A sweet connection with my brother
My name is Shannon and I'm 26. I have nice and long blonde hair, and I have a nice C-cup rack. I thought I was sexy, but my ex-boyfriend didn't think so, I found him with another woman. So I tell my brother Les about this and he immediately told me to move in with him. He was 29 and had blonde hair as well. I think we always just had a very special relationship with each other. Our parents had gotten divorced when we were teenagers and we were there for each other most of the time. Obviously our parents could talk to us about different shit, but they still weren't in our boat.

So after that we mainly just had each other, we went from our mom's house to our dad's house and back forth. So I guess as that happened we got rather close, and as a result he had became very sweet to me as we got closer. It was as if I was his world. He even helped me move my stuff from my ex boyfriend's house into his apartment. Then we were sitting on his couch and watched some TV together.

"Are you still thinking of him now?" Les asked.

"Yes, unfortunately," I replied.

"Don't worry about it sis, I'll go easy on you," Les said.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"Nothing sis, I'm just glad you are here I guess, I mean I have a nice younger sister that got out of being my slave, so now I'll just give you the first week off, then you must become my slave again," Les replied.

"You dip shit," I said.

"Be nice," Les replied.

Then we just sat together and watched some TV together, it was so nice to have someone that I was really close to there for me. We could just chill out and do whatever really. For the first few weeks he was beyond sweet to me, he always let me watch what I wanted to watch like Will & Grace or The View. In return to him for letting me live there I also cleaned up and cooked as well, and he even helped me there. So he was an absolute saint. I got my own room to myself and all I had to do is clean and cook a little. So I had a really good thing going, but I got a bonus you could say. I just developed some strong feelings for him honestly. I couldn't tell him, I had no idea how he would take it honestly, but one Friday afternoon, I was making some spaghetti for us for dinner. He always loved spaghetti, so I made it for him.

"So what's this? Some Italian dish sis? Where did you hear I liked this?" Les asked.

"Somewhere," I replied as he hugged me from behind and kissed me on the cheek.

I thought that was weird, but it still had a brother/sister feel to it. Then he went to the sauce and began stirring it for me as it began bubbling.

"You don't gotta do that, I got dinner covered," I said.

"I know, but a special and sexy lady still needs help from time to time," Les replied.

"You are sweet," I said.

"I know, but you are my sis, and I like to take care of you too when I can," Les replied.

"You don;t think you are taking care of me enough by letting me live here rent free?" I asked.

"Well like you said I'm sweet," Les replied as he got behind me and hugged me from the back once again.

Then he went to the bathroom, and I just felt so loved and taken care of as well. Then he came back out and helped me a little more with the cooking. He stirred the noodles as well. Then something happened that was completely unexpected, my panties got wet. I couldn't believe, then I knew it was official, I was attracted to my own brother. Then I just ran to the bathroom abruptly, and of course he thought that was weird. I was in there for a minute and then I came out to him just eyeballing the door.

"And what was that all about?" Les asked.

"Nothing," I replied as I started walking back into the kitchen.

I got right in front of the noodles and stirred them again. I was really nervous honestly, I thought he was picking something up, but he just helped me a little more.

"Oh yeah sis, guess what I scored today?" Les asked.

"What?" I asked.

Then he pulled something out of his pocket and showed me. It was 2 tickets to Wicked a Broadway play.

"Holy shit, what the fuck are those?" I screamed.

"Looks like 2 tickets to that one show you have wanted to see, it's called Sinister right?" Les asked.

"No it's Wicked you smart ass, oh I love you so much," I replied as I hugged him.

"I knew you wanted to see it, and you were telling me a million times that you were dying to see it, so I got a couple tickets for you and a girlfriend to go tomorrow night," Les said.

That was so damn nice of him, but for me and a girlfriend though?

"Don't you wanna go with me?" I asked.

"Well plays aren't really my thing, but I'll go with you if you want me to," Les replied.

"Well no if you aren't interested, then I won't ask you to, but did these cost?" I asked.

"No, that information is unavailable, just call it an 'I love you' gift," Les replied.

Then I just felt so damn loved that, I just looked at him for a minute and just kissed him. Then almost immediately I was embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to," I said.

Then I ran to the couch and hid my head, I was just so embarrassed. He came over to the couch right before he turned the fire for the noodles and sauce off.

"I'm sorry, you have just been so sweet to me and then these tickets too? I'm sorry I just couldn't help it I guess," I said.

Then he gave me a hug and kissed me on the head.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about, as you said I have been sweet to you," Les said.

Then he laughed a little.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"I was just thinking of that episode of South Park where one of the characters finds out the women will give blow jobs if they take them to Broadway shows, and then you kiss me, it's just ironic and funny I guess," Les replied.

Then I just kissed him again.

"Well thank you sis, but you don't gotta kiss me, I'll give them to you free of charge," Les said.

Then I kissed him again and the spaghetti was done. We ate at the table, but as we ate I had to confess something to him.

"I love you Les, more than a brother, with you being so damn sweet to me just pulled it out of me," I said.

"Well I didn't see that coming," Les replied.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"No, don't be sis, I get it," Les replied.

Then we just continued to chit chat about the play and everything else, then as we were done, he even took the plates into the kitchen. He put away the left over spaghetti and began doing the dishes.

"What? Are you gonna do the dishes too?" I asked.

"Well I know how to do the dishes, I can do them for you sis," Les replied.

Then my panties were just soaked, then I just attacked him. I ran into him, we both fell to the floor and we just started making out passionately for a minute. He didn't exactly stop me.

"OK then sis," Les said.

"I love you so much now bro," I replied.

"I love you too sis," Les said just before he kissed me once again.

We made out passionately for another couple minutes on the floor. I noticed that his cock was as hard as a diamond then.

"Can I see it?" I asked.

"Knock yourself out," Les replied.

Then I leaned down towards his crotch and undid his pants. I saw his cock poked through his boxers a bit and my panties got even wetter. Then my eyes were just glued to his cock for a minute.

"So you like what you see then sis?" Les asked.

"Yes, wow it's so big," I replied.

"You wanna feel it?" Les asked.

Then without any reply and I grabbed onto his cock, and it was much bigger than I imagined honestly. Then he kissed me once again and put one hand on my butt.

"Well if I go, does that mean I have to go to the show?" Les asked.

"Well yeah, especially if I'm putting out in advance," I replied.

Then he kissed me once again and got on top of me. We made out for a couple minutes and then he slowly made his way down to my pants. He undid them and then pulled them down.

"Sexy panties sis," Les said.

"Thank you, now will you take them off for me now?" I asked.

"Gladly sis," Les replied.

Then he slowly took off my panties and looked at my pussy and of course he saw it get a little wetter at the same time. He put his fingers onto my pussy and made me feel really good just by barely touching it. I immediately let out a couple moans.

"Oh Les, that;s good," I said.

"You like me touching your pussy sis?" Les asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Then he climbed up on top of me once again and we made out for another minute.

"So I'm guessing you want to stick it in now?" Les asked.

"Yes," I replied.

He knew I was on the pill, so he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy.

"Oh my Les," I said.

"I thought you'd like that," Les replied.

"I fucking love you so much bro," I said.

"I love fucking you sis," Les replied.

Then he began thrusting his cock in and out of me very slowly. It felt about a million times better than I had imagined honestly. We were just staring into each others eyes for a minute and saw into each others souls like never before.

"Where have you been all my life?" I asked.

"Right here," Les replied.

Then we made out a little more and he kept thrusting his cock into me slowly. We were on the floor, but he didn't seem to mind, I guess he was just making sure he was fucking his sister to her liking. He put his hands on my boobs and felt them, he slowly rubbed them as well. I felt like I was about to have an orgasm just from that honestly.

"Yes big brother, make love to your sister please, because I love you so much," I said.

Then he kissed me once again. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and then I pulled him down with me very tightly. He stopped thrusting for the time being and we just held each other tightly on the floor.

"Can we go to your bedroom or at least the couch?" Les asked.

"No, when we remember the first time we had sex, I wanna remember that it was so good, that we didn't care that it was on the floor," I replied.

"Are you implying we're gonna have more sex?" Les asked.

Then I raised my eyebrow.

"Maybe," I replied.

Then we kissed again and we wrapped our arms around each other. We held each other very tightly for about 5 more minutes and then he got up.

"What are you doing, I'm not done fucking my brother yet," I said.

Then he pulled me up and picked me up after that. He lined up my pussy with his cock and inserted it once again.

"Oh I liked this," I said.

I made sure to hold onto him really tightly and he began walking around a bit around the apartment. I wondered why honestly, but I enjoyed the ride though. It was fun and kinky at the same time. I felt my boobs leaning up against him a bit.

"Seriously where are we going?" I asked.

"Back to the kitchen," Les replied.

Then he gently put me down right back in the spot where we just made love. Then he laid down right next to me. Then he pulled me on top of him.

"Oh kinky," I said.

Then he inserted his cock into me as my back was to his stomach. He began thrusting his cock once again as he put his hands onto my boobs. I couldn't help but to belt out some more moans.

"Oh Les, yes just like that, shove that cock into me deep, really deep," I said.

Then he began getting pretty damn rough with me. He began thrusting his cock in and out of me really quickly and I really started belting out the moans.

"Oh fuck, fuck yes Les!" I screamed.

Then he tried kissing me to make me keep it down a little bit. We were in an apartment after all. We made out very passionately for about 5 minutes straight and then he began moaning really loudly. Then he pulled out and came all over my stomach.

"Wow, that was a shit load of cum, damn big brother," I said.

Then he laid down with me on the floor and he began finger fucking me like mad. We made out passionately for a few minutes as well, then I began moaning really loudly as well.

"Oh fuck yes Les, make your sister cum too, I wanna cum for you," I said.

Then I came all over the floor as well. Then after that we laid down for a few more minutes then got up and laid down on my bed.

"Well thank you for that big brother, now you are gonna be a gentleman and sleep with me now right?" I asked.

"Yes of course," Les replied.

Then we kissed again and went to sleep. After that we hooked up regularly and he went with me to the show as well. Now he's not just my brother, he's my date and I love him more than anything.
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