Banged up and down!
Joy was feeling very unloved in a cold, cruel world. Work had been stressful the boss kept piling up work and bitching when it was not done, all the while he was banging his secretary and the other claims rep. that was hired to help her!

Who knows maybe it did help keep his grubby hands off of her. He had horrid breath as she remembered from the first meeting and the way he looked at her breast not like she could hide them but she would start to wear dowdy clothes again as she had to in most other jobs!

Joy turned the car on the icy and snow blown narrow lane to head home. Hardly anyone used this lane there was a service entrance up ahead some people used as a make out station far from the eyes of others but not in this weather. It was getting harder to see with the new wet snow falling.

Joy had bought her first house on this lane about 2 years ago and had worked like mad to keep it after a bitter divorce and she loved the solitude. It never bothered her and her doors were unlocked. She only drove past the house one time and there was barely anything there, no houses no neighbors and to Joy that was heaven at the time. A few times she had really regretted that like when her car needed a jump or she wanted to pay for a neighbor kid to cut grass. But all empty lots waiting to be bought up. With neighbors like the ones she had when she was married four years ago, no thanks. She still remembers Sandy coming over with fresh baked bread to welcome her and Adam.

Ahh Adam weak willed little Adam could not resist anything sweet and fresh put in front of him from the food Joy had made to the tempting little neighbor that she caught him in bed with!! Yes the same Sandy that made the hot buns apparently he could not resist hers!

Joy,lost in thought, missed seeing the deer as it went in front of her Jeep and she swerved and both front wheels in the ditch. She hit her head hard on the steering wheel. It was lights out from that moment. The snow was falling and the jeep had stalled and it grew cold. She woke up from cold once to dial for a tow but her purse was thrown on the floor far from her, and when she reached she realized she broke her collar bone she screamed and back into darkness she the darkness of the cold cruel world she was thinking of. She was too willing to escape.

Was that a woman screaming Tim wondered as he finished repairs to the power line? He lowered the cherry picker and noticed his footprints were no longer able to be seen! Wow this is coming down hard. Glad he was up the service road and he could huddle in the cab for a while wait on it to slow down. But the scream made him go to his primitive instinct and check it out. He shut up the cab on the utility truck and got his keys and took his thermos of hot coffee and set down the road. He saw a gold Jeep pass by about 15 min ago but those tracks were fading fast in this heavy snow.

He saw that same Jeep up ahead and into the left ditch on the road, no damage but it was not going anywhere soon. It was then he heard the moan through that plastic they use on those things, he always hated those things especially in this weather. he moved snow to see inside- it was someone and they looked hurt.

He felt for a pulse and she moaned again he also felt she was half frozen. Dressed in some thin ugly coat and the ugliest outfit you can imagine "Helloo 1973 wants its grandmothers clothes back!" she moaned again he best keep his opinions to himself. She had a nasty cut near her hairline.

He got her purse to see her drivers license and if any contact info there. What she lived maybe a quarter mile down the road? On a clear day he would have been able to see her large rustic log cabin she got at a steal.
He put her license away and found a cell phone looking through the phone directory for a contact, work, work, bill companies to pay on time, and one number MOM- he dialed it...even though it was out of area.
That ascending beep beep beep played either she was not there or the phone company didn't assign the number to someone if something did happen to this woman's mom. Tim hoped not, this beautiful woman obviously trying to hide her beauty, or didn't know she was had no make up on and dowdy clothes and she was getting colder by the second.

He decided to go back for his large utility vehicle and put her in the warm cab and find her home from there.
He took her purse and phone and ran to the truck. He wasted no time turning on the heat in the cab and warming it up. He got back to the jeep it was far enough off the road that no one would bother it, it was more in the ditch than out of it. He lifted her to have her eyes flutter open and make a protested scream but then she fell into a dead faint again.

Her eyes were the oddest color blue, almost blue green but so bright and she was so white and cold, why did she keep fainting...was she ill did she have diabetes he had 100 things going through his mind as he lifted her in the cab, her shirt a nylon blend let the buttons open as he put her in, and he saw the large creamy white swell of her breast.

Tim knew he had to get her either home or to the hospital soon as his erection was very uncomfortable in his pants. His buddy was an EMT and he would call him for advise later.

He drove only less than 1/4 mile and her place was right there. A small light in the window was on she always left on for when coming home from late nights at work. He lifted her and her purse to the door and she was in pain so bad she moaned about her neck and shoulder and was near out of it, then recognized her door she simply said "It's open".

Tim set her down on the large over stuffed sofa and set to turning lights on and finding her room to get her something warmer, finding just sexy slinky night gowns and a robe that is all he could do and grabbed a warm blanket off her bed.

In the living room he got her coat off and the ugly over sized clothes came off with ease and her bra a front enclosure was tempting him to leave it on for his erection was near painful now. He noticed how pretty she really was, why would she try to hide it. Her face had some color back in it and her lips were a light pink and through the shear material of the bra he could see her nipples were the same color.

Okay Tim to work, do this, her nighty was being pulled over her head and as he raised her right arm she screamed in her sleep. He noticed then the bruising and discoloration of her skin around her neck and collar bone and he would bet it was broken. Not much to be done with that not now and not in this weather. He had broke his as a kid and knew they just make you keep it still till it healed. He gently put her back on the couch and covered her still cold body tempted to crawl beside her naked with the excuse of saving her life but he knew that it was warm in the beautiful cabin with pine walls and a nice clean country theme.

He left her to go find something for her to drink or eat when she woke up, he took his own coat off and his flannel shirt and only had his tight cotton tee on. his jeans were damp from the cold but he had long johns on so he took his jeans off and put near the vent to dry and in his tight fitting under garments went to work. First thing is calling Eddie his EMT friend he told him where he was what happened so if this woman was a nut job he would be covered with just trying to help. Eddie said watch for fevers and also we were being hit hard with a bad winter storm so no hope to even leave for a few days! OH great what if she didn't like company. She seemed to be a loner. He had a look around while water was boiling on the stove, a picture of her and her mom and then a wreath, one that still had deepest sympathy on the ribbon...her mom had died, it explained the no one at the number. Poor lady who did she have? She was moaning and he got some ice and put it in a bag and surrounded it with a towel to put on her collar bone.

She briefly awoke and said" who are you?" He said "I am the friendly utility man who heard you scream, Tim" She said "thank you" then darkness claimed her once again. Tim went and looked about her kitchen for something to eat he was starving and she must have been well stocked for winter he had no trouble finding something for him to eat. HE heated some soup for her and hoped she would allow him to feed her. The water was done and he made some instant coffee for himself and some tea for her. The smell must have got her awake and she tried to move but tears were streaming down her face.

Allow me Tim went on as he pulled a chair and a wood television tray close to hold the drinks and her soup. He spooned a bit in her mouth.." I do not mean to be a problem ma'am but the weather is so bad I may be snowed in here with you for some time a few days tops...I have no clean clothes so forgive my appearance". She nearly chocked on her sip of broth, he was a handsome man to say the least perfectly proportioned and so good looking was she dreaming, and mind, it had been far too long since a man was around. All she could think to say is "My ex had clothes left and I put them in the green trunk in the attic your welcome to them." He smiled he didn't think this would be so easy. On her fourth spoonful she was dozing off. He thought perfect time to go find those and get a hot shower!

He located the pull down stairs outside the bedroom and went up it was as neat as the downstairs and the trunk was there with a box of wedding photo's. They made a handsome couple from the outside but you never do know. He found a few changes of clothes and they were all in those sealed bags no dust no spiders, she really was caring, why the hell did he leave. Then as he was putting it all back he found the letter she never sent he couldn't help himself...
"Dear Adam, I was warned not to trust you, I suppose I like to think the best of everyone but you have taught me a lesson, one I will never forget. Be happy and try to not cheat on HER but I know that is just my weak mind hoping you will change. I am done, I have your things come for them, but nothing else. I will not give you wedding gifts when I paid for the wedding, I will not give you more than you deserve and getting your things back is more than that!
He then noticed a box, it held her wedding and engagement rings, he suspected she bought these too but maybe it was too painful to have so was planning on giving him.
He gathered his things and checked on her then stripped for a hot shower.

He was in the bathroom and she hated to knock but she had to use the facility and was in pain from waiting so long...what was his name? It was fuzzy Tom Tim...yes Tim" Tim excuse me I need the rest room badly."..and he opened the door in a towel. She grew damp but not from her need of the toilet! What a body! Her knees gave out a bit and he helped her to the toilet, "I can stay if you...."and she said" NO NO NO I can manage...I am sure. After all I dressed myself didn't I" - "Actually" Tim said "I dressed you." Her face flamed. "I better help" he offered..and much to her horror, he did just that pulling up the flimsy gown and looking away as she sat down..."I will give you a moment."
He stepped out. Good God was she mad...a total stranger in her home wearing Adam's things and dressing her and she didn't remember. Her head ached and she just sat there and relieved herself. After cleaning up she stood a bit shaky and he just walked in, in Adams tight sweat pants he was a ball of muscle and she felt such desire! That well formed chest she shook with such need to want to touch it. He smelled so clean and fresh and she worried what she smelled like after the day she had. No way was she going to suggest a shower for fear he would nurse her there as well, it was all too much too fast.
He came close to her to help her to the couch again and she was trembling, he thought in pain but she knew it was not pain. Not that type of pain anyway! God it had been so damn long since she had a man and he had smelled so good and his strong arms are around her, instinctively she turned and went to say thank you and his lips pressed down on hers. She didn't pull away. Instead she leaned into the kiss and wrapped her arms around him and felt her breast pressing against his well formed chest. They were both breathless at the kiss's end.
Ah, yes breathless from kissing now that is something she could get use to!

She smiled and to his relief he said " I was going to say I was sorry but, your smile says no need!"

He flashed a perfect set of teeth at her and she was flaming red.

He helped her to sit and she held on to him and he had to sit as well.

" I do not want you to think badly of me I honestly do not wreck hoping to be that damsel in distress so I don't have to date! " she giggled and then winced. He offered to get her some more ice and she said "Yes please and can you get the bottle of ibuprofen out of the bathroom cabinet ?" He went willingly any thing to see her out of pain. A beautiful woman like that has had her fair share of it.
He was wondering if he should bring up the clothes and letter or try to let her speak about it in her own time. He got to the couch just in time for she was trying to fix her blankets and reach for the cup of tea and she screamed as she dropped the cup, still not realizing how very hurt she was.
"Oh there now young lady! I called my friend Eddie and EMT and he suspects you have a broken collar bone, not just a bruise there so no more doing for yourself while I am here! "
" I tried to call your mother as well as she was the only one in the phone directory of your phone. " he saw her go white then and start to cry more from emotional pain rather than physical.
She started to explain, it has been a hard 2 yrs. I have been divorced due to my husband finding our only close neighbor a bit too friendly and he had a roving eye. Then my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I took time off to care for her and when I went to go back to work they said it was too long to hold my position so I lost my job. That brings me to where I am currently working to pay the bills and stay afloat. The boss hit on me from day one so I dressed rather bland even though I hate it just to avoid the tension at work. I can't afford another job loss with paying for debt my ex left me in and my mom's unpaid bills. I just dress this way to keep everyone at work at arms length it works. The women think I am crazy. The men do not even notice me. Honest I can't remember the last time anyone paid any attention to me. I am just blending in and getting work done and out of there. It helps me get done without the catty bitchy women thinking I am a threat and the men thinking I am just there to be a toy for them.

Tim said "You deserve to be more than any of that you are a beautiful woman and so bright and full of life and light. A man should take his time and learn every aspect about you and adore and cherish you if they don't then they don't deserve you." Tim saw a tear come to Joy's eye and worried he said something wrong, before he could ask her she fell into his arms sobbing. "I am so sorry Joy he started to explain" but she cut him off with "You are so perfect or at least seem like it" and he brushed her tears away as she grimaced from the pain and he got her in a comfortable position but realized that he was behind her a bit and she was in his lap how did this happen he wondered but then she looked up at him and he at her and they kissed deeply and lingering. He knew this was a delicate time for her but then too knew it had been all too long for her to feel a mans touch and he thought she needs a good man. He was not going to rush this. However her slinky nighty was coming unbuttoned and he went to fix it and she shoved his and inside to his surprise and feeling those beautiful globes in his hand and her nipples growing harder as he felt them made him nearly lose his mind.
Oh but she was nearly loosing hers to be touched like that after so long, she was growing damp in her pussy and wanted touched every place at once. He started to take one hand off her breast and roam down to her sweet spot and lifted her satin gown up and she never complained once, his other hand was on her large breast and she moaned in his mouth as he kissed her deeply and gently probed her button that was wet with desire back and forth. It was a moment then she shuddered and came hard all over his hand. She was panting and trying to get her whits about her but he somehow turned and she felt his bulge in his pants.

To be continued.
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