Captain of my Bodice
It is 1745 and I am making my way across the Atlantic to Spain. The ship was small, but I had my space and the other crewman had theirs. They were all nice fellows my father had working for him for several years both in the military and trading so they all knew me since childhood.... I felt very safe. We had left the port in Charles Town and I was excited to see the old homes and eat their food I heard so much about.

I have just finished my book and blown out the candle when I hear a few pitter patters of rain. I love rain, it makes me sleep so well. The boat is gently rocking when suddenly I hear faint yells. I am half asleep but I know that we are not near the coast; at least for a few days so this is bad. My thin coat is hanging by the door to my room, I rush it on, and run on deck only to find another ship right next to us! It was an impressive ship with tall masts headed by a white flag with a latin phrase on it. I could only make out the word for "death" which made me horrified. I sat there mezmorized and scared witless when one of my crew grabs me and shoves me in my cabin. We duck down and stay hushed hoping that we were not seen. I hear cannons, swords, and bodies falling knowing that they were my gents because we were to small against any crew travelling aboard a vessel of that size.

The door flings open and there stands a large bald man with a sword almost the size of my leg. He orders us to follow him and we cross onto his ship. I am being leered at hungrily by the dirty swine men and i try to keep my head close into my hood as to not get them so interested. The few men that survived were thrown into a dark damp room below while I was picked out; the only one to stay above the storage areas.

We stood there while trunks and various other items were taken aboard. A little while later, I hear very faint footsteps coming. A door flings open and there stands a man in his thirties that was clean shaven with a strong jaw, light brown hair flying in the wind with a white shirt on showing his lovely chiseled chest and collar bones, dark pants tucked into his knee high boots showing equally lovely thick legs. I stand there cold in my drenched nightgown; and showing it. He orders his men to make me a bed in his cabin. I start to get very worried because of me being singled out. Women taken aboard vessels like this often came up very hurt, or dead. We are standing there alone as he inches toward me. With each step of his I inch back toward my trunks with a hatchet on top of them given to me by my grandfather. I whirl around and get my hand on it as I feel his large hands grab me and pull me up flush against him. I drop it and in that enticing English accent of his I stand still waiting for his next words. I had never encountered such a man in the colonies because father kept me from them. He hated them for some reason and the suitors he had chosen did nothing for me.

For the next few days I came to realize I was under his protection because he was somehow sympathetic toward women and I stayed by his side like a new little puppy. I slept ill due to the worry that I may be taken away and put into a worse situation. We would come back in the evening and eat our dinner in the quiet because I had been very shy and did not feel like speaking.

Suddenly one night I had managed several hours of sleep and began to be rather chatty. The pattern continues for a few more days when one night I am eating dinner with the dear captain and we decide to play a game. He pulls out a board with dice and different markings and we have much fun. The ship rocks a little and he drops one on the floor. He reaches over me and comes up brushing his thin pinkish lips against mine. We look at each other as I feel a small fire start to light in my heart. He grabs me and passionately kisses me more. I fall apart and grab him returning the vigor. Finally we break and I feel all these years I have remained untouched, would be thrown away. I wanted to be touched and I wanted him to do it.

I go over to his bed and sit down. First time I had been on it and it felt daring. Goose feathers with a somehow firm feel. He comes over and sits next to me. He looks at me and takes his hand lifting it to my chest and sliding gently down to my corset strings. I fell his fingers play with them a little then I feel it loosen a little. We kiss again as he with expertise and speed removes it. I bring my legs up and place them on the bed with my dress hem resting on top of my knees. He touches my knee and strokes up my thigh to my undergarments scoping them out as his eyes never leave mine. I feel them start to be removed and then my dress coming up farther. I lift up allowing it to come off and be tossed on the floor.

I lie there totally exposed now waiting for his next move. He takes of his clothes and comes back to the bed climbing up and kneeling just at my feet. He ever so lightly caresses my legs open and climbs between them. I had never seen a man's penis before, but my scandalous cousin Anne was right, the feet, hands, and elsewhere was proportionate. He rubs against me and I feel him start to enter. I wince as he slowly goes in getting me adjusted to the feel of not being so tight anymore. I am enjoying it and I start to relax. He ask me if he should go any further, and I say please do. He is fully in and starts slowly moving his hips in and out. I am rocking back and forth with his speed. He gets faster and faster forcefully pulling me to the end of the bed where I am getting hit just right. I have my legs up and it feels like when I had my first bite of chocolate. I was addicted to him now. He stops to catch his breath a minute and I pull back up to the pillow at the simple headboard. I am on my left side as he comes up behind me and lays down. He gets all of my hair to my back and rubs his hand down to my breast. He plays with them and the nipples as he breathes in my ear. I loved the sensation of the breath and the tickling of his fingers. He lifts my leg with firmness and I feel him again slide into me. His left arm is lying on the pillow where my head was. It feels deeper and smooth and we spoon as he humps me. I loved this better than me on my back. We both grind each other until I press so hard against him, my muscles close and I hear and feel him moan as he is gripped. I feel the wet dripping down from between my knees onto the both of us as I return my head to his arm. His heart is fluttering at first, then slowly returns to normal. We lie there for what seems an eternity he in me, me held close by him, it was magic.

He is flat with me hugging him; my head on his chest drifting off to sleep. I awoke the next morning in the late morning. He had been up for some time now and had just so happen to walk in as I open my eyes. He wore his hair back and I nice petticoat. He walks up next to the bed and gives me a little smile. The top half of my body is uncovered while the rest is under the thick blanket. He leans down kissing me while giving a quick squeeze to my boob. We were just coming to a port and I had to wash and get dressed. I chose a festive blue gown and did my hair into a wide brimmed hat with a big white plume. He took my arm, and I thought about how I came onto this ship a pure, untouched lonely, proper lady and came off a touched, open, lady of the most gorgeous pirate man feared and revered for his talents.... and I loved it!
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