Another Job Done
Holly closed her cell phone, it was time to get ready for another job. She opened her closet and did a quick inventory and decided on the red halter dress and ribbon heels. Stefan, a high roller had called her earlier and since he was in town he wanted to see her, and he would pay her well for it. Holly was a high paid escort, and Stefan had been a client for years. Same routine every time nothing changed, but she didn't care, he was fantastic in bed and treated her well.
Holly finished getting ready and walked downstairs to grab a taxi that would take her to the Sheridan. She arrived and took the elevator up to the Penthouse Suite, where Stefan always stayed and knocked lightly on the door.
He opened the door and smiled. She smiled and let him take her throw off her shoulders.
Holly's breath left her in a small sigh as his hands slid around her waist to close over her breasts in the red halter of her dress. She covered her hands over his and squeezed as he squeezed.
Stefan gave up his caressing to undo the clasp that held the halter in place. The bright red cloth immediately dropped away to hang down in the front of the skirt leaving her breasts on display.
"Beautiful" he whispered. He undid the zipper at the waist of her dress. She shivered against his chest as the cloth slipped down, pooling around her feet, her panties quickly following, leaving her naked except a pair of red heels.
He picked her up carrying her to the bed. After tearing all his clothes off him, Holly climbed on top of him, sliding down on his erection. They both went still, their gazes as he filled her. Holly moaned and caught one arm around his shoulder to keep her balance. He was in her, around her, enveloping her and it wasn't enough. She wanted more, craved him.
Flipping her over so she was on her back. He plunged in to her and withdrew again, repeating over and over again, driving her to the brink on insanity. Her fingers found his back and her nails dragged along his shoulders. She whimpered when he caught her wrists and held them above her head.
"I'm going to lose control soon" Stefan growled still relentlessly pounding into her. "I want to cum in your mouth, Holly" he said. All she could think of was how badly she wanted that too. "Yes" she moaned "Yes, Please!" He slid his cock out of her tight pussy and brought it up to her mouth. She eagerly took him into her mouth and slid her tongue up and down the length of him. Grabbing a handful of her hair he started pumping into her mouth until his juice filled her. "Swallow it" he moaned still shaking from the aftermath, and she did, enjoying the salty taste of it.
She got up from the bed and pulled her dress back on, she did a quick check in the mirror to fix her hair and makeup. After she was presentable she gracefully grabbed the envelope from the table and walked out the door, another job done.
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