Boudoir Photographs
"OK, I'll see you then on Wednesday," and with that Amy hung up the phone. Amy and her friend Michelle had been discussing plans for a photography project. Michelle was wanting to give some glamour photographs of herself to her husband for their fifteenth wedding anniversary. She didn't have any experience as a glamour model and while Amy was a photographer her area of expertise was not glamour photography. It sounded to Amy like it might be a fun project if both of them had reasonable expectations.

On the day of the shoot Michelle arrived early with hanging garment bag. Amy answered the door and hugged her friend. "Good, you brought your clothes."

"Yeah, I think I have what I want in here. We can certainly get a start with these. Do you have anything to drink, it's hot outside." Amy had anticipated a morning that included some chat so she went to the refrigerator and brought out a pitcher of Mimosas. The glasses were already on the coffee table. She crossed the room and poured. She and Michelle sat down.

"What did you have in mind for these pictures, Michelle?"

"Well, I don't know what I'm doing, " she laughed. "I brought a business outfit. You know, like a crisp white long-sleeved shirt with a collar. I also have a black pencil skirt as well."

"That sounds sexy." Amy rolled her eyes and laughed. Her friend knew she wasn't being cruel.

"I also have a red lace bra, a red lace thong, a red garter belt, some sheer black thigh highs, and red high heels" Michelle said.

"Oh, I see" said Amy. "You weren't kidding when you said glamour photography."

"No and I'm little bit jittery about this. I've never really tried to play this part and I've certainly never thought about doing in front of a camera or, God forbid, in front of you, " said Michelle with a slightly quivering voice.

"Well, it will be different for me as well. I'm a little worried about maintaining a professional workflow on a shoot with my friend as talent," said Amy.

"Talent! I don't have any talent for this," said Michelle with a touch of sadness in her voice. " I think I need my friend for this more than a pro."

"Oh, Michelle. I know what you mean. And the word talent really only refers to the person in front of the camera. I think we can make this pretty comfortable for you and you know I won't judge you unkindly. I love you and I want to help you make a lovely and exciting anniversary for you and Troy. Finish your Mimosa, Michelle. We have work to do."

The bed in the master bedroom was unmade. But it was unmade in just the right way. Sheets were carefully swirled. Pillows were leaning against one another and the headboard. There was not much natural light in the room at this time of day and that was a good thing. It was decided the setting was going to evoke an early evening feel.

Michelle was changing into her business attire in the adjoining bathroom. She would also work on her make-up there according to Amy's suggestions. When she was finished she walked sheepishly out of the bathroom. "How do I look, girl?"

"Very professional. Those heels are wonderful. I don't think I've seen you in any so high. Any trouble walking in those?"

"At first I had some trouble. I got used them pretty quickly but I can't wear them for a whole day. They start hurting after a little while."

"Well, come here Michelle let's do some final primping. Why don't you undo a couple of those buttons on your shirt. There, kind of spread your shirt open just a bit. I can see more bra now than you'd ordinarily want showing at work. Now go over to the bed and have a seat. I'd like to get a couple of shots with you leaning down in the process of removing a shoe. What do you think of that?"

"Sure, I guess so," said Conning

Amy saw her friend in a new light as she walked away from the camera toward the bedside. They'd known each other since high school but today was different. The heels gave her a very alluring walk. One foot in front of the other. Slowly. Her bottom was swaying side to side. It was unmistakably a very sexy look.

"My, my, Michelle. That's a hot outfit. Just have a seat on the edge of the bed. Keep your knees together but bring the foot closest to the camera back and leave the other out. Reach down now and grab the heel of that shoe. Bring your shoulders up as far as you can while leaving your hand on the shoe. Now I'm going to come in and fix your collar."

Amy stepped forward and pulled the wings of Michelle's collar to the sides exposing more bra. "There, that's sweetly sexy, girl."

Returning to her camera Amy composed the frame and asked Michelle to tuck her chin a bit and look up at the camera without moving her face toward the camera. It resulted in a sly look. "Give me your best "fuck me" look."

The language momentarily startled Michelle but she couldn't think of a less crude term for the project at hand. She gave her look and Amy knew this was going to be a blast. Michelle knew how to speak visually. Amy thought Michelle might be able to do this but what she was seeing was better than expected.

Things picked up pace from here. Another couple of buttons were undone. Different poses tried. Lying down. Over the shoulder looks. Straight-on stern looks with hands on hips and lowered eyes meant to unsettle and excite the receiver of the look.

With Amy standing behind and to one side of Michelle, with Michelle standing before a cheval mirror Amy took pictures of Michelle and Michelle's reflection. Michelle put her hands on the sides of her neck and and began moving them down. Amy hadn't asked her to do anything at all. She was just shooting whatever happened now. Michelle watched her own hands as if they had minds of their own. They slowly slid down over the fabric of her shirt. Her hands followed the contours of her breasts until slowly they stopped beneath each breast. She gently squeezed and closed her eyes.

Amy was taking a steady stream of photographs. Her friend was glorious in this role. Michelle then grabbed the edges of the shirt and pulled. Slowly the buttons popped free leaving her there with her red bra fully exposed in front. Michelle lightly traced patterns on the cups of the bra with her fingertips. At other times she would squeeze them together with her hands or her upper arms. Lovely. Sexy. And, yes, maybe a little nasty.

Amy was lost in the moment taking photographs. Then at some point Michelle turned her head toward her friend and asked, "How am I doing?"

Amy replied, "How are you doing? Are you kidding? You're so sexy. Troy is going to pop a blood vessel when he sees these. Is it getting hot in here to you?

"Maybe just a little but don't change the thermostat on my account. I kind of like it on the hot side."

"OK," Amy said. I may have to change into some lighter clothes.

"Sure," said Michelle. "Make yourself comfortable. It's just me."

Amy stepped into the her big closet. She peeled off her jeans and sweater. The socks were next. She considered wearing the camisole she had on under the sweater but that came off as well. Now she was only wearing a white thong. From the lingerie drawer she pulled out a white slip-style nightgown. It fell to just a bit above the knee. "There," she said "That ought to do it." She noticed her nipples were prominently erect beneath the silk fabric and it felt so nice having the fabric slip across them.

Amy stepped back into the bedroom. Without turning to look at her, Michelle asked if it would be OK for her to take off the skirt now. As she finished her question she turned around and saw Amy. "Well, you did get comfortable. You look good in that. Uh, are you happy to see me," she said with a smile in her voice.

It didn't take Amy long to catch the drift and look down at her own nipples. "Oh, you know me." She pinched her nipples quickly and said, "These show up at the most inopportune moments sometimes but I wouldn't trade them for anything."

Michelle put her hands on her breasts and said, "Oh, I know what you mean."

"So let's have a look at you now, Michelle. I love this bra and pantie set. The garter and hose of course are perfect for our shoot and she shoes are, well, breathtaking. How do you feel?"

"I feel naked, Amy," she laughed.

"Oh, I assure you you are not naked. Not yet anyway," with a devilish grin. "Let's turn this around and put your back toward the mirror. Face me. Ok, you've done pretty good with your moves why don't you just be sexy for your husband and I'll capture what you do."

Once again Michelle's hands went to her breasts. The lace fabric of the bra was really kind of difficult to see through. Michelle squeezed her breasts. She lifted them. She looked at them, she closed her eyes, she looked into the lens of the camera.

Amy suggested that Conning slip her right hand into the left cup of her bra and look into the camera. "Is your nipple hard, Michelle? Tell me about it."

"Well, it's hard." Amy glared at her friend. Michelle said, "It's hard all right. I'm pulling on it right now. It seems especially sensitive today. I've been pretty wet since we started but now I can tell I'm really wet. I can't really get at my nipples in this bra can I take it off?"

"Let's leave it on mostly for now. You can pull the front down if you like."

"Oh good," panted Michelle. She reached into each cup and pulled her breasts free. Michelle has such pretty breasts, Amy thought. Michelle began toying with her nipples standing there in the bedroom next to the bed. She would drag the length of her middle fingers along the very tip of each nipple. Sometimes her eyes were closed but Amy reminded her to keep looking into the lens.

"Pinch them for me Michelle"

"For who?" she smiled.

"For Troy then, smarty."

Michelle held one breast up and looked into Amy's eyes. She licked her finger and pinched her nipple. Rolling it gently. Pulling slightly. Then blowing on it. All without taking her eyes off Amy's eyes.

"Uh, that's it let's do it again on each breast but look into the camera lens this time. Have I told you lately you are an intense woman. I'm surprised but I'm also strangely excited."

"I can tell, Amy. Look down." Amy's nipples were as hard and pointed as she'd ever remembered. What they needed was to be sucked on. Instead she purposefully moved the light fabric around and across them. It was so luxurious. The friends watched one an other for a bit each feeling their own breasts.

Amy broke the spell and said, "What next?"

Michelle asked, "How far can we go with this?"

"It's just you and me. You do what you want. We make the pictures. Later, we decide what we want to keep and use," Amy said.

"Well, then, if you don't mind I'm going to lay down on the bed and try something." Michelle walked to the bedside.

Standing there she began removing her bra at normal speed first and then slowly after Amy saw what she was doing and barked the command.

The camera shutter clicked it's rapid fire chatter. The bra came off and then Michelle took off her thong. That left her standing there in a red garter belt, black sheer hose, and red Fuck Me Pumps. Michelle turned toward Amy and her camera. "Too far?" she asked.

"Not at all," Amy said.

As Amy fired away shot after shot Michelle stood by the bed and began the most beautiful, stimulating, self arousal Amy cold have imagined. She held a breast up to her mouth and let a small stream of saliva fall on it's nipple. Holding her breast there she spread the saliva over her nipple with a fingertip while leering into the lens.

Soon one of her hands began to migrate down toward her waist and lower. Lower still. Michelle reached between her parted legs and slid the tip of her finger along her opening toward her clitoris. She raised the finger to her mouth and and sucked on it. She asked, "Amy, can I get on the bed?"

"Of course you can, Michelle."

"Amy, will you take off your night gown? I feel like I'm on display."

"Well, in a way you are on display and the center of attention. That should heighten the experience for you."

"It does Amy but, but I want to see you too. Please."

Amy walked to the edge of the bed where Michelle had laid down. Michelle's head was on a pillow. Her hands were drifting about over her body. Tracing paths to all the special places that excite her. Amy reached down for the hem of the night gown and pulled it up over her head. Michelle smiled and and absentmindedly touched her own nipples. Amy touched her own. "Panties too?" asked Amy.

"Oh, yes," said Michelle.

Michelle watched Amy as Amy pushed her thong to the floor. Amy watched Michelle as her fingers once again drifted toward her clitoris. Michelle gently pushed amid the folds of her lovely, pink lips, separating them, sliding her finger between them. Eventually she slid her finger deep inside herself while staring into Amy's eyes. Michelle arched her back and Amy pressed her own breasts together with her upper arms. Amy's fingers, too, found their way to her own center of pleasure. She was wetter than ever she'd felt. "Oh Michelle, I'm so wet watching you."

"Tell me about it," Michelle said. Michelle bent her legs at the knees and laid them out to each side exposing herself completely. Her lips had opened completely and with a light touch at first Michelle ran the tip of a finger round and round her opening. She was having involuntary muscle contractions. Amy could see that. Amy walked to the other side of the bed and crawled up on it. She moved in close to Michelle and rose to her knees. Her hands went to her breasts and played with her nipples as her friend watched her and masturbated. Michelle picked up her pace a bit and quickly drew in a breath.

"Spread your legs out a little further, Amy. Join me. I want to watch you masturbate with me."

Amy spread her knees apart and began fingering her vagina. She brought fluid from her pussy up to her breasts and spread it around her nipples. She returned her hand to her clitoris and began strumming it with one hand while the other pulled at a nipple. They stared at each other's bodies and alternately looked into one another's eyes.

Soon both girls were playing faster. Amy, stimulating her clitoris while Michelle slid three fingers in and out of her pussy as faster and faster. When each would steal a peek of the other's eyes most often they were closed in ecstasy. They were moaning now as the speed of their hands increased. Gasping next. They were now no longer using each other for stimulation. They were each totally engrossed with their own feelings. All they wanted was to come and each knew it was going to happen, happen soon, and happen big.

Michelle went first. "Amy," she squealed. Amy opened her eyes in time to see Michelle twitching on the bed in front of her. That made her go next.

"Oh, Michelle." With that Amy fell forward across her friend. Both were panting, occasionally shuddering. They laid there without talking for just a bit and then both began nervously giggling.

"Was that fun or what?" asked Michelle. Amy turned her head she was looking right at Michelle's left breast with it's erect nipple. She looked past it into her friend's smiling face.

Amy brought her right hand to her lips and licked her fingers which moments ago were stroking her clitoris. "Mmmm, it sure was." Amy removed her fingers from her mouth and reached up to pinch her friend's nipple. "Does that feel good?" Michelle's eyes closed and she moaned an affirmative response. Amy moved her head up and lightly tongued Michelle's nipple. It's spongy firmness felt so good on her tongue she engulfed it with her lips as her left hand moved to Michelle's other breast. Both girls quietly moaned as Amy hungrily devoured Michelle's nipple.

Slowly, Amy moved her hand down to Michelle's shaved pussy. Michelle's legs parted for her. Michelle was dripping wet. Amy's fingers were instantly coated in Michelle's warm lubricating juices. She began to circle Michelle's clitoris with her middle finger. Michelle squirmed with pleasure. "Oh, Amy - inside - put your fingers inside me," Michelle gasped.

Amy slid two fingers into Michelle's warm and wet pussy. She could hear the wet sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of Michelle. Michelle tensed and relaxed intermittently and whimpered. "I'm going to come, Amy."

"I want you to, Michelle. Let it happen." With that Amy leaned down and circled Michelle's clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Softly at first but quickly she became for firm and forceful as she quickened the pace of her fingers in Michelle's pussy.

Amy heard Michelle take a quick, deep breath and then stifle a muted squeal. Michelle arched her back. Amy could feel Michelle's muscles contract around her fingers in her. She also felt a warm flood of fluid as Michelle squirted a massive amount of liquid on her hand. As Michelle's muscle contractions subsided she began to relax and lay back. Then suddenly reached her arms around Amy and almost crying she said, "Amy, I love you. That was the most wonderful feeling." They kissed a long and loving kiss. Michelle licked some of her own juices from Amy's face and then holding Amy's fingers to her lips she lick her juices from them. "Mmmmm, that's good tasting."

"I know a place you can get all you want, Michelle," said Amy grinning.
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