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I think I get more turned on reading a hot story then watching porn. I daydream about sex a lot and anything can turn into a fantasy, then a story. Sex should be kinky, unless it's just a quick fuck for relief, but people with vanilla sex lives make me sad. I love blow jobs, real slow ones. My god I cum huge when it's sucked out slow and easy. I love to give oral, I must have a mouth fetish because I love to please, women and men. With guys, I don't wana hang out, kiss and cuddle, straight to business. I love womens bodies, I love to explore them, discover their kinks, get them to try things they never thought of. Submissive women are fun between the sheets, but you have to be your
own person in life. Confident women are sexy. Don't wait for me to tell you your sexy, know your sexy!!!!!! That goes for everyone too, try something you never did in the sack. After giving my first blow job, I was hooked. Never ever thought I would but now its just as fun to watch a dude feel good as it is to watch a womens eyes roll back as she cums.

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