Tera wiped the sweat from her brow and turned to look at the clock. 1 P.M. Mike would be home soon for lunch from the office. She put the paint roller in the tray and sat down. The forecast was to be humid and sunny, temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. She had the fan running and AC on too, but she couldn't have them on in the room's she was painting over until she finished. She stepped out of the room and in that instant felt the cool relief of air conditioning.

Tera: "Whew! Thank You!"

She walked to the bathroom and took the bandana off her head letting her hair fall loose. Since they moved into the new home as a couple they decided on a few changes to the exterior of the home. Landscaping, Paint, and so on. It would be a steady process of course, but one that would benefit them. Tera had since started on re-painting the spare bedrooms, as well as the back deck once she got the proper stain for the wood. Just then her thought chain was broken by the car of Mike pulling into the driveway. She peeked out to see the garage opening. She splashed cool water on her face and washed her hands before drying them off with a towel. She turned and left the bathroom and proceeded down the stairs to the front door, at that moment Mike entered and greeted her:

Mike: "Hey, how are you honey?"

Tera: "Ugh, hate this heat... it's hell up there."

Mike: "You look awfully flush, you sure you were just painting?"

Tera: "Oh nice Mike, you always have a dirty frame of mind?"

Mike: "Not always, but often." *smiles*

Tera: "Hmm, so what you want for Lunch?"

Mike: "I took the rest of the day off, I got a break from my supervisor because I've been working so well and making a lot of good progress with the firm."

Tera: "Your not going to get in the way are you??" *Tera gave a distressed look*

Mike: "No I won't I'll help, I'll just go change... WOW, your hot!"

Tera: *Laughter* "I know I'm hot. C'mon cowboy... go change, I'll break out a new roller.

* * *

Tera peeled off the wrapper and heard Mike come in the room behind her, she turned and held out the roller.

Tera: "Watch it, the paint is still wet."

Mike: "Still? With this heat, it's hot as hell in here."

Tera: "Now you know how I feel.

The two took opposite walls and began to paint. Bending over every now and then to dab the roller in fresh paint in the tray. Mike looked over his shoulder too take a quick breath away from the scent of paint, and got a glance of Tera's narrow firm ass as it snuggly fitted to her hips. The back of her legs and arms were slightly damp from sweat, her hands had a little bit of paint droplets that dripped from the roller. Her light brunette hair was in a tight bun just barely covered by the white bandana she tied on her head. He grinned and with the roller, reached across brushing it across her ass. Tera froze and closed her eyes, a part of her wanted to get annoyed but another part of her liked it too. She just didn't want to ruin anything in the room, all the work she did so far. She turned and looked at him:

Mike: *struggled to hold back a laugh* "Sorry couldn't resist."

Tera flexed her eyebrows, and in the blink of an eye brushed her roller over his t-shirt covered stomach. Mike jumped but laughed when he knew she got him. He nodded his head and gave a look with the impression that he had it coming.

Tera: *grinning* "You started it... don't do it."

Mike: "Do what? *Advancing*

Tera: "Don't... I'm warning you right now. *Voice breaking and bringing up her roller*

Mike: "What... what?"

Suddenly Mike shot at Tera and struggled with her for the roller, the two laughed and cried out. Mike got his hands around her from behind, one arm wrapped around her to pin her arms to her sides; while his other hand grasped her roller and brought it to her chest and neck. Tera squealed and laughed as she shifted her head furiously, feeling the lather of the roller's paint pressing against her neck line and chest. Mike laughed and let go of her, she staggered away laughing. Turning to reveal he got her shirt, neck and upper chest wet with paint.

Tera: "Seeee... this is what I was afraid of!?" *She looked down and wiping the paint off her neck*

Mike: "I think you look good in White." *grinning*
Tera grinned and looked at him. She turned and left the room slowly, looking over her shoulder one last time before turning the corner to the bathroom. Mike kept watching, and saw her long slender leg extend... her foot dropping her shorts and panties. He placed the roller in the tray and peeled off his t-shirt. Mike followed and heard the shower come to life in the bathroom:

Tera: "Better come help me clean this off now..."

Mike smiled and shook his head, and stepped out of his flip flops. Entering the bathroom, he found her wife beater on top of the toilet and looked at the shower to see her full naked figure being blurred by the glass of the shower door. She opened the door and stood in full view of his eyes, a sleek grin on her face as she placed both hands up on either side of the shower stall like she was posing. He grinned as he peeled down his cut off shorts and took in the features of her naked body, the water running down her every line, her trimmed runway of pubic hair to her pussy. She had not removed the bandana however, she stepped aside and let Mike step inside before closing the shower door. He grinned as she ran her hands over his bare back. His face and chest took a slight dip from the shower's water before he turned around to get his back; where Tera planted a tender deep kiss on his lips. Mike than saw that the bandana made her actually rather sexy, she grinned and chewed his upper lip while his hands ran around her shoulders and down her back. She ran her fingernails lightly along the surface of his upper shoulder columns before raking them down the middle of back and back up.

Mike felt his cock growing stiff kissed Tera a little deeper, his tongue swirling with hers as the hot shower made the moment a lot hotter. Tera felt herself backing up against the tiled wall with Mike following her, she bumped her head as she came in contact and let out a laugh but the two kept kissing. The water creating a thick blanket of steam in the bathroom. Mike's eyes though closed he could feel the urgency getting increasingly restless as Tera's hands searched blindly for a hand hold near them to elevate herself up higher, knocking over bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. She finally grabbed a hold of the upper shower stall rod to her left above her and the towel rack to her right. She pulled up slightly and Mike lifted her upward off the shower floor, her legs wrapping around his back, her hands letting go to grab on his neck and hold onto him. He turned and reached beyond her to stop the water, and then open the shower door. The whole time he blindly kept kissing Tera, her tongue and lips feverishly attacking his. He walked out of the bathroom and towards the open door of their master bedroom. They fell on the bed and began to feel one another over. Tera breathed heavily and gasped as her hands gripped and gently clawed his bare wet back, Mike kissed along her neck and felt over her breasts as he groped and felt her heat radiate from her. They kissed again and rolled over, Tera pinned Mike's hands over his head while holding back inches from his face... than giving him a soft kiss again, another kiss only stronger, than finally a deep long slow kiss. As she pulled back slightly she flicked her tongue tip with his and snaked downward to his chest. Planting soft kisses and light licks to his stomach and waistline.

She smiled and looked up as she wrapped her slender hand around his semi-erect shaft, pulling on it lightly to get it a slight bit harder. She dribbled a slight bit of spit on the head and ran her thumb along the head to lather it up. She stroked once, than twice. She slowly gave a building hand job, she shifted around to his side on all fours. Mike reached down and ran his hands over her lower back down to her bare firm ass, giving it a nice strong squeeze before swatting it hard. The swat made Tera's voice squeak with approval before she extended her tongue to run it up the side of his almost fully erect cock. Mike watched anxiously, his hands still feeling around his wife's bare ass.

Mike tensed his pelvic muscles as Tera deep throated his cock again. The warmth swallowing around his shaft and head. He looked down to watch her work his cock with great fervor, small beads of the water from the shower running down his forehead and temples. His hand running from her ass, to her back, along to her neck, and running through her hair that hung loosely out the back of her bandana. Tera sped up, wildly slurping loudly as her hand gave a steady twist motion to his shaft while she slurped and rolled her tongue around the head. Mike grit his teeth with every flick of her tongue that glided over his head. Suddenly she stopped, and came up for air... still stroking him off furiously with one slender hand, rapidly stroking. She pushed him back on the bed again with her other hand than raked her fingernails down his hair covered stomach. Tera slowed down her wrist action and ran her tongue again up the length of his shaft before quickly taking it into her mouth again. Mike tensed and grasped her leg pulling her lower half over to him. She positioned herself, throwing one leg over him and scooting back to his face. Mike grabbed her legs and pulled her back, Tera giving out a little laugh from his anxiousness. Mike than grabbed a hold of both her ankles and bent her legs forward as he spread her legs apart, her pussy just inches from his face. He quickly moved in, extending the flat side of his tongue as far as he could, and gave her lips a quick, but deep lap. Tera let a soft sigh escape her lips as she closed her eyes and bit her lip from feeling the chill from his tongue. She took his cock back into her mouth, her hands on both his knees as she bobbed up and down with the soft gargle as his cock poked the back of her throat. Mike meanwhile was squeezing and groping her bare ass, the perfect curvature of her skin was pristine. He squeezed, pulled, clutching handfuls of her bare cheeks, his tongue deeply delving her folds, lapping and flicking at her pink fleshy walls. He could tell from the muffled moans of Tera and her fingernails digging his legs she was getting off on his tongue fucking her cunt. He slowed and stopped, sucking on his index finger and bathing it in saliva as he ran it around on her asshole:

Tera came up for air. "Ohhhhh yessss...," she hissed stroking him off.

Her face was flushed and a soft red, her forehead beaded with perspiration. She felt his finger ease in her ass, her throat tensed and she let out a long groan... deep and intense from the feeling behind her. With a finger now in her ass, Mike went back to lapping away at her folds. He lapped her lips with intense light flicks of his tip and middle of his tongue. Flicking her clit so fast, and so lightly he was just BARELY touching it. With every flick being so light, and so fast it sent a ripple up Tera's tailbone and back bone. She still kept to her effort of slurping and stroking off Mike's immense cock however, the head now a slight blue, the veins pulsing from the heat of the moment, she'd never seen him so hard, It was amazing. His free hand slapped her ass hard and brought her back to reality, "AH!! Ooooh!!"

She looked over her shoulder and could see out of the corner of her left eye his face buried in her ass, only able to see his nose just over her line of sight. She felt his finger pull free and then 2 filling her cunt, "OH! Oh yeah!!" She stiffened the minute she felt the chill shoot up from the 2 fingers penetrating her. Mike grit his teeth and breathed with such a hot sound, the sound of a man in a frenzy of desire. The same sound she heard from him every time they were in such a bad way of needing one another. Her hands lost grip on his cock and she let go, her hands gripping at the comforter of their bed as she sat on all fours once again. Her head drooping as she felt it going to her head, making her body and head feel light and her body hot with tingles. She opened her eyes to see his fingers pumping her pussy, his face slurping and flicking his tongue over and over. Mike suddenly stopped, "Come here baby... let's get in a better place." He stood up, and took her by the hand. Her legs shaking she stood up with a curious and horny need to know where they were going. Suddenly he brought her into the room where they were painting. Tera pulled back trying to not laugh, "No! We can't, we'll make a mess if we... w.."

But mike would not hear it, he gripped her around the waist and hoisted her up off the floor. Tera coiled her legs around his lower back and gripped his neck with both hands, the two sharing another deep kiss as he carried her into the painting room. She grinned as she felt the step ladder behind her, she reached back and found a small cloth. Mike took the cloth and set it on the large step of the ladder, setting her down on the step. Now Tera looked down, her back leaning back just enough to lean on one of the walls she hadn't started to paint. Mike looked up at her, spreading her legs wide apart to see her swollen clit and wet lips. Her groin muscles were quivering, they along with her thighs were still wet from the shower. Mike ran his hands inward, feeling over her thigh muscles... giving them each tender but firm squeezes. Tera breathed heavily through her mouth, watching him feel over and caress her flesh. Her breasts heaving with each breath, but also glistening in perspiration; whether it was from the shower of the hot room, Mike couldn't tell. He moved in and gave one of her thighs a soft slap, making her jump. Taking a knee on one of the steps of the step ladder, Mike ran his thumb over her clit lightly before spreading her lips, and flicking her clit with his tongue. Tera hissed through her clenched teeth as she leaned back against the wall, the ladder being perfectly balanced by Mike's weight made it easy to enjoy the moment without worry of losing her balance. She ran her hands through his hair and up her stomach, cupping her breasts with both hands. Groping them as she watched her man swirl his tongue around on her love button, every time he slurped her cream she squeaked and felt her stomach tense with her groin muscles. But with Mike's strong hands holding her legs down it was almost impossible to move her legs, she could only flex and arch her pelvis a few inches up off the ladder.

Mike looked up, enjoying the flush look of desire in Tera's face. Her mouth gaping, sharp cries and moans escaping her throat, but her breathing was erratic. She breathed intensely as he slurped on her clit, and lapped at the endless flow of juices that dribbled and leaked from her pussy. Her hands would often grab a handful of his hair and her legs would squeeze together when he slurped her clit long... and especially when he lapped her slowly. It was such torture, making her squirm and edge for relief... but he always liked making it last. Dragging it out so long, he slurped on her lips one last time before letting them go with a loud succulent pop! Her clit twitched to his naked eye, and he brought up his thumb, sucking it and lathering it with his saliva. Mike then began to tease her clit, rubbing it franticly in a quick horizontal pattern. Tera's breathing began to sharpen, speeding intently to the point where her legs were shaking, her face tensed in agony as she watched her pussy flex and squeeze. She was cumming, "OH! AH!! MIKE!! MIKE ... OH GOD MIKE!! DON'T STOP, OH PLEASE... PLE.. DON'T STOP!! DON'T STOP!!" She breathed in quick gasps roughly 2 seconds apart, as she shook and tensed. Her own hand shooting down to rub her snatch to a thunderous orgasm. Mike reached up and silenced her cries with a hand over her mouth, while his one strong hand held her down to the ladder as her pelvic muscles sent her thrashing in a frenzy of spasms. One, Two, Three hard hitting waves washed over Tera, her eyes seeing stars and discoloration outside her vision. She shook and felt almost like she couldn't feel anything at all. Her body warped by her climax, she didn't want to stop. She eased down the ladder, her legs weak and shaking. Mike held her by the waist as she was barely able to stand on her own, he laughed, "Maybe a res..."
Tera breathed, "Fuck Me..."
Mike only grinned and kissed her, moving her back against the same un-painted wall. He hoisted her up again, she still was pinned against the wall, her legs separated in each of his hands. He kissed her once more, she reached up to the ceiling and held the ceiling by her finger tips. Mike's rested her leg's in both the hook's of where his forearm and biceps met. His free hand stroking his cock and easing it into her pussy. Tera let out a huge wisp of air, expelling it with a sharp raspy gasp of his immense cock. Mike hissed a breath of his own through his clenched teeth as he held her up against the wall. He looked her in the eyes, her hair's bangs now hanging out of the bandana by a few strands. The wall began to quake and shake as his pelvis slammed into hers, Tera moaned loudly feeling the hard impact of his cock slamming her cunt. Each time her vaginal muscles squeezed his shaft as he exited. The room felt like it was shaking from an earthquake, the heavy heat of the day was heavy on their bodies as they sweated intently. They heavily breathed; with Tera sharply whimpering and moaning out for him, and Mike grunting and breathing to keep up his pace. Tera opened her eyes and looked down to see his large cock piston in and out of her folds, each time it slammed her it sent a huge jolt up her body that made her cry out more and more. Mike slowed down, but thrusted a little bit harder with the last few times, going deeper than he had before. He let one leg down before he pulled out and ran it around on her clit.

Tera, "Ooooooooo don't tease me... GOD DON'T TEASE Meeee..., "she whimpered with her hips shaking furiously as it brushed over her clit again in again.

Mike, "Want more? Want it..." Tera nodded as she wrapped one arm around his neck.

Mike stepped back to the ladder with her. Tera held onto the ladder, while Mike held her right leg in his arms extended. She stood on her left leg, but his hands held her both by her right hip and right leg. She looked back and watched him ease his swollen cock back in easily, she breathed with a lustful moan. She looked back at his flush sweat beaded face as he quickened his hips in seconds to a rapid thrusting. Her whole body jolted and shook from his pace, each solid thrust left her gripping the ladder with authority as if she was trying to not be knocked off her feet. But it felt so good, ever thrust sent a ripple of chills in her body that overpowered the last. It was hard for her to distinguish where it ended or started, it felt like constant and endless tingles. She rested her head on the step of the ladder as she squealed from his cock slamming her, she was cumming again and her body erupted with intense waves of climax again. Mike's face tense as he felt her climax, but still he kept fucking. He couldn't hold out much longer as he felt his own coming shortly, not far off from that moment. Tera's head shot back and she looked back at him with an intense look of desire, her eyes hungry for him as he looked at her. She reached up and wrapped one of her arms around his neck, pulling him in and she reached back as far as she could to kiss him, they sucked on one another's lips and tongues. Mike then let go of her leg and reached up to hold her chin, keeping her ear close by his mouth, her head right next to his. Tera's leg came back down and she leaned back off the ladder. Mike's one large left arm wrapped around her mid-section. One of Tera's hands gripping her breast, while the other reached around to hold on to Mike. Mike's hand gripped her chin and held her head right next to his, his mouth nibbling her ear as he kept fucking her hard and fast.

Mike breathed his words lustfully, "Mmmm baby I love you, you make me so hot!! Fucking you is always a memory for me as it is for you!! I want you to cum for me Tera! C'mon baby, cum one more time for me... give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me! C'mon! C'mon! Gimme that Juice! C'mon BABY CUM!! CUM FOR ME!!"

His Voice in her ears in that HOT MOMENT sent Tera over the edge, she felt her body go limp, "OH GOD!! OH MY GOD MIKEY!!! MIKE I'M CUMMING!!! OH MY GOD DON'T LET ME GO!!! OH!!!" Tera felt her body tighten and a massive, overwhelming orgasm came over her, long and intense. Mike felt his climax suddenly pitch in it's warning light, he still strained to hold back. Waiting for Tera's climax to end, he slowed his pace but felt her body growing limp. She let go of him and pulled away, grabbing ahold of the ladder and stopping her crashing body. She turned and faced him, on her knees with a shaking figure, "Give me that cum baby, paint me with that load!" Mike was stunned, he moved closer and stroked his swollen cock, feeling it growing, and with a loud grunt he felt himself shooting. He came and came, several, countless in fact; countless wads of white cream spurted in long thick jets. Coating her breasts and chest, her neckline and throat. Then several even landed on her tongue and mouth, she slurped and swallowed. She found herself leaning forward to grasp his hips and slurp the last of him clean. She looked up with her eyes slightly watery, stroking him off a bit and squeezing him to the last drop. Once he was together, he kneeled down and helped Tera to her feet. Taking the bandana off her head, he used it to wipe her neck clean. But she grabbed his face and kissed him intently, slow, long, and with feeling. Once she broke the kiss she spoke with a weak voice, "I think... we need another shower..." Mike laughed out loud, "Yeah I think so." He picked her up and carried her out of the spare room, and into the master bathroom again. They showered together and took a short nap later on.

When Tera woke, she realized she didn't put the paint away, when she checked the paint she discovered it had dried up and was wasted. She didn't care, she could get more... painting the room was worth the PAINT job she got earlier. She felt her muscles were still sore from the events, maybe a bath was in order. She left Mike in bed still sound asleep... and headed into the bathroom. Where she lit her candles, and relaxed in the warm water, contemplating of the exciting evening she had...

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