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What is Velvet9?
Velvet9 is the hottest sexual fantasy community online. Share your wildest, naughtiest fantasies with other members... or read, rate, and talk about other members' fantasies.
...and Velvet9 is more than just fantasies. You can share photos, send private messages, chat 1-on-1 with other members, and more.
Can I upload nude photos of myself?
Yes. Be sure to read our rules to ensure that your photos meet our guidelines. Basically, if you're an adult 18 years or older and the nude photos are of you and only you, you can submit them.
Can everyone see my photos?
Every photo you upload can be set to either public or private. Public photos can be viewed by all users. Private photos can be viewed only by members on your Hotlist. You can also send private photos to users not on your Hotlist using private messages or 1-on-1 chat.
I signed up – why am I still not seeing private photos?
Velvet9 is not a porn site – you don't just sign up and download private photos of everyone. Members who have set their photos to private must give you access to view their private photos by Hotlisting you. Members can also send you private photos via mail or chat, even if they haven't Hotlisted you.
This way, members are encouraged to submit their own fantasies and to interact with other members through comments, mail, and chat.
What is my Hotlist?
Any time you come across a member or fantasy that you want to hold on to, just add it to your Hotlist. Your Hotlist is the easiest way to bookmark hot members and hot fantasies. Your Hotlist is also the key to giving members access to your private photos!
How can I get user ________ to Hotlist me?
For starters, Hotlist them! This will give the user access to your private photos, if you have any (sort of a "you show me yours, I just showed you mine!" type of deal). The user will also receive a notification that you've Hotlisted them. If you have a profile and photos, this will increase the chances that you'll get Hotlisted in return.
If the user has submitted any fantasies, comment on the fantasies to get yourself seen!
Finally, use private mail messages and 1-on-1 chat to strike up conversation, and see where that leads...
What is my avatar?
Your avatar is the little photo that appears next to your username in fantasies, Hotlists, your user profile, etc. You can create your own avatar using any photo (public or private) that you've uploaded. Simply select Create your Avatar, and follow the directions there. You can change your avatar as often as you like!
What are tags?
Tags are a way of helping categorize your fantasy to make it easier for users to find when they search. For example, if your fantasy is about a lesbian threesome, you could use the tag lesbian,threesome when you submit your fantasy. This way, even if your fantasy doesn't actually contain the words lesbian or threesome, users can still easily find your fantasy when they search for those keywords.
How do I delete my account on Velvet9?
Accounts are automatically deleted after a period of inactivity.

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