Amateur porn wife
It was a year ago now and yet we have not as much as mentioned the events of that night since. The following day you could have cut the air with a knife as they say, but as the days passed so did the tension and although we had little sexual contact, when we did it was using a condom and it was quick, dutiful and antiseptic. But I have not forgotten and I know she has not, how could we?
Ah! Of course, how would you know unless I tell you what happened?
It had started as a quite normal evening much as any other. A glass of wine, cooking in the kitchen, winding down from another boring workday, my wife Carol and I were looking forward to the weekend. Just as we had settled down to watch nothing in particular on the TV, the doorbell rang. My heart sank and I looked at her and exchanged rolled eyes, shared feelings. I hauled myself out of the comfortable armchair, she was reclining on the sofa so it was an unspoken agreement that it was easier for me to go.
I opened the door and there they were, Harry, Bob, Jo and Ben. He isn't home this weekend,' I informed them.
My son had gone straight from work to the railway station, off to see his girlfriend in University for the weekend.
Oh damn!' said the big guy, Harry, I forgot.'
The other guys groaned theatrically, She got him under her thumb for the weekend?' suggested Bob.
That's about it, heading for a domesticated future.' I replied. I liked my son's friends, they weren't his school chums, but work colleagues - older men more my generation.
I suppose you lot want to come in anyway?' I said, stepping back to allow them to stumble in.
Obviously Friday night had started early and they were already well oiled. It wasn't until we were all in the living room, Harry sitting on the floor and Jo perched on the end of the sofa, me standing in the door and my chair now over-occupied by both Bob and Ben, that I realised my wife was looking a bit uncomfortable sitting in her dressing gown. I'd forgotten she had made herself more comfortable after dinner, not expecting any visitors. I offered drinks, but the guys had their own cans, Carol asked for another glass of wine so I went out to the kitchen to fetch the bottle.
When I came back with the bottle, my chair was free and Bob and Ben had joined Jo on the sofa. Carol had sat up to make room, as Jo had slipped off the arm there were now four of them, Jo and Bob sitting either side of my wife, Ben was on the end next to Bob. I went over to Carol and she held out her glass, which I filled. I noticed that as she had reached out, the dressing gown had opened slightly and I caught a glimpse of her black lace trimmed bra. It was one she had bought for bedtime and I suddenly realised that she was not wearing the underwear she had worn to work, but must have showered and changed for a little fun later, something we did on a Friday night - though not as a regular thing nowadays.
I also remembered something else, the bra was from Ann Summers and had holes in the cups for her nipples and, if she was wearing the matching panties, they were crotch-less! No wonder she had looked uncomfortable! I must admit it was quite an arousing thought, my wife sitting between these guys with only a dressing gown hiding the outfit.
I returned to my chair and topped up my wine a little, putting the bottle down on the occasional table. I switched to a music channel, as there was little point trying to watch anything meaningful. Everyone was chattering, the conversation meandering and alcohol fuelled. My choice seemed to please the boys well enough. The music videos were quite raunchy and some of them almost pornographic, with scantily clad well-endowed women writhing around in their underwear, well-built and mainly black men manhandling them in sweaty embraces.
It was like being in a porn cinema with your mates with the conversation polarised around the images on the screen, except of course with my wife sitting there in the middle of it all, there was an extra and not unpleasant dimension. I topped up her glass several times and each time it seemed as if a little bit more of her bra was visible. It was inevitable that someone would mention her being in a dressing gown.
It was Jo who first said something, I think you might need to tighten up your dressing gown Mrs D, I'm not sure I should be enjoying myself quite so much!'
She giggled and flushed visibly, Jo, you shouldn't be looking!'
But she didn't do anything other than to sip her wine. Suddenly the situation seemed to have taken an unexpected step into a fantasy I had often imagined. I felt a surge of excitement, quickly suppressed.
These things didn't happen in real life.
The video on the TV had changed and now there were bikini clad beauties cavorting on a beach, it amazed me that they didn't show more, the briefs they wore were little more than string. It was apparent that the guys were appreciating the video and the comments were quite graphic. My wife didn't seem concerned and was actually commenting along with them. The bottle was empty and I said I'd go and get another, Ok, do you mind if we flick through the channels and see if there's anything worth watching?', asked Jo.
I thought you were enjoying the views,' Carol joked.
Sure, if it's ok with Carol, help yourself,' I said, realising immediately that I'd made what they call a double entendre' comment!
Well how could we refuse that offer!' laughed Jo, as I headed out for the kitchen.
I was in the kitchen for a little longer than expected, hunting around for a corkscrew because we had some bottles with corks. I eventually found one and after struggling with it for a bit, managed to open a bottle of Merlot. I headed back to the living room and was surprised to see that the channel they had opted for in my absence was one of the Red Hot TV' channels we usually had hidden. It was the free view' part, showing various clips and the presenter' was a topless blonde with unnaturally large round breasts trying to speak in a sexy husky voice and sounding like a chav! But something even more surprising was in store for me. When I looked across at the sofa to find my wife's glass, I saw that Jo was openly massaging her left leg above her knee whilst Bob was giving the same attention to her right leg high up her thigh, her dressing gown parted high enough to allow a glimpse of her panties as she shifted her hips in response!
She was obviously enjoying the attention, unsuccessful in her attempts to appear unaffected as she watched the mild but no less arousing clips on the TV, now promising more should we wish to order tonight'.
Would you like a refill?' I asked her, offering the bottle and trying to ignore what was happening. Oh, yes please!' she said, and from the way she said it, it wasn't entirely clear if this was to the offer of wine or in response to the attentions of the two men. I assumed it was for wine in any case and took the bottle to her, she reached for her empty glass. With the movement, her dressing gown opened and exposed both cups of her bra with her nipples poking through, swollen and erect!
She made no attempt to cover herself again and proffered the glass to me, a smile on her lips. It was all I could do to direct the wine into her glass without spilling it, inside I was trembling with excitement mixed with pangs of jealousy.
The TV had changed to a pay to view screen. Ben suggested we watch something and Jo suggested paying for the Red Hot' channels, if everyone is ok with that.' He was looking directly at me when he said that.
Well, if it's ok with Carol...,' I looked over at my wife.
Yes I suppose if you men want to,' she said, there was a tremble in her voice she failed to conceal as Jo and Bob continued to massage her legs.
I put in my pin, the deal being that one payment opened up all the Red Hot' channels for the night. So which channel shall we watch?' I asked. Everyone had a different opinion, but in the end we agreed that as it was our house and my wife was the only female, she should have the final say. Well, I know they aren't very good quality, but I'd like to watch the viewer's wives', she said. Everyone agreed that they could be quite erotic, though not always great quality.
As it happens it was not a good night for that channel, the quality seemed poorer and the wives, again everyone agreed, were a bit rough, though admittedly this was no less arousing.
Have you ever considered making a video and sending it in?' asked Jo.
Well I have,' I replied, but Carol wouldn't do it, she thinks she isn't photogenic enough, well, that's the excuse.'
Wow I'm sure she is, you have to admit that she is streets ahead of those other women!' said Harry.
To be fair,' said Carol joining in It's probably just bad camera work, I don't expect they are any different from me, I'm just an ordinary middle aged old wife.'
Rubbish!' we all yelled.
Jo said Do you have a video camera, are you up for your wife to do a little modelling?'
I laughed nervously, Yes I have a camera, but I don't think Carol is going to do what those women have been doing, case in point!' I nodded at our TV screen right then, which was displaying in low resolution fuzziness a large middle aged woman lying back on a bed, her legs wide apart openly masturbating with a large green dildo plunging in and out of her unkempt hairy pussy.
Damned straight!' giggled Carol.
Well,' said Jo seriously, I was thinking of something more erotic, some underwear poses, after all you look really good right now and you don't seem shy at all to let all of us see you even in this sexy outfit, would you mind being videoed in something less revealing now so we can have a look on the TV?'.
I turned to my wife, I was definitely up for this erotic but harmless idea, Well, I'd not mind, we might even send it in and get £250, are you up for it?'
She looked thoughtful and then said, Yes ok, it might be fun, but I'll decide on the underwear and I'm not going to let you lot take advantage or see too much!'
Jo chuckled at this. It's not as if there is much we haven't seen!' and Carol blushed furiously and quickly pulled her dressing gown together.
You guys wait here and watch the porn,' I said, come on wife of mine! Let's go make a little film.'
In the bedroom she quickly stripped off her dressing gown and the Ann Summers panties and bra and started looking through her panty drawer, whilst I sought out the video camera. We'd decided to video her posing in some underwear on the bed and then put it on the TV downstairs and let the guys see it. If they liked it we'd send it to Ret Hot TV'. We were both a bit the worse for wear having parted with sobriety a while back. She was apologetic for letting the boys' play with her legs, but she'd got a little turned on watching the adverts for the porn channel! I said it was fine, it had turned me on too and as long as we were in control, it was just a little fun.
I found the camera and was checking the battery and memory card capacity, Carol was rifling through her lingerie, when there was a tap on the door and Jo's voice asked, can we come in?'
I looked at Carol, eyebrows raised. I was surprised at this unexpected intrusion and she hadn't expected it either, as she was standing naked having removed the Anne Summers underwear. I enjoyed the sight as she stood there transfixed, with her large but still firm breasts and prominent nipples and the triangle of pubic hair nestling between her legs looking incredibly erotic. She was a gorgeous middle aged woman such as any artist would love to have as his model, a real woman, like those fifties pin up women in the books I'd discovered in the bottom draw of the bureau in my Fathers study when I was an adolescent. The stance of surprise and nakedness created a vision I wish I could have captured!
The door started to open - clearly Jo didn't stand on ceremony. Carol quickly grabbed her dressing gown and covered herself with it as Jo, followed by Ben, Harry and Bob entered our bedroom. I saw Jo glance at Carol and look back at me, a half smile on his face. Knowing she was decent, I followed the direction of his look. Our full length mirror had betrayed her. Her dressing gown had saved her frontal modesty, but the rear of her entire naked body was uncovered and in full view and it wasn't only Jo that had noticed as Ben, Bob and Harry were clearly enjoying this unexpected treat - Grinning like fools and nudging each other like schoolboys! There was nothing I could really do about it without embarrassing Carol further, so I left her standing there and brazened it out. I have to admit that I found it highly erotic in any case and wanted to savour the situation a little longer. Jo, cheeky as ever, sat down on the edge of our bed and Carol realised that she would have to continue standing there clutching her dressing gown and not able to move unless she took a chance, so she quickly let it fall and deftly slipped it on. Although skilfully done, for a brief moment I saw her fully frontally naked and there was no doubt that the other men in the room were treated to the same view. It was an incredibly erotic moment and the surge of sexual excitement I felt was quickly replaced with an intense wave of jealousy as I realised these men had seen my wife in my bedroom completely naked, front and back. The moment passed.
We have a suggestion' said Jo. The comment had been directed at me but it was Carol who answered Oh really?' she sounded irritated. Clearly she didn't like this intrusion or she wanted to send that signal.
Yes, Mrs D', said Jo, with unaffected arrogance We think we know what would make a good amateur wife film that Red Hot' TV would definitely screen'.
Go on', I interrupted. I didn't want Carol to get too cross and lose what was to me an erotic opportunity, despite my jealous misgivings. I was sure I could keep this under control and allow an experience to develop that Carol and I would enjoy remembering and develop in fantasy together later.
We all agree that the scenario of a wife modelling her lingerie for a husband and his mates is a horny one and we all think that you and your wife would enjoy the experience'.
That's an arrogant assertion,' snapped Carol.
But he isn't wrong is he Carol,' I said, unable to suppress a grin. She looked daggers at me. I'm not surprised that you like the idea you randy sod', but she was grinning now too. It seemed that some of her anger was feigned.
Well?' asked Jo, looking from her to me and back to her, Are you game?' I looked at my wife. Well...,' she looked thoughtful, fidgeting with her dressing gown belt, I must admit that we could always do with a little extra money, but I'm still not sure this is how we should go about getting it.' She looked at me, I know what you will say and to be honest, watching that channel has made me feel a bit... well you know.'
She looked at the guys, one by one. They all looked extremely eager, unsurprisingly, I guess you all want a cheap thrill,' she said. There were a lot of nodding heads.
If we do this, then there must be rules.'
Jo grinned mischievously Of course, do you want to hear how we thought it might work?'
Carol looked at me and rolled her eyes. Jo, I'll be making the rules....but ok, what did you have in mind?'
Jo was enthusiastic, Well, I think hubby needs to be in the movie, I'm good at directing,' he looked around at everyone as if waiting for someone to disagree and when nobody did, he carried on. Harry is good with a camera, Ben and Bob are photogenic,' we all laughed, Ben and Bob were hardly Brad Pitt, Bob was short, shorter than Carol, whilst Ben was tall, about 6 foot two, but wider too, not fat, but a bit flabby - frankly I don't think either of them worked out! Whilst both had very short hair that was almost shaved, Bob's was fully grey and Ben only had hair around the sides and back. On top he was completely bald. Of the group, including me, Jo was the best looking and looked physically fit. He wasn't tall, about average height, say 5 ten. Harry was the oldest, I think, and stood six feet tall, he was painfully thin and had a full head of greasy brown, almost black, hair that probably could do with a wash! All were dressed casually in jeans and T shirts.
So,' said Carol looking confused, you aren't just planning a lingerie shoot here?'
Jo seemed to have a perpetually mischievous grin on his face, Well, no, as I said, we had a scenario in mind, he said.
Carol looked puzzled, Yes, you said, a lingerie shoot in front of a husband'.
Jo nodded, Yes that's right, but the idea is that it gets a little out of hand, that's the eroticism of the idea.'
Now my wife looked nervous. Out of hand? I'm not sure I like that idea.'
Jo laughed, We don't really get out of hand - it's a movie!'
Carol seemed to relax, she said, ah ok, so fill in the details a bit.'
Jo continued enthusiastically, Ok, well, we will make up the dialogue as we go long, it's not important if it sounds amateur, that's the idea anyway, that its amateur,' he turned to me, I have to ask hubby if he will agree with one thing that's important to the whole thing,'
Ok ask away,' I said, wondering what next!
Well, the idea is the husband is cuckolded,' he replied.
Carol asked What's that?'
As this featured in many of my fantasies, I knew so I answered for him, Basically husbands whose wives have other men, the husband is usually humiliated.'
Ah ok,' she said.
Jo continued. So the idea we had is that the husband is being given a birthday present by a wife, who knows he likes that fantasy. She undresses him completely and ties him to a chair, completely naked. The chair is positioned next to the bed. She then opens the door and lets in his mates and they sit around the bed and she proceeds to model lingerie for them. Obviously they get aroused and join her on the bed.'
Carol looked aghast, So you are suggesting that Ben and Bob and I are directed by you to cavort on the marital bed with hubby naked and tied to a chair, whilst Harry films it?'
Jo continued to grin widely. Well, pretty much yes!'
Carol looked annoyed again. So what exactly is this cavorting going to consist of?'
Well, just acting petting of course, you won't take off your lingerie,' he paused grinning again, unless you want to,' he paused, deliberately for effect, before continuing, 'there would be no real contact, this is going to be just like soft porn, all suggestive.'
Carol looked at me, Are you ok with this?' she asked.
Well, although I'm not crazy about the idea of being tied up, or of being naked, I'm assuming that the camera can make it look as if I'm naked and I don't really need to be actually tied?' I looked at Jo, who nodded in assent, then said I don't see why not', paused and added grinning hugely if you are shy!'
Ok, well', I said, ignoring his challenge, I'm ok with it, as long as everyone sticks to your rules Carol'
Ah yes' said Jo, we haven't heard what the rules are yet, Carol?'
She smiled sweetly, the rules are simple, if I or hubby says stop then that's what we mean, if we say no, then that's what we mean. There is to be no sexual contact between anyone. I'll let the camera and you see what I want you to see, so I'll be using the en-suite to change. Let's make this as professional as we can. I appreciate you guys are going to find this horny, so will I and so will hubby, but its film making and the idea is to have a bit of fun but nothing that crosses the boundaries that we define.'
She turned specifically to face Jo, I'm happy for you to direct, Jo' she said, but that doesn't mean I will be blindly doing anything you tell me to, so you can forget that right now, ok?'
Jo, who was clearly the main man in all of this, nodded. Absolutely, no question, agreed.' For once he was looking earnest, the grin nowhere to be seen.
Everyone else nodded. So the stage was set' as they say. I and my wife were to star, Ben and Bob were bit players, Harry was the camera man and Jo, mischievous good looking Jo, was going to be directing. The studio was our bedroom and the stage, pretty much, the bed. The changing room was the en-suite.
I thought, lights, camera, action, as they say...take it away Jo!
As nobody had brought their drinks upstairs, I elected to fetch a bottle or two from the kitchen and fetch the guy's cans from the living room, Bob and Ben volunteered to assist.
Whilst we did that, Harry familiarised himself with the camera. Carol sorted out some clothes to wear, Jo offered to assist in choosing and Carol seemed quite keen on that idea. We left them sorting through a pile of her lingerie, with Harry filming them, he said it would help him to get used to the camera. I must admit leaving Jo picking up my wife's panties and bras, especially with her discussing them with him, gave me an erection - which was a little uncomfortable!
I wondered if the other men found it arousing too, but was too embarrassed to ask of course. I had a sneaking suspicion that my wife would find it very erotic discussing her underwear with such an attractive and forward man as Jo.
When we returned carrying the bottles, cans and glasses, she was in the en-suite with the door closed. The duvet and pillows had been removed from the bed and a clean sheet had been stretched neatly and tightly over our emperor sized mattress. A wicker chair from our spare room had been placed alongside the bed and on it were some of my older work ties, presumably these would be the bonds used to secure the husband to the chair. Jo was chatting to Harry about the camera.
Ok,' hubby,' he said when he saw I was back I think we will want Mrs D to undress you on camera, if that's ok?' Sure,' I replied, any dialogue?'
No, just ad lib or don't bother saying anything. We can dub it or just have music backing it.'
At that moment, the En-Suite door opened and Carol emerged. She was wearing her dressing gown. Jo turned to her, hubby has agreed that you should undress on camera,' he said, if that is ok with you, let's just do it!'
She looked a bit embarrassed, so I handed her a glass of wine and took one myself to help us both gain a bit of confidence. Harry was pointing the camera at us, as Jo directed me to stand with my back to the chair and instructed Carol to undo the buttons of my shirt, not too quickly but not to labour the action, which she did. He told her to leave the shirt on, but hanging open and to slide her hands down my chest and on to my trousers, unhook my belt, unhook the trousers and to slide them down, sliding to her knees as she did so. He instructed each action in detail, Harry filmed whilst Bob and Ben stood watching and sipping their drinks.
I stepped out of my trousers and was a bit embarrassed standing stupidly in front of these people in my underpants, which were unflattering white Y fronts. I hadn't had the chance to change into something sexier. There was some sniggering, and in a way that was a good thing as I lost the erection which had I'd failed to prevent under Carols ministrations. Unfortunately they also spotted the damp patch where I'd seeped pre-cum, I didn't hear what was said but it seemed to cause amusement. Carol pushed on my chest unexpectedly and I lost my balance and fell back into the chair, Jo liked that, said it was genuine'. She was directed to tie my ankles and wrists to the open wicker of the chair with the neck ties, which she did loosely. The camera was turned off whilst Jo, unnecessarily in my opinion, came over and tightened all the bonds. They were a little too tight really, but I didn't say anything as I was already feeling pretty silly and I remembered the reference to shyness earlier. At least he hadn't suggested I shouldn't be wearing underpants. However, it seems that Carol had already been instructed what to do. Once I was tied, the camera was started up and Harry filmed as Carol knelt in front of the chair and started to rub the front of my underpants, causing an immediate erection which threatened to pop out of the top!
But that didn't happen because she pulled the underpants down at the front and my cock bounced free, the end wet and stringy with pre-cum. Hey!' I yelped, stupidly, I thought I was not going to be naked for real!'
Carol laughed and said Jo had instructed her, but she had agreed to it and as she made the rules, I had to go along with them. She dragged the underpants under my buttocks and over my knees to where my ankles were tied and left them there. I must have looked ridiculous and embarrassingly my erection signalled to everyone just how aroused I was to be in this humiliating position. Now Jo instructed her to stand back up, stay in front of me and to slip off her dressing gown.
As it slipped off I was presented with a vision in erotic loveliness! She looked incredible. She was wearing a petrol blue lace edged uplift bra, panty and suspender set, with matching lace topped stockings, the material was translucent and I could easily see her nipples and the darkness of her pubic triangle. I was completely aware that everything I could see, the other men could see too. She posed seductively as Jo instructed her to stand with one leg straight and the other slightly bent at the knee and to push her hips toward me. She was then told to turn and kneel down, then to drag herself onto the bed as if she was climbing up on to it and then to crawl around on the bed, rolling her shoulders, thrusting her hips, wiggling her bottom, as Harry moved around her with the camera.
She was clearly enjoying herself and even snarled like a tiger and licked her lips when Jo told her to. He was chatting constantly, telling her she looked gorgeous and was so hot, he told her to thrust her bottom back toward Harry and to roll over onto her back and lift her thighs toward the camera, to assist the bra and push her breasts further together, then to lick her fingers, to make them wet with her saliva, to circle her nipples with her fingers through the thin material of the bra.
This made the bra wet and even more transparent so her areola was clearly visible, she may as well have been topless.
I'd never seen her nipples so erect!
Clearly all of this was having an effect on her and then Jo upped the ante. His language began to become more explicit, even cruder and she was allowing it, despite the rules she had insisted on. He referred to her breasts as tits, her bottom as her arse and then he told her to spread her legs wide and to thrust her cunt' at the camera!
I thought that's a step too far!' but amazingly she just did as he had instructed!
Now Jo told Ben to strip to his underpants and climb onto the bed with Carol. I'd never seen anyone undress so quickly and he was there almost immediately. His underpants were sexier than mine, black trunks, though he was flabbier than I am and his belly hung loosely as Jo instructed him to assume a position on all fours and crawl like a dog toward my wife.
Now lick her panties,' instructed Jo. I was certain that now Carol would call a halt, but again I was surprised and frankly a little shocked and even disappointed in her. I thought perhaps she hadn't heard the instruction from Jo, but as Ben approached her, his balding head between her knees, she lifted her thighs toward him. I watched intently as his tongue extended wetly and then the instant it touched her panties and he began to lap just like a dog. She moved her thighs in rhythm with the bobbing of his bald head and my cock stuck up like a flag pole as I watched a man licking my wife's panties, her pussy covered only by that thin petrol blue layer of satin.
Although I was incredibly aroused, it was with a mixture of intense jealousy and humiliation which knotted in the pit of my stomach. Not only was my wife being willingly treated like a cheap slut, but it was being filmed closely by another man and watched by two more!
Ok, now Ben, slide her panties to the side, I want you to lick her directly on her pussy, that is ok isn't it Carol?' Clearly this was well over the boundary that Carol had set, but so was this licking surely? She didn't answer, she seemed to be enjoying the licking her pussy was getting through the panties and I thought she hadn't heard. But then I realised she was reaching down between her legs and pulling the panties to the side, slipping them over her puffy pussy lips to expose the place between her legs, she was doing what Jo had instructed herself!
Jo smiled broadly, he knew he had her, so you want your cunt licked do you Mrs D?' she moaned a wordless animal moan and Jo said firmly, assertively, commandingly, I didn't hear you Mrs D, did you say you wanted Ben to lick your cunt?'
Yes I want it,' she moaned, gyrating her hips and thrusting them toward Ben.
Want what Mrs D?' he wanted her to say the whole thing, wanted to record it on video.
I want Ben to lick my cunt! Please I want you to lick my cunt now, Ben!'
It was academic, even before she spoke I had seen the instant Bens tongue had touched the hole between my wife's lips and seen her wetness glistening on his tongue as he probed and prodded her. Her hands were holding his head, her hips thrusting at him, again and again.
I noticed that Bob was undressing now, he stripped naked and slowly began to wank a cock that was considerably larger than my own, watching his friends, one filming and one licking, whilst Jo continue to talk.
Now Ben, move out of the way, I think Bob has something for Mrs D'. Ben reluctantly slipped back and off the bed to allow Bob to climb between my wife's feet and approach her, holding his cock like a lance and slowly pulling his foreskin back and forward. It slurped wetly and obscenely and Carol opened her eyes and at last I realised she had reached the boundary.
No, Jo, I'm not going to let anyone other than hubby fuck me.'
Jo was smiling as usual, I know Mrs D, your rules. Bob will just make it look as if he is going to fuck you for the camera, but he won't penetrate you.'
She watched as Bob continued to approach her, then she stretched out her hand and gently replaced Bob's hand with her own, continuing to wank him.
He moved slowly forward and she directed his cock toward her exposed pussy, the panties still framed one side of her pussy lips in petrol blue. His cock edged closer and closer until the end was almost touching, and then it was touching, resting between her lips. She used his cock like a dildo and slid it along the wet furrow between her lips, her eyes were closed and she continued to thrust her thighs, moaning softly.
That's great,' said Jo, it will look so good on camera.'
Harry was still filming, very closely between her legs and occasionaly up between her breasts to her face. It would be easy to see who this woman was on the video. How about he pushes the end in a little,' suggested Jo, just a little bit so the end is inside you?'
Once again my wife took the initiative and found the entry to her pussy hole with the end of Bob's cock.
But she didn't just push the end in, because Ben made an unexpected thrust just at the wrong time and with a wet slurp his cock slid right into my wife's cunt, the entire shaft slid wetly in, and then out and then in again as she thrust against him, she was fucking him! I couldn't believe what I was seeing and neither, it seems, could Jo or Ben. Jesus' said Jo, wow', said Ben unnecessarily, she's letting him fuck her!' Harry licked his lips and said nothing. Did you get that moment?' asked Jo. Oh yes!' said Harry, damned right I did.'
Jo bent over my wife's face, and whispered loudly enough for me to hear Mrs D, did you want Bob's cock inside you?'
I want all of your cocks inside me,' she said, opening her eyes and looking directly into Jo's Especially yours Jo. But I want you all to fuck me, I want to be your slut, I want to taste your cum, to feel it hot on my breasts and deep into my cunt and I want you to do it in front of my pathetic husband.' The lines sounded rehearsed, as if she were in a cheap porn video, I realised suddenly that she actually was!
I couldn't believe what I had just heard, my wife, my Carol, virtually begging these men to fuck her and to fuck her in front of me, and more, she had called me pathetic. Sitting on this chair, tied, underpants around my ankles whilst my wife was being fucked filmed and begging other men to fuck her too, yet my cock was harder than it had been for years and dripping pre-cum, and if I could reach it no doubt I'd be wanking openly too, I realised with crushing humiliation, I was indeed her pathetic husband!
I was relieved that Bob pulled out just as he was about to orgasm and jerked his cock with his hand a few times so he would cum outside of my wife's pussy, shooting white blobs of cum onto her belly. He slid off the bed and moved around past me to where Carol was able to reach him and presented her with his softening wet cock, she stretched her head toward him and licked the end, licking at the blobs of cum that dripped off.
Ben had climbed onto the bed and effortlessly slid his cock into her newly vacated pussy and after only a few strokes pulled out just in time to add his seed to Bob's on her belly. Harry had passed the video camera to Jo and had stripped off and it was apparent that his thin frame belied the size of his cock, which was plump as a butcher's prize pork sausage! As Ben moved around to the other side of the bed from Bob, Harry crawled between Carols legs and she reached down and grasped his cock, only wanking it a few times before it had swollen to impressive size and it was with some difficulty, despite her well lubricated pussy, that he pushed the head between her lips.
Once it entered her, however, his shaft slipped easily inside with a wet slurping sound that was deliciously obscene. Her hips were responding to his thrusts and she was wanking Ben and Bob back to potency, licking first one then the other and allowing more of each cock into her mouth as they became more erect and began to thrust their hips and fuck her mouth. Bob was first to cum and this time he didn't pull out, depositing his seed into her mouth, as she transferred all her attention to Ben, some dribbled from her lips. When Ben came she pushed him back and let his cum fall onto her outstretched tongue.
Harry was jerking his hips as if in spasm and I realised that he had not pulled out and was shooting his seed deep into my wife's unprotected pussy. The intensity of this additional humiliation and the fact that I had managed to cross one leg over the other and trap my erection, stimulating my penis by thrusting my thighs and, basically, fucking myself, pushed me over the edge and I experienced an incredibly powerful orgasm and shot my own seed over my legs and the bedroom carpet. Harry tried to pull out of Carol but she had locked her legs around him and tried to stop him. He was too strong for her and succeeded in escaping, she thrust her thighs around in frustration, as if trying to rub herself against something, anything at all. She was masturbating furiously with both hands when Jo handed the camera back to Harry.
I think', he said, grinning as ever that Mrs D might need a shower.'
He grabbed her hands and pulled them from her pussy, she fought but seemed to come to her senses and realise what she was doing, desperately trying to reach orgasm in front of a room full of men, most of whom had just fucked her pussy or her mouth.
I've saved myself for last, Mrs D, but I don't want sloppy seconds, time for a shower.'
She nodded eagerly before glancing at me in what looked like disgust. I want him to film us then' she said.
Whatever you want Mrs D,' grinned Jo, after all, these are your rules!'
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