Anticipation pt 3
The episode with Bob had been a total shock to my system after I went home I knew my cunt was swollen with the attention he gave my sweet pussy. For the first time I tasted my love juices as they were on his lips when he kissed me. mmm I want to do that again and again.
I felt beautiful with Bob. He was so macho and so smart and everything a woman could hope for in a man he was kind above all else. A true gentleman.
Who would NOT want to be with Bob? I wanted to do all I could to please him. Be it four times a month or five hundred. I would go out of my way for this man and not many men I could do that for.
The sex, my goodness the sex was perfect I never knew such pleasures. It is as if he is a god fallen from the sky. He has a timber in his voice that sends chills up my spine. I do not think there is anything I would not do for Bob.
I am aware it sounds like I am a daft teenager with this man. But no I say I am a grown adult and having an adult no drama relationship with this god -like- man.
Another thing he can cook, Oh can he cook (not just in the bedroom reader) he can cook in the kitchen, and make me hot in more ways than one while he does. He knows his stuff. He is neat, he is organized and he is an expert in every field. I know he is becoming an expert on me. I love that. He anticipates my every need be it a drink of water to holding my hand. HE opens doors for I say he is perfect.
After he made my pussy throb at our last encounter and we were set to meet a week later, fates and my throbbing pussy conspired to get us together one more time prior to our meet up weekly. Thank heaven. I do not think I could have waited. The swelling in my red haired pussy went down considerably but not the need of him.
The minute I spoke to him and heard that voice I nearly wrecked trying to reach him and that magic tongue and it was better than the first time I can guarantee that.
I was so much more relaxed that when he was fingering me and kissing me I orgasm so hard I squirted all over his bedding! I was so embarrassed but he kept on as if not noticing and kept loving my red bush so much I wet again and again and when he was down there licking my mess off of me and hit the right place- you know the one gals the little nub at the hood of your clit...he hit that and I orgasm-ed again right in the mans mouth.
The sexy thing was he came up to kiss me with some still in his mouth and it was a major turn on...MAJOR. I was in heaven trust me nothing in the universe could prepare me for Bob.
I am falling in love with the weekly encounters with Bob. Oh I know we will never be, he made it so very clear right in the beginning. If I can only see him and spend time with him every week or so, that is beautiful with me. I can't imagine him NOT in my life. That would hurt worse than the sexless horrid marriage I have.
I want Bob, to possess him once in a while for our time...that is what I think we both need, I will say I LOVE YOU and mean it...knowing what we agreed to...knowing I am driving back to a dead end in cold winter...but, I have the warmth of my pussy and tingle in my nipples that let me know someone gives a damn about me. I can't loose that...and we will have more escapades to share...well I will share.
It doesn't matter how or where we met. We have a common bond, a need for being loved and touched and it will go must. For me and hopefully for Bob. I hope he feels the same too.
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