Beautifully Blind part 1
My alarm went off. It is 5:25 a.m. I had to be in the office at 7:15 a.m. I hit the snooze button. A few extra minutes of sleep would not hurt me. The covers were warm around me keeping the November chill from me.

The soft sun glow, shines upon me hitting my eyes with force making me wake up. I turn to the alarm clock it reads "6:46". "Awwww shit" I blurt out. "Fuck". I shed the covers from my body. I run to the laundry room and went to the dryer for my clothes. I find my black short business skirt and the cream silk blouse. I can't find my bra and panties that I put in the dryer the night before. "Fuck". I was running out of time. I put the clothes on forgetting about the bra and panties. I run to my room and slip on my 3 inch killer lawyer heels.

I go to my attached bathroom. Look in the mirror. I look like shit. My crazy curly brown hair was frizzy. My supple breast are perky but my nipples are hard because of the coldness making them very noticeable against the silk ( I try to use the heater as little as possible). I have bags under my eyes. This day simple could not get worse.

I grab my size 32C breast and massage them to make my nipples soft. I know as soon as I opened my front door they would be hard again(but it felt to good to stop). I stopped when they softened.

I was running out of time. I looked at the alarm. It reads "7:03". I apply a little bit of make-up mostly to cover the bags from under my eyes. I lightly put a bit of clear lip-gloss on. I put my hair in a tight french twist. Then I quickly walk to the kitchen. I grab my briefcase from the kitchen table and my tailored jacket to finish my outfit off. I know I couldn't take the jacket off all day because of the little problem that I had. I also take my long winter jacket that covers me from my neck to my knees covering my outfit. I had everything. I was ready to start this already awful day.

I open the front door. The cold breeze hits me like a slap to my face making me gasp for air. The air shoots up my skirt making me push my legs together for warmth. I go to my car and unlock it. Glad to be almost in the car for the warmth. I put the key in the ignition and go to start it. It stalls. I try again and of course it doesn't start. I bang my hand on the steering wheel. I get out. I am freezing and shivering.

The subway is only a block from my house. I put the long jacket on and start walking to the bus. Tears were trying to feel their way down my cheeks but I wouldn't let them.

I start to descend down the stairs to the bus. Before my black heeled foot could touch the first step it was stopped by a thin pole. The pole hit my ankle with a "smak" making me shriek. Not from pain but from the surprise of it all. I was stunned. Then I lift my eyes to see a magnificent, radiant women. Her piercing, light blue eyes look straight through me. I am mesmerized by this godly creature. I swear God couldn't have made a more perfect image.

"Watch your step" her voice is like a song to my ears.

Her voice takes me out of the spell she put me under. I look down at the step. There was a beer bottle were my foot would have been. If she didn't stop me I would have been flying down the stairs and in the hospital for sure. How did she know that the bottle was there?

She said "And they say the blind can't see but I can see better then you can lady". She giggles.

That's when I remembered the thin metal pole that she was holding. I was instantly embarrassed. Heat started to rise to my cheeks.

"Thank you" I said to her.

"No problem".

She starts to descend down the stairs. I watch her as her body sways down the cluttered stairs. She had no problem getting down the stairs. It is like she was the one that placed all the dirty trash on the steps. Knowing every step she took.

She was thin with luscious hips that made your mouth water. Her jeans fit snug against her. Her winter jacket was leaving everything for my imagination. Her blonde straight hair cascaded down her back. She walked like she had purpose. Like there was nothing wrong with her sight. I slowly follow her. Watching her every step. We step into the bus she sits down. I sit opposite of her. I glance at her perfect body. Starting at her delicate feet,to her muscular calves,her thighs, her hips,then to her breast which I truly couldn't see because of the puffy red winter jacket. I worked my way up to her lips. They are a deep red, almost like blood but not quite. Then I see that she is looking at me or was she really. Did she know I was there. Of course not she couldn't see anything. I looked into her empty breathtaking blue eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Then she winked.
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