Dating a Masseur
I had been involved in an accident some time ago that had left my neck and back in several painful and debilitating knots. The idiot was texting and had not noticed I stopped. Luckily for insurance my car and my body were fixed in a short and smooth amount of time. I was referred to a spa that does massage and other minor treatments for surgeries and accidents. I was in more than enough pain to accept some stranger rubbing all over me in hopes to relieve the tension in my muscles.

At that beautiful place was where I met Miloshk. At first he was so dry and businesslike with no smile and this voice that was icy; typical Russian. His body is showing through his white shirt and blue well fitted jeans. The kind of body you would expect from many years of fighting to survive and hunt feeding his many brothers and sisters back home matched with staying in shape to properly manipulate any body that was off kilter. Not only was he very sculpted, he had a gentle dark tint to his otherwise pale skin from only months of living in the sunnier U.S. With the body and skin, his hair only had to be that black that is a tad shiny with thick straight strands. I lay down and tell him about the problem areas and he gives his little mhms of note. I feel his hands go along my spine and am very suprised at the "spine tingling" sensitivity. He tells me to expose only my back down to the top of my buttocks. I love that he calls it that, so eccentric and typical. Self-consciousness started to set in as I remember the other women walking around this place into the whirlpool area with their tiny figures and even tinier suits. Nevertheless he dug into the same area he felt and I heard my back crack along with feeling my muscles shift back into their respective place.

Thirty minutes had passed since he began the massage and I was done. He tells me that I can get off the table and meet him at the front and I say no thanks then toss a smirk. He laughs and says I am his favorite because of my humor. He leaves and I get dressed. He gives me my papers to sign and strikes up a conversation about my job. For some odd reason it fascinates him what I do. We ended up talking an entire hour and sets my appointment for next week. I headed home and enjoyed my less painful body for about 2 days until everyday activities like stretching my lazy ass across the two foot gap from the sofa to the coffee table. Over the next couple of days, everything got worse. I saw him again over a couple of weeks and he wrote down his cell number, then asked me out. There was no way I could say no to a man who looked like that, sounded like that, who was just THAT (pretty) being implied. Man pretty was the most stupid phrase ever adopted to describe a man but it fit perfectly.

Now, sitting here waiting to leave from work I thought of all this and of going to his house for our evening together. My heels are causing my leg and everything else to ache and my belt is digging into my waist. I decide to duck out early and race home. All day I have thought about him and watched the clock go backwards it seemed. As I pull in and walk through the door, he walks up to me with his shirt off and grabs me. He dips me and presses me up against his warm chest all with one hand I continue to be impressed. He lets go and tells me to go to his study and get on the practice table. It was always funny to see that with his practice dummy just sitting there in a house. I move it aside and begin taking everything off. I felt eyes on me, but didn't think anything of it knowing it was just him drinking it all in. I lie down on the table propped up on my elbows with nothing on but my panties and give him my wry little smile once again and he looks me up and down returning the smirk and comes over to me. He takes a handful of my hair and holds my head in place as he opens my mouth and kisses me so deep I gag a little, Then he lets go. He gets his oils ready and spreads some on his hands and on my back. He starts rubbing it on my neck, then down my back and along my sides. He slides down under my panties and I look back to see my ass squishing through his fingers. He looks up, closes his eyes and judging from how he breathed on deep and released it, he was getting hot. I feel his two thumbs slip under my stomach and into the lace lifting them off of me and down to my ankles. I feel his hands once again rubbing my back and I lay down enjoying them calming the nerves from my day.

A few minutes later he tells me to turn around so he can get everything else. My thighs are thoroughly squeezed along with a finger "accidentally" brushing my lips, up around my hips and onto my breast. I liked when he was underhanded with the breast touching and creative. I hear him step back and unzip his pants. This is going to be very promising per usual.... Everything hits the floor and he walks back up to me, slides me so that my head hangs off, and puts his well sized and completely shaven cock to my lips. I gladly open them to let out my tongue to slide around on the head and a small part of the shaft. Suddenly this makes me quiver a little and become greedy for him. I start licking fast then sucking. I grab him and pull closer rubbing his balls like he had my body. He is enjoying this and grabs my breast massaging them. He gathers them into a squishy squeezable column and leans in and out of my mouth. He works my nipples pinching and pulling them while repeatedly filling my small throat with his delicious cock gagging me. I grab his tight hard ass with both hands and enjoy the ride.

I feel him pull out slowly and a long string of spit go with him while I give his two back rocks one good final squeeze and let go wiping the spit away. We didn't want to waste all my mouth had covered him with and how wet he made me, so he sits me up on the side of the table, gets some more of my wetness on the tip of his head, and rubs it all over my lower lips. He shoves his tongue back down my throat and keeps rubbing. He is making me even more hot with his hot tongue and breath barely against my lips as he grabs my plump flaps and pushes in. He goes so slow and deep into my cervix and makes my legs contract. My ankles are grabbed as they come up and he holds them at his side continuing to push in making everything go more smooth. All this time he is sitting there watching my face and gets faster. We are both starting to grunt and he starts jibbering in that sexy language of his and grits his teeth. He swells up and pulls out and I see his nice wood floor striped with white and he stares at my wetness while he focuses on stopping the stream coming out. I flop back and catch my breath feeling my sweaty body completely relax.
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