I heard screams, I was expecting it, I had been keeping an eye on this gang.
One of the guys grabbed her bag - big mistake, I was behind him SLAM! he was no match for me.
They scarpered, the girl was pretty, early 20s, blonde, big blue eyes.
Usually at this point I go, but this girl was different, I offered her a ride home, she hesitated but then she saw the Batmobile.

It was an ackward journey, she asked who I was - I was a bit insulted I thought my outfit was a giverway - Blondes!
She told me her name was Penny, she flirted a little and invited me in for coffee.
Coffee? I told her Batman does not stop for coffee, then she asked the killer question, ''why not?..... Are you gay?'' Damm, this left me no choice.....she was gonna get it!

In her apartment....

We kissed, mask still on, she stripped completely naked, my suit tighten as she turned me on.
It was painful, the Bat suit was not designed for this situation.
Penny unfastened the Bat belt, I took off my cape and put it around her, she looked good naked in a cape.
The cold fabric intenseified her body.

Her hands touched my armored bum, and she removed my lower body bat pants.
She grabed my cold naked butt and pulled me near, my cock guided to her mouth.
Mmm maybe I should accept rewards more often.
Her hands scratched my shielded chest, we kissed, her hand brought my cock to her happy place,
I started thrusting, she tried biting my nipple but I was still wearing my chest armor - awe she won't try that again.

My cock was doing well, it felt good and she was making all the right noises.
Then my arse was invaded by her finger, mmm, this girl was really into me.

We were well into the moment, I was making her very happy, but then her hands went for my mask,
I pinned her down! And knew I needed to finish this and move on.
My cock was racing to the finish line, Penny's body was dancing to mine, she whimpered awaiting her orgasm, I did'nt want to cum inside her but it just happened.

We stared into each others eyes, she smiled, she wants to get to know me, but I can not let her, there are people who need me, somebody has watch over the city.

I left her sleeping, she probably think it was a dream, who would believe her for I am Batman.....
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