~The Gym~
Jackie hurried down the walkway...her gym bag loosely swung as she jogged, her long black hair swaying as she hurried. She was already late for her weekly workout at the gym and the aerobics class. She came to the Mark's Gym. Adjusting her hair and spandex pants, she opened the door and went inside. Making her way past the heavy series of treadmills and the front desk. She made her way further down the corridor. She came to the aerobics studio, and found it dark inside.
The lights off and a piece of paper were on the door.

Jackie: "Oh no.."

She walked up slowly; already self aware of the fact that class was cancelled for the day. But when snatching the paper down and reading it, her disappointment only grew worse:

Paper: "The Aerobics Class Instructor has grown ill with the Flu, and will not be in for the rest of the week... we apologize for the late notice.
Staff of Mark's Gym."

Jackie groaned, and dropped her bag. Sitting in the bench just beneath the window to the office of the studio. But suddenly, her head snapped up from her hands as a deep firm voice called out:

Man: "Is there a problem ma'am?"

She looked to see a tall, lean, ripped man standing on a small staircase leading to the VIP Gym. His crew cut black hair matched well with his boyish face, wearing a sweat stained yellow tank top with muscle shorts. He smiled helpfully across from Jackie.

Jackie: "The instructor is not here, and my schedule is messed up now."

Man: "Well would you like to come and do your work in the VIP studio? It's a rarity, but given the circumstances... I'm sure no one would mind."

Jackie thought, and then snatched up her gym bag. Moving past the man and up the metal staircase. She headed down a concrete corridor, and then turned into a big area. The light here was well lit; mirrors aligned the wall in front, with a series of treadmills and weights as well aligned. Workout mats, towel racks, benches, they had it all. The feel of heat and sweat was thick in the air, "Please, make yourself welcome."

She smiled at the man:

Jackie: "I am Jackie."

Man: "Lawrence."

She went to the mirror, and started to stretch. Her long skintight spandex tightly showing the muscle of her legs. Lawrence took time to get a few eyes full, her long slender legs, her 34 DD small double breasts perked nicely through her sports bra, and her long black hair shined in the florescent light above. He moved around her back:

Lawrence: "Here, let me help."

She obliged and straightened up.... He bent her forward and she kneeled over to touch her toes... her tight behind greeted Lawrence with a visible view of the thong, as well as the tight curves. She bent back up and bent her sideways, her ribs flexed showing she had a figure to die for. Lawrence then instructed her to lie down, she laid and he took her leg.... Leaning on top of her with her leg slung on his shoulder, he pushed down stretching her inner thighs. She winced and closed her eyes. All this was turning Lawrence on and he could feel an erection building in his shorts. Jackie looked out and smiled as she could tell some tension had arisen. She slowly brought her hand to his lean bicep. He froze and watched her hand snake across his arm, shoulder, and chest. He looked back and grinned. She sat up removing her long leg, and kissed Lawrence. Her warm slick tongue slithered in and tangled with his. She felt the heat build in the gym, almost fire like. He felt his hands grasp her shoulders, those big strong palms grasping her tightly, but then he breaks the kiss:

Lawrence: "Someone could walk in... might see us."

Jackie: (Smiles Mischievously) "Then we'll just hope we don't get caught."

She grabbed his head and kissed him hard, he gave back even more. Sighs and soft groans escaped them as their hands fumbled with one another's. They grasped and groped one another. Lawrence groped Jackie's breasts. Feeling her up through her tight clothes. She pulled the yellow tank top free as he felt her figure. She in turn removed her sports bra, her large and beautiful breasts falling out. He watched her as she grasp and squeeze them. He took them and softly, but with firm feel; groped and massaged her breasts. He leaned in and tickled each nipple with his tongue, making her lean her head back and smile. His bite and suck of them almost made her gasp sometimes. He tongued up her cleavage, to her neck, and finally her chin; where they kissed again.

She reached down during the kiss and felt the bulge in his shorts. He looked at her grin, and he brought his hand down and inserted it in her spandex. Her thong was soaked... her warmth and sweet fluids were leaking inside.... It was hot. He gently frigged her lips... palming her pubis, and his finger just between her lips. He gently moved his hand to a humping motion she began. Her eye's looking into his.... Her breathing growing harsh as she ground her hips to his hand. She couldn't take anymore and finally pulled free... laying back she kicked off her sneaks, socks, and stood up. Lawrence sat down and watched. She turned around and bent down to strip down her spandex pants... the skin tight cloth slid down like a 2nd skin. Her lean sexy round ass gorgeous... the black thong, visibly wet from her pussy.

He smiled as she kicked them away... and brought down her hands to her skin... moving them down her body. She watched as he undid his shorts and took them off. She gently rubbed her pussy through her thong... then stripped them off and tossed them as well. Now both completely nude, Jackie got down on all fours. Crawling away she teased Lawrence. She turned over and spread her legs wide; her sweet pussy gleamed as it pulsed. The lips and clit swollen and red, she gently teased her clit. Biting her lip as Lawrence crawled over in between her legs as she leaned back on the mat:

Lawrence: "Got something for me there?"

Jackie: Mmmmm I got something for you alright."

He leaned in and softly kissed and licked her inner thighs, blowing air on her creases on her legs and pussy. She quivered and chilled as her senses burned up. She sighed and slightly quivered from his torture. Then the soft flick of his tongue set it off. He tasted her lips with his tongue, then tickled her clit with the tip, changing from paces of fast and quick to slow and gentle. His tongue lanced her and flicked in every direction and tingling ever wall of her soaking wet pussy. She was in heaven, her body twisted and jerked. She at times fell back on her back completely; thrashing her arms to find something to grab on to. Her hair beaded with sweat from her body heat, she grasped Lawrence's head as squeezed it with her legs; her hands entangled in his hair.

Jackie: Mmmm fuck.... Ahhhh yes Lawrence eat my pussy!! Ooooh god your making me so wet... Mmmm!!

She pushed him away and grasped his large member. His vein bulging 7 ½ inch member throbbed in her hands. Jackie stroked and squeezed it, spitting and circling the mix of pre cum and saliva around on the head. She finally smiled at his expression of tension and took it into her mouth. She slurped loudly as her head bobbed up and down, the drip of saliva and cum drooping from her chin as she twisted the shaft with her hand and bobbed back down. Slurping on the head, deep throating, licking the shaft, it all made Lawrence squirm and groan out loud. His member pulsed and throbbed. Finally he grasped her hair and held it as he Jackie bobbed faster. She let it free of her mouth, and Lawrence stood up. Helping her up, he moved over to the towel rack as he turned her around and kneeled her over the edge. Kissing her back and down to her ass... he moved down.... She smiled and tensed, feeling his body move down... and a sudden shot from her backside. She looked around to see him tonguing her ass.

Lawrence: "Mmmmm your ass is so good... Ooooh Yeah...."

He massaged her cheeks, and spanked them each. The skin was a bright pink, his tongue licked up the crack, tingling the small hole as he spread the cheeks. She winced and squealed slightly. Then reaching around and pushing his head in her ass. He tongued her deep, and then rubbed her ass cheeks. She turned away but was surprised again by more bolts of pleasure. She felt his 4 fingers enter her pussy.... The tight feeling almost unbelievable as she felt his thumb enter her ass. She tightly gripped the rack edge as she felt Lawrence's fingers and thumb in her tight pussy and ass.

He firmly slapped her ass as she softly whimpered as she bounced on his hand.... The churning of juices and heat of passion had them in a slur of lust. Her whimpers grew into low moans:

Jackie: "Mmm ahhhh yess... God that hand is so good... so nice.... Mmm fuck me with those fingers... fill me up Lawrence.... Oh god this is good!!!"

He pumped her furiously... holding her ass cheek apart with his free hand... the sight of her skin tightly squeezing his fingers. He stopped and waited for her body to relax and pulled his hand free.

He led her to a weight bench and rested her on her back. The barbell secured above made a rattling noise as steel banged against steel. She sighed, as she knew his thick swollen cock would enter her in just moments she was begging for it.... He spread her slender legs wide... her pussy soaking wet and oozing juices down on the bench... he laid a towel down and inserted his cock. She gasped at how big the feel was.
He groaned in return of her tightness and warmth. She sighed as his slow pumping action began... slowly at first, but with rhythm that changed in pace. The shaft slickly slipped in and slid out... it glistening with her creamy fluids. Her breathing grew tense and sped harsher as his thrusts became more deep and fast.

Jackie soon was grinding her hips to his fast paced fucking as he slammed into her. The sight so hot he grit his teeth to maintain is stature. She looked up with a sexy look in her eyes as her face twisted with pleasure. She gripped the leather padding of the Bench and the metal clang grew louder with each time his cock drilled her. She squirmed and writhed; she bucked her hips and held the leather padding tightly in her fingers. Lawrence held her legs apart like a wishbone as he pumped into her, the soft squeak of the bench and slap of wet flesh almost filled the hollow echo of the room. Her sighs grew loud as he fucked at full speed. Her soft moans grew loud as she was taking in all the waves of pleasure:

Jackie: Ahhhh mmmmm yeah!!! Fuck me... ahhh shit so fucking good... god yes fuck me!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!"

Lawrence let go of her legs, slung one leg up on his shoulder, and leaned in on top of her. His cock thrusting like a piston as it drove in and out of her pussy. Her moans grew so loud it seemed someone must've heard them. She squealed and her body shook as a orgasm came and swept her away:


Jackie's body shook and her eyes rolled as her climax washed over her, extending the electricity like feel to every nerve. She clawed his back as she held on from his cock, still fucking her hard and fast. She opened her eyes to see him looking to the right though, she looked and saw their reflection and his eyes. She smiled and stopped him abruptly pushing him off for the moment and looked around to see another machine. She grabbed his hand and led him to the leather seat. The smell of sex in the air, she sat him down and faced the mirror.... Sitting down on his member, she felt it slither in her tight pussy again. Her body chilled as it filled her... and his strong hands moved around to feel her large breasts. Beaded with sweat and they both moved into a fast paced motion. His massaging of her breasts and her bouncing was almost too much for him or her. She moaned out loud and held tightly onto his head that sucked and kissed her neck as she bounced. She opened her eyes, and looked at the reflection. The sight of her pussy pulsing as it rode up and down on this throbbing cock was such a hot site. She was feeling her pussy clenching and the fast building of another climax of stronger feel coming on. She held Lawrence's head tightly and rubbed her clit as she bounced faster. Her moans grew loud:

Jackie: "Yeah... Yeah... Oh yes... Oh yes... FUCK!!! CUMMING AGAIN... CUMMING AGAIN!!!"

She almost screamed, but Lawrence quickly took one hand from her breast and stuck fingers in her mouth to muffle her. She squealed as her juice shot from her cunny. Her violent shakes almost bone rattling as her pussy leaked all over is shaft and the bench seat. He grunted and pulled his fingers free:

Lawrence: "Ahhh fuck!! Your gonna' make ME cum babe... open your mouth... open your mouth Jackie!!"

Jackie hopped off and was on her knees. Lawrence on his feet stroking his member furiously, the head a bright red as his slick member was furiously stoked. She looked up and licked her lips; staring into his eyes as he stroked again and again.

Lawrence: "Ahhh ooooh I am gonna' shoot a creamie load all over your face.... Mmmmm fuck so good!!"

Jackie: "Yeah... you going to cum for me... shoot that nice hot white thick load all over? Mmmm make a mess on me.... Cum all over me baby... Mmmm yeah!! Give me that fucking cum!!"

Lawrence grunted; and several wads if white cream shot from the tip of his cock. The jets landed on Jackie's chin and mouth, her face smirked as wads shot on her neck and chest, dripping down her breast. She smiled and cleaned off his cock by sucking the head softly, slurping the last of him. His legs grew weak and he sat down on the bench.... Jackie crawled over. Wiping up the cum from her body and tasting it on her finger, she smiled with a beam in her eye.

She and Lawrence made out for a few minutes, and then a voice came over the AP:

AP: "Attention all staff... a meeting will be conducted in the staff meeting room in exactly 15 minutes." All staff from R and D wings respond. This is not mandatory, all staff from R and D wings respond."

Jackie: "Mmmm looks like your needed."

Lawrence: "No... I am staying... besides... my shift got off an 1 hour ago." *He winks*

Jackie only smiled as she saw his cock growing stiff again...
She said nothing, but instead smiled and pushed him back on the bench once more... this was going to be a GREAT WORKOUT!!!
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