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I have great appreciation for our sensuality with the gift of being in tune with our body. Our senses of touching, smelling and tasting are the treasures shared and benefited from one lover's body and mind to another. This is the ultimate turn-on. Lovers sharing,touching and exploring their bodies along with their nectars mingling together create such power of intimacy. Intermixed with its tastes, fragrance, touch, feelings are all so stimulating a force full of energy.

Your heart feels the loving with that special chemical burn, churning with its magnetism and capturing your mates life forces. This flow of special life forces insures a foundation of contentment in living at its peak, which shares happiness and completness!

I enjoy most sea food, wine,brewed ice tea,some select cold beer and the most of all Captain Morgan with diet cola and lime or the Captain with the ice tea.

I enjoy reading the thoughts of the various authors in describing their dreams and fantasies which are sometimes simuliar to my thoughts.

Sometimes you develop a beautiful relationship within the Velvet kingdom. A new friend or friends, sometimes its magic with the appeal of a friend over the internet without the old face to face. Yet you do desire to meet that special person. On the other hand, maybe the distance apart keeps you in boundries in which you otherwise may ignore. There are special people here.

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