Caught in the act!
One cold December night my asian lover and I had gotten together to do what we do best,fuck!
We could'nt meet at our usual meeting place,because of the weather so she said come to her house because her husband was out of town and all was well.I remember her last words vividly,hurry lover my pussy is on fire.

I drove as fast as I could on the snowy covered roads, the last few miles seem to take for ever. Finally,her house was in site and no car in the drive. She met me at the door wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

Man what a body this woman has. Perfect tits,
a little tiny waist and a perfect sized round little ass and not a cunt hair to be seen.She knows I love a fresh shaved pussy. She don't like pubic hair either,says it tickles her nose. So I told her to shave it off if she wanted one night a couple of months ago.
I've kept it that way since,balls and all the kid that lives next door to me has more hair on his ass than I do.

My clothes came off as soon as I got in the door.What took you so long she ask? I thought you never was going to get here,she took my hand and stuck it to her little tight pussy and said feel,I thought I was going to melt before you got here.Man, her cunt was dripping with her hot love juice. My cock stood up to attention as soon as I touched her,really I got a hard on as soon as I saw her beautiful naked body at the door.This woman was amazingly
beautiful, and way out of my leauge.

We did'nt waist no time getting started.She took me to her big king size bed and laid me down on my back and got on top of me with her shaved pussy looking me right in the face.
I started eating that sweet meat like I wound never taste it again. She was acting like a hungry fox with her own piece of meat on my rock hard cock.She teazingly licked my smooth hairless balls while sliding her hand up and down my precum soaked dick.

I don't know which one one poring out the most fluid, her or me.I felt her tounge rubbing softly around the top of my shaft as I was licking her sweet pussy lips it's like we both had the same idea at the same time,as I stuck my tounge in her tight little hole as far and as fast as I could she swallowed my dick all the way down her throat.This woman was magic
with her mouth.And could drive me insane with it.

After a while of mouth loving I felt her pull away and start to slide down my body leaving a trail of hot juice as she aimed her wet pussy for its target. I held her hips on both sides not wanting her to miss her aim.As she touched me I thought I was going to explode.
She slid back and forth with her back to me I was about ready to passout with pleasure,when all of a sudden she stopped and lay beside me.
She said it was my turn and I gladly climbed on top and stuck just the head of my rock hard dick inside her hot wet pussy.Rubbing and teasing her love hole she said please let me have it all lover,I pushed a little deeper then pulled out again.Doing this several times all the while giving her just a little more each time and then with my dick almost out I gave one hard thrust slamming my plelvic to hers she let out a sigh of pleasure.

We were so caught up in the moment we never heard the car pull in the drive nor did we hear anyone come in the house.
Bravo,bravo, we heard coming from the door behind us, as we both looked up it was Johnny,her husband.He was standing there naked as the day he was born and his dick was sticking straight out like a ball bat.Please don't stop on my account he said,I've always fantasized about her getting her brains fucked out by another man,but I was'nt sure what I would be doing while she was enjoying another hard cock,I now know what it is I want to do.

He said wanted to fuck me in my ass while I fucked his beautiful wifes hot pussy.Well I must confess, it had been a life long fantasy of mine to have a real life hard cock shoved up my tight ass since I was about thirteen years old.Let me explain for just a moment,
I've been putting things in my ass since I was very young.It started one day while I was masterbating alone at home.I wondered what it would feel like to stick something in my ass while I was whacking off,so I went to my room and got a drum stick and greased up the blunt end and tried pushing it in my little virgin ass,to my suprise it went in easly.
I only managed to get a couple of inches in but I knew it was something I wanted to try again.Since then I have put all sorts of things,all different sizes up my ass, all driving me crazy.And I've always want to know what a real big,long thick hard cock would feel like and what it would feel like when he shot his hot thick load deep in my bowels. Some of my best cums have been while I was ass fucking myself and all the while never touching my dick.

Now not wanting to seem to eager,I said Johnny are you sure you want to do this.We could have a great time sharing this beautiful pussy together,Nope he said,it's ass I want and I want yours.I looked at his hard dick he had been lubing up and it was big.

I've got a rubber dick at home I fuck myself with,it's big and long.It' about two and a half inches thick and twelve inches long and it's no problem to take,but I think Johnnys dick was bigger around,it looked like three inches or more and its length was about ten inches.I thought to myself ummm,just what I've always wanted.How lucky could one man get?
Talk about have your cake and eat it too!

I asked how do you want me get for this punishment,on my hands and knees or on my back? What? How about on your back with your legs up first he said.I thought, great thats my favorite postion at home while I'm fucking myself.Again I ask, are you sure you want to do this.Lay down bitch was all I got.

My lover help hold my legs up making easy axcess to what they thought was a virgin ass.
They put a pillow under me for support and he begin to push against my tight little hole.I begged him to be easy as his dick was so big.
My lover said this was the hottest thing she had ever seen,she had never had or seen someone get fucked in the ass before except in porn.And then it was always the woman,never a man.Then I felt the head of his massive cock pushing against me,then I felt the head start to enter my tight hole.I've put some big things up my ass this was'nt the longest, but no doubt this was the fattest to date.

With some coaxing from my lover telling me I could do this I started to relax and I felt this monster dick start to slide in,I was in heaven,but I could'nt let on.Tasha told me to eat her pussy while I was getting dick shoved up my ass,that would take my mind off of it.
While Johnny was pushing more dick in my ass he noticed that my dick was clean shaved and hard,You must like my dick going up your ass with that hard on you've got. All I could say was uuummm as I had a mouth full of sweet tasting asian pussy.

Soon he had all of his dick in me up to his hairy ball sack,I was full of dick.My ass was stretched bigger than ever before,I've had longer but nothing that fat before.Soon he started to pull out and slowly push back in.
Man your ass is tight and hot he said,I don't know how much of this I can take.By now Tasha had moved to where she could she her husbands massive cock sliding in and out of my over stuffed ass. Don't cumm to quick she said,I want to watch you fuck his ass like you fuck me in my little pussy.Make him beg you to fuck him like you do me she said.I took that she was getting off to this so I ask him to please keep fucking me,I love your big fat hard cock in my ass,give it to long and slow.Tasha said thats it,tell him what you want,beg him for it.

Johnny made long deep strokes,sometimes pulling almost out then push back in only about half way only to pull out again then with what seem to be all his might he would push his dick in so hard his big hairy balls would slap my ass cheeks. This was driving me crazy and I felt a burning deep in my guts,I knew from my own expierence with my big rubber dick that I was getting close.
I could feel his dick swelling too I only hoped he could hold out till I could get my own hot load of cum to blast off.

All of a sudden he said here I go and I felt hot cumm hitting my insides,thats all it took to drive me over the edge I had been riding on what seems forever.I started oozing my own cum out of my rock hard dick to both thier suprise.
I did'nt know you could cum like that he said,
me niether said Tasha.I explained to them both about the joy of something hard going in your ass and how I had been doing it for years and how it had been one of my fantasys to have a real cock fucking me in my ass since I was young.We got cleaned up and talked for a long time,Later Johnny admitted that was one of his fantasys too,to fuck a man in the ass.
He also admitted that he often wondered what it be like to have a man suck his dick and to suck a dick himself hummm, me too, imagine that!But thats another story!!
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