A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie - Part 2
This story continues on directly after my earlier story, A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie.

For the first few months after that night in her bed, Stephanie and I went to bed together every chance we got. It was almost like a honeymoon, except we had to plan every liaison in advance, and keep anyone from finding out, which if anything, only added to the excitement. My parents thought it was great that my aunt Stephanie and I got on so well together, little knowing that we were screwing each other senseless, practically under their noses, but I wasn't so sure about my sister, Casey.

Early in the piece, not long after Stephanie and I started our affair, Stef was due over for dinner one night, and Casey walked into the family room where I was watching TV, and she said, casually, "I hear your girlfriend's coming over tonight."

"What girlfriend?" I asked, flatly.

"Stephanie," Casey replied, "I've seen you. You can't keep your eyes off her."

I'd had an acute attack of butterflies in the stomach when she had said Stef's name, wondering what she knew, or even suspected, but now I realised that Casey must have thought I had some sort of crush on Stephanie, so I breathed easy. I could cope with Casey thinking I had the hots for my sexy young aunt, as long as she didn't know what I was doing about it.

Then, a few weeks later, as I lay on my bed, listening to a CD in my room, Casey stuck her head in the door, and said, "Glen and Stephanie, sitting in a tree, kay, eye, ess, ess, eye, enn, gee."

"You know," I said, looking at her in the doorway, "there are professionals who can help you. Just reach out."

"You're the one who needs professional help," Casey smiled, "going all gooey over your own aunty." She turned on her heels and walked away, but what she had said to me kind of confirmed that she only thought I had a crush on Stephanie, which was a bit of a relief.

Another time, when Stephanie started seeing a guy she met at work, Casey had found me in the family room, and said, with mock sympathy, "Poor Glen, his girlfriend's found a new man. What will he do now?" Little did she know that Stephanie had actually cheated on her new man with me the previous night, but I simply said to Casey, "Is your brain still under warranty? You need to get it looked at."

Over the next couple of years, Stephanie and I developed a funny kind of relationship. I started seeing girls, and she had a couple of flings with other guys, but between times, when neither of us had anyone else in our lives, we would get together for some good, old-fashioned, casual sex, on a regular basis. We didn't just screw all the time, in fact sometimes we would just hang out together, watching TV at her place, or going to bars for a beer or two after I turned eighteen, and stuff like that, without laying a hand on each other, and other times, we would go to bed just for the fun of it.

Four years went by, and in that time, a lot of things happened. I finished school, and got a job in a different bank from the one where Stephanie worked, but she helped me get the job by putting in a good word for me with some of her contacts around town. I had a few girlfriends over the years, but nothing really serious, and I have to say that Stephanie's tutoring in the arts of lovemaking had certainly helped me out a lot in that department.

I was now twenty-one years old, and still living at my parents house, and Stephanie was thirty-five and still single, but still with the face and body of a girl in her twenties. However, the biggest thing that had happened in those four years was that my sister, Casey, had grown up. Casey had been a skinny twelve-year old, back when Stephanie had moved back to town, but when she was fourteen, she started developing those trademark curves that seem to run among the women in my mother's family. By the time Casey was sixteen, she looked like a younger and slightly smaller version of Stephanie, except with our dad's eyes, and with fairer skin, and ash blonde hair, where Stephanie's hair was light brown. She had the same curvy figure as Stephanie, on a smaller scale, with the same full-shaped breasts, that were not large, but just rounded and well-shaped, and a pair of shapely legs that were getting better all the time.

Casey had stayed with her baton-twirling club over the years, and now that she was sixteen, she was a senior. This was good news, because, when she brought her team mates home to practice their routines, she was bringing home girls aged from sixteen to nineteen, so it seemed like there were always sexy little teenage baton-twirlers prancing around the place on weekends, in their practice leotards and shimmer tights, or skimpy little skirts and shorts, going through their routines, or exercising to keep themselves in shape for their training. My parents were charging me less in board than I would have paid to rent a place of my own, but why would I want to leave anyway, with all of this going on? Like I said, a lot of things had happened in the past four years.

Another interesting thing had happened that first summer when Casey turned sixteen. Her best friend was Rowena, a fellow baton twirler, and Casey and Rowena had gone to the public swimming pool one Saturday afternoon, and they both came back with a very mild case of sunburn. They put a towel on the family room floor, and took turns at lying on the towel, while one gently rubbed Vitamin E cream all over the other's back, shoulders and legs. Casey had a pair of denim shorts over her bikini bottom, and Rowena, dark-haired, olive-skinned, and part-Italian, was wearing a black skirt over hers, but they only had their bikini bras on top, and it was quite exciting to watch them on the floor, gently rubbing each other all over with cream. In fact, by the time the show was over, I had become quite horny, and it seemed odd that they had decided do it in the family room, where I was, instead of Casey's bedroom, even though they were really only rubbing cream on each other.

After the two girls finished, they got up and went to Casey's room for a while, closing the door behind them. I sat there for a while, wishing they'd asked me to help them out with the cream.

Late that night, after Rowena had left, I was lying on my bed, reading a book, and Casey came to the door, with the jar of Vitamin E cream in her hand. "Glen?" she said.

"What's up, Case?" I asked.

"My sunburn's hurting again," she said, "Can you be a good brother, and rub some more Vitamin E cream on me before I go to bed?" She was still wearing her bikini, with its blue and white swirled pattern, but I noticed that for some reason, she wasn't wearing her denim shorts over the bikini bottom.

"Yeah," I said, "come in." Casey walked in and I got off the bed. She handed me the cream, and lay face down, with her head at the foot of my bed. I looked down at her in that little blue and white bikini and I couldn't help feeling a little aroused, even though she was my kid sister, and I took a dollop of cream from the jar onto my right hand. I also noticed that Casey's sunburn was so mild, it was barely visible on her fair skin, but I said, "Where would you like it?"

"All over," Casey answered, with her head turned to her left to face me as she lay on her stomach on the bed.

I gently placed my hand on her right shoulder, and started to rub the cream onto her skin, in a smooth, circular motion. I was being as gentle as I could, gently running my hands over her smooth, warm skin with the cream, and before long, I felt myself getting aroused. I was wearing a loose-fitting pair of pyjamas, and fortunately, the hardening of my cock was hidden by them, as I gently applied the cream to my little sister's shoulders, then her upper back, and slowly, painstakingly worked my way down her back. I was enjoying this, so I took my time, and Casey was showing no sign of hurrying me.

When I started rubbing the cream around the area where her bikini top was tied, I was avoiding the string ties, but without speaking, she reached around with both arms, and untied them, and flicked them to each side, so her back was now bare for me to apply the cream without any obstacles. I took her cue, and gently rubbed the cream into the skin where her bikini top had been tied, and I couldn't help thinking that her sweet little body, that I was gently rubbing with cream on my bed, was very close to being naked, right in front of me.

I had worked my way down her back by now, gently smoothing the cream onto her soft young skin, and I could see the beautiful shape of her bottom, clad only in her brief bikini pants, and this added considerably to my arousal. I started to rub the cream into the skin along the top edge of her bikini pants, and once again, without speaking, she reached around with her right hand, and tugged at them to expose a little more skin. "That's really nice," she said, softly, and I looked at the round shape of her butt, and I thought, "I know it's nice, but not the way you mean."

There was now about an inch of Casey's butt crack exposed, and I avoided touching her there, as I rubbed the cream into the skin of her lower back, where the line of her sunburn ended, but it was all I could do to keep myself from fondling her sweet little arse, there on the bed. "Can you do my legs, too?" Casey said.

"Gladly," I thought, but I said, "No problem," thinking, "I could rub this stuff on you all night if you let me." I then started to rub the cream onto the backs of her thighs, my hands going to within inches of her pussy, tucked away inside that bikini bottom, and I felt that rippling wave of excitement going through me, as I smoothed the cream into the soft, firm skin of Casey's inner thighs. "Mmmmmm, that feels nice," Casey said, dreamily. "Tell me about it," I thought.

I had taken my time over applying the cream, and as I rubbed the last part of Casey's lower left calf, I reluctantly said, "How's that now?"

"It's much better," Casey replied, as she started to tie her bikini bra again, and she looked back at me and said, "Do you think you could just do my belly. It's a bit burnt too."

"Your belly?" I answered, "How come you want me to do that?" I tried to sound casual, but I was actually getting quite excited at the prospect. Casey turned over, lying on her back, and said, "You're so nice and gentle. It's really relaxing." There was one part of me that was far from relaxed, but I started to smooth the cream onto the skin of her chest, under her full, perky breasts that were, of course, still covered by her bikini bra. Naturally, I was careful not to even brush them with my hands, but touching Casey so close to them like that was very exciting. I then smoothed the cream onto her belly, running my hands down to her bikini bottom. "Thankyou for doing this," Casey said, looking up at me, "you've got a really gentle touch."

"I don't mind," I said, as I continued gently rubbing the cream onto the soft skin of her belly. My cock felt rock hard, and I sneaked a look down at my pyjama shorts, to make sure it wasn't showing. Fortunately, it wasn't, but when I looked up, I was almost sure Casey was looking there as well. "Surely, she must have some idea what this is doing to me," I thought. "Would you like me to do the front of your legs too?" I asked. I was getting a big thrill out of this, so I decided to milk it for all it was worth.

"If you don't mind," Casey said, looking up at me. I started to gently rub cream onto the front of her thighs, acutely conscious of the fact that her pussy was practically right under my nose, encased in those bikini pants, and I couldn't help wondering if she trimmed it, or perhaps even shaved it. I had to deliberately steer my thoughts back to the job at hand, and I made myself mentally picture my fat, ugly third grade teacher, Mrs Buscombe, to get my mind off Casey's pussy.

After I had finished rubbing the cream into Casey's legs, I looked at her, and said, "All done." She lay there on her back for a moment, and said, "I really appreciate you doing that, and being so gentle." She got up, and I handed the jar of cream to her, and after some small talk, she left the room to go to bed. I watched her from behind, as she walked out of the room, and it occurred to me that she had a sexy walk, just like Stephanie. I was so horny by this time that I had to go and have a wank in the shower, while I tried unsuccessfully to keep the image, and the feel, of Casey's bikini-clad body out of my mind.

Another odd thing happened about two weeks later, when Casey and I were at home alone. I was in the family room on a Saturday morning, and Casey had asked me to watch her latest baton twirling routine, and give my opinion, because she had a tournament coming up. Now that she was a curvy little sixteen-year old, watching her routines was no longer the chore it had been in the past, and she carried her portable CD player into the room, to provide the backing music. "Ready?" she said.

I nodded.

Casey walked to the middle of the floor, in front of the TV set, and said, "Don't start the music yet. I just need to do a few stretches first, before I get started." She turned her back to me, and it was only then that I noticed she was only wearing her hot pink practice leotard, with no shimmer tights. I could see the outline of a pair of briefs under her leotard, but that was all she had on, apart from her sports bra or course, and first up, she started to touch her toes in front of me. My eyes were drawn to the crotch of her leotard, as she bent over with her back to me, touching her toes several times, and the fourth time, she looked back at me, her face upside down between her legs, and she smiled, almost knowingly. I said nothing, just watching her curvy figure, as she bent and stretched herself in front of me.

After a few toe-touches, Casey put her left foot on a stool, bending forward to lay her chest on her raised thigh, then changing feet, and repeating the position with her right leg on the stool. This time, my eyes were drawn to the crotch of her leotard again, as I saw the outline of her outer pussy lips, stretched by the positions of her legs, but I made sure she did not catch me looking there. I was feeling very excited by now, and the baton routine had not even begun. "They teach us it's important to stretch and loosen up, before we start our routines," she said, turning to face me as she linked her hands, and stretched her arms over her head, emphasising the shape of those full but perky tits. Not that I was complaining, but I had never seen her doing stretches before a routine before.

Casey did a few more stretches, and then asked me to start the music. She did her new routine, for my appraisal, but to be honest, I could hardly keep my eyes off her arse, and her curvy little figure, as she pranced, bounced and gyrated to the music, throwing her baton in the air, catching it, all in strict time with the music. It was another good performance, and I clapped at the end, to give her some encouragement. "That was really good," I said, and she smiled brightly as she picked up her CD player, and headed back to her room.

Later that night, as I lay in bed, I thought about her performance, and wondered what she was on about. Surely she knew how provocative she was being. I turned it over in my mind, and decided it must have been that, in just over a year, she had gone from a skinny beanpole kid, to a curvy young girl, with the sort of body that drew a second look from any guy with a pulse, and she was enjoying showing it off, even to her big brother. That kind of led to another train of thought, about the rights and wrongs of getting aroused by your kid sister's body. "You're already fucking your own aunt," I told myself, "so what's wrong with copping an eyeful of your sister?"

Not long after that, my parents were due to go on a seventeen-day Pacific cruise they had been planning for some time. They left on a Thursday, so Casey and I would be home alone for over two weeks. The first weekend, Casey had arranged with her friend, Rowena, to sleep at her house and go to baton twirling practice together on Saturday morning, and then have a second sleepover at Rowena's place on Saturday night. I would have the house to myself for two nights, so early on Friday afternoon, I was thinking of ringing Stephanie, and asking her to come over for dinner, or perhaps we could go for a drink somewhere. In the back of my mind, I was thinking, if Stephanie felt like a session in the sack together, I wouldn't put up a fight.

I sat in an office at the bank, looking at my mobile phone on the desk, but it rang before I even reached for it. I answered, and it was Stephanie's voice on the line. "Hey, Glen, it's Stef," she said, and after a short pause, I heard, "This is a shameless booty call. Got any plans for tonight?" I could hear a smile in her voice as she spoke.

"You have my full attention," I said, smiling back into the phone.

"I was thinking of cooking Italian, and inviting you over," Stephanie said. "Cooking Italian" had become a kind of code between us for "I want to take you to bed tonight," in recognition of that night Stephanie had taken me to bed the first time, all those years ago.

"Sounds great," I said, smiling even wider at the prospect of a night with Stephanie.

"And for dessert," Stephanie added, "I was thinking of putting myself on the menu."

"That would be delicious, as always," I replied, "but I've got the place to myself for a couple of days, so why don't you come over to our place, and we can cook together?"

"What about Casey?" I heard Stephanie ask.

"She's sleeping over with her baton-twirling friend for two nights, so we'll be all alone," I said, "What do you think?"

"See you at six," Stephanie replied. Her voice still sounded like she was smiling.

That night, Stephanie came to my place as planned, and we collaborated over cooking dinner, and had a relaxing meal together. After dinner, we sat around for a while, talking and laughing, and then Stephanie stood up, knelt between my legs as I sat on the couch, and gave me one of her soft, gentle, sexy kisses. With our faces still close, she said, "How about I take you to bed for a while, and we can have a nice, long, slow session of lovemaking?" Then, she added, "Or, if you want it hard and fast, I think I could be persuaded."

"Soft and slow sounds good," I said. We adjourned to my bedroom, and I undressed Stephanie, taking my time, drinking in the beauty of her curvy body as I went along, and we climbed onto my double bed, where I went down on her, tasting her beautiful pussy, taking in its sexy scent, and working her clitoris with my mouth, to give Stephanie her first orgasm of the evening.

After I had gone down on Stephanie, we fucked missionary style, nice and slowly, taking our time, drawing the sweet pleasure from each other's bodies, as we had done so many times before, and Stephanie had two further orgasms to my one. Not that I minded, though. I had learnt that she was multi-orgasmic, if we took things slowly. Then, as arousal returned to us, we had one more missionary fuck, timing our orgasms to perfection so we came together in a burst of total ecstasy, arcing between us like an electric spark. Totally satisfied, we slept in each other's arms, as I held Stephanie's body to myself, reflecting in those last moments before sleep overtook me, that no matter how many times we went to bed together, I just couldn't get enough of Stephanie.

In the morning, we awoke, and with the house to ourselves, we had a leisurely breakfast, and then took a long, sensual shower together, washing each other's bodies, taking the time to do the job thoroughly. As I worked the soapy lather into Stephanie's beautiful bottom, I decided that after our shower, she would have to be fucked doggy-style, because it was criminal if a woman with an arse like hers wasn't fucked from behind on a regular basis. After we dried each other, once again, slowly and sensually, with big fluffy towels, we went back to bed, and after a quick sixty-nine, to help the mood along, we started fucking doggy-style.

Sex with Stephanie was always good, but some times were better than others, and this was one of those times. We were turned around sideways on the bed, so we could watch ourselves in the mirror of my dressing table, and I was watching my hard cock pistoning in and out of Stephanie's snug, wet pussy, feeling her cunt milking the pleasure from me. With each of my thrusts, a ripple went through Stephanie's firm buttocks, as she braced her thighs, so there was no lost motion between us. I could tell from her breathing that Stephanie was close to coming, and I was holding on, so we could come together again. This was great sex, up there with the best we had ever had together, and I knew that when my orgasm came, it was going to be something special.

Suddenly, incredibly, I heard Casey's voice. "I knew it!!" she said, and I looked in the mirror, and there was Casey, standing in my open doorway, her mouth hanging open. I stopped in mid-thrust, my cock still buried deep in Stephanie's pussy, and I said, "Ohh, fuck!!"

Stephanie turned to her left, and seeing Stephanie, said, "Ohh, shit!!!" adding to the witty discourse in the room. I pulled my cock out of Stephanie's pussy, making an audible sound, and I flopped on my bed, yanking the sheet over the two of us, as though that made any difference.

"I fucking knew it," Casey said, stepping into the room. "I fucking knew you guys were screwing each other, but I never thought I'd catch you!" I had never heard Casey say "fucking" before. She was wearing a big, yellow zippered jacket, over her pink leotard and shimmer tights, standing in my doorway.

"What are you doing home?" I said.

Casey came closer to the bed, looking from one of us to the other, and said, "Rowena's mother's got food poisoning. We had to take her to hospital, and her dad put me in a cab and sent me home." She paused, remembering, and said, "I walked in the back door, and all I could hear was you guys in here, right through the house. Fuck! It was like a porn movie when I looked in the door!"

She burst out laughing, and put her hand over her mouth in mock astonishment, and pointed at me, and said, "Doggy style! You were fucking your own aunt, doggy style!" She burst out laughing even harder, and had to sit down on the end of the bed, as if she couldn't even stand up any more. Stephanie and I weren't laughing.

"What are you gonna do?" I asked, "You're not gonna say anything are you?" Stephanie seemed too shocked to speak, and simply lay there, looking from me to Casey.

"I'm not going to tell anyone," Casey said, undoing her zippered jacket, and peeling it off, "but I want to join in, though." She threw her jacket on the floor, and looked back at me, as if she was waiting for my response.

I looked at Stephanie, and back at Casey. "What are you talking about? You can't join in!" I said, astonished she had even suggested it.

"You can't fuck your aunty, either," Casey replied, calmly, "but that hasn't stopped you so far."

"She's got a point there," Stephanie said, looking at me, "Besides, if she joins in, she can't tell anybody, either." She was smiling like she had it all worked out.

I thought for a moment about the effect Casey's sexy little body had on me when I rubbed cream all over her that day, and then when I watched her stretching and prancing around, doing her baton twirling routine, and suddenly, the idea had a little more appeal to me, but there was a big difference between fucking my experienced aunt, in her thirties, and doing it with my kid sister. "How much have you," I paused, swallowing, looking for the right words, "I mean, what have you," I paused again, not knowing how to say it, "Have you ever, ummm." I was making a complete mess of this.

Stephanie was smiling at my sudden awkwardness, and she shook her head and said, "Casey, have you ever had sex with a guy?" We both looked at Casey.

"No," she replied, shaking her head, "but I've had oral sex." The matter-of-fact look on her face was totally out of keeping with what she was saying.

"Who'd you have that with?" I asked, although I couldn't get the smile off my face. Stephanie looked only mildly surprised.

"Rowie," Casey answered. That was her nickname for Rowena.

I looked at Stephanie, who looked back at me, and raised her eyebrows. I had a fantastic mental image in my head, but I said, "Rowie? Are you two lesbians or something?"

"No, dickhead," Casey smiled back at me, "Rowie's got a boyfriend and everything. She's been screwing him for months."

"So, how come you had oral sex with her?" I said, trying to work this out.

"We found your little stash of porn on the computer one day," Casey answered, smiling impudently, "and we found some pictures of two girls going down on each other." I looked at Stephanie, and I could see she had no idea where this was going, either. "Rowie reckoned they looked like us two, so we went up to my room and tried it on each other."

"And?" I prompted, I wanted to hear more of this.

"It was good," Casey smiled, "It was fun. Felt good. Excellent, actually."

"Did you try it again?" I asked, scarcely believing what I was hearing.

"Yeah," Casey answered, as though it was a stupid question. "Remember that day we got sunburnt?" I nodded, and Casey went on, "After we rubbed Vitamin E cream on each other in the family room, where you were, we went up to my room and made out like two lesbians, and then took turns going down on each other." She looked as though she was thinking back on the event, and she continued with, "Hmmmmm, that was fun, too. Then, after Rowie went home, I went up to your room and got you to rub cream all over me. Bet you can't guess what I did after that." She smiled, challenging me to guess.

I had to swallow before I could speak, thinking of curvy little Casey and her pretty little dark-haired friend, Rowie, going down on each other, while I sat in the family room, a couple of walls away. "I give up. Tell me. The suspense is killing me," I said, truthfully.

Casey held up the first finger of her right hand with a smile, and said, "I went to my room to double-click my mouse for a while." I looked at Stephanie, not sure what Casey meant, although I had half an idea.

"I saw that movie," Stephanie said, suddenly seeing a whole new side of her sweet little niece, "So, you got all turned on by Glen rubbing cream all over you, and you went and touched yourself?"

"Case closed, Detective Stef," Casey answered, smiling at Stephanie.

"You dirty little girl," Stephanie said, with a huge smile, and then she looked at me, and said, "I think your little sister should join us, Glen. She seems to have plenty she can bring to the table."

I looked at my sixteen-year old sister, Casey, sitting on the end of my bed, in that pink leotard, clinging to every curve of her sweet young body, and those silver shimmer tights, skin-tight over her shapely legs. I liked where this was going, but surely she couldn't expect me to fuck her. "So," I started, looking Casey in the eyes, "what do you want to do?"

"What do you think?" she answered, leaving me no wiser.

"Well," I said, "I'd be happy to go down on you, in fact I'd love to, but I don't think I can do anything else." Stephanie looked at Casey, smiling, waiting for her answer.

"So," Casey said, turning so she could face both of us, "there are rules here are there? It's okay to fuck your aunty, but not your sister. This incest thing is more complicated than I thought. All these rules!!" She gave me a challenging look, waiting for me to reply.

"Come on, Case," I said, "You just told us you've never done it. You don't want me to be your first, do you?"

"Why not?" Casey replied, "At least I know you'd be gentle." She smiled sweetly, and I felt a wave of excitement at that, but I still wasn't ready to go all the way with her.

"Look," I started, looking at Stephanie for support, "If you want to join us, great, but let's start slowly. You know, make out, kiss, cuddle, whatever. I would love to go down on you, so if you want to get into bed with Stef and me, hop in."

Casey was sitting on the left side of my double bed, close to my feet. She smiled at me, a sly, sexy smile, then she glanced at Stephanie, still smiling, and then slid up the bed to me, and turned to her right, offering me her back. Her leotard had a zipper at the back, and she said, "Unzip me, please." I undid her zipper, and she said, "I may need some help getting this thing off," turning back to look at me. She only had to peel it off herself, but she was obviously making this part of the fun. I leaned forward, and gently pulled the leotard away from her shoulders, and she slipped her right arm out first, and then her left. She stood up, and turned to face us, peeling her pink leotard down, revealing her white sports bra, and then she took it right off, tossing it on top of her jacket on the floor. She was now standing there, with just her underwear, and those silver shimmer tights. I was mesmerised by what I was seeing, and Casey knew it. She knew the effect her curvy body was having on me, and she slowly, teasingly, slid those shimmer tights down, revealing her white bikini briefs, with a pattern of bluebells on them. She slid the tights off her legs, one at a time, and then casually tossed them aside, then stood there for a moment, keeping eye contact with me.

"Like what you see, Glen?" she asked, quietly.

"Very much," I answered.

"I think I'll take the rest off in bed," she said, peeling back the sheet just enough to get into the bed on my left. I was now lying between Casey and Stephanie, in my double bed. Both Stephanie and I were naked under the sheet, and Casey was wearing just her sports bra and panties. My cock was rock hard, and my heart was pounding.

"How about getting in the middle," Stephanie said, looking over me at Casey, "You can be the meat in the sandwich."

Casey started to climb over me, but she stopped and then lay on top of me. My hard cock was pushing against the crotch of her panties, and I could even feel the warmth from her pussy. "Careful," I said.

Casey wiggled her hips, so the crotch of her panties moved against my hard, sensitive cock. Her face was already close to mine, and she made eye contact, smiling suggestively. "I mean it," I said, "Be careful."

Casey pulled a sad baby face, and in the voice people use when they are talking to little babies and toddlers, she said, "Poor widdle Gwen. He don't want his widdle dickie goin' near his sister's wee-wee. But aunty gets a go. Poor widdle Gwen. He's a vewy naughty boy."

The three of us burst out laughing, and after a moment, Casey leant down and kissed me on the mouth. It was a very sexy kiss, I have to say, and I put my hands up on her bottom, under the sheets. Stephanie was lying on her left side, to my right, watching with keen interest. "Your hands are nice and warm," Casey said.

I moved my left hand down to the crotch of her panties, and gently worked it inside. I could feel the pubic hair on her outer lips, and the slippery wetness of her pussy, and I said, "Somebody's very wet down there." Casey took a breath, and kissed me again, this time holding the kiss a little longer. Her lips felt warmer than before, and the taste of her mouth was exquisite.

"What do you expect, after what I saw you guys doing when I walked in?" Casey said, after breaking the kiss, and then she looked at Stephanie. "You looked like you were enjoying yourself," she added. "Trust me, Case, I was," Stephanie answered.

"So, Glen's good at this type of thing?" Casey asked her.

"I've never had any reason to complain," Stephanie smiled.

I now, very gently, worked the finger of my left hand into the snug, wet entrance of Casey's pussy, while I caressed her butt crack through her panties with my right hand. I moved my finger a little further inside her, and she flinched just slightly. Casey looked at Stephanie again, and said, "Do you know what he's doing with his finger?" Stephanie reached up with her left hand, and stroked the right side of Casey's pretty face, and said, "You're in good hands, Casey. Enjoy."

With my finger still nestled in Casey's virginal pussy, I used my right hand to very gently pull the waistband of her panties down a little, and I put my hand inside, and continued gently caressing her butt crack. She kissed me again, exhaling with our faces close as we broke the kiss, and the smell of her breath made me even more excited than I had been. Casey moistened her lips, took another breath, and kissed me again, as I gently moved my finger in her pussy, and stroked her bottom with my right hand.

I gently removed my finger from Casey's pussy, and placed it in my mouth, tasting her pussy juice and sucking it from my finger. Both Casey and Stephanie were watching me intently, neither speaking. I wanted to take this further, but I was unsure about actually fucking Casey, although it looked as though I was going to get the chance to taste her untouched pussy, and I really wanted to do that. Under the sheet, I began to peel Casey's panties down with both hands, and she lifted her hips a little to help me get them off. I slid them halfway down her thighs, having to move my own hips a little to get them past my rock-hard cock, which was now resting against Casey's slippery pussy. She was so wet, and I was so hard, that the slightest movement of our hips would have made my cock slip inside her.

"Stef," Casey said, still looking at me, "Do you realise I'm about two millimetres away from losing my virginity?" She smiled, very suggestively, still looking at me. "What if I just bucked my hips?" she asked, gently twitching them with the word "bucked." I felt the wet entrance to her pussy touching the very tip of my cock. It was all I could do to keep myself from thrusting up into her.

"I've got an idea," I said, glancing at Stephanie and looking back at Casey, "How about letting me go down on your innocent little pussy? While you're still virgin, because the way things are shaping up, that may not be long."

"This is not over," Casey said, smiling at me as she snuggled in between Stephanie and me. I had left her panties halfway down her thighs, so she bent her legs under the sheet, taking them off, and then tossed them over me, onto the floor on my left. Now, all she had left on was her sports bra, and Stephanie helped her to remove it. All three of us were now naked in the bed, my aunt Stephanie, my sister, Casey, and me. My excitement was almost unbearable.

"You don't mind me seeing you naked, do you?" I asked, facetiously.

"Duhh!" Casey responded, lying between us, "You were practically fucking me a minute ago." I pulled back the sheet, revealing the two sexy, naked girls in bed with me, both so curvy, and looking so much like each other, but separated by nearly twenty years. "What a smorgasbord!" I said to them.

"I think he means he likes what he sees," Casey said, looking at Stephanie on her right. Casey's pubic hair didn't look like it was trimmed, but seemed to grow naturally in a neat triangle, with a little finer hair down the sides of her outer lips. It was a couple of shades darker than the ash-blonde hair on her head, and with her fair complexion, her inner pussy lips were slightly pinker than Stephanie's. They were also a little puffy, and I could see the wetness of her juices between them. Her breasts were the same full shape as Stephanie's, but in keeping with her smaller frame, were not as large. Her nipples were also a lighter shade of pink, and after taking in the scene in front of me, I said, "Ladies, I can assure you, I like what I see."

I moved between Casey's legs, and gently kissed her on her inner pussy lips, holding the kiss, inhaling the tangy, sexy scent of her pussy, and then I gently probed between her lips with my tongue, tasting, inhaling, experiencing. I moved my head away, and I saw Stephanie watching intently, as though she was as keen to see this, as I was to do it. She reached behind herself, and took hold of her pillow, and handed it to me, and I placed it under Casey's bottom, lifting her pussy a little higher, to give me better access. "You'll love this. He's good," Stephanie said, looking at Casey, who was watching me without speaking.

After I put the pillow under Casey's bottom, I moved back down to kiss her inner lips,
once again taking the time to enjoy the taste and scent of this sweet young pussy, that had never known a cock, and that no man had ever come inside. I brushed the right side of my tongue against her little clitoris, and she flinched slightly, making a quick little sighing sound. In the corner of my eye, I saw Stephanie leaning down and kissing Casey just below her navel, and then moving up to gently kiss her left breast. "I'm getting the deluxe treatment," Casey said, in a soft voice that was almost a whisper.

I moved my head slightly, still running my tongue between Casey's inner lips, so I could see what Stephanie was up to. She was now kissing Casey's left nipple, and placing her lips around it, to suck on it very gently. I don't know if Stephanie had ever done this before, but it was no time to ask. Casey was having her pussy licked and her left breast sucked at the same time, and it occurred to me that Stephanie's pussy may need some attention before long, too. It's hard to convey just how exciting this was.

I moved my tongue down to the opening of Casey's pussy, the intimate entrance to her immaculate vagina, and I slid the tip of my tongue inside. Her pussy was oozing with her juices, and I coated the tip of my tongue with them, spreading the fluid around inside my mouth so I could experience the flavour. I drew my tongue out of her pussy, and worked my way slowly, back up between her inner lips toward her clit again. Once again, I heard a sigh from Casey, but she did not speak. In the corner of my eye, I could see that Stephanie was still licking and sucking the nipple of Casey's left breast, and in my mind's eye, for a brief moment, I imagined the view from behind Stephanie, as she knelt on the bed, bending down to attend to her young niece's breast.

It was now time to work on Casey's clit, so I moved around, to get a better position, and after inhaling that sexy scent for a moment, I looked up at her face. "Do you like it so far?" I asked. "You are good," Casey replied, dreamily, "and Stef's doing great things to my boobie, too." I saw Casey reach around and insert a finger very gently into Stephanie's pussy, from behind, and she slowly finger-fucked her aunt's snug vagina while I watched. I heard a little "Mmmmm," sound from Stephanie, who started rocking her pelvis just slightly, as she gently worked on Casey's nipple with her talented mouth.

I moved my head down, and moistened my tongue and lips with the fluids oozing from Casey's pussy, and I placed my lips on her clit. She flinched a little as my lips touched that sensitive part of her young body, and I began to gently work my lips back and forth, lubricated with her own juices. Immediately, Casey's hips began to buck, and I heard a moan from her, then I heard Stephanie, in a soothing voice, saying, "Just relax, Case, let it happen. Glen's good at this. You'll love it."

I put my hands on Casey's hips, to hold her in place so my mouth would stay on her clit, and I started again, gently working my lips back and forth on it, with just a tiny amount of suction. Casey moaned again, and tried to buck her hips, but I held her, gently working her little clit with my mouth. I wanted to make her come with my mouth, and to be the first man ever to make my little sister experience an orgasm, that wasn't from her own hand.

Casey started to moan again, then made a noise in her throat, like a squeak, and she said, "Ohh, that's good. That's so good. Glen that's so good!" and her chest heaved twice, then, with a rising inflection in her voice, she said, "Oh, my pussy's gonna explode!" A little screaming sound followed from her mouth, and she clenched her fists, and her whole body shuddered, lifting her belly from the bed, as I worked her clit that little longer with my mouth, taking her through her orgasm, and helping her come down gently from it.

I took my mouth away from Casey's pussy, and looked at her. She was breathing heavily, with a surprised look on her face. Stephanie leaned forward, and hugged her, and said, "It's okay, Baby, your big brother just gave you an orgasm. Isn't that great?"

Casey looked at me and said, "Cuddle me," holding her arms out, so I moved up and put my arms around her. She kissed me on the mouth, first a quick, soft kiss, and then a second, slower, sexier one. Her breathing had returned to normal, and she reached down and gently wrapped her right hand around my hard cock, and said, "What are you going to do with that?"

I was pretty horny, having gone just down on Casey's sweet pussy, tasting it and inhaling the sexy scent, and I looked across at Stephanie, sitting back, with her own pussy exposed. Her pussy, so familiar to me after four years, yet still such a source of pleasure and intense excitement, was swollen with arousal, moist, pouting and ready to do the wild thing, and I said, "I think Stef and I should give you a demonstration of what a really good fuck looks like, close up." Stephanie smiled, and said, "I'm ready for that."

"You sure you don't want to do it with me?" Casey asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea," I said, looking at Stephanie.

"Your call," Stephanie said, smiling at my predicament.

"Come on," I said to Casey, smiling with mild exasperation, "you don't want to lose it to your brother, do you?"

"You lost it to your aunty," she replied.

"What about, umm, you know," I paused, but had to say it, "getting pregnant. You're not on the pill or anything, and there's no condoms here."

"Believe it or not, I am on the pill," Casey smiled back. Stephanie raised her eyebrows at me, but didn't speak.

"I thought you were a virgin," I said, narrowing my eyes.

"Yes, but virgins have periods," Casey said, triumphantly, "and mine were all over the place. Mum took me to the doctor, and he put me on the pill to regulate them." As I was taking that in, she added, "Checkmate," with a smile of victory.

I looked at Stephanie again, and she said, with a little chuckle, "Well, at least she'd be losing it to someone who loves her."

"So," Casey went on, "You're running out of excuses, Captain Kirk. Here's your chance to really go where no man has gone before."

I moved back, kneeling between Casey's legs, and looked down at her pretty, pink pussy, still a little puffy and moist from the attention I had given it with my mouth a short time ago. I placed the tip of the first finger of my right hand at her opening and gently pushed it in to the second knuckle. Her entrance was tight, but inside, her pussy was slippery and wet, and she flinched a little as I very gently finger-fucked her. "It's not always great the first time, for a girl," I said, as I watched my finger moving in her, and then I looked up for her response.

"They told us in health education at school," Casey began, "that girls don't always bleed, especially active ones, like me, you know, sports, gymnastics, baton twirling." She smiled that triumphant smile again, and added, "And also, if you play with yourself, that helps."

"You're a smooth talker," I said, "You've convinced me," I added, moving up to embrace her. I kissed Casey's sweet little mouth, holding the kiss, and making eye contact, then broke for air. "I know you'll be gentle with me," Casey breathed, our faces close. I kissed her again, holding the kiss even longer, and this time, there was a lot of tongue action going on. It was a very sexy kiss.

Stephanie reached down and took the pillow that had been under Casey's bottom when I went down on her, and put it behind her own head, so she could lie back and watch her niece being fucked for the first time, and I gently placed my right hand at the entrance to Casey's pussy. I dipped my finger in Casey's oozing pussy juices, and I used it to coat the head of my hard cock, mixing it with the fluid already leaking from me, to help me enter her tight little opening.

I used my right hand to open Casey's pussy lips, and I placed my cock at the entrance, making sure the head was liberally coated with her juices. She was watching, softly biting her lower lip, but not speaking. I glanced over at Stephanie, to my left, and she was doing the same thing. It must run in the family, because I'd seen Stephanie doing it before, during foreplay, sometimes when we went to bed together.

My cock was hard and unyielding, and Casey's pussy, although tight, was primed by nature, and by her level of arousal, to allow itself to be penetrated, so with a firm but gentle push, I entered Casey, the first man ever to do so. As my cock entered her, she flinched, with a quick, hissing intake of breath through her teeth, and made a tiny groan in her throat, but then she relaxed, and said, "I can feel you inside me, Glen."

I pushed in a little further, and felt the slippery walls of her pussy, hugging my hard cock in a welcoming embrace, moulding themselves to every contour. I took the weight on my elbows, and gave a few short, gentle strokes, and I said to Casey, "You okay?"

"I told you I would be," she smiled, "An active girl like me, who loves to finger herself," she paused, and kissed me on the mouth, then added, "My hymen was probably history along time ago."

"As long as you're okay," I said, and I began my short, gentle thrusts again, working in a little deeper each time. After a moment or two, I was all the way inside, although I wasn't pushing for maximum penetration. This was not the time for energetic fucking. Casey's pussy felt beautiful, snug-fitting and wet, and the slightest movement of my cock was almost unbearably good.

"Any time you want to come, just go for it," Casey said, although her voice had a slight strain in it, "You need an orgasm, and I'm just the girl to give you one," she added, and then continued with, "You gave me one, so I want to give you one." She lifted her head to kiss my mouth again. I held the kiss, joined at the mouth and at the pussy to my little sister, as my sexy young aunt looked on, and I began to thrust a little faster, but still taking it gently. When we broke our kiss, Casey was breathing a little more heavily, and had a look of urgency in her pretty face.

"Glen, that feels really good, I can feel every inch of you," she said, with a waver in her voice. Stephanie had a kind of half-smile on her face, as she looked on, sitting next to us in the bed, knowing what Casey must have been experiencing, aware that it was her first time, knowing what it felt like for a girl to come with a cock inside her for the first time in her life.

I knew girls don't always come their first time with a man, but Casey had been brought to orgasm when I went down on her, so there was a chance she would still aroused enough for it to happen again, but I was wondering if I could last long enough, as I felt the snug fit of her novice pussy, working those delightful sensations from my cock. "Just do it," Casey said to me, her voice still wavering, "You want to come, Glen. I know you do. Just do it." She took a quick breath, and said, "I'll be okay."

I decided to just let if happen. I was so excited, just by being bed with two sexy, naked girls, I had been caught in the middle of a fantastic fuck with Stephanie in the first place, and I had been tasting and smelling pussy all morning, so it was a wonder I had lasted this long. I picked up the pace, just a little, not wanting to hammer Casey's tender little pussy, and she said, "You're gonna do it, aren't you? You're gonna go for it!"

"I'm only human," I said, my voice straining, and Casey kissed me quickly, and held her arms around my shoulders. I was about to just go for it but I heard Casey say, louder than before, "Glen! Glen!! I think I'm gonna," she paused for a gulp of air, swallowed, and with her eyes wide, she said, "My pussy! It's doing it again!! Oh God!!" She closed her eyes, and clenched her arms around my shoulders, squeezing me, surprising me with her strength, and she began to thrust her own hips, driving my cock further into herself. She threw her head back on the pillow, with her eyes shut, as her body shuddered under me, and then took a long, deep breath and relaxed, looking up at me, with that surprised looking her eyes again.

After she had finished her orgasm, I had to finally let go myself, and I felt a wave of pleasure bursting at the base of my cock, and spreading through me, as I spurted into my sister's snug little pussy, experiencing an incredible mixture of pure pleasure and sweet relief. Casey's pussy did exactly as nature had intended, the first time it had been put to the test, instinctively milking my climax from me, and after the ecstasy had passed, I relaxed, still lying on top of Casey, but taking the weight on my elbows. I felt totally drained, but also totally satisfied. Casey lifted her head to kiss me softly on the mouth, and after she broke the kiss, Stephanie leaned over, gently placed the palm of her right hand on my back, and kissed my left cheek. "You did great," she said, softly, "You made her come her first time."

My cock was still resting in Casey's pussy, half-hard, and I eased it out, hearing her sigh as her pussy reluctantly released it.

"You guys were beautiful to watch," Stephanie said, and then added, "but when that thing gets hard again, you and I've got a few things to catch up on," looking at me.

"Gladly," I said.

"You know what?" Casey asked.

"What's that?" Stephanie said, turning to her.

"We've got this place to ourselves for the next two weeks, till Mum and Dad come back from the cruise," Casey smiled excitedly, "It'll be fun, fun, fun. With no Daddy to take the T-Bird away," she giggled, "or Mummy, either."

"This could be the start of something big," I said, and Stephanie just smiled, looked at Casey, and said, "Now, about you and Rowie? Do you want to practice some of that stuff you did with her?"

Aunt Stephanie had a lot of sleepovers at our place during that next two weeks, and she helped me to show my little sister, Casey, a few things, just as she had done with me, four years earlier. The three of us made a good team, and Casey was a willing protege, eager, attentive, and always ready to learn.

The sequel to this story is called, "Glen and Casey - Doing It The Hard Way".
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