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About 8 years ago I decided to try and see if I could get my breasts to grow. I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion they only way to really do it was hormones. I started taking estrogen and had great results. Both my breasts and nipples gradually increased in size. It wasn't overnight. It took time and patience. I was experienced with vacuum pumping so I started pumping my breast tissue. I also infused saline a number of times. This combined with the hormone grew my breasts from a 42 A cup to a 38 F cup. I am at the point now where they are very noticeable. I dress nearly 100% of the time and most of my friends only know me as female.
I am also into sounding and CBT. I would love to be castrated or have SRS but for now I just abuse my junk. I am fascinated by watching something go inside my peehole.
I am on here to find friends and people who are into the stuff I am. I am not looking to hook up. I am in a serious relationship with a nice man.

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