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Poetic Justice (a novel in parts) Chapter One
one would have ever tagged me for the sort of woman to end up in the 'Good girl gone bad' role, but you could say that's where I was in life right now. When those songs say 'life is a...' ,you know the rest, it's not a joke and I had met that side of her ... [read more] Submitted by:

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A Wonderful Gift
Originally titled "The Gift"

Introduction: The setting is in the south of Italy: An older man in his early 60s retires and is given a cheap gold plated watch for his 35 yrs of dedicated serv ... [read more]
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Where did you want to be kissed?
You are spending another Saturday playing golf. There is work to be done cleaning the deck and readying it for Summer, but you are playing golf. I told you to go and get out of my way.

As the day went on the cleaning progressed, but there was much mo ... [read more]
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All Good Things Come To Those........
Hanging out with Josh is relaxing. Today we decided to picnic and I am now completely sated with delicious food and his beautiful voice. He has his head ducked down and he is plucking out a newly popular tune. His father's ranch pond is hidden off to the ... [read more] Submitted by:

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Lanie's Hubby
Hi,my name is Lanie and I would like to tell you my story. Don't worry it short,sweet,and pleasurable. Good! Now I have your attention, so sit back and here goes.....

I had been watching him for a week,tall handsome in a rugged way, bald with large bl ... [read more]
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