Dirty Little Secret
I looked at my watch and frowned. I had missed the shuttle bus to the parking lot. That meant either call a cab or walk the 4 blocks to the parking garage in New York City at 11:30 at night. I think I'll take a cab.
No one is that stupid anymore to go walking in this city at this time of night. Not with so many murders taking place and women being raped. There was no way I was going to walk.
My name is Fiona. I work at a prestigious law firm, one of the best law firms in New York. I also work myself to the bone. I do a lot for the office and do I get appreciated. No. Everyone thinks that because I'm a woman and have big boobs, that they can just pat me on the hand and send me to get coffee. I did not work my ass of at Harvard to be a little gopher girl. And it's all because of him.
His name is Justin Halliway. His father started the law firm way back in the day and now that daddy is comatose in the hospital; his soulless, bloodsucking son has taken over. When Justin arrived I was brought down to the level of gopher girl. I want to hate this man, but how can I when I can't even breathe around him. He is like one of the roman gods or Hercules. He is buff but not too buff. His dark brown hair and his blue green eyes set off his naturally tan skin. He's tall and smart and even funny at times. He is one fine specimen of man.
Here I am drooling over the man that has been degrading me since he started. I roll my eyes at myself and gather the files that I still have to complete by morning. I make a quick phone call to the local cab company. I grab my jacket slip it on and start walking towards the elevator. I wave to Gus, the janitor and step around the corner colliding with solid steel. I was on my butt in a matter of seconds, my briefcase spilling its contents all around me. I hear a chuckle and whip my head up at the sound. Justin Halliway stares down at me. He reached for my hand and I let him pull me up.
"Fiona, forgive me. I didn't mean to knock you down." He says. His eyes dancing with laughter and even though he's talking quietly, his voice seems to fill the room.
"Mr. Halliway, I didn't know you were still here. I'm sorry I shouldn't have flown around the corner that fast, I have a cab coming. Goodnight, Mr. Halliway." I said as I stepped around him to gather my papers.
I clipped the latch to my briefcase shut, constantly aware of Justin watching me the whole time.
"Fiona, let me give you a ride to your car. I mean it's the least I can do, since I work you to the bone and treat you like a little gopher girl. Isn't that what you told Mary in accounting"? He asked.
I looked at him mouth gaping open, I recovered and answered "Mr. Halliway I have no idea where you got that from. I have never said anything like that."
"Really, hmm I was misinformed then, I apologize. Now let me give you a ride to your car." He said
I agreed just so he would stop staring at me with these gorgeous eyes. He took me by the elbow and led me to the elevator. The ride down was terribly uncomfortable. The silence stretched on and on. Finally it chimed and the doors swooshed open to the lobby. I walked ahead of him, seeing my cabs taillights disappear in the rain. Damnit I said to myself, I thought I could escape him by just hopping into the cab. I jumped when I felt his breath on my neck.
"Too bad, now you have to get a ride from me." He said as he walked past me to the door, holding it open for me. I gave him a dirty look and stepped past him, where the door man held an umbrella out for us.
I get into the passenger side and try to get my breathing under control. God, this man is infuriating. I smiled at him as he slid into the driver's seat and turned on the vehicle. Slow R&B spilled out of the speakers. I relaxed a little and sat back. His voice came out of nowhere startling me. "Fiona, are you busy tonight"? He asks looking over at me.
I clear my throat. "Actually, I am the Thompson file is due tomorrow and I'm not finished looking it over." I say slowly, afraid what I'm really thinking will spill out of mouth.
"Hmmm, tell you what I'll make you a deal. Come over to my place for just a short while, we'll have a drink and just relax. I'll give you till the end of the week for that file if you come. How about it"? He said never taking his eyes of the road.
"I don't know I really shouldn't. You know employ conduct and all that I mean what would the other employees think. Word might get around." I say even though body's screaming yes!!!! Just go with him.
He turned to me and smiled "The other employees don't have to know. It's been a long week, hasn't it? Just come over and relax a little. Really what can it hurt, were just coworkers joining each other after work for a drink and small talk?"
"I'll agree it has been a long week and I guess one drink wouldn't hurt and this would give me the chance to go over the file with you." I look at him hopefully. Secretly hoping he will let me give me the chance to prove myself to him, that I work harder then most of the men that work with us.
"Well then that settles it, after we get some drinks I'd be happy to go over the file with you.
We drove for a bit until we arrived at his place. He parked the car and walked to my door and held it open. His house loomed above us a beautiful remodeled turn of the century house.
"Welcome to my home, ladies first" he said as he pushed the door open and we walked into a gorgeous entryway.
"Thank you, Mr. Halliway, but I can't stay long." I say still looking around at his exquisite taste. Everything in this house screamed rich, powerful, and dangerous.
"Please, call me Justin. Take a seat, I'll mix us some drinks" Justin said as he pointed through a doorway into a beautiful living room. Leather couches, a huge TV and a sound system big enough for a concert. "You have a beautiful home." I tell him.
"Thanks. Make your self comfortable Fiona" he called from the kitchen.
I relax a little and slip down onto the couch; I slide my heels off and sigh happily. Justin walked into the room handing me a glass of brandy. He took a sip of his and sat down next to me. Again feeling awkward I take a sip of mine and shudder at the awful taste.
"A bit strong, I'm sorry." He said turning towards me. He looked down to see my feet. "Wearing heels all day at work makes your feet sore, huh?" I look down also and laugh. "I'm sorry" I said as I go to slip them back on. He put a hand up telling me to stop.
"No I told you to must suck having to wear them all day, you know they say there's nothing like a good old foot massage" He kneeled down in front of me and gripped my feet, massaging them gently. "Mmmm, that feels so good but really you don't have to". I say as I pull my feet away. He reached for me, pulling my feet back into his hands as he resumed massaging them. "You know you like it," he smiled, chuckling a little. "It does feel good," I say looking at Justin over the rim of my glass, what would everybody think, if the new Justin Halliway was rubbing my feet. I almost laughed out loud.
Justin, continued squeezing my feet, then eventually start rubbing up my calves, squeezing and massaging them. "How did you learn how to do that" I asked him.
"Lots of practice...there's a lot I know" He said smiling. I smiled and laughed. Finishing my brandy I set the glass down on the table.
"Justin, we should go over the Thompson file." I say bending down to get my briefcase. "In a moment. Let's just relax a little." He said. I felt part of me get angry at him and another part of me says just relax.
"I am already relaxed. Justin, but I really should get home I'll call a cab." I say standing up slipping one heel back on. Justin stood up then gently placing his hand on my stomach and giving me a light push back onto the couch.
"Justin! Mr. Halliway, I really should go"! I say to him trying to sit back up.
"It's Justin" he says as he reaches up and places his hands on my breasts, gripping them through my suit. I could feel my nipples tightening. "Justin, stop! Really we can't do this." I try getting up and still he holds me down. I can feel my face burning up. I try pushing him off me, but he overpowered me easily.
"Hmm...You may not have a decision here, Fiona" Justin says as he undoes my jacket and blouse buttons. I pull my suit back together and sit up a little on the couch. "Justin! Damnit we can not do this, not like this." I try getting up again and he wouldn't even budge. I sat back hopeless. All of a sudden I was thrown on my back and my wrists were grabbed and held above my head. I struggled for moment and gave up finally realizing there was no escape from him. But honestly I thought to myself, Justin wants me, I want him. The only thing stopping me was the fact that he is my boss. Interrupting my thoughts, he spoke his voice barely above a whisper.
"You're in a tough situation, Fiona, if you don't do as I say, you may be unemployed tomorrow". "What you can't, you can't do that Justin, why would you say that"! I said my breathing increasing. "I'll get you for harassment!" I almost screamed at him. "You can't prove anything, nobody was at the office when we left, now be a good girl and be still". He ripped open my blouse and slide his hands under my bra, squeezing my breasts firmly in his hands.
"Stop, please." I say. "I'll just leave, I wont tell anybody just please stop."
"I know you won't tell anyone because nobody will believe you" He pushes my bra up, exposing my breasts. His mouth falls on my nipple, sucking and while he squeezes. As scared as I was I wanted this man, I must be going crazy to want sex with a man that's raping me. The moan escaped me before I realized it. He licks my breasts all over, his mouth still sealed around my nipple, sucking harder and biting.
Suddenly I lost all control. I rose up meeting his mouth with my breast moaning louder. "I know you're enjoying this" he says, nibbling on my nipples more, flicking them with his tongue. God. That felt so good. I moan louder, saying his name under my breath.
"I knew you would taste good" Justin says, undoing his belt and sliding his pants down to expose his hard cock. Not caring what he thinks or not I reach down and stroke him. His huge cock, filling my hands. He moans and says "Yes, Fiona, like that". I stroke him harder. He moans louder, saying my name. It felt so good to hear him say my name. His hips moving as I stroke him.
"Justin?" I say looking up at him. "Fuck me, please!" A huge grin, took over his face. "I didn't hear what you said?" He asks smiling. "I said fuck me, please!" My face turning beet red. "Tell me you want it." Justin says as he pulls my skirt off and throws it on the floor. "I want it. I want you. I want you to fuck me!" I say louder. He pulls my panties down and rubs the tip of his cock against my pussy lips, teasing me. I raise my hips up to meet him.
"Justin, now I can't wait anymore." I say, pressing my wet pussy against his swollen cock. At that command, he pushed his cock inside me. Sliding deeper and deeper. He tells me in my ear, that he can feel my tight little pussy tightening around his cock. He moans louder.
"Mmmm yea...." I moan, throwing my head back. "Fiona, you like it don't you" Justin says as he starts rocking into me slowly. I rake my nails down his back. "Faster"! I scream. He threw his head back and yelled out. Fucking me, faster and harder then before. "Justin" I look up at him "flip me over, fuck me doggy."
"Mmmm you're dirty" he says as he flips me over on my hands and knees. I had a small moment of unease, being this vulnerable, but quickly forgot as he entered me fast and deep, grabbing a handful of my hair as he did. I couldn't help but to scream. He fucked me hard, relentlessly. "I'm going to fucking cum!" I yell, throwing my head back, feeling my body convulse.
"Yes. Fiona cum for me, baby, cum all over my cock." Justin says as he thrusts his hips faster and deeper. I scream as I cum hard and fast. He moans louder. He tells me he can feel my pussy squeezing his cock. He throws his head back and yells out as he shoots his warm cum all over my ass. "Honey, you're definitely getting a big, promotion." Justin said as he collapsed next to me. That was the last thing I remembered as exhaustion claimed me.
I vaguely remember sneaking out of his house in the morning. Justin and I never mentioned our encounter. It was a night I will never forget and I did get that promotion so I guess you could say it's our dirty little secret.
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