Date Night
I leaned against the car window, the cool glass felt good on my hot face. I wasn't feeling to hot and couldn't figure out why. I had two drinks at dinner and I am by far a lush.
"I had a good time tonight, Jessica." Tim said. He placed his hand on my thigh, edging up a little with his fingers. I placed my hand over his stopping him.
"I did too, I'm just not feeling well, maybe it was bad food." I said again turning to the window. I was more than ready to go home and crawl into my bed.
"Well if that's the case, I should take care of you tonight; make sure you're all right." Tim said.
"No, I'll be ok. Just some rest." I said trying to be polite but wishing this date was over. Not that I didn't like Tim, I did. He just wouldn't stop pressuring me for sex. I was waiting, not exactly for marriage or anything because I'd already thrown that out the window when I was 17. I just wanted to build a relationship before throwing sex in the mix. But poor Tim couldn't seem to grasp that. This was probably going to be our last date.
We pulled up in front of my building and I started to open the door, when he shut the car off.
"At least let me walk you to your door." He said unbuckling and opening his door.
"That's not necessary, I can make it." I said hoping he would get the fucking hint and leave. But no, he followed me inside, the building and rode the elevator up to my floor with me. By this time I didn't even care because the room was seriously starting to spin. I wobbled a little in my heels and he grabbed my elbow, keeping me from following.
"See you're not ok, what's your apartment number." He said supporting me.
"3A" I said, I didn't know what the hell my problem was, I just felt really drunk. We got to my door, and he took the keys out of my hand and opened my door.
"Thanks" I managed to say "I'm just going to crawl in bed, I'll call you." I wobbled again.
"You're not fine, and at least let me make sure you make it to bed ok." Tim said, shutting the door behind him and locking it behind him. I started to say something to him about locking the door, when he spoke. "I want you to know why you're feeling so weird." He said smiling
"What are you fucking talking about, Tim?" I asked feeling extremely woozy and so hot. I sat down; I couldn't even comprehend what he just said.
"We've been dating almost 4 months, Jessica and still nothing but light kisses and frankly that doesn't satisfy me!" Tim said "So when you went to the bathroom at the restaurant, I slipped a little something in your drink. So what your feeling is quite normal; hot, dizzy, tired, maybe your limbs feel a little heavy. Don't worry, you will be fine. I've used this before, when my other dates wouldn't put out.
"You're a sick fuck, get out!" I tried to scream but he was already in front of me picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed. He started to take his jacket and tie off. He walked to the other side of the bed and I took my chance, I rolled off the bed and started running for the door, I hit the side of the end table and it threw me even more off balance, causing me to fall on the floor. Tim was by me in an instant. He grabbed a handful of my hair, causing me to cry out.
"You run from me, I will chase you." He said. I opened my mouth in protest and he cut me off. "You can't deny the fact that you would enjoy it, a little cat and mouse game" He lowered his head his head pressing against me, and buried his nose in the crook of my neck. "I can smell your arousal or maybe it's just fear." Tim said laughing, as he picked me up once again and carried me to the bed. He grabbed his tie and tied it around my wrists and my headboard.
"Tell me to touch you." He said in a low hard voice. "Demand I pleasure you."
"Fuck you" I screamed. "Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but close enough." Tim said ripping my dress, exposing my breasts.
"I knew you would be gorgeous naked." He said as he flicked one of my nipples. He pulled the dress down and off me, and shimmied my panties down until they were off too. Tim casually started to undress in front of me.
His cock was thick and very hard. Already, fluid wept from the plum colored tip of him. He crawled in bed next to me, dragging his finger tips along my body.
His fingers slid against my hot, wet sex. When he slid forward through the wet juices I whimpered. As much as I hated him, I wanted it. With one finger he slipped inside . My pussy immediately tightened around him. Oh yea, I was hot for him. He let his fingers dance wickedly over my clit. Petting, stroking in a diabolical rhythm. I bucked against his hand, wanting more, craving it.
"That's it," he groaned. "Ride my fingers. Take me." I moaned loudly, arching my back.
"Tell me, baby," he coaxed. "Show me how you feel." Stroking deeper, he shifted to find the angle that had me gasping faster, my hips moving.
"Just like that, Tim" I moaned, "but more." He slid his finger down the smooth curve of my ass, parting the luscious curves. I closed my eyes focusing on his touch. He stroked a small circle around the small opening. "Open up for me, Jessica, all the way. He sank his finger deep causing me to cry out with pleasure and pain.
He slid his body over mine, guiding his erection into my tight hole. My wet pussy accommodated his girth and he slipped in easily. Slowly he began sliding in and out of her tight pussy. "Mmmmm ." he moaned. He started going faster and harder, fucking her.
Pleasure surged through her body with each thrust. Her orgasm caught her unaware, rolling uncontrollably through her. Jerking her body, against his. "Oh God, Tim!" She couldn't take anymore. There was simply too much pleasure, too much heat. Emotions, pleasure, heat, awe spilling out of me in a tidal wave.
I pulled at the restraints holding my wrists. I wanted to touch him. "Tim, please untie me, I want to touch you." I moaned.
He looked at me a second, debating whether I was a danger or not, he must of decided I wasn't because he reached up and untied me. I immediately ran my hands over his sculpted chest, running my fingers along the deep ridges.
"Flip me over, now" I said. I was taking control now. He pulled out of me and sat back so I could get on my hands and knees. I did and he entered me in a smooth motion. He felt even bigger, he was so deep. I felt my pussy contracting around him. He must of felt it too, because he moaned loudly.
"Fuck me now, hard!" I yelled and he slammed into me. When he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back. I came. He slapped my ass hard, causing it to sting, but it only increased my pleasure. I felt him begin to swell inside of me and his breathing got heavier.
"Cum, Tim! Fucking cum inside of me" I said backing my ass more against him. He rubbed my asshole and stuck a finger inside. The double assault to my body sent me over the edge. I screamed and he pounded harder.
I felt him arch his back and spill inside of me, shuddering. He pulled out me.
I collapsed on my stomach. "Mmmmm," I moaned stretching. I felt like liquid. I still wanted to hate him for his attempted rape. But he fucked me to good to be mad at him. He slid of the bed and started dressing.
"Look, I'm sorry that had to happen that way, but I needed you." He said. "I won't expect you to call me again. Too bad too you're amazing. He made his way to the door.
"Tim!" I said stopping him. "Come back, I'm not done with you, yet".......
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