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AS the years have slipped past, I've explored any number of ways to please the woman of my choice. With the use of a gentle touch, finger tips and lips almost always assure my female partner a g-spot orgasm. The allure of the female body always draws my attention to their vagina and delightful anus.

Licking and gently nibbling of their tender vagina lips, causing them to swell will most often lead to a stimulating rim job for the female of the hour.

Then the gentle finger manipulation just inside the vagina, stroking their g-spot will without fail cause them to erupt into one delightful breath taking orgasm.

Then as the dessert I will stroke my erection as they watch. The female will direct the action right up and through the moment of ejaculation. I most often lick up my own cum load to the delight of the female in the audience........Oral sex is the most intimate of all sexual acts. Love to hear from women who like oral sex performed on them and love to watch their man masturbate, perhaps in front of her girl friends.

E-mails are always welcome. A variety of sexual things are always open topics with me...

It says age 70 on the profile, but I found you hit the wrong key and it's there, you can't remove your error.

I don't have any pictures to send to anyone, I prefer my privacy, and respect yours.

On line chats are good......anytime you see me online we can hook up.......No topic is off limits. Topics such as incest are taboo, however some people will secretly admit that chatting about incest is a huge turn-on.

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