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Omg so I used this site a lonnnng time ago and lost that profile lol

πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Anyway I am still looking to become a writer and I am still looking to write erotica in some form. If I ever become famous I will have explaining to do concerning this site but fuck it lls.


πŸ’“ Sagittarius 🏹
πŸ’“Music (sing and rap)
πŸ’“ Writer (psychology romance paranormal)

πŸ”₯Romance and Intimacy

Let me explain...I'm not actully into the whole daddy's little girl thing...I only have read that or know about it because it's a sub genre of bdsm BUTTTT because I'm more into fantasy of there being a man that is so diciplined and together (because that is in its self a fantasy) that I can just follow all his lead and he isn't going to lack in caring for all my spiritual mental physical emotional needs. I'm into the idea of him providing all and just that complete dominent alpha aura I can't allow the average perverse weak undiciplined man to be. So that's my real fantasy and turn on. Anything else I've written as Madame Antoinette...first off I was 16 and made the profile. I always knew I wanted to be a writer and so this site was about the challenge of writing and expressing something that up to that point I hadn't even experienced. I never had a real boyfriend when I began writing as Madame Antoinette here. I wanted to write some characters outside of myself and channel fantasies of others. As a writer sometimes writing expresses my talent but not actually myself or beliefs. Such as...I am not lesbian or bisexual. That's one way.

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