Beautifully Blind part 5
I made a lot of changes from the original story that I posted. With help from a good friend (:

I didn't know what to do. My heart was racing. I was paralyzed. I couldn't speak or think. My mind was out of thoughts. I just stood there. I felt someone gently place their hand on my shoulder. The hand guided me around to face the voice that was calling out my name.


"Abby what's wrong? Are you ok? You look like you are going to be sick"

I was faced with the stunning Kate. I didn't know what to do.

"Kate I'm going to the bathroom. I will be back."

"Ok hun. Are you going to be alright?"

"Yes I'm fine. I'll be back"

I walked to the back of the audience to the open bar and asked for the way to the bathroom.

The dimly lit walk to the bathroom was a haze. It confused me. It made this dream turn into a darkly lit nightmare.

As I stepped in the lit bathroom my eyes slowly adjusted. I ran to the stall at the end. The one that is bigger then all the others stalls.

I walked into the stall. I went to the corner farthest away from the toilet and just stood there. I didn't know how to react. I was so tongue tied with emotion that it was hard to breath. What was I going to do? Do I talk to her or not?Or do I just forget about this wonder of a woman?

I just stood there just letting my mind whirl of all the feelings that hard captured me.

My body ached with frustration. My feet were already killing me. The thin black straps were cutting into my skin. The pain of it was building. The frustration of everything was making my heart cripple. I bent over and took my heels off. The red lines from the straps stood out against my slightly tanned feet. I stood back up and started rolling my ankles. I always did this after a long day of work. It relaxed me.

I heard the bathroom door open. Shit. I didn't want to see anyone. I heard a pair of high heels hit the cement floor followed by a sudden cling,cling,cling. What was that? I still didn't want to see anyone so I peeked through the little thin slits that every one is scared someone will see through.

My fake blind violinist stood there at the entrance to the stall next to mine. She went in.
I watched her floor length dress shimmer as she glided in the vacant stall. I watched as she slowly hiked her dress up and her clear high heels were revealed to me eyes. Her creamy white skin lightly scattered with freckles.

I heard her steady flow of release. The un-rolling of toilet paper and then finally the flush of the toilet.

Her dress slid back down covering her delicately pedicured feet. She walked out of the stall. The steel pole hit the ground again and stopped as she turned on the faucet to the bathroom sink.

I could see her through the thin gap. Her back was to me. Her hair was tumbled down her back and her dress was tight against her a sculptured rear end and thighs.

I slowly opened the door making sure that no noise left from my actions. My heels were off so I know my feet would be quit. I slowly walked up to the sink beside her. There was a mirror that filled the wall above the sinks. She didn't look up she just slowly washed her violinist hands. Letting the hot water bring steam into the air.

I wanted to reach out and touch her just for a second. To feel her skin on my fingertips. To run my hands through her hair and to feel my lips against hers just for a second.

I slowly reached out and felt the end of a curl that was laying across her shoulder and down her back. Just the tip of the curl just for a second. I wanted to saver the feel of that delicate curl. Wanting to saver the portion of this woman. The golden twist of hair was soft against my fingertips. My hand slowly danced across her back not touching her yet close enough to feel the heat from her magnificent body.

I was so close to her. I could smell her bodily scents radiating off of her. I wanted to drown in her. I was mad with lust for her. My body ached to have her know that I was here. That she was the vixen in my dreams. She was my hero in m nightmares and the artwork of my reality. I wanted her to reach out for me like I so desperately craved.

And this woman still had no idea that I existed!

She turned off the water this was my cue to back away. She was going to leave. She picked her seeing pole up and started walking to the door. I watched her beautiful being walk away from me again. All of a sudden she stops and her voice sings the softest symphony:

"What is your name?"
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