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All my stories can be found here.

I am working on a massive saga that revolves around a young, bisexual girl named Hannah who was born with 'abilities'. For unknown reasons, Hannah can:

• Read poeple's minds to find their secrets
• Control people's thoughts and desires
• Fly or levitate above the ground
• Move objects through the air with her thoughts
• Walk right though walls
• Turn invisible
• Transform into animals
• Create anything she wants out of thin air big or small
• Heal anyone if they get hurt or sick
• Revive herself if she dies

Some people think Hannah is God. Some people think Hannah is a demon. Some people think Hannah is an alien. Hannah just wants to be a normal teenager.

But when Hannah comes of age and her hormones kick in, Hannah realizes she doesn't want to use her powers to cure the sick, feed the world, or stop violence and wars: she just wants to get laid. Now she will start using her weird 'abilities' to have all sorts of crazy sex with her friends, teachers, and even herself. Hannah was always a dorky nerd girl who people feared because of her powers, but now that she wants to be beautiful, she uses her powers to become far too beautiful for anyone to handle. See for yourself:

Now that Hannah wants to play, she starts using her powers in a whole new way, discovering new abilities she had no idea she had before, including:

• Continue to shapeshift and mimic the appearance of anyone she wants
• Make copies of herself at will

• Completely or partially alter her own gender
• With a mere thought and a *snap* of her finger, create lesbian lovers like...

Lost in her own sexual bliss, Hannah does not want to be alone. She doesn't want to be the only person who has such amazing powers, and she starts to give deserving people abilities of their own. Those who are lucky enough to have impressed Hannah include:

Nika (The God of Judgment ) - An abused old, Japanese woman who uses her newfound powers to restart her life as a 35 year-old beauty and Hannah's advisor. She has become almost as powerful as Hannah yet still worships Hannah like she is the one true God.

Rebecca (The God of Beauty ) - An overweight, married mother-of-two who now uses her powers to make herself the greatest MILF in the world, and start affairs with younger men and women.

Jasmine (The God of Power ) A secretary who uses her new powers to make herself a billionaire business tycoon. She molds the world by using her business powers while hiding her true power from the public eye.

Tiffany (The God of Fate ) - An ugly girl who used her powers to become a supermodel. She lives many lives, including as two famous internet porn stars and a naked superhero named Magentress.

Celeste (The God of Love ) - An orphan who has no family, and now lives her life as a true angel, an angel who loves to have super-kinky sex. Celeste's new boyfriend knows she has amazing powers, and hopes they don't ruin things.

What will happen to the world now that Hannah is living it up and abusing her powers? What will happen to Hannah's friends as their newfound powers change their lives for better and worse? Is Hannah God, or just a strange girl who was born with weird powers?

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