I finished my hair and make up and was pulling my pantyhose on and the phone rang.
"Hello" I said the voice on the other end said " I can't wait to meet you, any chance you will be sooner than an hour? Do you want me to wait at the door or at the bar?" I said "Wait at the bar, if you want get there early and we will see how fast I can work my magic to getting ready!"

I hung up and pulled my navy blue wrap around dress on. In truth I was just done...but the nerves had set in. I was afraid I was going to back out.
From the moment I met Bob online I felt an attraction to him that was not normal for me, I have been approached before by many men once they see my picture but it was always "thanks but no thanks married..." Lately like for years in honesty I was so unhappy I knew I stayed only for the children and to make them feel secure. But my sexual desires where increasing and my toy rabbit broke all I wanted was to have a real man inside me and doing things to me I had only dreamed of when I was alone and pleasuring myself. I need a good long fuck I thought to myself.

I stepped in my dress shoes a nice pair of Isak Mizerahi pumps and set off with my keys. I had told the husband I was meeting an old friend. We were meeting in a neutral place then deciding on where to go.

I started my classic '88 Mercury Cougar and laughed as I did so. I was to find a man everyone told me but a younger man...Bob was older but I always had a thing for older men...they get you, they have been around and do not play games. I need that. It is only about 25 minutes to the sports bar we were meeting at.
I wondered as I pulled in a great parking place if he was already there? I went to the bar and to my surprise he was not there yet. I beat him! Do I call? Do I order a drink? I am not much of a drinker...would I get stupid if I drank? I noticed my hands shaking so bad I thought right, order a drink you wuss you do not have to finish it. I ordered a shot of Tequila, I did the salt and lime and tossed it down my throat. I winced ...How did I ever do that in college? I quickly recovered enough to ask the barmaid for another drink a Strawberry Margarita. I had just begun to sip it when I noticed Bob in the foyer of the bar.
He was looking sweet he was going to wait on me. I pulled out my cell phone, and text _will be late go to bar be there soon_.
I wanted to observe him, why I didn't know I never did anything like this before. I think due to my naive nature about these things I was wondering if I should back out.
I saw him order a beer and look around, I looked down. I didn't want him to notice me too soon. He looked up at the television and took another drink of his beer and looked at his watch. He looked around this time, and noticed me. A huge smile came over his sexy face. Those eyes that smile...I was getting wet just looking at his face.
"How long have you been here?" he asked. "I was here when I sent the text and was sipping on this." I indicated to my drink.
"Why didn't you say?" he said. " I think I am so nervous I am not sure what to I needed some time and to calm myself." Ahhh and is that doing the trick he asked?" I said "UUUm well I think the shot of Jose I had before this did me in." We both laughed and he said "Why don't we get a bite before you fall over or wreck on the way home?"

Part of me thought "Oh no he is planning on sending me home...but he was thinking, damn she is getting cold feet and I have looked forward to this for a week.
We sat and ordered some appetizer and talked so effortlessly I kicked off one of my shoes and started to caress his leg under the table. He seemed surprised and let me continue then caught my foot as it went higher and started to massage it. I let out a moan and he said "I am not that hungry You?" I said "no, but I think I am a wee bit tipsy."
We laughed again and he released my foot.

"Babe we do not have to do anything if you do not want to...but if you like we can go to my place and I will drive you back to your car later." I agreed. All I could think of is getting him out of that shirt and tie and kissing him all over.
We got in Bob's car and I sunk into the seat and watched his strong hands grip the wheel and drive to his house, I have no clue where I was I was too busy watching him rather than paying attention to the road and where we were. It wasn't far. He got out of the car and before I could open my own door he was there and gave me his hand...I looked up at him and he kissed me deeply and we continued kissing and while we were I felt him guide me to the door. He opened his door and took me into his living room and offered me a glass of wine. Pinot Gregio I sipped the cool liquid glad for it as my mouth had suddenly gone very dry.
We talked about so much and the time flew.

Suddenly I got a call on my cell phone, It was my husband asking what time to expect me home as he had an early day. Just put the boy to bed when you go to bed I will be home late about 2 hours. I heard a groan from the other end...where are you it is so quiet I am in the ladies room I said. He said don't forget to lock the door when you get in. Okay I said and he grumbled a good night.

I was suddenly very tense and near tears..Bob noticed. "Is all okay?" I lied and said "yes" he said tell the truth. I said "No and to make matters worse I just realized how easy those lies slipped off my tongue to him and yet I do not feel guilty.

Bob pulled me close and said "Come here babe I will make you forget all about it"

(To be continued)
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