Beautifully Blind Part 3
You have to read Part 1 and 2 to get a lot of this story line. But I promise it is worth it. (:

Mmmmm fuck my pussy was wet. My work needed to be done though but I couldn't stop the building of my passion . I needed to slip my fingers in fast and quick because if I didn't I would end up getting fired for sure this time. I was so juicy. Like drink ready to be sipped dry.I slipped one finger in. Then two. The third one was a tight fit. My fingers were hitting all the right spots. I was oblivious to the outer world. My world contained me and my beautifully fake blind women naked withering from each others touch.

My climax came quick and hard. An earthquake of filthy passion raked my body. I have never came this fast. I was biting my arm to keep from screaming out. The mix of pain and desire was to much for me. Just the image of her made me squirt for her. She was a vixen even in my mind. I had to stop. Not wanting to pull the three fingers lodged in my very tight cunt. No one has touched me in so long. I was so tight like a girl ready to lose her virginity. My cherry needed to be popped. That is how very tight I am. The three fingers were stretching me to the max. And all I was thinking about was her fingers, hand, wrist pounding my tight slit. Making me scream. God she was so good. An angel of sin ready to rip the very core of my desires.

I never let myself go like this.I was soaring to new heights. I had tears running down my face because I was so sexually frustrated. Why was she doing this to me? My fingers were hers and I have never felt something so right. I had to stop. Gawd I needed her. My mind was so twisted and ready to split. I was so confused. I hated her. No I love her. O My God did I just admit to loving her. What was wrong with me? I have only seen her once. I have never even talked more then five minutes to her. I was head-over-heels in love with a fake blind women. My passion was simmering as I came to this conclusion.

The phone rang as I was slipping my fingers out of my now very sore wet slit. I quickly licked and sucked my three cum soaking fingers and answered my phone.

My friend Kate's voice asked me if I wanted to go to some kind of concert tonight. My mind was fogged by hot bliss, so I didn't get all the information and I just told her I would call her later.

I hung up the phone and let the ambers of my passion subside. I wiped my eyes. I fixed my tasseled clothes. Fixed my hair and make-up. I had to get back to my work. It took me six hours to get half of the paper work that I needed had to be done. I skipped lunch so I could get home early. I left the rest of the files for tomorrow. And walked out of my office door.

I walked to the subway. My heart was racing. I couldn't stop thinking of her quivering body on top of mine. What if she was on the bus? I had to stick to my original plan. Yes, slapping that flawless face. God I couldn't do that. It was going to take everything in me just to keep from fucking her right there on the subway. I went down the filthy steps, watching my step.

I stepped into the bus and found an empty seat. I was shaking. I looked around for my fake blind woman but she was no were to be seen. I felt sick. I needed to see her beauty just for a second. I watched the door slide close. She wasn't coming.

Fuck what was happening to me? I kept thinking of her all the way home. But not just about sex with her. Don't get me wrong I did think of every position I wanted her in but also just her voice got to me. I imagined waking up to her breathing whispering across my shoulder. Of her curled up next to me. Of her sitting across the table from me and eating breakfast with me. Just her being near me. She was so beautiful. No she was more then beautiful. She was like a foreign land no one has discovered yet. She was the abyss of secrets that I wanted to know. She captures every atom of my being. She had me at her will and she didn't even know it.

The subway came to a stop. I stood up and walked home. When I got home I called Kate back to get all of the information that I needed. I told her I would meet her at eight o'clock tonight. The orchestra concert was going to be held outside of the plaza with flutes of champagne. I hated champagne. I would prefer a wine cooler or a beer but whatever. I would play along.

She told me to dress classy. Maybe the purple small silk dress she suggested that I wore to a company banquet. Fine I said.

I loved the orchestra. It was soothing and therapeutic to hear the blend of instruments fill the air. I needed to get that women out of my mind maybe this would help.

I got dressed in my silky purple dress. It fit my body like a glove. The silk wrapped me like a dream. The straps held my breast high letting me forget about a bra. The silk flowed to the floor and had a slit all the way to the middle of my thigh.

I wore a black pare of lacy panties. I put a pair of small half inch black heels on. I didn't want to over do my outfit by wearing my
" Lawyer fuck-me-heels". I wanted to look good not slutty. I put a black beaded necklace around my neck and a dab of some "Lucky You" perfume in between my breast and on the inside of my wrist. My hair was in a lose twist that had curls hanging down around my temples and ears. Mmmmm I do look good, if I don't say so myself.

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