and she began to calm down. Her tender ass quickly became her main focus as the stinging slowly dissipated into a warmth that made her cunt twitch with a stronger need. His fingers slid down her belly and slipped between her pussy lips and her desire flamed from deep inside her womb to her hard, aching clit.

Man: "Oh yes, you are just dripping, aren't you my sweet slut? You're aching to be fucked, aren't you?" His voice was thick with desire.

Rose: "Yes, please Master!" She groaned from deep in her throat. Rose felt his fingers slip up and down in her juicy pussy, pushing the rope aside yet pinching her skin between his fingers and the rope. She felt tremors building up from deep inside her. His finger kept flicking her clit and she could barely stand it!

Rose: "I need..."

Man: "What? You need what? Does my naughty girl need to come?"

Rose: "Oh, yes, Sir...please!" She begged.

Man: "Get up and we'll see if you are really ready!" He said as he helped her to stand.

She was in a slight daze as he moved her toward the bed. He turned her to face him and he kissed her tear stained cheeks. Then he untied the rope from the chain, from her wrists and at her lower back and she sighed heavily with relief at being able to let her arms down to her sides. Letting the rope fall to the floor he steadied her with his hands on her shoulders.
Man: "Look at me." He whispered. As she raised her face to look into his eyes he reached to her tits and gently opened both clamps at the same time, releasing her bondage.

Rose: "Oh God! Ughhhh!" she grunted loudly sucking air into her lungs as she felt the blood flooding into her strangled nipples.

She stood there and sobbed and he gently took her into his arms and stroked her hair. She trembled against his chest as her tears soaked his skin. She kept her upper back arched out fearing any contact with her hypersensitive nipples.

Man: "'re going to be all right. You're my good girl, taking your discipline so well."

He kissed the top of her head then turned her around and helped her climb onto the bed.

Man: "On your hands and knees, baby. Lower yourself on your arms now." he gently instructed her.

When she was settled he kneeled on the bed behind her and placed his hands on either side of her hips. He lowered his face to her sopping wet pussy and began to gently lick her soft lips. She was absolutely sodden and he was in heaven lapping up her juices. She began to relax as she felt his warm mouth nuzzling her cunt and his tongue delicately swirling up and down her slit.
Her mind was spinning, still trying to switch gears from all the pain to the gentle attentions he now gave her. After a few minutes she moaned and meekly asked if she was allowed to move. As soon as he said yes she was shifting her hips up and down pushing against his face. His tongue felt glorious and she kept trying to manipulate her hips so his tongue would be right on her stiff, throbbing clit. Her fragile nipples brushed back and forth across the sheet which heightened her pleasure. He could feel her twitching and knew her climax was building. She rocked back and forth faster and faster and moaned loudly.

Rose: "Fuck me, Master, please! Fuck me hard!" she begged him.

Aching to feel her pussy filled and stretched she was completely caught off guard when his fingers spread her juices to her anus and he slid his finger deeply into her tight hole.

Rose: "Oh!!! Yes! Harder!" she screamed and thrust herself back and forth on his finger.
Soon a second finger joined the first and he sucked her clit between his teeth.

Rose: "I can't hold it...nooo...I can't anymore! Please let me come, please!" she begged him.

No sooner did she hear his moan of consent than she exploded with fierce, hot pleasure. Her orgasm consumed her and she screamed and grunted like a wild animal. She came hard, her pussy convulsing and her ass almost violently spasming around his fingers. As her trembling eased he slid his fingers out of her stretched hole and gently licked her slit. She panted and gasped trying to catch her breath.

He felt exhilarated by her tumultuous and powerful orgasm. He loved listening to her passionate screams and watching her body shudder and jerk in ecstasy. Sitting back he licked his lips and gazed lovingly at her. He smiled tasting her delicious juices smeared all over his mouth. Her body quivered as she softly cried, so overwhelmed by such an intense climax. His cock was rock hard and practically bursting from its skin. He was ravenous to feel her drenched, tight cunt wrapped around his burgeoning shaft!

Rolling rose to her side then onto her back he leaned forward on his knees between her soft, white thighs. She frowned and slightly hissed as her raw ass slid over the sheet beneath her. This only aroused him further, knowing how tender and sensitive her pretty ass was. He reached under her and grabbed her full ass cheeks in his hands. She cried out as he squeezed her flesh and pulled her hips up. The head of his cock was dark purple and swollen and he looked down to admire her pussy, his pussy, as his knob was poised at the opening.

Man: "Reach down and feel my cock baby, you know what you're supposed to do!" His voice was gruff with lascivious hunger.

He pulled his hips back a few inches and watched as her soft, pretty hand with her dark red fingernails seemed to float in slow motion toward his raging hard-on. Then he closed his eyes and sighed as her fingertips stroked his thick shaft then her fingers wrapped around him and eased him forward to her slick cunt.

Man: "What do you want, slut? Tell me," he whispered and looked down at her.

Her beautiful breasts were so big and round his mouth watered to lean down and suck and bite them.

Rose: "I want you to fuck your cunt, Master. I want to feel you fill me up with your wonderful, thick cock. I love to feel...ohhhh, yes!" she groaned as his rod slid into her. Although she was tight she was dripping wet and he slid in all the way to the hilt, trapping her fingers between their bodies.

Rose: "Oh yes, you are so big! You feel so good!" He nearly took her breath away with how hard and thick his cock was.
Man: "Keep your fingers there and feel my cock sliding in and out. Yes, that's right, I love to feel your sweet fingers touching me as I fuck you. Ohhhh..."

He moved slowly at first, enraptured by the feel of her fingers, the tightness of her cunt, and the slippery sounds of her hole. He felt as if her hot pussy was sucking him and her fingers were tongue-like in their caresses. When he leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth he was in heaven with shear pleasure! He could feel his balls tightening and after a few moments he could stand it no longer and straightened back up digging his fingers into her ass cheeks.

His pace quickened until he was crashing against her. He watched her tits dance up and down against her chest and fucked her harder. He couldn't seem to get enough of her and strained to thrust in deeper. His balls slapped against her becoming drenched with her juices. Then he looked directly into her eyes, moist with lust. She looked up at him and whispered:

Rose: "Please give me your cum".

He roared as his hot cum spewed from his aching cock, deep inside her tight walls. He pulled out of her and gripped his cock tightly, grunting and stroking with a wild frenzy and watched as his thick, milky cum squirt all over her pussy lips. It jetted out onto her belly and she used her free hand to wipe it up and spread it all over her tits. He loved bathing his angel slut with his cum!

After he squeezed out the last drops onto her pussy he fell on his side beside her and wrapped his strong arms around her. With her cheek pressed against his hairy chest she could hear as well as feel his heart pounding and she couldn't help grinning from ear to ear with joy. They relaxed quietly for a while wrapped in each other's warmth. There could be no better place in the world than in each other's arms! He kissed the top of her head and gently squeezed her tighter.

Rose: "There are no words to tell you how intensely happy and loved you make me feel. I'm so happy to be loved by you, to belong to you."

Man: "You are so wonderful. Do you know how much I love you?"

Rose: "Bunches and bunches!" she softly giggled.

Man: "More than that. You are my world."

He answered then pulled her up and kissed her passionately, euphoric in their love.

-The End-
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