A Pictures Worth A Thousand Fantasies
I'm lying in bed, watching the clock, the minutes tick by 7:58....7:59.....8:00 my alarm sounds, I reach over and shut it off, I have an incredibly busy day. I dressed comfortably and started to organize my paperwork. Powered up my laptop, confirmed client reservations, did my bookkeeping, invoices, and sorted my receipts.
Today I was shooting lingerie models which I have not done for a long, long time. And curiously....everything came back to me to pose, where to get the model to stand, lighting locations and requirements and even which outfit to shoot first.
The girls were all dolls, great to work with. Sometimes you get a bitch or two, that don't want to cooperate and do what you ask, but these girls were great and thats what makes my job great.
My last model of the day was Sophie. Now let me clarify that I am a straight woman, but she instantly made my panties wet, she was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.
She was probably about 5'5 with a beautifully sun kissed curved body. Red, straight hair, amazing green eyes with full lashes. Her breasts were big and perky. Her thighs slim, with a great apple ass.
I was packing up my equipment and getting ready to head out the door when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was Sophie.
"Hey Calli, I was wondering if you did one on one photo shoots?" she asked politely.
" Well, what kind of shoot are you looking for?" I asked sliding another lens in to a case. "Something more intimate. I'm getting married in a month and I want to do something special for my soon to be husband. A boudoir session basically." she said, giving me a dazzling smile. How I could I say no?
"Yea, I can do that, here's my card, give me a call." I said handing her a card.
"Thanks, I will, I have to wait for him to go out of town, I want this to be a surprise."
She said with a giddy lilt to her voice. "Great" I said and gathered my things and headed home.
I was sitting at my computer later that night, touching up the photos from earlier, saving them and sending the proofs to the agency for approval, when my cell rang.
"Calli?" a sweet voice said. "This is Calli." I said. "Hi, It's Sophie, from the shoot. Look Connor left town on business, earlier than I expected and I have some free time, I was wondering if possibly we could do it tonight?" She asked.
I looked at the clock, it was already close to seven, and if I hurried I had just enough time to catch the 7:15 train. " I can do that Sophie, I should be there by eight."
I wrote down her address, and we exchanged goodbyes. I pack fresh batteries, my flash, strobes, and stands. I debate bringing the soft box but decide I don't need it and I really don't want to bring it on the train either.
I arrive ten minutes late to Penn Station, so I begin running through the building with all 40lbs. Of equipment strapped across my body at various angles. Of course the great thing about New York is that a girl in jeans and a sweater tearing through Manhattan with three huge bags strapped across her body while tapping out a message on her i Phone isn't that strange at all.
I catch the train, and have about ten minutes, to Google boudoir photography, to get an idea of what kind of shots I want to do. Sophie is tasteful and I think some beautiful lingerie, should do the trick, unless she wants to go in a different direction, and thats all good too.
Twenty minutes later I arrive at her apartment. She greets me wearing a silk robe.
"Calli, thanks for coming at such a short notice, I will be forever grateful." she says as she gives me a small hug. I smell her perfume, Chance by Chanel, I know because I wear the same. "Ok, so where do we start? She asks. " Well, I think you should go grab a couple of outfits, and I'll set up." I said pointing towards the living room. She nodded and helped me with my bags. "I'll be right back, I have a couple of ideas already." She said walking into her bedroom.
I didn't wait that long and she came out wearing a sexy negligee. Black with lace, over her nipples, and a slit up the side. She had the fuzzy slipper heels which made me think of Marilyn Monroe. "Ok, so do you want this natural or posed, I asked keeping my head down so I wouldn't stare at her.
"Mmmmm, both." she said. I started snapping pictures, with her posing and acting natural. My mouth fell open when she slid the lingerie off her body. Posing only with the heels still on. I had trouble concentrating and almost forgot to keep taking pictures. I had about 50 shots at the time, when she spoke. "Calli, come here." I looked up, not knowing what to do. "Come here." she repeated.
I walked slowly over the couch, and sat down next to her. She brushed my hair back and lightly touched her hand on my neck and under my throat. I immediately shook with chills. "I want you." she said softly. All I could do was nod. She started unbuttoning my shirt, I sat there unmoving not, knowing what to do. She brushed her hands over my full breasts, still trapped in my bra, I was breathing heavily at this point. Desire flooded through me and I ached for more of her caresses. She pushed me back on the couch and released the button on my slacks, slipping them off me, Now I was just in my bra and panties, she reached around me and unhooked my bra. My breasts spilled out. She began massaging my breasts in earnest. I moaned. She continued to press and knead my breasts, paying careful attention to each protruding nipple. Using the index finger and thumb of her other hand she pinched her erect nipples and pulled them away from her, hard enough to stretch the entire breast, before releasing and letting her breast fall back into place. She leaned down and began flicking my nipples with her tongue. Sophie slowly lowered both hands to my waistband of my white lace panties pulling them down slightly, than teasingly hesitating. She kept her eyes directly on me the whole time.
"You look so beautiful" I said to her "You're making me insane". She was driving me crazy, playfully dipping her fingers into my panties again, invading slightly and then withdrawing again. My pussy was dripping by now, and I brought my fingers down to her pussy and rubbed a little, she slapped my hand away, startling me. "No" she said "I only want to touch you, right now."
This time her fingers descended beneath my waistband, her hands lowered the sides, displaying my naked flesh. "God, you look good, Darling." Sophie moaned. She began to circle the flesh of my clitoris lightly with her finger. I gasped audibly when she invaded my opening, penetrating me in a methodical rhythm. She occasionally removed her dripping fingers from my pussy to her mouth and lightly sucked them, then returning to my waiting pussy, I started to involuntarily shudder, small orgasms ripping through my body.
I could only moan louder, when she pressed her naked body against mine. She brought her mouth to my neck, softly kissing my sweat-bathed skin. I turned hungrily toward Sophie and caught her mouth with my own. Sophie got the message and began kissing me back avidly, caressing my tongue and lips with her own as she kneaded my breast. I leaned back allowing Sophie to more comfortably kiss me and work my breasts. Waves of pleasure emanated from my pussy. My breathing became more rapid and erratic. I could feel a spring of pressure and pleasure as it rose to new heights. Spreading from my pussy and upward, mingling with the feel of Sophie's hand and mouth as she caressed my flesh. This sensation approached crescendo as I arched my whole body as it contracted, my breath held and then I exhaled and released. I nearly fell limp into Sophie's body.
Sophie chuckled. Pulling my body against her own, Sophie caressed my face and placed a soft kiss on my lips.
"That was...Thank you," I stammered. Trying to regain my composure. I had never had another woman touch me sexually before tonight. I had never seriously considered touching another woman sexually. But now I wanted to with all of my being. Sophie looked almost flawless as she lay next to me. The sense of relaxation and satiation from my orgasm erased any inhibition that I may have had before. I stood up, beads of sweat rolling down my abdomen.
"Turn to your back" I requested. My heart skipped a little as she obeyed and rolled onto her back, easing into the couch with her body nearly horizontal, defiant young breasts still reaching upward with rigid,excited nipples, her legs hanging over the side of the couch, knees close together. I laid my entire body on top of Sophie and kissed her deeply. I could feel her breasts pressing against mine as I kissed her mouth, penetrating inward with my tongue. Sophie moaned as I touched her her cheek with one hand while holding the back of her head with the other. I continued to kiss her passionately, softly touching her face, tongues intertwined, Sophie's breasts heaving upward towards my sweat drenched body.
We lay kissing for several minutes and then I became aware that Sophie's body was aching for more. Her pussy burned, a cauldron of moistened flesh, dripping juices onto her fabric below. Her clitoris was erect, and almost uncomfortable, desperate for my touch. Sophie spread her legs apart and my body slid into the void now. I was shocked to feel the warmth and dripping wetness of Sophie's pussy lips touch my skin. Sophie lay almost spread eagle now with me bisecting her splayed legs. I broke away from the ravenous kissing and began to slide downward.
I traced my tongue down her breasts and over her stomach. I slid to my knees and licked up and down her inner thighs. Sophie moaned and quivered. I could taste the salty sweat of Sophie's thighs become the acidic-slightly sour taste of her juices as I moved inward with my tongue. It tasted beautiful. I barely grazed the flesh of her lips when Sophie quivered again, bucking her ass completely off the couch, then regaining control returned her pussy to my waiting mouth. I dove in hungrily now, my tongue split her cleft, bathed in her wetness, I then traced the slit upwards to find the erect flesh of her clitoris. Sophie nearly screamed and bucked again. Her breathing heavy between moans. She began massaging her own breast, quickly finding her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. I used my tongue on her clit, flicking and pressing, my whole face was buried now, in her pussy, juice collected on my mouth and cheeks. Sophie was withering and moaning loudly. I swiftly inserted two fingers into her hole, causing Sophie to scream in pleasure. I penetrated Sophie's pussy rhythmically and caressed her clit with my tongue. Her body shuddered and contracted as the orgasm ripped through her.
I pulled my fingers from her and laid down next to her. I turned her face towards mine, Sophie's eyes were still closed from the climax. I placed a gentle kiss on her lips and sat up, pulling her up with me.
"Thank you, Sophie, that was amazing, really." I said getting dressed. "No problem, we both needed it, and I couldn't resist, your so beautiful, Calli." she said tiredly, her eyes half closed. I packed up my things quietly and stood there a moment watching Sophie sleep. I locked up behind me and caught the train home. I was to wired to sleep when I got back to my apartment that I decided to go through the shots from tonight. Sophie looked amazing as always. And then as I was skimming through, I saw that my camera had taken shots of the whole event, I must of hit the button. Even I looked beautiful. I sorted and saved them. Thankful I had memories of this sweet, sweet night.

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