Brokedown Trucker
This trip started like any other.But today had been one hell of a day.My girl and me had a argument earlier over the phone,my truck was running really shitty and now I had to deadhead
nearly 300 miles to pick up this load of tomatoes.I kept telling myself it would be worth it because it payed nearly three dollars a mile,and the loaded pay miles was 1700 miles
and that put nearly five grand in my pocket.

I was on this farm to market road in south Texas,what they refer to as the valley looking for this out of the way tomatoe farm when my truck decided to quit running.Luckly where it decided to quit there was a wide pull off where I could get off the road enough that if anyone come by my truck would not be out in the road.I got out to see if I could find the problem and get back on the road again.
A rock had knocked a small hole,more like a crack in the fuel filter and I was sucking air into the fuel system.Thats why it had been running shitty.I would have to walk to some farmers house to use the phone to get a machanic to bring me a fuel filter in the morning,so I started walking.

Cursing for my luck and all that had happened that day and now here I was walking in the dark, miles from no where,walking God knows how far to who knows house,in hopes that they were friendly and had a phone.I knew I should've listen to my girl friend and gotten that damn cell phone,but at the time that was one more expense I did'nt need.Damn Me,
I cursed.

I had been walking for what seemed like a couple of miles when I saw a dim light back off the road a little ways.As I got closer I could tell it was a really old farm house. I walked on up and started to knock on the door but I stopped when I heard low sultry moans comming from the other side.Damn...Somebody was getting it on.All of a sudden my thoughts were cut off when the door jerkred open and this older woman clad in only a bath robe stared me right in the face.Her bath robe was open wide and she looked as surprised as I did,but she did'nt try to cover herself either.
She took a deep breath and ask "May I help you"

I was trying not to stare at her well preserved body,I started to explain my problem and I needed to use her phone.
Won't do ya'no good,Ol'Joe want be open till ten o'clock in the morning.Well may I use it to call my office and let them know I'm broke down and make arangments for me to pick up my load later? With her robe still open she said to come on in.I could hardly keep my mind on my business with that woman standing there completely naked under her robe, and she still had not closed it nor, was she trying to.

Great, I told the voice on the other end of the phone,Good news she ask? Yeah I told her that I had till five PM tommorow,to get my truck repaired and pick up my load.I asked if she would call the machanic in the morning for me and tell him this is what I need,handing her a piece of paper with the fuel filter number and name brand,I'll walk back to my truck and wait for him in the morning.You'll do no such thing she said,you can stay here and call him yourself,I told her thank you but I could'nt put you and your husband out like that.

No husband she said,there's just me,and I would enjoy your company.But I heard moans when I walked up to your door just before you opened it up and saw me standing there.
She smiled and reached over and picked up a rather large vibrator,just me and my buddy, standing there with her robe opening more as she pulled one side open with her free hand placing her hand on her hip holding her robe open for me to see more of her body. I could'nt believe how good she looked, she was'nt a bad looking woman don't misunderstand me.In her day so to speak she was a real looker. I guessed her to be in her mid fifties.Her golden blond hair with just a hint a grey hung down across her shoulders and her breast stood up proud with dark brown nipples hard as rocks.Her waist was small and her hips complemented her frame as she droped her robe to the floor. Do you mind,she asked?I hate clothes.I just nodded in approval,as her robe fell to the floor.I followed her hand to her pussy as she started to rub her self with her vibrator,this was the frist time I really could see that part of her body, golden blond pussy hair that was well kept.Trimmed very close,all but shaved and dark tanned with no tan lines.This womans body looked like a womans of thiry something.I can see you nude sun bathe I said nervously.

She stuck out her free hand and said relax sonny,my name is Alice and I won't bite or eat you unless you say it's ok, she said with a big ol'Texas grin. James,James Whitaker I told her,and shook her hand.Well if you've got
'till five tommorow to pick up that load of yours what cha' gonna do with all of your free time? she ask with a sexy sultry look.
Don't know I replied.

She said well,if you don't mind me saying so,it seems a little unfair here,me with no clothes and you with all your clothes on.You're
acting like you ain't never seen a naked woman.
About that time she spread her legs and pushed that fake dick in her pussy,UMMM this feels so good and it's been a long time since ol'Alice has seen any action and had a good hard fucking.She took out her vibrator and said here let me help you out of those clothes,if you ain't scared of a little pussy.

In a flash she had my clothes off and on the floor,Well she said,I can see you like what you're looking at as she looked down at my growing hard on. Yes mam' I think you're very sexy,and to be so open and honest about your body is making me hot.She reached down and grabbed me by my now stiff dick and said we gotta get you clean and pulled me by my hard on to the shower. Her hands were rough yet soft.
She set the water and turned on the shower and started to wash my entire body,paying close attention to my still hard dick.

I think we're gonna have a grand old time till in the morning she said with a grin,I just hope you can handle this sixty year old pussy like a man. Sixty,I thought Damn... I just hope I look half this good when I get to be sixty.This woman was in great shape and her body was screaming for hot sex,and I planned on giving it to her as long as she wanted,or as long as I could anyway. We finished our shower and she led me by the hand this time to her queen sized bed and pushed me on my back and she crawled on top of me jerking my dick up and down she leaned over and sucked my dick in her mouth,slurping and licking.

I reached down and pulled her around so I could taste her pussy.I licked lightly at first
on her swollen outer lips.She let out a soft moan in approval,I guessed this was her first
taste of oral sex a years,but the job she was doing on my hard on was not her first blow job.
She knew her way around a dick for my balls felt like they were on fire. I stuck my tounge deep in her pussy, her juices were flowing like sweet honey and I tried to lap them all up.I pushed my tounge in and out like a little dick and nibbled her clit and flicked it between my teeth with my tounge.I pushed in one finger while I was sucking her clit and tried to find her G spot,Ohhhhhh shit she muffled out with my dick still in her mouth,
I gonna cum all over your face,I pulled her down hard on my face and pushed my finger deeper in her sweet juicy pussy and took my little finger which was wet with pussy juice and slowly pushed it in her waiting ass,that was all it took,she could'nt stand no more and her body shook violently as her orgasam took control of her body.My God I'm cumming...

Well thats all I could stand too,I let out a loud groan and I let my hot stuff go,shooting my hot load deep down her throat. Alice did't miss a drop,she swollowed my dick deep down her throat.Her climax left her a little shakey,
she turned and told me that was the best cum she had,had in a very long time and laid down beside me.I hope you're good for another I told her,'cause I want to see if your pussy feels as good as it taste. She raised up and smiled looking down at my still half hard dick,
well we gotta get you charged back up first.

She straddled her self over my growing cock and rubbed it in her pussy crack,her pusssy was hot and wet.In no time my dick was standing tall and ready for action.She lowered herself down till our bodies met and she sat still for a moment,Damn.. you feel so good inside of me.Much better than that plastic thing.James you're the first man I've been with in almost ten years.

I did'nt ask why,I just wanted to make this my best fuck ever,I wanted to make her cum and cum till her body could cum no more.I could'nt imagine a woman this fine and this hot, not having a steady fuck partner. She started to move up and down in a steady slow rhythm now,her inner muscles were incredible.She would relax them while pulling herself up and squeeze them shut when she pushed down,I never been fucked like this in my life.My girlfriend is thirtythree years old and don't have this kind of muscle control.

I pushed up to meet her with every downward thrust,she ask could she cum again? Yes my Lady,but I want us to cum together she said as her body started to spasam,I can't hold on any longer she screamed.I cummin..cummin hard on your dick.I could feel her pussy squeezing shut and then open.I rolled her over on to her back and raised her legs high and really started to pound in and out of her like a man gone mad.Holy shit...

I'm gonna cum again she said.Dammmmmmmm,I can't hold it she cried and her juices once again flooded my dick.I was starting to build my own climax but somehow I was going to make this wonderful hot ageless beauty cum once more so we could blast our seeds together.

I pinched and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers,yes baby,Alice likes that she said as she was trying to catch her breath from her last orgasam.She moved under me meeting my thrust deep in her hot pussy when she said she was getting ready to go again.I pushed harder,trying to drive her over the edge as my
thick hot cum was starting up from deep with in me.

Now..she said, NOWWWWWWWW and I felt her start to spasam and I knew she was starting to cum once more.Oh shit,I'm cumming again,Cum,..
Cum with me lover,and we both let out loud moans of estacy as our bodies climaxed together one last time.We both fell into a deep sleep.When I woke up Alice was cooking breakfast,we ate breakfast, then we ate each other to a wonderful climax.I called the machanic,got my fuel filter and a last sweet kiss from Alice,I thanked her for a wonderful night.I told her I would be by this way again
before to long,I'm looking forward to it she said.Me too I told her,I blowed her a kiss
and I was on my way. I can't wait!!!!!!
I'll keep yaw posted as to what happens the next time my truck breaks down in South Texas.
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