Birthday Desert
Waiting lingering and wanting you. I am in bed and find my hand going to my crotch, touching feeling and wishing you were here, your mouth your lips, and your way, the special way only you can love me.

I wish so much that you were here, it seems that every time we have a few days apart I am in such burning need of you it hurts. I know that from Monday till Friday is not that long but when you go away to see your daughter .or I go to see my son, it takes so much time away from OUR time, I ache with a need that makes me tremble.

I need to feel your kisses and your big strong yet gentle hands all over me, I need to hear you say you love me again, I need you to make love to me like only you can do.

Your birthday is soon, and I have it all planned not only will I cook you lamb and a nice dinner, I will be your desert! I love that.
I love how you say my juices are so sweet and you can live on them forever. So for your birthday love, I will be your special desert.

I will also treat you to the best and most wonderful oral pleasure you have ever known, You always say I am the best you ever had, but I am planning on doing it so big and so wild and different that you beg me for more and yet are in such ecstasy that you want me to stop.
You know that place, the place you feel that you are in so much pleasure it is nearly verging on pain....well babe look out, I am going to give you the birthday treat.

I hope while pleasuring you that your 2 cats will not interupt and want to be petted and have kitty time because your pussy THIS loving bush waits only for YOU. My nipples are hard just thinking of it. I can't wait till the 17th will be a day to remember.

I know that the anticipation of the fantasies that YOU made come true have been wonderful but honey there is so much more to cum.

Then for my can hold me while I cry about being another year older and looks are fading, and wrinkles and grey hair will appear but I know in your loving way you will put all of my fears to rest as you go and inspect for grey hairs and wrinkles ALL OVER.

I love our birthday ritual and I love being your Birthday desert.
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