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Confessions of a secret life.
I'm married and have a secret side that (almost) no-one knows about.
All my life I've been suppressing Dominant urges, thinking kink was somehow wrong or perverted until recent online experiences have made me realize how powerful these instincts are. It has been a journey of self exploration that has had both highs and lows
I've recently come out of a 2 year D/s relationship and have been trying to ignore this aspect of myself in order to focus on my vanilla life.
But I need an outlet, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to contain these urges.
In the past, writing was my refuge and I'm hoping I can return to it again.
Found this site and thought I could use it to express my feelings and experiences.
Details will be changed in order to honor the bond I had with those involved.
My initial plan is for these confessions to be revealed as snapshots rather than a linear narrative. Perhaps later I will try make them more ordered but right now, I need to get this out

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