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I love writing and reading erotic stories.I have some dark fantasies and hope that someday I can make them cum true.Thanks to all who have read,commented and enjoyed my stories.I am interested in meeting and making friends on V9. Fill free to send me a private message and I will respond when time allows.I love to talk the talk so to speak.Share your pictures and I'll share mine. I have made my pictures open to the public. I fill it is time after so many years of being a V9 member that I need to let the tells of loving anal sex and long hard cocks in my ass, that this should be seen. After all I have talked the talk, so I guess it's finally time to walk the walk. I do hope all you hot open minded sexy people enjoy all my pictures. Remember lots of good lube and a good relaxing technique and good deep breathing helps a lot in getting good anal sex. Good luck

My turn on's are:nude bodies,Shaved cunts and cocks.Hot Sex..all kinds,porno(all)men-women,
woman-woman, man-man.Watching,reading.I love anal sex,receiving mostly.This pleasure was discovered at a very young age.I have pleasured myself with a multitude of items.All different lengths and girths,getting that full satisfied feeling.But mostly trying to find out what is, I guess how to say it is just to big or to long.I love the free feeling of being nude and go nude as much as possible.

Turn offs:whining close minded people,thick un-kept pubic hair,and I just plain HATE clothes!

I love reading the fantasys on V9 and enjoy chatting with my friends on here.
I've made my hot pictures open to the public, I think after being a member of V9 for so long this is something I should do.As I have talked the talk for so long, I figured it's time to walk the walk. I hope those of,you that take the time to read my profile,also my stories enjoy them as much as I did. You will see in my pictures that I do shave my cock and I do fuck my ass. I've been away for a long time, my computer took a shit and never came back. I now have a phone that allows me to get on line so I will continue to write when I can. I see most of my friends haven't been on in some time or have moved on. I really hope to meet some hot honest sexy straight, bi,gay lesbian lovers on here. My biggest fantasy is getting Fucked in my tight ass while eating a clean fresh shaved hotjuicy delicious pussy.

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