Anticipation Continued
Bob took me in his arms he started to stroke my hair and tell me not to let the call bother me. We would have our time. I didn't know till then how much I have looked forward to this night as well as him. I remember when he first asked me to meet and how my heart beat faster and faster.

I knew I needed to meet this man. Not to save me from my life, but to enrich it. I needed an outlet to go visit and be close by and if it turned into a sexual rendezvous well we were both adults.

As he stroked my hair he brushed it behind my ear and I felt a kiss on the neck. Wow just thinking of this did I will it to happen? A shiver of pleasure went through me.
I squirmed so I was closer to him and tilted my head so he could do it again. I felt him kiss then gently nibble and suck gently as not to leave a mark. I moaned and put my hand on his muscular thigh. I tilted my head up to receive his kisses and they were deep and passionate.

I felt my womanhood get tight and knew I was so turned on by this man. This man I barely knew! What was I doing, whatever it was I could not even stop it if I tried.
The thought of being touched and appreciated by a man who found me attractive was more than I could have willpower to stop. I could give up chocolate for life if needed but not this!
Oh Yes I was worried, where would this lead, would we just be fuck buddies? Would we have anything in common? Did he really like me? I was normally so sure of myself but this was new... ground breaking. And speaking of breaking, I felt all resolve and sense leave me! I played with that thigh I went higher and felt his hard cock in his pants and I wanted more.

The smell of him was driving me mad. He kept kissing me and then his hands were turning me toward him and they were under my dress faster than I knew was possible the dress I told him untied at the waist he removed his hands undid the tie that binds and it fell from me with some help from his hands. He sucked in air as he saw me in my victoria secret bra and panties that showed through the sheer pantyhose. and he immediatly undid the clasp at the back of my bra. NO stopping him and my cunt was aching for his touch, I wanted him everywhere at once! OH damn to be so desperate! He sucked one large breast then the other and had my nipples so aroused and I knew my panties were damp.
I tried to get to his pants but I didn't want a run in my only pair of hose so I opted to take them off. Revealing fresh shaved legs and a neat trimmed pussy but not bare, I liked being a woman who can prove I was a real redhead.

He was removing his clothes and we sat facing each other and continued to make out and touch gently and explore I straddled his lap as I was kissing him my breast were brushing against his chest. My lips both on my face and below were swelling with desire. I felt him push my very swollen and almost alien to me they had got so big he pushed them aside and gently rubbed my womanhood till I was soaking wet and moaning and writhing in his arms. He asked only once "Are you sure?"
By this time I was so sure I needed this I think I would have died without it. I needed him more than air. He obliged and he played with me as if I were an instrument and he was the master of me.

I was shaking and nearly bucking trying to get him in me deeper and closer. I didn't know how to ask for more or even what I wanted...but he knew...oh he knew alright.
"He said let's go to my bed shall we?" I just shook my head in agreement. I held his hand as he took me to his room. He was neat for a man. I was expecting a messy bachelor but no this man was great, perfect even.

He laid me down on the bed after he turned down the covers. He positioned me so my legs hung over the edge a bit and he was on his knees and I knew what was coming I had hear of this in books...but I was not expecting how wonderful it would be. I felt his hot breath on my labia and he came to my clit and slowly but expertly was licking me teasing my vagina and yet going back to where a woman is pleased most right at the hood of the clitoris.

I moaned and whimpered and said "Bob oh my God you know what your- "...and a moan cut off the rest of whatever nonsense I was about to say. The moaning was all I could do from then on out...slight moaning and begging for more. And OH did I want more.

He then came up to kiss me and as he did I felt his rock hard manhood and moaned again. He kissed me deeply and I tasted myself on him for the first time. I had no clue what to expect but this did not turn me off, just the polar opposite.

I felt him push me up further in the bed and I helped get there. We kissed some more and he was having his hands all over me. "You are so beautiful and sexy" he said. I nearly cried with joy. He really thought so. This sexy man who could have anyone took me to his bed. I let my hands glide over his stiff cock and took my other and gently caressed his balls. I needed to know every inch of him as he was getting to know me.

He felt amazing. I started to slip down in the bed toward his cock, and I put the head in my mouth, pre cum had started to flow and it tasted so good to me. I got bolder and went deeper sucking and tugging his balls, now it was my turn to hear him moan and whisper my name. He let me do this for a few more minutes although I would have loved to do that for a while till he exploded in my mouth. He said "I want to be in that tight hot pussy first".

He reached for a condom and slipped it on as I laid on the bed and he came to me and pushed my legs open and said "are you ready?" I said " I think so just please, go slow." He grinned at me. He entered me as if I was a virgin. Thankfully because I felt like one. I was shocked at how tight I was, I knew I was from playing at home alone but, to have this powerful man between my legs I felt him slowly enter not all the way,back out a bit and come back and I relaxed he reached down and played with my clit as he did it again, and the tightness came back and I knew it would not be long before I came.

He was stroking me now, half his cock in and out then in one movement after seeing me smile and relax he entered me full on. I nearly screamed, not with pain but with pleasure. I nearly bit his shoulder in my excitement. He started to move again and here it was I was coming and in a rhythm with him so fast it amazed me my legs instinctively wrapped around his sexy body. I came again and again and couldn't stop.

I felt him kissing my face and saying "OH yeah Baby that is so good!" I felt my legs pull him in closer with each thrust and I knew I had yet to have the BIG orgasm it was coming..I knew it lifting my pelvis and meeting him hearing the sounds we made as our bodies met and retreated and came together again. It was more than I could stand I started to shake and he was moving so wonderfully and I kept my legs pulling him tighter still.

I felt him stiffen and I felt me gush yet again all over his cock and belly. He was wonderful and we were both sweaty with our love making session. He collapsed in my arms. I kept hold of him with my legs not wanting this to end. Then I knew before I got stiff I had to change positions. He rolled off of me but pulled me in his arms to spoon. As he did he took hold of my breast and kept playing with it and I swear in two minutes I was ready for round two!

*Reader if you want more of Anticipation with Bob just say so, I can write about this sexy man for decades. Just leave a comment. Thanks.
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