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Hi there everyone
My name is Amber Murphy. I am 32 years old. I enjoy writing erotic stories although my taste is different then most.
I like people who are strong and confident in who they are.
My interests are reading, writing,and my music. I like to color and do word search puzzles. I like history. I am also a very kinky person. I have black hair, blue eyes, I do have tattoos and plan on getting many more. I like erotic art and sketches. Bdsm is my favorite. I also like black and white photos.
My turn on's
A man who can cook and clean
Facial hair.

Turn offs
Controlling unless I allow it.
Physically and emotionally abusive
Lack of responsibility
Lack of kindness
Lack of appreciation
Lack of affection
Someone who thinks that just because I'm submissive that I will call you sir or obey orders that you give me.That is earned not freely given.
Not respecting your elders, especially if they deserve you respect.
I am an open book any questions that you ask will be answered.
Song that I am addicted to by Chase Rice " ride" oh it is such an awesome and sexy song.

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