Alex: The Dominant Man
The Dominant Man

As I started to chat and became more friendly with Alex it became clear that he definitely knew what he wanted and would settle for nothing less. At first I found him to be ruthless but in a sexy kind of way. He said he would always be honest which now after months of chatting I can see that he has been. He said he was inpatient, forceful, dirty, filthy, demanding, and that he was the dominant one.

For me what I see is this very powerful man, who is demanding, extremely inpatient, somewhat rough when being forceful, needy and the dirtiest filthiest fuck I have ever met. Since I've never been with Alex I can only imagine what a day would be like. As domineering as Alex comes across the more excited I get. This is my vision.

As we meet for the first time, have a drink and small chit chat, we make our way to the suite. I follow Alex in removing my coat and shoes at the entrance. I barely make it into the room when he pushes me up against the wall holding my wrist above my head with his one hand, well the other hand rips my hoses in the crotch telling me to spread wide as his hand goes down inside my knickers and rams his fingers hard into my cunt. He watches my face and hears me gasp, he wants to hear more so he rams again this time I push my chest out, as he says "tell me now" with me replying "Don't stop I want more." He shoves his fingers deeper then he finds the other hole and slides a finger in my ass. He doesn't take his eyes off me watching my expressions with each stab of his fingers. He finally loosens his grip and my hands fall to my waist side.

He walks away undoing his dress shirt. I remove my knickers and follow, we enter a bedroom as he starts to undress I undo my dress and it falls to the floor along with my bra. I'm standing at the foot of the bed, Alex stands in front of me, pushing me down telling me to slide all the way up to the top of the bed which I do right away.
As he comes around to the side of the bed he straddles me sitting on my chest where I can hardly breath.

I know what is about to happen, he slides his hand behind my head lifting it slightly shoving his huge cock deep in my mouth, where I instantly gag. He is moving my head with so much force, I'm gagging, can't breath, he eases off a bit just enough for me to catch a breath then he deepthroats again I gag each time but this time he doesn't let up. "You're going to take it all", as he plunges deeper and I feel the tip of his cock at the back of my throat. With one hard drive I immediately feel this warm thickness in the back of my throat gagging as I try swallowing, he pulls out as it is still squirting, cum landing all over my face and hair. Releasing my head he slides off me. I suck in as much air as I can while trying to catch my breath.

Before I know what is happening he is standing over me on top of the bed, taking my legs pushing them above me so I'm basically resting on my shoulders, my cunt and ass are in line with the ceiling, not comfortable at all. He shoves his fat thick cock in my cunt, no prep I scream as it fucken burns, he's all the way in, yet keeps driving harder faster with each push. By this point the burn has turned to pleasure as I moan telling him to go deeper and harder which he does to the point of hitting my cervix. Pulling out so he can see my cunt hole which is now the size of a grape.

Smiling, he plunges hard and fast. At the breaking point. I can tell he's ready to cum saying "fill me babe just fill my cunt" just as I feel this warm sensation fill my hole. As his rhythm slows down, sliding his cock out he falls to his knees licking the last few drippings of our cum oozing out of my cunt. Going front to back, back to front between my ass and cunt. Omg finally done, rest now...NOT.

As I lay on my side he smacked my ass rather hard saying "Let's go" rolling off the bed he heads out of the bedroom. I follow, coming into the living room, looking at him as he says "Hands & Knees Now" which I obey and do without hesitation. As I position myself on the floor he kneels behind me forcing his fingers in my ass not one, not two, but three pushing in and out, side by side, around and around pulling as he goes.

I moan at the discomfort. Loudly he says "I'll stretch your fucken ass one way or another bitch". As he's fingering me hard, he pulls out and starts fingering my cunt which is still sore from his cock. Every time he ram my cunt, it feels like he's trying to get his whole fist in my cunt and ass. I lower myself onto my elbows and place my head between my hands out of pure exhaustion. I suddenly feel my hair being pulled and hearing "what the fuck are you doing, I said hands and knees." Gripping my hair tightly forcing my head to be completely straight.

I instantly felt the worst pain in the world as he slammed his large fat cock in my ass. I screamed loudly "FUCK" and when I did this pulled my hair tighter and thrust harder and deeper he keep this up for a while you could hear his body smash into mine.

I wasn't going to give in and use the safe word, I will prove to him that I want this and can tolerate it. One hand pulling my hair, the other on my hip slamming me so fucken hard, I can almost feel his cock coming right up through my mouth. I moan and scream as he keeps ramming my ass hard and fast. I know what he wants leakage I silently pray for this and to cum soon as I don't know how much more I can take. I hear a sigh leave his body and feel the warm wetness in my ass, which felt great after all the discomfort and pain.

He slows down breathing heavily. I'm waiting for relief wanting him to pull out. As he pulls out he grabs my shoulder flipping me like I'm a ragdoll, and straddles me. Grabbing my wrists holding me down, eyes locked he says "Tell me what I wanna hear". NO I yell, suddenly his mouth is down on my nipples biting hard I yell OUCH he releases as I look down there are fucken teeth marks. Again he says "tell me now" as it will only get worse for you if you choose to disobey me. I ponder for a minute and decide to give in only out of pure exhaustion.

Looking at him, I say "Alex David you filled all my holes. Now you own all my holes. He leans down and kisses me saying " Don't Ever Forget". Lifting himself off me, he reaches down helping me off the floor, taking my hand as we walk to the bedroom. As he pulls the blankets back I slide in, he follows by wrapping his arms around me. As I lay there thinking how I was I realized that as painful and exhausting as this was my first filthy ass fuck was amazing and I knew it could only get better, and I was happy and was looking forward to this again. As my eyes are getting heavy I hear a faint whisper "I Love You" I smile not sure if this was real or a dream but I'll know in the morning if I can move or not.
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