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32, female, dark hair, blue eyes.
I love to read, write and listen to music.
Only looking for friends .i am in a committed relationship of 15 years.
I have pics in my album if you want to see them. If i post stories they might not
Be your type of story because most of my stories are on a topic that most will not agree with. More than likely i will not post them. I do not want nor need the negativity that could be given. I am an open book if anyone is actually wanting to get to know about me. I am really into erotic photography. My music varies from country to rap from Johnny cash to todays country same with rap and r and b. I love variety and what i listen to depends on my mood. I am a very talkative person at times but there are also times that i am very quiet.
Turn on
Being called babygirl or other names by my husband
A man that can cook
Ain't afraid to get his hands dirty
Knows how to satisfy in the bedroom
Love a man that has a great imagination
Love a man who likes to go mud riding.
Love it when a man ain't afraid to be extra affectionate to his girl.
Love it when a guy leaves little love notes.
Bdsm related
A hand around my throat
A collar around my neck
Pleasing my dominant in any form or fashion
At my dominants side or at his feet.
I love my sir more than life itself. He comes before anyone but my children.
Turn offs
People who think that just because i am a sub that they can expect me to call them sir or do things they want me to do. Very few people will ever get the honor for me to call them by an honorific. I am a one dominant girl unless I or my sir choose otherwise.
Don't know how to have fun
Self centered and selfish
Don't want to cook or help a lady clean sometimes.
Don't know how to cook, clean or do laundry

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